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sandip Gupta - Burrp User

sandip Gupta

April 30,2015

Overall my experience was satisfactory

I visited this place twice or thrice.. The ambience of this restaurant is awesome.. The forest like walls are awesome.. This restaurant is truly good.. The food is quite good.. The Lamb preparations are great specially the Lamb Seekh Kabab.. The Biriyani is also quite good and the Nolen Gurer Ice cream is brilliant.. Overall my experience was satisfactory..
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Yash  - Burrp User


June 21,2013

The Feel Of The Forest

Woah !!! Machaan is in my top 5 Favourite Restaurant list and deserves to be..I have visited this place more than 10 times and always a pleasure to visit this place...I can do anything to get a treat here. The food is AWESOME and The quantity of Aloo dum,dal,paneer e.t.c is good and tasty and the breads also greatly stuffed. The best is the decoration. Once we enter,it totally feels like we are having meal in a jungle..The Service is super fast in spite of it being Fully booked and Great service. The price is also not high and Its my All time favourite restaurant of kolkata and price would be around. Rs 1000 for two and its a Perfect place to have a meal.
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Sammya Brata - Burrp User

Sammya Brata

August 23,2012

The Junglee Weekend TREAT!

If you looking for an unconventional way to celebrate the weekend, Machaan has every bit of it. Well well first-sighter into a world of darkness, the barbaric world, where "hunger and aggression" reigns supreme and when it comes to food, this could be as hypnotizing as ever. We had gone in with out family comprising of elders above 60 and we were concerned whether the spices and ingredients would prove to be potent. But by amazing grace, each and every item that we ordered had the perfect blend of the HQ(Healthy quotient) and Taste. Thumbs UP!
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Abhishek Kulkarni - Burrp User

Abhishek Kulkarni

June 10,2009

Ambiance is unique

Machaan is the platform on which the hunter sits in search of his prey. Here you can either enjoy the meal as a hunter sitting on the upper level made like a machaan or like the prey sitting on the lower level. The entire theme is based out of a jungle and the lighting is quite dim. It does provide a good meal experience.

They got a very good recipe of Chicken Kalimirch and I personally enjoyed it a lot. They do have a bar but had not started serving drinks when I went there last. I assume they would have started it by now

Damages for 3 - Rs 1000
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Gopa Sen - Burrp User

Gopa Sen

June 10,2009

Decor more spectacular than food

The decor takes one's breath away and panders to one's sense of adventure. There are recorded jungle sounds and birdsong playing in the background. A realistic elephant stands swinging its trunk at the entrance. One dines on a machaan set up on a tree. Having said all that, the stylized cutlery is difficult to use. The lighting is inadequate to read the menu. The waiters are not experienced enough to guide the diners as to the quantities or the assortment of dishes to order. The food was palatable but quantities were small. Kumbh Angara - a vegetarian starter was very good.
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Abhisek Biswas - Burrp User

Abhisek Biswas

March 24,2009

Ambience u will love

Machaan has a unique ambience based on jungle theme that will engulf ur mind. Food is very good (Although couple of itmes seem a bit hot for me) and the service is also up to the mark. Come with ur kids...they will love this place.
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Ashish Karnani - Burrp User

Ashish Karnani

January 30,2009

Jungle Love

The moment you step in the place,you will be 'absorbed' in the jungle ambience of the restaurant. I must confess that the designing has been done meticulously and professionally. You will spot a small made-up bridge, lots of almost real looking animals, machaans and many more visual delights. The fork/spoon/plates are also junglee designed.
Coming to the culinary part - Menu is not very elaborate but names sound junglee and quite interesting. Lots of onions and papads are complimentary. Mocktails should be tried especially the Baalu one and the Sharekhan. We tried roasted Shakarkand for starters. For the main course, we had Paneer Butter Masala, Kartoos Kabab and Dal Machaan (Dal makhani) alongwith Veg Biryani, Pudina Paratha and Cheese-Palak-Corn stuffed Kulcha (highly recommended). Single orders are sufficient for 4-5 people. The service was courteous and quick, we had a wonderful time in the jungle!
Cost for 4 people including mocktails and veg food was 1750.
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arp_s - Burrp User


December 30,2008

great tandoori food!

Well if you are bored of the stuff that people serve in the name of "authentic tandoori" dishes, you can visit this place for a twist...it has quality, taste and innovativeness packed into each dish!!
the food isnt very oily, and the service is good too.
best appetizer: there is a lamb dish that is worth about 580 rs, WORTH a try..
I went with my whole joint family of seven, and it cost me 4000 bucks, So i guess the pocket pinch isnt very hard...
but believe me, the food is worth every penny that you sign on in the cheque!
the place also serves liquor, so you can take your pick in that aspect as well....
as for the decor, it is a theme restaurant so i guess if you are dining here, you expect to see crazy stuff like a giraffe nodding its head every now and then, but the rest is quite good, almost to the level of being believable.
I would definitely like to go back, if not for the decor, but fr the food...
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