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foodie614 - Burrp User


June 06,2013


This place boasts of a very chic and modern look of an italian pizzeria. Its a tad bit expensive but totally worth it. The menu consists of pizzas,crepes,spaghetti and cocktails. Quality of the food justifies the restaurants higher prices and pizzas are amazing.
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bharatagrawal87 - Burrp User


May 24,2013

Authentic But Not My Cup Of Tea

Enjoy pizzas made in an authentic style. Fresh base and baked in huge ovens definitely makes these different from the lot.

For my taste, its a bit too bland and doesn't please even in the name of being different. Add to that, it burns a pretty big hole in my pocket.

Expensive and frankly, not worth the experience at that price.

However, don't go by my word and give it a try. Do let me know if you felt the same way.:)
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shilpa.burrp - Burrp User


October 29,2012

A different experience every time

I should share this. Every time I go to Fire & Ice to dine, it is always a different experience. Sometimes its good. Sometimes its bad. Only once I completely lost it and made it a point to fill in the feedback form. We ordered for pasta in alfunghi sauce. The sauce was delicious. But the pasta was not cooked properly. I informed our waiter. To that he said, "It is supposed to be like that". I asked him to taste it and tell me if it was really supposed to be like that. He didn't bother doing anything about it. Then came the pizza. It was a vegetarian pizza with different bell peppers as one of the toppings. And I had clearly asked for NO TOMATOES on the pizza. The bell pepper toppings were not crispy. They tasted like boiled peppers. The red one tasted like tomato. I was very disappointed. Pizza is something I don't compromise for. If it's not good. I'm never returning.
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tekfire - Burrp User


December 10,2011

Superb experience

My visit with my official group became memorable due to warm and excellent service and food, the ambiance is great as if we are sitting in some western country .Great pizza, oven bake dishes and overall great selection of wines, keep it up.
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food junkie  - Burrp User

food junkie

September 10,2011


went there for the first time yesterday night. Have to say i wasnot disappointed at all EXCEPT for the fact that ther has to be more dishes in chicken. Otherwise the Food quality, quantity was GREAT. even the deserts were awesome. Slightly expensive but totally worth it.
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Neeshka - Burrp User


June 16,2011

Not really authentic, better off with pizza hut

Making a pizza with mediocre indian wheat in an industrial oven used by every other fast food chain with a lackluster variety of toppings and stingy servings DOES NOT MAKE A PIZZA AUTHENTIC.

If I want an authentic pizza in a standalone restaurant I would look for absolutely top-notch quality bread baked in some kind of clay oven or the like and a huge variety of exotic toppings and meats.

None of the above are available in the 2 italian restaurants of note in kolkata - fire and ice; and casa toscana.

On top of that they suffer from the classic indian habit of being stingy with any kind of remotely expensive ingredient. So you get something like 2 teensy weensy pieces of pepperoni in 1 slice of pizza.

So basically what you get is a very ordinary thin-crust pizza on an unimpressive base with a very small variety of meats/toppings.

Alternatively you could go to Pizza hut and get a pizza of your choice on a base that stands up to international quality with tons of imported pepperoni literally FILLED with cheese.
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Sally Rymer - Burrp User

Sally Rymer

April 09,2011

A wonderful change

Fire and Ice is a great place to go for a break, some great food, and a nice atmosphere. The food is top quality and fairly reasonably priced, and the staff are helpful. It's also a wonderful break from hectic Kolkata!
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Paul Suit - Burrp User

Paul Suit

April 09,2011


Fire and Ice is one of the best Italian Restaurants I have ever eaten at and hands down the absolute best in Kolkata! The atmosphere is great and the price very reasonable for the quality. Try their Penne Arrabiatta, Pasqualina Salad and Choc pudding desert. It will be one of your best meals in India. =)
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Chayan Deb - Burrp User

Chayan Deb

November 01,2010

Authentic Italian

A fresh ambiance, authentic Italian menu, live kitchen and a well stocked bar. Priced a bit on the higher side. Particularly uninteresting logo and single page menu.
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Anirudh B Balotiaa - Burrp User

Anirudh B Balotiaa

October 26,2010

Fantastic authentic Italian Fare! Go for it!

Honestly I didn't expect as good as Italian as I had here! Respect!

We ordered(all veg, dont remember the exact names) -

Garlic Bread with Cheese(Repeat)
Chocolate Mousse with Ice Cream

Everything was yummy and if I had a bigger stomach I would have ordered more! Yes its really good!

My next visit to Kolkata, Fire and Ice is surely on the list!
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Poulami Mukherjee - Burrp User

Poulami Mukherjee

August 30,2010

Good Italian Fare

Doesn't look so appealing from the outside, but once you step in you will feel good immediately. Lovely little place, walls hung with posters & photos of Italian & Bollywood (why?) movies & movie stars, a well stocked bar & an open kitchen.
The wine list is pretty great. If you ask for a soft drink, they actually give you the bottle along with the glass unlike most restaurants which charge you for the whole bottle & serve you half of it in a glass.
The food is excellent. Pizzas are worth dying for, though I still love wood burning oven cooked pizzas better, but Fire n Ice pizzas are one of the best in town. The soups & pastas are good as well. I love their walnut brownie, it's served at just the right temperature & is adequately crumbly on the outside & fudgy on the inside.
Food is not too expensive, a meal for two minus alcohol will cost 800-1200 Rs. The staff is friendly & helpful though they all look a bit dazed & you keep wondering if they have really understood you.
Overall, a good experience, will keep going back even more often if they can acquire a wood burning oven.
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Neelini Sarkar - Burrp User

Neelini Sarkar

August 13,2007

something different

I've been here a few times. I would say the price is a little over "moderate". Its a nice place to go with families and girl/boyfriends but I don't see this as being a student hangout as such. The food is good, particularly their pasta. I would start with a glass of white wine with bread or the pasta salad with olives and tomatoes.They also make nice crepes with chocolate for dessert. Its very different from the Park Street old world eateries, but don't be put off by the red light flashing their name over the door.
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