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Sammya Brata - Burrp User

Sammya Brata

August 30,2012


Lemonade or ice-tea or the Orange Mint Julep? Yes my friend you are at the right place to savor the best. Love coffee art? They'l do the needful once you make a point to book your elusive seat in the corner of your dreams. But yes you would definitely need a good company, your acquaintance or a close buddy to make it BIG! However, the fact that it remains closed on a Sunday complicates a bit of woes because as a working person, most of your "daring expeditions" tend to occur on a sunday right? Kidding! The price range, what I found was on the higher side and the snacks including the sandwiches weren't blistering to say the least! Ah a 5/10 from my end!
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Horit Bhattacharya - Burrp User

Horit Bhattacharya

August 05,2011

To Tea Or Not To Tea.

Aah Dolly's Tea Shop. Where does one even start with this near iconic establishment? The quaint and almost annoyingly laidback & comfortable interiors? The familiar smell of fine teas? The simple but delicious grilled sandwiches with cheese and ham popping out from all corners - literally ? Or does one boldly state that the Iced Tea and Orange Mint Julep are the best to be found, in Kolkata and possibly in India ? All of them if you ask me!

Yes it does get crowded, and the service does get a little slow or sloppy in the evenings but that's a small price to pay given how comforting the place is, how reasonable the rates are, and how yummy most of the menu is.

Go in the afternoon, between 2 and 4, sink into the low, tea-crates fashioned into cushioned stools, say hello to Dolly (she'll be the regal, somewhat intimidating lady in an elaborate Sari, seated to the left in the recesses of the joint), order from the wide selection of teas (hot, cold, speciality, mocktail, austere, decadent), order a ham sandwich or something sweet, sit back and enjoy the languid, Bengali vibe of Dakshinapan.

As someone who has been visiting Dolly's for 2 decades now, it saddens me to see some of the thoughtless criticisms and accusations being hurled at the establishment. I haven't really seen any preferential treatment being meted out to "Firangs", nor have I had to wait for hours to be served. I have, however, seen "Firangs" speaking fluent Bengali, Bengalis speaking fluent American, and everything in between. Always interesting, always charming.

Let me make this clear - you go to Dolly's to slouch, see, slump, slurp, sip, sleep, smooch, smoke, smack(your lips), sing, soak etc. etc. Don't expect BaristaCCDCostaStarbucksWhatever the hell else.
Relax and allow yourself to steep in the bourgeois, nostalgic, complex, bitter-sweet brew called Calcutta.
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Amod Indap - Burrp User

Amod Indap

March 10,2011

Nice place

Nothing great, not that bad...Grilled Ham Sandwich was nice, Ice tea was decent. Its worth a visit if u intend to spend time with some good company...I headed here alone, so got a lill bored. Overall, love the decor of the place. One grilled ham s/w and one ice tea...Rs.110.
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Prerna Sherpa - Burrp User

Prerna Sherpa

February 17,2011

Cool place to hang out in the evenings

The best thing that i love about Dolly's is the homely and friendly ambiance it offers. It is no doubt tiny and cozy, but the lemon and ginger iced tea that they serve there is amazing,,,also i loved the ham sandwiches...a really nice cool place to hang out with you friends wit especially if u are in the area for some shopping in gariahat and dakshinapan.
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Poulami Mukherjee - Burrp User

Poulami Mukherjee

August 28,2010

Firang lovers

If you really really love tea then you can visit this place, however be prepared to wait for hours & especially if firangs drop in, you should expect no service at all for you poor natives. My advice, buy the tea leaves & make some at home.
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panushwari - Burrp User


December 27,2009

Sipping in the South

Essentially laid back, and often overcrowded. But still a favorite of mine simply because they offer the best ham sandwiches this side of Kolkata; thick slices of ham and salami sandwiched together with cheese and bread, and served with hot second flush tea, or a cup of Earl Grey, or maybe even a glass of cold Watermelon T. Prices are horribly reasonable, and the ambiance feels just like the tea: warm and comforting.
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Prasun Das - Burrp User

Prasun Das

September 02,2008

Place of authentic beverages

First day I went there I tried Ice tea. I just loved it.. been there twice later but could not help order for ice tea only.

Dolly's ICE TEA rocks.
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Deepy *** - Burrp User

Deepy ***

May 14,2008

Dolly serves the best Darjeeling

Dolly's is a Tea Boutique. Here you come, know more about tea, and different tea.....see them, then taste if would like one....finally get a nice gift pack done, in a silk pouch.

It's not only a tea shop, but a complete experience about Tea.

This was a "must visit" in the list of all my Firang visitors and they never complained.
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