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sandip Gupta - Burrp User

sandip Gupta

April 29,2015

Enjoyable experience

This place is really great I must say. Food were lip smacking and the ambience is sublime. The decor is magnificent adding the perfect mood. We had ordered pan masala flavoured hookah along with veg thin crust pizza, veg platter, pasta, breezer, fresh lime soda and tequila shots. We had a crazy birthday party that night! The drinks cost a bit expensive. But the ambience, music, n the crowd would definitely turn on your mood.
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simranfoodie05 - Burrp User


October 27,2013

Good Food and Better Ambiance

This place is very good and one of my favourites in Kolkata. The ambiance is excellent and the view of the city adds to the whole charm. The food served is very good. Though slightly expensive, I still like coming here for lunch with friends.
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RimaM - Burrp User


October 14,2013

Disappointing Buffet!

Was in Kolkata after a long time during pooja, and I was really looking forward to a family dining experience and chose Afraa Buffet after going through the Burrp! reviews. Was extremely disappointed with the spread, and service. My south Indian Cook makes better macher paturi than what was served! There were no Starters. The only saving grace was the fact that despite being Pooja time, there wasn't much of a dining crowd and so there wasn't much of a distracting surrounding noise!
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Yash  - Burrp User


June 21,2013


Afraa situated near City Centre 1,the Food is Very good and have wide variety of Salads and the best was The Dessert i.e Choco Sandesh...The Service was quite brilliant And fast too..The scene and the view is superb and i loved it and There is also a different open place for Smoking and all...Though the Price is little high and expensive for pocket but its food is good for all foodies
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Saurabh Tibrewal - Burrp User

Saurabh Tibrewal

May 24,2013

Good Place To Hang Out

I'd like to keep the review crisp and short.

It's a good place to hang out with friends, especially when you're meeting them after a long time. The alcohol is a bit costly for obvious reasons. Try to sneak peak during the happy hours (day time- post noon period) for availing good discounts on the alcohol. The ambiance is good and one can book a close space if the number of friends is greater than 5. One of the best things about the place is the music and the dance floor where you can showcase your dancing skills.
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Titas Kar - Burrp User

Titas Kar

August 23,2012

Hit with salt lake

I didn't have much of an experience of salt lake , apart from the pizza corner place , but a friend's treat here just blew me away! Fantastic dishes on offer at around 500bucks , so you can go in here and enjoy the food ! I was a beneficiary of the good choice of my friend , who are you going there with ? .
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Ankit Agarwal - Burrp User

Ankit Agarwal

August 22,2012

Best of East

Afraa was a gift for Salt Lake. One of the best fine dining places clubbed with a lounge area, in Salt Lake. The food rocks. Music and ambience are also very good. A must visit place during winters, and spending time in open area of afraa :)
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Ruchira228 - Burrp User


August 21,2012

Worth a visit

As I had heard a lot about Afraa, I decided to dine there with friends inspite of it being a bit far away from where I live.
The moment I entered, the ambience is what won me over. They seemed to have a separate enclosure where a wall was only stacked with wine/Liquor bottles.It was a pretty sight though we dint get to try any.
We tried Indian food and it was delicious. There's a lounge area which is also great. But the part I liked was the balcony where you could get a view of part of the city.
Its an expensive place but worth a visit.
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atreyee21 - Burrp User


July 04,2012

Great ambience, good food

Great ambience.. Good food.. especially the salads and desserts served from buffet and the risotto and lasagna on their menu.
The pocket pinch will be on a higher side, but the ambience, the quality of food and the service will definitely make you happy!
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Tatai Chakraborty - Burrp User

Tatai Chakraborty

May 25,2012

Buffet for Lunch

I have tried this place for atleast 20 times during my Office lunch party. SUPERB !!
Their Main dishes, Salads are gr8..... and Dessert ?
If you are lucky & get the Misti Doi - Lichi Shot... OMG u will remember this place always.....
Nice Servers..... Ok Ambience but have no clue about the music they are playing...

Buffet is nearly 450 buck.. but worth if you like quality food & do not count No of Dischey while attending a paid buffet ;-)
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Tithi Mukherjee - Burrp User

Tithi Mukherjee

May 22,2012

Risotto & Lasagna

I went there with a friend and it was a good experience. The place was a bit too loud too early and the music was terrible. But the food was DELICIOUS. I had the chicken risotto while he had the lasagna. IT WAS AWESOME!
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harshitkhaitan - Burrp User


October 14,2010

Really good food and Ambiance

I went there for a lunch buffet recently, and was impressed by the overall appearance and feel of the place. The restaurant is located in the 7th floor, and provides an excellent view of the city -- which is what makes it so special. Food is excellent -- A Rs.700 Buffet should have more variety though.
Service staff are certainly not as cordial as this place demands.
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Abhisek Biswas - Burrp User

Abhisek Biswas

June 22,2010

Fine dine

After hearing lots about this restaurant I finally decided to go there for the 1st time and I was satisfied. We ordered for 1 Bailey's Irish Cream, 1 Chicken Risotto and 1 chicken item(forgot the name. It was like chicken spring roll with nuts etc inside). Food was very good. Specially I like the risotto. The ambiance was very nice. They lit a candle after we occupy the table. The service was nice too and the waiters are attentive. Overall...it's a bit costly but u will be satisfied.
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Rahul Gupta - Burrp User

Rahul Gupta

June 03,2010

Where is my remaining food ??

Visited Afraa last weekend, liked the ambience and especially the rooftop space.... Huge and nice collection of drinks...the only thing that will keep me away from the going there again was the food quantity... we ordered for 1 non-veg and 1 veg platter. Thought it will be good enough for 6 (and that’s what the waiter suggested).....but to my surprise it was too less... I thought of asking the Afraa guys where the hell is my remaining food... is there anything more to come.... seriously the kind of money they charge for the food ...I will rate it EXPENSIVE.... EXPENSIVE …. EXPENSIVE …. $$$$$$$$....
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upcomingbabaji - Burrp User


June 02,2010


i dnt knw y people were so xcited 2 take me 2 this lounge bar in kolkata????wat is so xciting about this place????n wats wit the prices?????the outdoor area was OK....u call that a club inside????people of kolkata need 2 get out of there well 2 understand wats classy n wats shabby....newys CHEERS!!!!
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Danish Sualeh - Burrp User

Danish Sualeh

May 21,2010

A sorry place - Afraa Deli

Recently I paid a visit to the place with a friend. From the time we took our place on the outdoor seating it was a big let down.

Service was horrible , each time we had to ask for basic stuff like the menu , tissue , bill , collecting payment ....

We ordered a Chicken Barbeque Pizza. After 10 mins the waiter comes back and says it'll take 30 mins to deliver coz they had to shut down the oven due to a power cut.

Since we were not a hurry , we agreed.

After about 30 mins or so what we get is a pizza that clearly tastes as having been "pre-baked" and "warmed up" and served . On complaining they given an excuse that by the time they brought it down from the kitchen in the upper floor it lost heat. I mean what crap is that ! How can a freshly baked pizza loose its freshness by the time you bring it down to serve.

Having tried thin crust Italian pizzas at Toscano's before, this no where near a even a decent experience.

A BIG LET DOWN. I feel sorry for the place.
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food_fiesta - Burrp User


May 21,2010

Sluuuuurrpppprisingly Best....

Wanna treat your taste buds with a sluurprisingly best food? Dont plan too much buddy.Before be confused...Go and have it in Afraa,city centre,salt lake and feel heavenly while eating in a cool room surrounded by crystal clear glasses through which you can feel u are in some place where u have never been. The ambience is just awesome man!!!!! But remember to go there for dinner to describe to your friends in the same way how i am doing here.....Food is good....We had buffet lunch only for 350/-which was worthy to us...No starter :( :( , In main course veg dishes were awesome which included one chinese veg , non veg included fish which was just awesome, Chicken was good and mutton was mouth watering.....dessert might disspoint you as it does not contain any rosogolla or gulab jamun or ice cream or curd....but some thing else... hatke type.....so plan for it and go there....Enjoy :)
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soothsayer  - Burrp User


February 14,2010

reviews from aercy18

it's nice to have critical reviews too and not just plain hoo-haa because people would 'think' that a plush joint should always be associated with 'classy'. Nice one aercy18 :-)
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Soumyadeep Roy Chowdhury - Burrp User

Soumyadeep Roy Chowdhury

February 14,2010

Wonder Why People Like It!!!

I've been to to Afraa in City Center II, New Town. Ambience is good, Waiter service is average. The food was expensive but I wouldn't have minded if it was worth the money or near to it..... But it was pointless!!! The food seemed like experimental dishes. When the served the food, I literally wanted to ask, "Where is the other 3/4th of the dish??" Avoid unless you want to convince you're self not to ever experiment with new places to eat-out.
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Abhishek Kothari - Burrp User

Abhishek Kothari

August 26,2009

Some class in Kolkata!!

I went here a few days back along wid a frnd of mine & was completely amazed at the class of service this place offered. Now i can say that Kolkata does have some classy restaurants like these which can make u cm back again & again. I had nvr imagined this sort of restaurant in Kolkata...... but fantastic is d best word dat can b used 2 describe this place!! Good place to take ur better half or u may even go wid ur family here. The ambience is low lit types with a fine dining experience..d sort of which one cn relish at 5 stars. Candle lit dinner table... courteous staff (though the service lacked professionalism & for few moments i tght whether these were graduates out of some hotel mgt coll!!)
We didnt have to wait on a weekend night & the place was quite filled even at 10.00 pm. We ordered a spaghetti & some rice item (forgot the name) & two lemon sodas. The dishes were really delicious. They also did change the chilled soda for a room temp one without any extra cost for me. Both the dishes were simply amazing. I enjoyed the food here. The total bill was Rs.1,000 for the food.. they should reconsider the portion of the food served... quite less for a single dish to satisfy a hungry stomach! Overall, i liked d dining experience. Every good thing comes with a price... so for all those ppl who say that this rest is expensive, look at the kind of service it offers!! Fine dining experience does command some price!! I would urge fellow burrpers to visit this place for a lovely dining experience... but mind u, it cmes wid a price tag!
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Chanchal Jalan - Burrp User

Chanchal Jalan

August 20,2009

'Class Apart

I recently visited Afraa''...a real plush look....vth Awesome interiors..food was average...but not worth the price.....would recommend not to jus' try out dishes here....and don follow the waiter's recommendation coz' i landed up tryin sum' signature dish of Afraa...vch was a complete waste.....!!!!service was again not tht ' quick.....ambience was superb...
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aastha tibrewal - Burrp User

aastha tibrewal

August 09,2009

gud1 but ofcourse expensive!!

i hv been dr 3ce!!! 1st 2 tyms it was ok ok types n just not worth.... bt d 3rd tym i went it was fabulous... d risotto, d spagatti, n d grape salad.... n ofcourse d desert 2!!!!!!!! it was delicious!!!! i just luved it..
d ambience is undoubtedly fab...... n 1 can njoy it more 1ce its dark...... i mean d ambience isnt happenin durin day tym!!!!
wateva it b...... though its expensv d ryt choice has 2 b made 4m among d variety else its a waste of money!!!
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panushwari - Burrp User


August 07,2009

Not Really!!

Well, too expensive to begin with... not much imagination foodwise. Ambiance was fabulous, but the food was sort of disappointing. Was expecting much more.
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Ritwick Sanyal - Burrp User

Ritwick Sanyal

July 29,2009

Best Fine Dining Experience

When it comes to Fine Dining, Kolkata lacked good restaurants outside the five stars. Afraa is one of the restaurants aimed at filling this gap. The restaurant is located on the 7th floor of Block G of City Center, Salt Lake. On the 6th floor you have the lounge and Afraa Deli, the cake and pastry shop, is on ground floor.
The place is usually full on weekends and you need to have a reservation else you would have to wait. But don't panic, the waiting area is an open area on the 7th floor and if its not raining then i think this is the most romantic place to wait. From the 7th floor you can feel the breeze and have a fantastic view of Salt Lake city. At nights its mesmerizing.

The interior decor is very classy. Lighting is dim so the visitors feel a sense of privacy. Seats a comfortable and service prompt and satisfying. Waiters and captains are quite knowledgeable about hospitality and you would not be disappointed by their service.

Food is the best part here. If you like to eat food and not hog then this is definitely the place for you. Chef Mukherjee has worked in many 5 star kitchens and so you can expect five star food both quality wise and quantity wise. The servings are good enough for one person. I have been here quite a few times and have tasted almost all their dishes. I have never been disappointed. Be it Indian, Italian or Continental the food tasted and appeared fantastic. They also have a good collection of wines.

However I have been disappointed with their buffet and would suggest people to go for al-a-carta than buffet. Do not miss out their cheese cakes. They are the best in town. Sometimes they serve chocolate pan at the end. Ask for it if they dont serve you. You would not have tasted it anywhere else.

Overall if you like the idea of fine dining against hogging, this is the place you cannot miss. Right from decor, ambiance, service and food everything is excellent. The prices though might appear high, its worth the experience. Serving sizes are not for hoggers. Go here if you plan to spend a romantic evening or celebrate your special occasion. Cake is on the house if its your birthday.
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Abhishek Kulkarni - Burrp User

Abhishek Kulkarni

June 08,2009

Lovely Ambiance

This place is located on the 7th floor of one of the blocks in city centre. They got a good selection of food and their pastas are really nice. The Indian food is also well spiced and tastes really good. They have excellent private dining facilties.

They got a lovely waiting area, which is located on the 7th floor and its like a balcony giving you a birds eye view of the city centre meeting area down below. If you happen to be waiting on a nice breezy evening, you really wouldn't mind waiting there for some more time.

Well my first visit to this place was an excellent experience and that is what prompted me to go there for another visit. The second visit was not that bad, but one of my friends got a wrong dish and it was a little late before we realized that.

Well we did expect some compensation, but it was not the best we expected. We got the originally ordered dish packed so that we could go home and have it

Damages Rs 400-450 per head
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