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What's Trending: Everything You Need To Know About Postik Restaurant

Tanvi Juwale April 20, 2017





Ever since the weekend, news of the Patanjali restaurant Postik, opening up in Chandigarh has been doing rounds. With a hundred rumours flying around, here are some facts we found about the restaurant.

Even though the restaurant sports a logo of the brand Patanjali and even a picture of the Managing Director of the FMCG entity, Moneycontrol News reported that Postik is owned by Rajpal Singh and Jaspal Singh, both of who are followers of Baba Ramdev.

picture credits: Moneycontrol

Located in Hotel Indiano, this restaurant only serves healthy vegetarian food and uses Patanjali products. With dishes such as Methi Makai ki Seekh and Lauki ke Kebab, it’s a no-brainer that the menu is Patanjali inspired.
The restaurant claims to use Patanjali products in every dish that they serve and also have a coolers menu that has Patanjali beverages.
While the soft launch has been done, it’s speculated that Ramdev Baba might be launching this restaurant officially.

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