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What's Trending: Dishes Fortified With Activated Charcoal & We Think It's Awesome

Tanvi Juwale June 07, 2017





We haven't had enough of the rainbow/unicorn food trend yet and we've already stumbled upon another, one that's slightly darker (literally): Activated Charcoal.

Even though it was predicted to be one of the major food trends early this year, it's started to gain popularity very recently.  We stumbled upon two more restaurants that serve this. We know what you're thinking, is this safe? Is it just the aesthetics or it has some benefits? We'll answer all those while you check out the cool, Instagram-worthy food we're just.
Goth Chicken Tikka @ Ticca Tikka, Oshiwara

Goth Chicken Tikka

Move over, chicken tikka; the Goth Chicken Tikka is here. If this were your regular chicken tikka, it'd be juicy smokey and lusciously tender but this one is all that and much more! Bestowed with the miracle ingredient, it makes the whole dish healthy too, what's more? The vegetarian variant Goth Paneer Tikka and they also offer a Goth Smoked Chass
Black Triple Threat Icecream @ Ice Kraft, Andheri

Black Triple Threat Icecream at Ice Kraft

Ice cream makes everyone happy and why not? This ice cream is fortified with activated charcoal which not only aids digestion but is known and medically used to detox. While we're speaking about health let's have some fun and gorge on this delicious treat!

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