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We Visited Turban Tales & Here's What We Think About It

Tanvi Juwale June 01, 2017





Turban Tales is a newly opened rooftop restaurant-bar from the Mini Punjab Family. With a culinary heritage stretching over three generations, we were positive about the food being good. Located over the Mini Punjab at Lakeside, Powai, this new kid on the block is really easy to miss, unless you're a local.

The decor at Turban Tales, powai is quite kitschy

We went here on an early, a rather languid yet desi vibe engulfs this place located just above Mini Punjab. At this point, we'd like to tell you the reaching here requires you to scale two flights of steep stairs. This rooftop bar seats about 56 people and it's all decked up with charpais with large cushions on them, painted matkas, inverted buckets, and wheels on the ceiling - the works!
As popular Punjabi songs played, we settled onto a table designed cleverly out of a truck's bonnet (so much for the Punjabi vibe). We were greeted with a hearty glass of Lassi - the traditional welcome drink as we set
Amarsar to Thailand

Amarsar to Thailand

Amarsar to Thailand a beautiful sugar cane juice based cocktail with white rum. What we loved about this refreshing drink is that it was soothing in the humidity
Chicken Tikka Supreme at Turban Tales

Chicken Tikka Supreme

Chicken Tikka Supreme we thought would be just another well-made kebab, but the dish was a cheese lover's dream. Aromatic and charred to perfection, this kebab oozes cheese as soon as you stick your fork into it. Lamb Roti Kebab was rather disappointing. While the idea sounds appealing, the execution was slightly lackluster because slightly hard kebabs missed a little too much on the flavour quotient and the leathery roti had an underlying sweetness to it which didn't go well with the kebab.
Tikka Momos at Turban Tales

Tikka Momos

At some restaurant, you must have come across Tandoori Momos and folks at Turban Tales have slightly reimagined it. Tikka Momos come in vegetarian and chicken variants.
Jhinga Pav is one dish we relished and would probably go back for. Juicy batter friend prawns laced in green chutney came in buttery pavs. This slider style snack is something that holds a special place in the restaurateur's hearts, we've been told.
Reshmi Soy Chap at Turban Tales

Reshmi Soy Champ

Reshmi Soy Champ is another delicious offering on the menu. This mock meat dish has a lusciously soft texture and it melts in your mouth leaving a very creamy smokey aftertaste. It surely comes close to the meat equivalent. We also the Chicken Quesadilla here and it's passable. Given the fact that they can't possibly play around with the structure or texture of a quesadilla, we wish they could've played slightly more with the flavours.
Meat Choul at Turban Tales

Meat Choul

We dived straight into our main course with Mummy ki Daal and Meat Choul. Mummy Ki Daal had ample butter was a comforting concoction you look forward to, such simple joys are special and that's a reason why we loved it here. Aromatic long grain rice, well-cooked meat and delicate use of spices is what sums up the Meat Choul.

Rabdi & Jalebi

Our desserts comprised of Rabdi & Jalebi served with Atta Biskoot. We loved how well they've played with the textures coarse biscuits, supple rabdi, and the crunchy jalebi. Paan Ice cream was served with Apple Muraba. The ice cream was a mouthful an actual masala paan and complemented the murabba very well. Now, while we liked both our desserts, we loved the Rabdi & Jalebi more.
Coming from the Mini Punjab family, it's actually a no-brainer that the food's great but this Punajbi Tapas bar is the personification of the modern day Punjabi guy who knows how to party.
Picture Credits: Cryselle Dsouza

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