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This Is A Big List Of Mumbai's Favourite Iftaar Dishes

Tanvi Juwale June 13, 2017





Don't we all look forward to the Holy Month of Ramzan? The fast ends in the evening with an Iftar feast, this is a communal meal and no doubt it brings everybody closer. While we'll never run out of options to dine during iftaar, we've compiled a list of some delicious eats from around the city.

Chicken Vada Pav @ Mahim Khau Galli, Mahim

Chicken Vadapav at Mahim

Just opposite Mahim Dargah is this plane called Mahim Khau Galli. Dotted with vendors ladling out dollops of khichda, haleem and kebabs we found this one selling Chicken Vadapav. A patty of mashed potato and shredded chicken is sandwiched in the chutney laced bun; delicious and tiny, it makes for a great snack.
Mawa Jalebi @ JJ Jalebi, Bhendi Bazaar
Have you felt happy just by looking at something? Mawa Jalebi is one such delight. Just at the JJ Hospital Junction, below the flyover, this tiny shop doles out this warm, dense and lusciously syrupy dessert and we can't get enough of them.
Shawarma @ Mahim Khau Galli, Mahim
Shawarmas don't need an introduction, neither it is a Ramzan specialty, but the one you get Mahim Khau Galli are one of the good ones we've had in the city.
Seekh Kebab @ Farid's Seekh Kebab, Jogeshwari
Jogeshwari East is a haven for delicious Iftaar food too, but this time, leave the makeshift stalls behind to wolf down some mouth watering seekh kebab at Farid's Seekh Kebab.
Baida Roti @ Bademiyan, Colaba
Baida Roti at Taaza Food Centre

Baida Roti

This hearty snack is somewhat like a hot pocket filled with a spicy minced meat mix, egg washed and fried. Even though not a quintessential Iftar dish, it reserves a special place throughout the year.
Mutton Samosas @ Mohamed Ali Road 
Karela Samosas

Mutton Samosas

When maneuvering your way through this labyrinth of lanes brimming with food, you'll find vendors selling some crunchy and delicious samosas filled with a spicy mutton kheema filling.
Haleem @ Mahim Khau Galli, Mahim

Haleem at Mahim Khau Galli

Haleem is a stew made of lentils, shredded meat, cracked cereal and pounded wheat topped with crisp onion shreds, mint leaves and chicken; it's just as delicious as it is healthy and comforting.
Iftar Feast @ Neel Indian Kitchen, Powai

Seekh Kebab

Neel at Powai is doing a great job with their iftar menu too. The Lucknowi accent to their food is something we adore. From mouth watering Lagaan Ki Nihari to yummy Gosht Ki Dum Biryani and Kebabs, you've got ample choices here.
Raan Biryani @ Persian Darbar, Bandra

Raan Biryani

After a day of fasting,doesn't the thought of sharing a meal with the ones you love seem like just the right thing to do? Gather around the table and feast on a delicious Raan Biryani, the seamless amalgam of the spices, tender meat, and the long grained rice makes it a large plate to be shared with loved ones.
Rogan Josh @ Delhi Darbar, Colaba
Rogan josh at

Rogan Josh

This brilliant red meat stew is no newbie to Iftar feasts and it's a dish that you definitely must try. While the name literally means stewed in ghee, this fiery red curry packs many more flavours and goes really well with naan.
Malpua @ Shalimar, Bhendi Bazaar
Malpua at Noorani Milk Centre


Similar to Pancakes, Malpua is a dessert to die for! These are served warm just after they're dunked in syrup. The light yet fleshy consistency put together with syrupy goodness sure gives you a sugar rush!
Aflatoon & Phirni @ Suleiman Usman Mithaiwala, Bhendi Bazaar
Independence day in delhi


Speaking of desserts, it'll be a crime if we didn't mention the amazing Aflatoon and Phirni. Aflatoon is a dense, rich mithai made with nuts, ghee, eggs, and sugar while phirni is the good old rice pudding. The milk and rice have a supple consistency and are usually topped with nuts. What's more? They come in a range of flavours such as strawberry and blueberry too.
Now that you know just the right places to get your iftar fix, go get yours and don't stop until you have a food coma
P. S. You can thank us later!

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