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Here Comes The Big One For An Insatiable Appetite

Tanvi Juwale March 03, 2017





Giant eats for a colossal appetite
Sometimes, just sometimes, when your appetite seems too big to be done justice to, try these dishes.
Paper Dosa@Dakshinayan, Mumbai

Paper Dosa Picture Credit: Food-Adda

Everybody loves a good dosa. Light yet filling, the Paper Dosa reserves a special kind of admiration. This massive delight (3 feet to be precise) at Dakshinayan is prepared using a 4- foot long griddle. It’s available in sada and masala variants.
One Metre Pizza@Gustoso, Mumbai

Meter long Pizza at Gustoso

Ever fancied a never ending pizza? Head to Gustoso with your gang either at Kemp’s Corner or Khar. This restaurant is well known for its delicious Neapolitan Pizza, where the Pizza’s culinary heritage lies. Choose four of your favourite large pizzas to make them into a one metre pizza. And guess what? The giant one metre pizza is ready in 10 minutes!
Animal Fries@145, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai

Animal Fries at 145, Kala ghoda

So you think you love fries? A platter of Animal Fries at 145, Kala Ghoda is worth all the love that there is! A huge community platter with fries that comes loaded with cheese, caramelized onions and a generous amount of Sriracha. Doesn’t that sound just satisfying?
Raan Biryani@Persian Darbar, Mumbai

Raan biryani

The thought of having your loved ones huddled around a table and being served with delicious food sounds so delightful, doesn't it? The Raan Biryani is a mélange of a slow cooked leg of baby lamb and rice. The flavourful meat sits spiced and tender with the aromatic rice. A community platter for sure, but one that is revered by many and relished at occasions.
The Godfather@Howra, Mumbai

The Godfather burger at Howra

How many times have you come across a burger that makes your jaw drop? Once you see The God Father burger at Howra, you’ll definitely struggle to take a bite. Sitting tall at 23 cms, the buns sandwich three patties, caramalised onions and onion rings. The whole insides are then drenched in mustard and bbq sauce. Taking on this big guy surely isn’t for the faint hearted!

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