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9 Delivery Kitchens To Your Rescue The Next Time Your Tummy Grumbles

Tanvi Juwale February 28, 2017





Because the struggle is real…
Imagine coming home after a long day, famished, do you wish to order the usual mundane meal from the restaurant just around the corner? Nah! We’ve listed a couple of places that dish out delicious fresh food and deliver it too.
The Bohri Kitchen
Bohri Dum Biryani from The Bohri Kitchen

Bohri Dum Biryani from The Bohri Kitchen

We’ve all had that Bohri friend who’d get us our share of biryani, The Bohri Kitchen comes to your rescue when you crave some. Luscious meat, slow cooked in spice mix with aromatic basmati rice makes for a wonderful meal. Feast on the Bohri Dum Biryani and Mutton Samosas to save yourself from the hunger pang!
Tao 9

Shrimp Har Gao Dumplings from Tao 9

Often crave Asian comfort food?  There’s Tao 9 to your rescue. They deliver some yummy eats such as Shrimp Har Gao Dumplings and Lemon Coriander Soup amongst others. Comforting and delicious, they will surely save you from the blues!
Chicken Bhuna Biryani from Umraan

Chicken Bhuna Biryani from Umraan

Sometimes, after a long day all you crave is a meal from the royal kitchen. This is when you call Umraan, known for their rice bowls and Biryani they serve Indian food with a modern twist. Try their delicious Videsi Chicken or Chicken Bhuna Biryani. You could also savour some of their signature offering such as Yenna Chicken, Chicken Bhuna Biryani, Paneer Pataka, Berry Rasmalai, et al
Indizza – The Delivery Kitchen

Basil Chicken Tikka from Indizza - The Delivery Kitchen

If you seek some wholesome Indian food, Indizza is a place you should be ordering from. Tuck in some delicious Tandoori chicken or warm up to some life saving, ultra comforting Daal Khichri. It’s food that makes you feel good, makes you feel happy!
The Curry Brothers
Rassam Risotto from The Curry Brothers

Rassam Risotto from The Curry Brothers

Comforting curry makes for a hearty delicious meal and combine it with a pillow-y soft Pao, what else could you possibly ask for? Dig into a bunch of dishes from The Curry Brothers like Goan Chicken Cafreal or Pork Vindaloo and if you crave something different, tuck into some comforting Rassam Risotto too.
Café Meal Box
Spaghetti Aglio Olio from Café Meal Box

Spaghetti Aglio Olio from Café Meal Box

Fancy a gourmet meal and want it to be delivered? Café Meal Box is the solution. They dish out and deliver some delicious meals like Stroganoff or Spaghetti Aglio Olio which comes with crispy garlic bread. Great food comes at a rather reasonable price and if you want food closer to home, they have an array of Indian meal boxes too!
The Central Kitchen

Butter Chicken

You think ordering in narrows your options? If you’re around Sion, you’re spoilt for choice. The Central Kitchen has an elaborate menu. It comprises of snacks, starters, mains in the Indian and Asian cuisines amongst others. Dig into some good old Chicken Tikka Masala or Butter Chicken or if you’re up for snacks, bite into some nuggets or fries.

Dahi Vada

Gone are the days when you’d pester your Sindhi friends to get you some Arbi Tuk or Sindhi Kadhi. If you crave some, get your fill from the city’s first ever Sindhi food delivery. Their extensive menu offers everything Sindhi from Dahi vada to Koki, Sanna Pakoras and Sai Bhaji with Bhuga Chawal.
Bawi Bride 
Chicken Dhansak with Brown Rice

Chicken Dhansak with Brown Rice

Fancy some delicious Parsi food at home? Place an order with the Bawi Bride Kitchen. Like the name suggests, they serve and deliver some delectable Parsi meals like Dhansak and Lagan nu Bhonu. They deliver from Mahim to Malabar Hill but if you stay further, worry not, they take orders there too!
Photo Credits: Cryselle D'souza

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