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8 Reasons To Celebrate World Chocolate Day

Tanvi Juwale June 30, 2017






Its' World Chocolate Day on July 7th!
We went across Mumbai hunting down some of the best delicious chocolate treats in town, so you can celebrate a day meant for the food of gods: Chocolate (duh!)
Spiked Chocolate Milkshake @ Door No 1, Bandra

Spiked Chocolate Milkshake at Door no 1

Remember childhood when chocolate milkshake was the best part of summers? It's time for it but with a slight twist, this potent drink is spiked with rum, just in case you need to cope with adulting!
Chocolate Fondant @ AKA Bistro, Fort

Chocolate Fondant at AKA Bistro

Dig into this sinfully indulgent dessert because the world can wait while you get your sweet tooth satiated.
Chocolate Bars @ La Folie Lab, Lower Parel

Chocolate Bars by Chef Sanjana Patel at La Folie Lab

Have you ever eaten something and went back for more? Exactly what we feel about these chocolate bars. Stock up yours already!
Ferrero Cheesecake @ Bastian, Bandra 

Ferrero Cheesecake at Bastian

Chocolate and cheese two things that make you wish that your cheat day was almost every day.
Mega Chocolate Balloon @ Patch of Sky, Andheri
well, unlike other balloons when this one bursts candies, nuts, marshmallows, wafers and more treats cascade onto your plate!
Chocolate Chip Buckwheat Waffle @ Woodside Inn, Lower Parel

Chocolate Chip Buckwheat Waffle at Woodside Inn

Who says eating too much chocolate isn't healthy? Dig into these at Woodside Inn.
Jenga Tower @ MRP - The Modern Asian Bistro, Dadar

Jenga Tower at MRP - The Modern Asian Bistro

Brownie strips arranged in a way to look like Jenga blocks piled on top of each other. To play with it first or to eat it right away is your decision to make!
Free Almond Rocks with Chocolates by Nordic Kandie, Peddar Road
On World Chocolate Day, Nordic Kandie makes you an offer you can't refuse: With every purchase get free almond rocks!
Now with that bunch of reasons you're all set to have a great World Chocolate Day!

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