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7 Egg-cellent Dishes You Should Be Eating Right Now In Mumbai

Tanvi Juwale June 30, 2017






Eggs - they're versatile and can be eaten any way you wish. We were curious what are some of the best dishes made with eggs. Here's presenting to your the best of egg-licious dishes in the city.
Huevos Rancheros @ AKA Bistro, Fort

Huevos Rancheros at AKA Bistro

Originally from Mexican farms and traditionally for breakfast, this power packed dish is just as yummy and nutritious anytime of the day!
Eggs Benedict @ Above & Beyond, Andheri

Eggs Benedict at Above & Beyond

It's amazing how a simple hangover food for a Wallstreet broker in New York has become a classic brunch dish around the globe. Named after Lemuel Benedict, this dish has everything one should be eating for breakfast or brunch.
Scrambled Eggs @ D:OH!, Lower Parel

Scrambled Eggs with Bacon at D:OH!

Who doesn't like Scrambled Eggs? Deliciously made with some veggies they make for a great snack anytime!
Eggs Kejriwal @ SodaBottle Openerwala, BKC

Eggs Kejriwal at SodaBottle Openerwala

Much like Eggs Benedict, Eggs Kejriwal has an interesting backstory to it. It was first crafted at Willingdon Club for a certain Devi Prasad Kejriwal on his visits to the club. Now that you know this little trivia, head to SodaBottle Openerwala and polish it off the plate.
Devilled Eggs @ Summer House Cafe, Lower Parel

Devilled Eggs at Summer House Cafe

Eggs encased in lamb mince and deep fried with a dollop of mayo on top. Need we say more?
Egg Nadan Curry @ Thangabali, Mahim

Egg Nadan Curry

This Kerala style fiery curry will work wonders on your palate while it pours outside.
Waffles Croque Madame @ The Pantry, Kala Ghoda

Waffles Croque Madame at The Pantry, Kala Ghoda

While we debate what's better Croque Monsieur or Croque Madame, let's just bite into a Waffles Croque Madame at The Pantry.

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