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5 Whiskey Cocktails To Celebrate World Whiskey Day

Tanvi Juwale May 20, 2017





Vada Pav @ A Bar Called Life, Juhu
Wait, is that a cocktail? Yes! It’s A Mumbaikar's true love made in an alcoholic form with curry leaf syrup, tomato juice, and whiskey.
Cold Brew Old Fashioned @ Razzberry Rhinoceros, Juhu
A twist to a classic old fashioned with coffee. Bourbon whiskey infused with coffee beans, Himalayan honey water, Angostura bitters garnished with Orange zest and chocolate cookie.
Four Horsemen @ Woodside Inn, Lower Parel
In the era of the long island iced tea, this strong yet flavorsome drink is for the men who need really potent cocktails. A new twist to whiskey cocktails.
Janta Bar @ Bombay Brasserie, Worli
Bombay Brasserie, that opened in the city last week and they have aptly named Pauwa Cocktails. Janta Bar is one such cocktail an ode to the shenanigans to the at the Bandra bar, a desi twist to the classic Whiskey, cola, chaat masala and slit green chilli.
Masala Tea-Cheers @ The Bombay Canteen, Lower Parel
For those who like their tea and want to have a little fun with it, Masala Tea-Cheers is an amazingly refreshing and zesty drink!

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