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5 Places Your Can Savour Sizzlers While It Pours Outside

Tanvi Juwale June 30, 2017






It's the time of the year when the voluptuous rain drops hit the earth. Let's admit savoring a meal while it pours outside is something we all dream of. So, this weekend head to these places and relish some amazing sizzlers across the city
Fountain Sizzlers, Fort
Chicken Sizzler

Chicken Sizzler

Just after the iconic Flora Fountain is Fountain Sizzlers, named aptly after the location. Here's you'll find sizzling platefuls being served to diners anxiously awaiting their share of the delicious dish. What's more? They have a sizzler for everyone! We love the Cottage Cheese Shashlik and Barbeque Chicken and Spaghetti Sizzler.
Gaylord, Churchgate

Steak Sizzler

We've all seen this bakery and restaurant whilst passing from Churchgate station. This iconic eatery has more than just a half a decade legacy, their delicious sizzlers such as Grilled Chicken Supreme, Chicken Steak Virginia and many more!
Kobe Sizzlers, Chowpatty
Sizzler Festival at Asian Kitchen


You can't possibly talk sizzlers and leave Kobe out of the conversation, it's the first name that pops up in your mind when you think sizzlers. We love their twist on the traditional Nasi Goreng with their Nasi Goreng Sizzler
 Cafe Royal, Colaba


Located bang opposite Regal Cinema, this cafe is, apparently, Bill Clinton's favourite restaurant in the city. What we like here is the portion size of their delicious sizzlers, Fillet Mignon is our favourite here.
Gondola, Bandra
Sizzle Festival @ Hard Rock Cafe, St Marks Road


What do you do when you're caught in Bandra rains? Make your way to Gondola and relish some of the best sizzlers in town. Our favourites here are Hamburger Steak Sizzler, it has the best the both worlds - a burger and a sizzler!

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