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senghosh - Burrp User


December 22,2015

Okay food, Worst service

It took them 10 minutes to give us a menu. Then we had to wait another half an hour for someone to come and take our order and that too after our continuous coaxing. Starters took around 15 mins and after that main course took another 20 minutes to come. We spent more time waiting than eating there. Food was just okay, nothing great. Murg chatpata was too bland and honey chilly potato was simply french fries dipped in honey with no traces of chilly.

The only amazing thing about the place was the ambience. The restaurant faces the Hussain Sagar lake. It's very calm and romantic. The spot is great for both dates or family dinners.
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tskross - Burrp User


May 07,2015

Food is awesome - Service is pathetic!

It was our wedding anniversary & thought this was one of the best places to go out for dinner. Food is undoubtedly awesome but the service was not good at all. Eat whatever you have ordered & get lost was the attitude of the 2 stewards who "served" us. Had to wait for several minutes before someone could attend each time we wanted something. Very unpleasant!!! I did not want to spoil my evening so came out with a cool head.
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Srikanth Madupu - Burrp User

Srikanth Madupu

May 05,2015

A place with worst and arrogant staffA place with worst and arrogant staff

The place is managed by very arrogant and terrible staff. They ruined my evening and dinner. We entered the place around 6 PM and requested a table next to the wall. They gave the table but asked us to finish fast as they wanted to clean the floor. I didn't understand why the restaurant was open in the first place if they wanted their customers to wind up fast. Then we were told that they have only snacks and drinks and it would take time to start the dinner. I asked them to get a beer as they don't have the main course ready. And then they said they would serve only if I take a minimum of 2 beers. This was absolute crap. On one hand they wanted us to wind up fast and then they wanted us to order more beers. I shouted at them for their poor hospitality and service and walked out of the res-truant. I am giving 1 star here only because there is no option to give zero stars.
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Arcot Srinivas - Burrp User

Arcot Srinivas

August 23,2013

Great Food and Good Ambiance

Waterfront is a lovely place to spend the evening with your family or friends it’s got an awesome view of the Hussain Sagar Lake and the Buddha statue, you can have a seat on the outside deck if you are able to bear the little stench emitted from the lake or its good indoors as well, The service is quick and the pricing is a bit high but worth every penny for the food and ambiance, The Menu compromises of 3 fares namely Asian/Indian/Continental and this place is well known for the Asian part of the Menu,I Never tried the Indian and the Continental fare as they are available anywhere now a days ,I happen to be a hardcore non-vegetarian and my wife is a vegetarian hence I can suggest the best dishes from both worlds, do try my recommendations below and believe you would love them for sure.

Soups -
Veg Manchow Soup
eggdrop and tomato Soup
Chicken Wanton Soup

Starters -
honey chilli potato
golden corn with chilli pepper
Salt & Pepper Prawns
Chicken Dry Red Chilli

Entrée -
Sweet and sour mix veg in pineapple
Stir fry veg in hot bean sauce
Diced chicken spicy claypot
Crispy duck hunan style
Go for the Hakka Noodles or the Veg/Chicken Fried Rice as an accompaniment

Fried Ice Cream
Sticky Brownie with Chocolate Fudge and Vanilla Ice-cream

Don't forget to drop a comment once you have tried the above.
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Maniac20 - Burrp User


July 18,2013

Excellent one to Dine out

OMG ,I nearly had my jaw fall the moment i entered the restaurant it was fully packed with a decent ambience and illuminated candles all around .Had heard about it a lot from my friends who told me that the view and ambience is very nice. I Completely agree with them.We ordered for the starters first , the service was quick and after that the main course meal . The food that we tasted was excellent , we ordered panner tikka for the starters and punjabi food as the main course starting from starters till the last piece of bread i had,everything was so brilliantly cooked and properly served !!! Also i couldn't resist myself of praise the lovely view of Hussain Sagar right in front of me,in night the place looks really beautiful and lively which is a upside for this restaurant and yes of course the background music i.e old Bollywood is like adding cherry to the cake . If we come on the price range it might put your wallets in a worry state ,its just little more expensive ,This is what i felt .But its a more kinda romantic place, where you will love to talk , love to eat , love to spend time !!!! So I would recommend visiting Waterfront to celebrate some memorable occasion its totally worth it .

# 3 Cheers
#Thumbs Up
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namrata13 - Burrp User


April 09,2013

Great place

We liked the ambience at the restaurant and were happy with the food, except that one of the dishes we ordered arrived cold. We told the server and he replaced it with some hesitation, but otherwise, it was a pretty good experience. Some food is overpriced, okay.
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Annika23 - Burrp User


March 18,2013

A good place for a cozy dinner

My husband and I visited Waterfront last evening. We were quite impressed with the ambience and interior. There was a live band which I felt was a bit loud at times but not too intrusive. We reached there around 7:30-8pm and were greeted by courteous staff.
Based on past reviews, we ordered a fish hot chili as a starter. It tasted good (but it came with a heavy price tag). We followed this with some schezwan fried rice with diced shrimps and some sliced lamb in bean sauce based on the waiters recommendation which turned out to be quite good! It had a good quantity and we just ordered one of each to share between both of us. Finally, we ordered Tiramisu which, sadly, was a disappointment as it tasted a bit stale!
On the whole, we enjoyed the lovely ambience, the staff was courteous and the food was good! The place is expensive so I would recommend visiting Waterfront to celebrate some occasion or just for a cozy dinner.
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Praveen Lingamaneni - Burrp User

Praveen Lingamaneni

January 20,2013

Cockroach Infested Restaurant

It's too much hyped & not worth it. Called for a booking at 1 PM. But when called them again for shifting the booking to 2 PM as we wouldn't make it by 2:00 , they answered that we might have to wait for table. But surprising thing is when we reached at 2 it was almost empty not even 0.2 % filled. And it was only just a start and the most terrible experience happened later.
We ordered starter's and it made me puke when saw cockroaches not in one but in the 2 plates served(Lamb with Bean Sause). Also the shocking thing is the staff is not at all surprised or even apologizing.

I would prefer not to try this restaurant ever.
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foodieofhyd - Burrp User


December 29,2012

very bad service

visited this place with family a few weeks back.
Had heard about it a lot from my friends who told me that the view and ambience is very nice. I somewhat agree with them. The place is located on the lake so i guess that is a plus point.
The staff there completely spoilt my mood though. I wouldn't say that they were rude, but it was as if they didnt care whether we were there or not.
Food was decent, nothing special.
I'm only rating it badly because of the service levels.
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Nikhil Malhotra - Burrp User

Nikhil Malhotra

July 15,2012

Average food, overpriced menu

I went to this place few months back with my office colleagues. All of us had heard good about the place but none of us had gone. It was a packed Saturday evening and we had to wait a little. The restaurant is done well and has a nice ambiance. The tables are spaced well and the lighting is dim. The menu is good and has a lot of options.

We were a large group and ordered lot of things off the menu. Since the items looked a bit pricey, we anticipated the food to be good. But alas, it was very average. I had eaten Indian stuff and it wasn't very good. All I can say about the food is that it does not deserve the ambiance and price tag.

The service was good and we were taken good care of. I will say the ambiance and lake view gives upside but the food is a big downside.

Ambiance - 4/5
Food - 2.5/5
Service - 4/5
Value for money - 2.5/5

Overall - 2.5/5
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Suresh Vandanapu - Burrp User

Suresh Vandanapu

July 12,2012

One visit is good enough

Awesome ambience, average service, cooperative waiters, dull live music, ok in taste. Forgot to mention, it's expensive for the amount they provide. They do not entertain corporate discounts. Most of the better and not so better than this place in Hyderabad welcome corporate groups and are obliged to consider discounts. Both veg & non-veg dishes were bland. 1 litre bottle of himalayan water bottle costs Rs. 110/-. If you really want to visit this place by reading the good/best reviews, go ahead with no expectations, more so, plan your visit on a full moon day - at least you would enjoy the view of the city, the lake, moon & its reflection. This isnt my first visit. This review summarizes my last two visits. Enjoy.
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Revati Sukumar - Burrp User

Revati Sukumar

March 13,2012

Best dining place in Hyd

Excellent place.. great food.. good service.. needless to say, very good view of the waterfront.. awesome ambience.. expensive yes, but worth it i'd say :-)
Love the place!!
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Vikram Jain - Burrp User

Vikram Jain

February 14,2012

Reservation desk or joke??

Called to book a table on the Valentines...The bloke answered my call , blabbered something in the phone and disconnected...And next time am trying to reach they just lift the phone and disconnect... Wonder what service I cud expect at the restaurant if I had been there... BIG DISAPPOINTMENT
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bugssecret - Burrp User


November 16,2011

A great view of the lake

Yeah am writing a restaura's review but couldn't help praise the lovely view of Hussain Sagar right in front of me. The ambiance was good and the sitting was comfortable , well located . My friend took me too this place for lunch and was very happy with the ambiance. We ordered some rice item and chicken gravy , starters and roti. I found everything good with taste and amount but the back draw was with the roti which was presented to us quite hard and crisp. Sure I ordered roti not papad. Overall the view was good , staffs and service was prompt but rotis were hard and found it a little too expensive. It was an average experience with some good and some negatives.
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shreetheb - Burrp User


August 01,2011

Great Ambiance, Good Food!

What a great view of the Hussein Sagar lake! Fantastic full-glass wall. What more do you need? The food was good. Some unusual stuff. Drinks were good. Overall, a fantastic place for a romantic date or a chilled out dinner with friends. Thumbs-up!
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Ganesh Raam Ramadurai - Burrp User

Ganesh Raam Ramadurai

July 11,2011

Expensive yet Excellent Themed Restaurant...

Loved this place the very first time when I went with my wife for a cute candle lit dinner... Away from all the buzz around Hussain Sagar lake, this place provides the perfect water front view of the lake and it actually gives you a unique feel of the food that is served. Recommended once in a while as the prices are too steep and few dishes are absolutely overpriced. The management often replies that they want to serve the cream of Hyderabad but truly worth once in a 6 months visit.

For starters, Aquafina water bottle costs you 75 + Taxes :)
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priyam.banerjee - Burrp User


July 01,2011

Will never visit this place again!!!

1. Poor Service. No one bothers to take your order on time.
2. Soups don't taste like the way it should. The most common Hot n Sour soup obviously did not taste like one.
3. Live Band - Was a joke...out of tune guitarist playing with a beatless drummer.
4. I have been to so many places in Hyderabad but Waterfront was the biggest disappointment.
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nabhanburrp - Burrp User


June 30,2011

Surreal Ambience

Waterside, fine dining, Chinese. Everything you could ask for. The medley of unmatched ambiance, delicious food and efficient service provides a beautiful symphony for all who walk through the glass doors of the Waterfront. The menu on the whole is excellent but the prawns deserve special mention for their size and exquisite taste. The service could be improved upon to enhance the experience further.
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Blue Joy - Burrp User

Blue Joy

February 19,2011

4 the romantics

awesome ambience, great music...its a place 2 die for, especially when dining with someone special
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prabha.skr - Burrp User


November 15,2010

Love the place!

Love the place, ambience, food, decor and juz everything though it can hurt ur pocket a little :) But amazing place for dinner. Must try!
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food_critic_no1 - Burrp User


September 11,2010

Like the Valet service

Food was good but enjoyed the outside seating and Valet more than the food. Mosquito coil under the table was funny but a good precautionary measure from the bites. It sure is a lil pricey.... I enjoyed their baby corn appetizers.
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OutnAbout - Burrp User


August 30,2010

Strictly OK

The food was oily and spicy tasted nothing like the real dish. Service was okay. Highly overpriced for hardly any quantity.
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Rakesh pagadala - Burrp User

Rakesh pagadala

July 23,2010

Good Place

wonderfull experience on my birthday, excellent food & hospitality by all team members. Best as of my choice. i suggest one try it out. all the best to all team members.
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Vignesh V - Burrp User

Vignesh V

July 04,2010

Romantic and Visual treat

Few restaurants won't give good impression in your first visit. Few won't give good impression in your second visit. But my second visit to this restaurant was like my first one. Fantastic ambience, dim blue light, guys playing music , romantic view of hussain sagar lake. What more you need?

I am a vegetarian, though I got impressed by this. For non veg lovers and people who prefer drinks, this is the best I would suggest.

Service is good. Taste of food is good. But costly!

150 , 200 (INR) rupees will be the average cost of items.
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sharathbabub - Burrp User


April 24,2010

We Keep Going On & On & On......

I think my title describes everythin about the place. Its a wonderful place. I rate it as the BEST in Hyderabad. You name any attribute - They are the BEST. Food Quality, Service, Choice, Interiors. All are extra ordinary. People who hasn't visited the place - I suggest you are missing a lot.
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greenarchitect - Burrp User


January 25,2010

Good food, ambience, music but costs your pocket

All z well with this place.
Have to be reserved for very special occasions (Dinners are perfect) as its too heavy on ones pocket for a regular visit.
btw one can't step out without a min. bill, i think it was Rs 300 :(
Theme and Ambeince:3 of 5, it could have been a little more brighter to atleast see wat you are eating, may be a candle at each table??
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suneel_boddu - Burrp User


January 21,2010


I and my friend after watching 3hrs long avatar in imax visited this place for lunch..once when you enter into the restaurant,the ambience makes you spell bound and a quick glance of their menu makes you speech less for their exorbitant prices charged even for normal stuff..

First i ordered a mocktail SHRINKING VIOLET which consists grape juice, lemonade and soda and it tasted real good and later we ordered a chicken starter from chinese and a veg starter from thai(i tasted the thai cuisine for the 1st time in my life and it is damn hot and spicy)...i had the veg starter and my friend had non veg and we had no complaints..

Later arrived the main course consisting KHAO PAD(THAI FRIED RICE) with GANG KIEW WAAN(GREEN CURRY) and GHOST DUM BIRYANI..thai fried rice with green curry tasted mediocre...rice is very sticky and uncooked and green curry is also not cooked properly but my friend relished his ghost dum biryani..

And finally the bill arrived...any guesses? it's 1800 rs..which tasted more pungent and spicy than the thai cuisine..
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Moonlight - Burrp User


November 20,2009


If you haven't been here, u're missing something in life! This is one of my most favorite places in Hyd!!
+ve: The view. GREAT food. Excellent drinks - the best Long Island Iced Tea i've had in Hyd. Live music. Awesome lighting and ambience.
-ve: Expensive. But I guess its worth it.
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pilida - Burrp User


August 26,2009

Great place to dine.

The place is perfect for private dinners. No doubt. Nice music. And great interiors. And, of course, the view of lake makes it even better. But as far as the food goes, it is only average.
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foodfanatic - Burrp User


August 08,2009

Awsome ambience

and the food is pretty good also. Went there twice. Sat inside once and once outside. There is live music inside (at least that day) and it was pretty nice, but the outside tables wins hands down. The view of the lake just too good.
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Vijay  Swargam - Burrp User

Vijay Swargam

July 29,2009

Star of hyderabad

The best place for an romantic dinner. The ambiance is wonderful and service is prompt. Food is of best class and wort your money.
I recommend this place as it has everything a good restaurant should have. Cheers!
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shonaji - Burrp User


July 27,2009


Have been visiting this place over the years and despite all the numerous reaturants that have opened up here in Hyderabad, I invariably end up taking visitors to The Waterfront for entertaining....I feel this is the ONLY reaturant which one can truly be proud of as a Hyderabadi purely becuse it has such an international feel about it. I have lived in Singapore for a couple of years and I had always wished for a dining experience like one has at the Quayside in Singapore, here in our city and thank god for the Waterfront.
The food here is good...not necessarily gourmet but great on taste...infact their Thai is surely the best in the city...even 5* dont serve a "SomTam" like they do...I just came to know that they are the only reaturant in the city who have an expat Thai national as a chef....no wonder.
The restaurant is a " must go" for luch expecailly when it rains....it is singularly the most romantic locale to be in.
As for the service, must say they are very polite & accomodtaing ..... i had a vegetarian client who ate eggs and wanted sometrhing made of eggs....and by jove! the chef created something called an "omelette curry"....my clent was majorly imperssed .
And as for their rates, they arent cheap but THEY DONT CHARGE A 10% Service Charge unlike a number of restaurants in the city....their wine rates though are perhaps more expensive than others....
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Vijay K R  - Burrp User

Vijay K R

July 14,2009

Great Ambience and Good Food

I was recently here with a family of six (my wife and my relatives) for dinner. I was earlier told that this place serves more of sea food and non-vegetarian dishes, hence did not have too much of expectation as we were all vegetarians but we wanted to try this place for the lake view. We were not disappointed, here are my thoughts:

Ambience: The place has a great view of the Hussain Sagar lake and Budda Statue. I think the table in the corner of the hall near the glass is the place you will want to be seated. You will get the best view of the lake plus some nice music minus the smell of the lake & wind. This place also has just the right amount of lighting. The ambience is surely five star!

Rates: To begin with there is a minimum spend limit of Rs.350 per person. I found the food to be reasonably priced (probably becos, I did not pay the bill) considering the quality and ambience. A bowl of vegetable fried rice/noodles would cost around Rs.195 and deserts priced at Rs.125 to Rs.145 (just to give you an idea about the price). I would any day be happy to pay for the food than having to simply pay a cover charge. So on the whole if you are looking for good food at a nice place then you will find it to be reasonably priced.

Food: They have three cuisines Indian, Chinese and Thai. We had Chinese and the portion was good for two adults. Try pepper corn and honey chilly potato. The food is not too spicy and would good if you are taking your friend from West. They don?t have a long list of desert but the ones they have are good. Anyways, they have a lot of Vegetarian food, so we were happy.

Service: This was surly one department that they could improve. Our host was rather rude and was missing his smile. I am assuming that he probably had a tough day but not all the guests will be willing to pay for a rude face.

1. Take the corner table in the hall next to the glass for the best view
2. Have a three course meal, since there is minimum spend limit
3. Go there just before 8:00 if you are going on a weekend

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me_sujith123 - Burrp User


July 02,2009

water front is superb

food here is expensive ...but taste worths more than that .......food is really awesome menu contains indian ,chinese & thai cuisine.......service here is fairly quick ......mock tails,cocktails,all types of wines are available ...wines are little expensive..........ambience is good.....there is mandatory thing in this restaurant that u should make atleast around 385 Rs bill for each person....ull have royal feeling .....all snack items ranges from 300 to 500Rs.....you can try golden prawns..
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Gaurav Jain - Burrp User

Gaurav Jain

September 02,2008

great view

The Waterfront is exactly what the name leads you to believe. Its a lounge/bar/restaurant with an al fresco option by the lake. Avoid sitting outside as they have mosquitoes.

The interior is very upmarket, loungish, international. The service is friendly and fairly quick. While the menu covers Indian, Chinese & Thai, we dined on Chinese both times we were there.

Honey chilli potatoes, pan fried noodles were fantastic. I tried the Indian appetizer platter which was crap.

The place is not very expensive, the entrees priced at 175-250 and a vodka tonic for 200.

worth a go.
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Sabyasachi Ray Chaudhuri - Burrp User

Breathtaking View and Thai Food

Waterfront is bang next to Eat Street on Necklace Road. The place has an enclosed air conditioned restaurant but the best part is the open air seating next to the Hussain Sagar lake. The place provides a breathtaking view of the lake, the tank bund opposite, the Buddha statue and is easily the most scenic place to have your dinner in Hyderabad.

Another USP of this place is the great Thai food it serves (it also serves Indian and Chinese). Try the satays with peanut sauce and coconut based Thai Chicken soup (Tom Yam Phak...). For the main course I recommend the Thai Fried Rice and rice noodles along with Khao Phad Chicken (Chicken cooked in cashew nuts and red chillies).

I found the service fairly quick (though given the great view I would not mind a slower service. The place gets pretty crowded by 8:30 PM so book in advance and while booking reserve a table next to the lake. There is a cover charge of Rs 350 per person, but as the place is quite expensive a meal for 3 will cost you upwards of Rs 1200.
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Khushnaz  - Burrp User


September 04,2007

A Great Experience

We visited the Waterfront twice in May 2007.

Though the prices are a bit stiff for Hyderabad and you have to pay a cover charge, it's good value for an occasional special dinner (or lunch) due to the cool ambience and lovely food.

It's rare to find a restaurant where not only the main course, but also the beverages and dessert are simply superlative - well, the Waterfront is without doubt, one of them.

Though I don't remember the exact names of the dishes we had, we tried their fish, lamb and chicken dishes between two visits, all of which get full marks on taste and presentation.

First, the beverages.... All too often, we find restaurants having mocktails with fancy or outrageous names enticing customers into trying them, with a lousy final product which is too sugary and has added artificial colours. Thus, we debated a bit on whether or not to have mocktails here, especially at those rates, but the adventurous spirit in me won out and we tried two fruit based beverages.... Well, we needn't have worried - they were fabulous! It a great start to an absolutely blissful meal.

For starters we had a lamb dish and main course was river fish prepared Chinese-style, both of which were very good. The desserts were nice too.

Service was prompt and attentive, much like everywhere else in Hyderabad. The servers even recognised us on our second visit and gave us a nice table.

Lest I forget to mention, it's the perfect place for a date as well as a family outing, with indoor (air-conditioned) and outdoor seating. The location adds to the charm of the restaurant, as it's situated right at the edge of the Hussain Sagar lake, across the water from Tank Bund Road. It would be ideal to opt for the outdoor seating in the evenings.

There are even comfortable sofas and low tables to lounge around with a group of friends.

Overall, a great place, with a rare combination of good food, drinks, location and service.

The only (very minor) negative point is that it's very difficult to get rickshaws or public transport from here at night; oh well, you might as well walk, it'll make you feel less guilty after gorging on a 3-course meal at the Waterfront!

Enjoy yourself!

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