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senghosh - Burrp User


December 22,2015

An okay place to eat

The variety and quality was good. The prawn starter was exquisite. The service was not that great. We asked for seconds multiple times but it wasn't served to us. So its expensive for the quantity of food they serve.
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kaushik.prasad - Burrp User


September 21,2015

very nice place

thai, chinese , north Indian all types of cuisines. very good interiors . Go with a group and you will enjoy . Also on discounts. visited like 100 times
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Pan Asian Treat

We had been planning for a quiet dinner at this place for a long time, as we had heard a lot about their oriental cuisine. Finally the visit fructified last week.

As we went in we were lucky to get a place next to the large glass on one side overlooking Road No 36.The ambiance is nice and a nice large partition gives you a feeling of privacy.

We were told by the staff that they do have a buffet which they serve on the table (more of a set dinner). I had with me a list of recommended dishes to be tried here, which were provided to me by my foodie friends. After a little bit of discussions, we settled for the buffet.

The buffet at around Rs 760 per head (all inclusive) has a good spread – a soup, about 9 starters with main courses and desserts to follow. The soup we chose was Chicken Hot and Sour. It was served pretty promptly. I did not like the soup as it was too thick and spicy for my liking.

The starters are the best parts of this set dinner. The Calamari salt and pepper was squid rings coated and fried with herbs and garlic. The squids were rubbery and in contrast the coating was soft. It went well with the red chili paste dip served on the table. Tamang’s Chili Chicken was also great stuff – the chicken was prepared well in a soya based marinade. The Tai Pei chicken was a ginger based chicken starter. The Kung Bao Fish was a fried basa based delicacy which suited me as well. However I found the Singapore Chili Prawns bland and tasteless.

There were veg starters too. Tamang's Chili Paneer was the veg counterpart of the chicken dish of same name. Crispy potato in Butter garlic was a decent combo again with the red chili dip. There were couple of more veg starters but we decided to ignore them.

As usual we over stuffed ourselves with the starters and could not enjoy the mains as much as we would have liked. So we asked for a little bit of each dish.

The Fish in Cantonese Sauce was a revelation – the white sauce was extremely delicious. We had it with a well flavored veg fried rice. The Chicken in Sichuan sauce was more of standard fare. The egg noodles served with it was very well made.

For desserts they had Darshan with vanilla ice cream and chocolate rolls.

Overall, most of the dishes were very good. Few of the starters were extraordinary. Service is well paced and not intrusive.

I have still retained my friend’s suggestions for a la carte – Sushis, Nasi Goreng, Laksa and pork dumplings. Will surely visit again to try these.

To read my food blog, visit: foodaholix.blogspot.com

Like our food page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/foodaholix
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Shashank Boddupalli - Burrp User

Shashank Boddupalli

January 05,2014

Never Get a Takeaway!

I would like to mention at the outset that my review pertains to takeaways from Urban Asia, and not dining-in (in my many experiences dining-in, I’ve not had too many complaints). About an year ago, I ordered a takeaway from Urban Asia and found to my horror that at the bottom of the compact bowl of fried rice (when emptied into another container) was a dead cockroach! I brought this to the attention of the owner Mr. Karan who appeared very sincere in his apology and compensated me for the incident. I had the good sense not to escalate it further. But recently, I ordered another takeaway (my first one since the previous ‘incident’), and couldn’t believe it when I found in the exact same location a tiny larva/crawly insect which was -surprisingly - still alive despite the warm temperature of the noodles (presumably hot at the time of packaging). While this was enough to make me feel obligated to write a review for the benefit of others, what motivated me further is that when I brought this to the attention of the manager Mr. Gandhi, all I got was a repetitious apology, and then a cavalier promise to get back to me about it, only to never hear from him again. The least I would have expected is an offer to be reimbursed for this dish that I ordered and needless to say, did not eat.

I’ve had enough to NEVER try a takeaway from here.
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Siddharth Moghe - Burrp User

Siddharth Moghe

November 22,2013

Avoid the Buffet, ala Carte is Their Forte Perhaps

My evening outings on weekdays are purely related to how much my daughter has tired my wife. One such day was yesterday.

I went home early to look after my kid as my wife needed help and realized that it was not one of those days to be enthusiastically cooking at home.

Having heard a lot about "Burmese Khow Suey" being available at Urban Asia, I decided to bare the traffic and head there. Called in at 6.30 pm for a 8 pm reservation for 2 + 1 toddler and inquired about the buffet.

I was briefed about the menu price and that it will be explained when I come to the table. Apparently there were conditions on the buffet which were forgotten.

We reached the place and were shown to our table. I decided to go in for the buffet and my wife was planning to go the ala carte way. Hence we ordered for 1 veg fried rice and one plate of all non-veg starters.

The waiter took the order and left. Suddenly it strikes the steward that its not feasible to serve buffet for one person ( on the table ).

I was surprised, I had called in advance and told that we were 2 , also inquired about the buffet - This should have been enough information for me to be told that buffet is served only if there are 2 or more people ordering it for whatever reason. That was not done.

I placed the order and even the waiter was not aware ? Was this a life threatening secret ?

I was pissed when I was told, but not wanting to spoil the evening, I checked with my wife and she was ok with the buffet and we ordered the veg part for her and non-veg for me.

The food started to arrive relatively quickly. The menu is attached as a picture. The soup was gelatinous - very blah

One by one all fried items started to appear, dripping in oil and color. The kung pao chicken was probably the best dish of the evening. The Chicken tai pei was red colored, the chili sticks were red colored, the calamari smelt old, the prawns were oily and hell. I had to keep reminding them less oil every time they served, looks like that never reached the person making the dish.

Having put up with so much oil we needed a drink or 2 to wash it down the throat. We ordered for a coke and a litchi delight. Both drinks were ok.

For the main course we had egg fried rice and vegetables in Manchurian sauce for my wife and I had chicken fried rice.

The only difference between the above 2 main course dishes - boiled chicken pieces shredded and put in my rice as is !

Both items were not made in different pans. It was the egg fried rice with some chicken on it. My wife loved the food, I hated it for the amount of oil that went down my throat.

Service is decent but I thought the waiters should have known the conditions for the buffet to be served.

Looking at the reviews, looks like no one had the buffet - my bad. But for food freshly made, this was definitely not a good thing to do - deep fry everything in oil and make it a buffet menu with some rice or noodles thrown in at the end.

Thankfully the dessert was a palate cleanser. Having had the food at Via Milano and looking at the reviews my experience was such a bloody let down, I would have been better off eating a floor above and taking care of my stomach !

It is such a horrible idea to serve food lathed in oil that you don't even want to visit them again ? Coloring the food so much that the color sticks to your hand is a cardinal sin in my book !

Next time, may be a couple of months later - another visit is due !
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Shiv Vikram Singh - Burrp User

Shiv Vikram Singh

August 20,2013

Lovely ambiance!

Loved the ambiance and the food here!!Those beautiful candle lit tables and the beautiful guitar singing makes it special if you have that someone special with you!!Calm peaceful and a very friendly service!!Loved the chinese here and the Mojito preparation is unique!!Must go!!
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Shirish  - Burrp User


August 16,2013

True pan asian chow

Urban Asia lives up to its name serving u pan Asian food .Its an awesome place with so much to offer to to its customers. Live Guitarist does add a nice music to d place. Even though its conjusted the ambiance andinteriors have been well managed. Hospitality is decent.Each table is exclusively well looked after. on one corner we have a bar counter offering alcohol. The view from d glass window seating is very good. Food is awesome. Urban Asia offer a large number of south east Asian cuisines. Thai , Chinese, Indonesian, Malaysian cuisines severed are truly a delight . This place would never disappoint you.I would love to come to this place again & again.
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Priyanka Ray - Burrp User

Priyanka Ray

July 19,2013

Good music with good food

Urban Asia, Jubilee Hills
I really love the complete feel of the place. I always make it a point to sit near the glass pane to take a look of the busy outer world and enjoy the peace inside the restaurant. The live music played in the background and the simple décor add to the atmosphere and give a great feel. The staff is courteous; the service good. Most of the things we tasted so far have been delicious. It’s a great place to have Pan Asia Cuisine though a tad expensive. People who prefer to have alcohol with their meals can go on weekends (they do not serve alcohol on weekdays). A few must try dishes are The Devi’s Chicken, Roast Chilli Lamb, Kungpow Chicken and Shanghai Rice. And in dessert one must give Choco rolls and Choco Lava Cake a shot.
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andeshwar  - Burrp User


July 01,2013

Very Good Asian Brunch

We went for the Sunday Brunch yesterday and it was worth every penny. Food with unlimited alcohol is 1000 bucks and one with mocktails is 777 bucks..

There was 12 starters both veg and non veg and all of them were very tasty specially the Prawns,squids and the dimsums. The soup looked weird but the taste was really wow!!
We were so full with the starters that we didnt do enough justice to the main course. We tried the kungpao veg and chicken along with steamed rice and veg fried rice. The taste was good!!
The desserts also were quite tasty!

The cocktails were very well made. In many places the alcohol is very less but here the alcohol content was perfect and the taste was very good..

The attendants were very prompt and always at your service

Overall: Very good place and Sunday well spent!!!
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Pallab De - Burrp User

Pallab De

January 31,2013

Lovely Asian Restaurant

Considering what's on offer, Urban Asia is very affordable. It offers top-notch ambiance and service, to go with delicious food. The Phud Thai here is the best I have had in the city, and highly recommended.
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surjodeb - Burrp User


December 01,2012

Really expensive.Might not be value for your money

Had heard a lot about this restaurant and N Asian which is another restaurant close by, with spirited debate by my friends who were all passionate advocates of either but never both.
So one fine night after a wonderful theater show, I finally decided to take the plunge and try this restaurant too.

We reached around 10PM on a weekend night and thankfully found no queue. The manager was well trained and showed us to our seats quickly. The remaining staff although they appeared to be trying their best to their job with grace, appeared somewhat new and inexperienced and always in a hurry. They were not exactly running across the seating area but trying to move really really swiftly without any need it appeared, creating an unnecessary distraction.

Although there were candles on each of the tables and the restaurant was very dimly lit with very fine class decor, none of the candles were lit for the candle-lit dinner experience. - I think one had to explicitly request maybe.

In any case, other than the waiters constantly distracting by moving the place would have appeared and felt like a quiet Japanese homely restaurant where the setting was very calm.

The restaurant had 2 menus one called the signature art menu which were the dishes restaurant said they specialized at and which had one dish per page and around total 8 or 10 pages, and another menu which was the regular menu with a lot more entries. - The restaurant primarily specialized in SouthEastAsian and EastAsian cusines with indigenous Indonesian, Malaysian, Thai and Indian Chinese dishes occupying pride of place on the menu. The only Japanese item in the menu was the Sushi platter which as I shall describe later was pretty nice.

Per recommendations upon querying the chef to set the menu, I was told to order the Yin Yang soup (from the regular menu), Nasi Goreng (from the Signature Art menu) and the Sushi Platter (which was also listed on the Signature Art menu).

The Yin Yang soup was the only dish that surprised and amazed me the most during the meal. - It was basically 'regular sweet corn chicken soup' and 'green coloured hot and sour chicken soup' (I had selected it's NonVeg variant.. Veg variant was also there) in an arrangement on one soup bowl that had each of the soups occupying exactly half the bowl, right down the middle all the way to the bottom of the bowl. - There is no option to post photo here else I could have showed you since I had clicked photos too as I was really surprised. - I was left in wonder and awe as to how the chef must have arranged it so carefully that this tender division of the bowl could be so perfectly achieved!

The sushi platter tasted like authentic sushi I had had elsewhere before.. there was standard Salmon with Futomaki variant and Urmaki variant... basically sushi rolls of rice with black Nori leaf wrapped outside and without the Nori wrapped outside. There were also shrimps on stick served like satay.
There were 3 wedding-ring-box sized pieces of each variety of the above for a total of 3x4 or 12 pieces on the platter.
The chef had invested a lot of time in decorating as is common in high end restaurants of the sort and had added a rose flower made entirely out of carving one Ginger.

The Nasi Goreng was really delicious too and was done in a stylized way as opposed to the regular really fast moving variety I had tried in Malaysia. It was basically the same concept though, flavoured fried rice covered in an egg bulls eye alongwith a side portion of vegetables and some variety of spicy sauce.

All in all, found the food and experience to be really good. But I don't know whether it still makes sense to spend around 1500/- per dish (5 * hotel rates). Also, the restaurant also stuck to the high end gourmet tradition of serving very small portions.

Would recommend to go here only if you are going for the experience and are ready to really part with your money without knowing it's value or why you are parting with it.
(We spent around 3000 without even going for the dessert or drinks section of the menu)

Food: 7/10
Ambience: 7/10
Service: 7/10
Cost: 3000/- for 2. (without any alcohol)

PS - I haven't tried their buffet - but maybe that is the way to go for this restaurant if one wants to be price conscious.
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Ridhima Talwar - Burrp User

Ridhima Talwar

November 20,2012

great food and ambience

try any dish here and i am sure it wont disappoint you.Quite like the ambience also..Must try Yin Yan soup here.
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rashi26talwar - Burrp User


November 20,2012

Urban Asia - My fav in Hyderabad

This restaurant is not just my favourite because my workplace is very close by, but infact because it serves one of the most authentic Oriental food in town.
Anything that you order from the menu - right from soups to main course will surely be a class apart from what is normally served at other restaurants.
My personal favourite is the Yin - Yan soup and the starters - both Veg and non - veg.
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Ankur Chakraborty - Burrp User

Ankur Chakraborty

May 18,2012

Truly fine-dining experience worth your money

Before I start the review, a little note for fellow burrpers, this is an “expensive” fine-dining restaurant and please go with that expectation. A meal for two may cost between 1200-1500 Rs. I had put that at the start of the review as I found out some disappointments regarding price in earlier reviews.

Now let me start. One of my friends had dined there with a colleague, and since then he was giving rave reviews about this place. So we also thought of trying it out. On 5th May (Saturday) evening we booked our seats (in Burrp, it is written that go with prior reservation) for 9:30PM. We reached around 9:20. The restaurant is at first (or maybe second) floor and bit difficult to locate while driving. Upon reaching, I found no valet-counter and saw few cars are parked randomly in front of the building or in an alley near-by. I tried to park there, but a security guard rushed up and asked us to park at the underground parking lot. And I had never seen such a steep ramp in my 6 years of driving experience. Going down and coming up through that ramp would give you the feel of a nice adventure ride. It is disappointing to see a restaurant with such price tags even do not bother to have a valet-parking facility. During my 1 hour stay at the restaurant, I had seen people coming with luxury cars—ours may be the cheapest car of that lot—including BMW, Merc, Jaguar and Bentley. Probably those cars are chauffer driven and thus no need of valet parking for them—but we sincerely needed it.

We went to the restaurant and was promptly seated (our table was kept reserved) at the side of the glass-pane overlooking the road. Live music was playing. We ordered for two beers, a chicken starter (we asked the waitress to give us her recommendation) and standing Pomfret in Chilli sauce (after reading good reviews about this dish in Burrp). Food was served within reasonable time. Chicken starter was very good, and Pomfret was just yummy. They made the fish stand sans the bones (I don’t know how could they remove the bones without slicing the fish)!!! After that, we ordered fried rice and a chicken dish—both were excellent.

The staffs were helpful and courteous. I was told that they don’t serve alcohol on weekdays, but since it was a weekend they served us. I found the alcohol bit high-priced. They played live music and it was good (some restaurants torture you in the name of live music). I saw an unique thing here, they had kept a small folding high-table near each table. I first did not understand the reason. Then saw that once you order the food, they serve you and keep the bowl (with rest of the food) at that side-table so that your main table is not cluttered. Quite nice!!

Foe 2 pint beers, one chicken starter and one Pomfret, one chicken fried rice and one chicken side dish—the cost came about 1800 bucks.

My ratings:
Ambience (Weightage: 10%): 4.5/5
Service: (Weightage: 30%): 4.5/5
Food (Weightage: 30%): 4.5/5
Value for money (Weightage: 30%): 4.0/5
Overall: 4.35/5

Positives: Good food, nice live music, nice ambience
Negatives: No valet-parking-- parking is difficult
Tip: If you order alcohol, the hole in your pocket will be burnt bigger!!!!
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athena hyd - Burrp User

athena hyd

April 22,2012

needs improvement

the sunday lunch buffet here costs rs 666 without booze per person

first of all go here with a reservation.

now the buffet here is - all is served at your table, u dont need to get up and serve yourself anything. But u DO NEED TO WAIT A LONG TIME for it to be served at your table

from the live counter we ordered chicken dimsum which were tres salty

non veg starters;

tai pei chicken
ginger fish
and calamari with salt pepper.

all of which were super disappointments...and took ages to arrive at our table

still hoping that our main course wud somehow save the day and lessen our hunger pangs

kungpao ,sichuan, ginger,paraley,malaysian in fish and chicken was just red gravy with chilly and no tastse

the desert tray was custard dimsum,darsaan,date wontons bangkok custard and banana rolls and vanilla icecream, which was totally ice and no ice cream

the waiting for the food and table was exhausting and irritating,
the guitarist sang evry song offkey adding to our headache, n we were finally glad to get out n go home

i wouldn't recommend this place and esp for 666 and that for a sunday special brunch
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Avishek Banerjee - Burrp User

Avishek Banerjee

April 13,2012

The best Oriental I've had...

They call their "Sunday Brunch" the "Only Oriental Brunch". I'd say its the "Only Brunch" I'd ever want to have. Now, I'm an outright Oriental Food Super Fan. And this place is just the place for me. Everything Oriental - Chinese, Thai, Malay and Indonesian - under one roof and on the same buffet. Add to that the fact that they serve you the buffet at your table. So, all you do is tell them what you want and sit back and continue you conversation as the waiters keep re-filling your plates. You start off with dumplings, and Id confess that I've had better (at Mainlan China). But that's where it ends. All that follows through seem to teleport you to their countries of origin. The Chicken Satay was the juiciest ever. The Chilli Chicken has strange tiny shapes, more like popcorns, but who cares when they explode flavors in your mouth. Its sad that I couldn't have the prawns (allergic to them), but I didn't let go off the veges. I was accompanied by a friend who's a vegetarian. He was understandably apprehensive to visit an Oriental place - what possibly vege he could get there. But after the first bite itno his tofu, the delight on his face forced me to try it, and I was surprised how something like Tofu could absorb flavors.

The best part of the whole meal was the Chicken Noodles Soup!!! Yummmmmm..... Chicken, peanuts, coconut milk, noodles and a blast of spice. I was unable to decide if I should keep some space for the main course or order anothe bowl of the soup. But good that I decided to keep some space for the main course, otherwise I would have missed out a a pretty juicy Chicken Fried Rice and a very exotic GInger Fish.

The desserts were pretty lame though. But then its not Urban Asia's fault, the Orientals are pretty un-impressive with sweets. I guess the boring and low sweet darsaan and banana roles can never match the Indian (Bengali in my case) sweet buds.

One thing to mention apart from the food ofcourse is the live orchestra. Well, its pretty much just a guy with a guitar, but I does good justice to Bryan Adams and Westlife and the the Hindi songs that he churns out with his North Eastern accent liven up the place.

On the whole its a lively, relaxed and very yummy place. Worth a visit for all Oriental food lovers. Veg or non-veg, you'll love the place.
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ajrocks - Burrp User


December 11,2011

Expensive but good food

Three of us went and had a couple of drinks each. We ordered sushi and momos for starters which were very good. The main course was average. Very good service. It's a bit expensive as we spent about 4000 for the three of us.
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Gurunath Sharma - Burrp User

Gurunath Sharma

November 20,2011

good place, good food, shortage of spoons

sunday dinner was just perfect if we would have got some spoons to serve and eat. the ambiance is awsome. the live music was nice. the guy played some good tunes.

the service was slow and they would not realise that they have not given spoons with any dishes nor any on the table until you remind them 2-3 times. at a point we got frustrated and start using forks to serve our self.

when restaurants are not capable of providing good service they should not make service charges mandatory. let the customer decide the service quality and then leave a tip. that would make the service more efficient and want to improve attitude. last night one could easily make out that the service guys were not really bothered as they knew what was coming into their pockets anyway.
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Abhishek Banerjee - Burrp User

Abhishek Banerjee

May 28,2011

Urban Asia the perfect fine dining restaurant?.

“You can check out any time you like but you can never leave” that’s what I would sing for Urban Asia. Every visit to this place comes with a surprise. The newer experiment of the chefs and the bar man makes you think what’s gonna be new this time when I walk in. The perfect ambiance with the rite amount of light, temperature and music from the guitar man performing live for you. The staff with the rite amount of politeness and hospitality where they do not overdo it or doesn’t be the grumpy ones.

Have been there on many occasions, some being friends private parties and other on regular dinners. Well the food and the staff remain constant at its best at any given time but liquor has been on special permission only on weekends for private booking of the entire place.

All in all a perfect place to be on a regular day or an occasion as they make the evening just the way one wants it be. “Team UrbanAsia, great Job just get your liquor licence ASAP and make every evening a weekend for all”
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Amika Sethi - Burrp User

Amika Sethi

May 27,2011

My best hang out zone

Guys, I have been going to urban Asia since the day it has been launched . I really like the ambiance , food , service and the personal attention that one gets from the staff and the management. All the food items are delicious and decently priced.

Their Malaysian curry and bamboo rice are a must have every time you go there.

In short if i have to rate this restaurant i would give it a 5 on 5
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myrtlerika - Burrp User


January 24,2011

Urban Asia~ Few Disappointments

Urban Asia the latest Chic Fine Dining & Bar in uptown Jubilee Hills is a good place to have a Pan Asian cuisine with twist. Do do not expect to find your run of the mill Chinese dishes at this eatery. We visited the place for dinner on a Monday night as treat for my husband's Birthday. We were in a mood to celebrate but were disappointed with the visit. The valet service is good. As soon as you enter the place you are sure to be impressed by the sober decor in Black and White and have an entire wall in glass overlooking the city by night which is a great view. The hostess led us to the table by the city view and promptly seated us. The waiter approached us with the menu and left while we browsed the menu. We requested for the drinks menu and were informed that it liquor was severed on only weekends. This was very disappointing start to the meal. So we requested for the Mock-tail menu and were told they had very few options for Mock-tails, Fruit Punch, which was recommended by the waiter and a mistake in ordering it. Was too watery and lacked a punch. We order for Lemon Coriander Soup with Shrimp and a Crab Meatball in Manchurian Sauce and the Standing Promfet in Sweet Garlic sauce. The Drinks arrived in about 5 mins of ordering and the soup was bought in about 10 mins. The soup was great. Full of flavor and good filling portion. The only drawback was that some of the shrimp had their shell still on and was a little difficult to eat as you had to keep taking bits out of your mouth. The starters arrived 15 mins into our meal. The crab meatball in Manchurian were very dry and the worst again was "bits of Crab Shell" in almost all the meat balls again had to keep taking them out of the mouth through out the meal. Then we tried the Standing promfet which was great. 100 marks for it. The presentation was great and so was the flavor the sauce. The crispiness of the fish complemented the sweet sourness of the sauce. It was an absolute lip smacking dish. Totally enjoyed it. As the portions were large we were full by this time and did not order the main course. We finished with the captian's recommendation of fried ice cream which again was a simply superb and had a great chocolate fudge to go with it and good sprinkle of nuts.The bill was bought promptly and so ended the meal.

Though we went with the expectation of great food and drink we were greatly disappointed in both. It had it thumbs up for certain food but had more thumbs down and should really check their seafood dishes before serving them.And the biggest misleading factor was that it said a Bar and Restaurant but severed liquor on weekends only.

Overall Experience:3/5
Ambiance: 5/5

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