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The Square, Novotel Hyderabad Convention Centre

Novotel Hotel, HICC Complex, Cyberabad Post Office,, Kothaguda,Hyderabad
06:30 am to 10:30 am, 12:00 pm to 03:00 pm, 06:30 pm to 11:00 pm

Price: Rs.2200 for two

Cuisine: Continental, Italian, North Indian

Known for: Seafood

Large Group Friendly
Notable Wine List
Private Area
Serves alcohol
Bar area
Valet parking
Air conditioned
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Sankalp Thee Foodie - Burrp User

Sankalp Thee Foodie

April 05,2014

Spanish Tapas !

Travelling these days has become tough with the souring temperatures, it’s always better to stay indoors. But a food enthusiast like me nothing comes between me and FOOD, be it anytime of the day or night. After a very strenuous sunny day, the closest place for me to get relaxed was Novotel and without wasting time I along with a friend rushed into The Square. It was peace of mind and tranquility personified once seated inside the restaurant. What more one can expect; when you are greeted with a very revitalizing glass of white wine and said that day special was Spanish Tapas Feast. In Spanish, Tapas means snacks or appetizers. I thanked my good heavens that day for getting me there to savour the Spanish cuisine.

After finishing a glass of wine went around to have a glimpse of what is in store for me on the buffet. First I stared with the Garlic Camarones (shrimps) and Maorish Kebabs which is a chicken skewer, they were nice and different. Then I had salads from the olive bar which include Stuffed olives, pitted olives, green whole olives, sereno ham with melon, roast ham with caramelised onions, chicken olive salad, mixed seafood with dill vinegrate. I must say these were impressive and different from the regular salads.

I took a small break after having so many salads and finished another glass of wine. Mean while steward got me few of the veg snacks, mushroom skewers with goat cheese sauce, it was just out of the world. Then I was served the grilled zucchini with cream cheese and sundried tomatoes. But the best of the veggies was the marinated artichoke and bell peppers done to perfection, I could not control myself from having one more serving with a glass of wine.

Now I moved to the main course with braised chicken with almonds and catalan lamb shanks. I must say these two dishes were perfect with good amount of spices and just the right blend of flavours. The meat was simply melting in the mouth. Apart from the Spanish cuisine they also had lots of other appetizing Indian and Chinese dishes, which I choose to stay away from as I wanted to relish on the Spanish ones only.

Finally I had the Spanish special desserts; Crème Catalina also known as Crème Brulee which I am a huge fan of. It was lip smacking and yummy. Then I had Natillas, a traditional Spanish dessert, a custard dish made with milk and eggs. I had two servings of each of these dishes.

Overall I was very satisfied with the buffet and should applaud the F & B dept and the chefs for very carefully selecting the dishes and executing the Spanish cuisine. I was told every Wednesday they would be hosting the Spanish tapas food festival. It's worth a try and value for money.

Ambiance 4.5/5
Food Quantity N/A
Food Quality 4.5/5
Pricing 4.5/5
Service 4.5/5
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Sankalp Thee Foodie - Burrp User

Sankalp Thee Foodie

January 28,2014

“Frontier food festival”

Novotel Hyderabad Convention Centre (NHCC) is hosting “Frontier food festival” from 17th to 26th January 2014 at The Square. The 10 day long festival will introduce the glorious flavours from the North-West Frontier region of India offering a unique culinary concept to the people of Hyderabad. The festival is designed to provide the food connoisseur an ideal opportunity to indulge & relish the mouth watering specialties. Chef Jugesh Arora who is known for his love, commitment and passion for the culinary profession has been flown for the Food Festival. Chef Arora has over 25 years of Experience in the culinary profession and has also been a winner of the Golden Hat Award. At the food festival Chef has meticulously prepared a menu keeping the discerning tastes of North-West Frontier. The elaborate spread of traditional vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes depicting India’s rich culinary heritage of North-West Frontier are showcased.

The menu offers enjoyably aromatic dishes including salads, appetizers, main course and desserts; all cooked in true frontier style. I was welcomed with a very refreshing welcome drink made from mango and chat masala which is really very refreshing and prepared me for the long foodathon (Food Marathon) I was about to begin; from the grill I had Tandori Jinga (prawns), Bhatti da kebab (Chicken legs), Mushroom and Mutter (peas) Sheekh Kebab, I am bowled by the flavours of these appetizers and I had ordered for one more round of it and thoroughly relished on them. I was in a mood to try other main course dishes or else I would have had only the appetizers and concluded with the delicious desserts.

I had called for Indian bread basket comprising of Roti, Misi Roti, Butter Naan and Makki di roti. As suggested by few of my friends I had Makki Di roti with Sarson Da Sag (Mustard Leaves) and I was spellbound with it. I somehow love the flavours of the Sag and one would not believe I haven’t had any non-veg gravy’s though I saw very scrumptious prawns, chicken and mutton on the buffet, I very cautiously wanted to have only the veggie dishes. The next dish I had was Pindi Chole (Chickpeas or kabuli chana), it is popular Punjabi Chole recipe made with minimal ingredients, it was simply amazing. Pakoreh Walli Kadi was the next one I tried, Punjab being a land of milk and butter, had many rich dishes and this is one such dish; it is an Indian yogurt gramflour curry with fried vegetable pakoras and seasoned with spices; amazingly it was one of the most flavoursome dish of the day. The last one that caught my attention was Bharta Rawalpindi Walla (Brinjal), I had it with plain rotis and it was very tasty.

I know many folks would be really amazed seeing and reading this, which I had all veggie dishes; and I can swear the veggies were very yummy and never felt I missed non-veg dishes. Kudos to Chef Arora and Mr Shyam Sunder for making such a delightful and splendid buffet. I hardly had any space for the mouth-watering desserts but I took all the courage in the world to taste few of them; Gajar Halwa, Moong Dal Halwa, Jamun E Gul, Jalebi with Rabri and Anjeer Kalakand. I can say these were some of the best executed Indian desserts I had in a long time.

The Food served with spicy mixes, the lip-smacking variety of North-West Frontier Food was literally a scrumptious treat for any food enthusiast. I am very happy that I didn't miss the ultimate Authentic North-West Frontier tastes and experience the irresistible flavours.

Ambiance 4.5/5
Food Quantity N/A
Food Quality 4.5/5
Pricing 4/5
Service 4.5/5
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