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Vishal Fernandes - Burrp User

Vishal Fernandes

January 02,2014

Authentic Andhra Food

Though I have been to Spicy Venue on multiple occasions, this review is specific to my yesterday’s experience. The food in spicy venue is more like home-made food and that’s the reason why I keep coming back.

Being the first day of the New Year, I wanted a peaceful place for a silent dinner and bored of continental food that I have been having since past few days, Spicy Venue was an undoubted choice. I was there at dot 7:00 PM and hardly few tables were occupied, however by 7:30 all the tables were occupied and totally crowded.

For the soups I ordered for Chicken Hot & Sour along with Chicken Majestic and Chilli Mushroom. The soup was thick and flavoursome, while chicken majestic was the second best I had in the city (first being southern mirchie) and chilli mushroom was outstanding. Having said that the portion size was very less for the price tag.

For the mains we started with appam and kodi pulusu. The appams were hot and freshly made, and along with them coconut milk was also served. The coconut milk was watery and not flavoursome while the kodi pulusu though very salty went well with the appams but the star of the night was ragi sankati which went amazingly well with kodi pulusu.

Next on the radar was Chicken Pulao which was outstanding and I loved it. To finish of with my meal, I ordered for Apricot Delight which was totally insane. One of the best you would fine in the city.

The service is at times slow and the waiters are not around when you want to place the order. I hope the management corrects the service.

All in all, I was satisfied with the experience.

Ambiance: 4/5
Food: 4/5
Service: 3.5/5
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Shweti Rao - Burrp User

Shweti Rao

December 19,2013

Terrible! Prices Higher Compared to Website..

I made an online order after checking the website. Called them and ordered. Nothing was mentioned that they do not deliver here. They said it would take about 45 min to an hour. However, it took close to one and a half hours after calling 3 times. The excuse given was that they were doing me a favour delivering here as I asked. They generally do not deliver to Rd 10. To my surprise when I checked the bill, The prices were higher than what was written on their website. Their claim is that the website is old. 65 was awful. Boneless Biryani was ok, egg and chicken igguru was tolerable.
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Sankalp Thee Foodie - Burrp User

Sankalp Thee Foodie

September 28,2013

Andhra Cuisine !

The much anticipated and exciting event we were all waiting for since a very long time has finally come, “The Grand Andhra Cuisine Feast@ The Spicy Venue”. With the help of the management and chef we have selected exciting dishes from the existing menu. We have very carefully and cautiously made an effort to balance between the veggies and non-veggies, we have in fact added more number of vegetarian dishes than non-veg dishes. The menu meant for the foodies, looks like a traditional Andhra festive meal.

The menu consisted of Fruit punch, Gari with coconut chutney, Panner 65, Chilly Quail fry, Korameenu fish Fry (boneless), and Chakkara pongal (sweet pongal). After having these in the main course we had Mamidikaya pappu (Mango Dal), Bendakaya fry (bhandi), Bangaladumpa Battani korma (aloo mutter korma), Karam Vankaya (Masala stuffed brinjal), Ulavacharu with cream (horse gram), Papucharu (Andhra sambar), Rasam and curd.

On Non-veg side we had Mamidikaya mamsam (mango mutton), Crab iguru (semi dry), Royyalu iguru (prawns semi dry), Bommidayalu puluse (Small Whole Fish gravy). In the rice section, we had kodi pulao (chicken), veg pulao and steamed rice. I am in love with the kodi Pulao which is a nice blend aromas and flavours. The chicken is very tender and perfectly cooked; this is the way a pulao has to be. Finally we ended our meal with their signature dessert Apricot Delight, which is true to its name a wonderful delight for every dessert lover. Three layers of Pudding, apricot puree and Cake slice, it is utterly a mind-blowing and very scrumptious dessert, I advice who ever visits this place must have this one.

Overall I am very happy with the food and the service. I must appreciate Mr. Sampath and his whole team for making this event such a grand success.
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Sabyasachi Ray Chaudhuri - Burrp User

Sabyasachi Ray Chaudhuri

September 24,2013

Great Andhra Buffet

It is not common for me to go gaga over a feast. But today I can clearly say I am really floored by the quality of food served in a buffet.

Hyderabad Foodies organized a foodies meet at Spicy Venue today afternoon. Focus was on Andhra cuisine which this restaurant is known for. Around 60 foodies descended on this restaurant today afternoon to sample the best of Andhra food.

As we entered the place, we were greeted by the smiling staff with some fresh fruit punch. I surveyed the buffet and oh my God it was inviting to say the least. A long array of preparations awaited us – around 8-10 types of non-vegetarian fare and the equivalent in vegetarian fare too.

I started with chilli quail fry – soft, crunchy and terrific. Easily the best dish of the day. The boneless fish fry with fried chilies was next. Well marinated, the fish just melted in my mouth. I liked the chutney which accompanied the gari, more than the vadas. The Paneer 65 was also fairly tasteful. Hot and freshly made poories were good accompaniment for the starters.

After couple of helpings of the quails I went for the other stuff. The Andhra Chicken Pulao was flawless. Many of us, who savor the Hyderabadi Biryani do not give enough importance to the Andhra Pulao – but I find it as good. Then were the dry dishes Crab Iguru and Prawn iguru. I love the masala of the igurus. They were perfect – and the restaurant took great care to make it less hot than the standard Andhra fare so that all foodies could enjoy it. The crabs were fresh and meaty which made them a special favorite for everyone.

I decided to try the non-vegetarian main courses first before I went for the veggies. There were many items to be had with rice – Mango mutton, Bommidala Pulusu (a curry of small fishes cooked to perfection). There was egg curry with drumsticks (Egg Mullakaya Koora) – I had never had this combination before. Each of the curries were different in taste and went well with the steamed rice.

My friends in the foodie group, especially Vishnu, were explaining the dishes patiently to me. With him, I went and got a plateful of different tokkus and chutney, and savored them with rice and ghee. I don’t know whether it is the right way but the stuffed vankayas (brinjals) tasted great with rice and ghee too. My rice quest continued, first with mango pappu and Bhindi fry and then with ulavacharu – the black gram preparation with cream added to it.

Ended with the signature dessert – apricot delite.

As the afternoon progressed, people were just pouring in, but I noticed that the service did not slip.
It was a perfect feast – showcasing the best of Andhra food. Kudos to Sampath Srinivas Tummala, the owner of Spicy Venue and the staff for planning and organizing such a humongous menu for us. Also a special thanks to the organizers who went from table to table explaining the intricacies of Andhra cuisine.

The buffet was specially priced for Hyderabad Foodies group at Rs 350. The advantage of a foodies meet dawned on me – a-la-carte the same menu would cost thrice as much.

It is not the first time that I visited the Spicy Venue. I like the consistency in the quality of their preparations. Recommend this restaurant to anyone who wants to savor the delicacies of Andhra food – especially the non-vegetarian fare.
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Sankalp Thee Foodie - Burrp User

Sankalp Thee Foodie

July 30,2013

Authentic Andhra Cuisine !

Andhra Cuisine has got a special recognition not just in India but across the world for its uniqueness and spiciness. Andhra cuisine available in northern region may differ from the southern region of Andhra Pradesh, but the underlying factor that remains is generous usage of rich spices in every dish. Unlike general perception that the Andhra food is very hot and spicy is not entirely correct. Due to excess commercialization the quality of the cuisines has come down drastically. There are good number restaurants in Hyderabad which serve Andhra cuisine but with time some of them have lost their sheen and only a handful of them are left. In my quest for quality and authentic Andhra cuisine I have landed in The Spicy Venue with group of like minded foodies. The name Spicy Venue sounds attention-grabbing and very appetizing to me, located in Jubili hills, Rd-10. For the last 12 they have been serving some of the best dishes from the Andhra cuisine to the people of Hyderabad.

The ambiance is kept simple and functional nothing fancy about it, what I like the most about the place is the homely atmosphere, which makes one comfortable. Mr. Sampath Tummala, Promoter of The Spicy Venue has got good eye and taste for authentic Andhra cuisine, which resulted in setting up this restaurant. The secret behind the success of this restaurant is the personal contribution and supervision by Mr. Sampath.

The menu is very elaborate and a good number of exciting specialized dishes are exclusively available on weekends.
The food journey began with welcome drinks;
• Panakam - a simple drink which most of the andhraites are familiar with made with Bellam (Jaggery), pepper and cardamom. This is a must drink at most of the Telugu marriages, I have specifically requested Mr.Sampath to arrange this for the event.
• Fruit punch – a think yummy drink familiar to most of the foodies.

• Chilly Quails – this is one of their specialties, it is one of the fast moving dish with them. I like the taste of the quails with chilli flavour, which is not too much but very flavoursome. After having this dish my expectations have risen to a new level.
• Fish Fry – it is a boneless fish fry, it disappointed me a bit as it was little salty.
• Chicken Fry – very tasty and crispy boneless chicken. There was a slight sourness and chilliness to the dish which really excited me.
• Fried Baby corn – this is a veg dish made with baby corn which was perfect.

After the starters the Veg Thali was served to everyone, and the non-veg dishes arrived one after one.
Main Course;
• Chakkara Pongal – it is a traditional sweet which is a made with rice, jaggery, cashewnuts, kishmish and lots of Ghee. This is one of my most favourite sweet and it was made to perfection with the right amount of sweetness.
• Gari with Coconut Chutney – it is usually prepared during festival times in most of homes and it has become one of the street foods these days, liked by most is served with coconut chutney. The gari was perfectly done. Could not have more as there were plenty of dishes to come.
• Kobbari Annan (Coconut Rice) – it is one of the authentic Andhra rice dish made with thick coconut milk and whole spices.
• Appam (made with rice and fresh coconut), Aloo Kurma, Mamidikaya Pappu (Mango Dal), Bhendi (Okra) Cashew Fry and Stuffed Vankaya are the other vegetarian dishes.
• Lemon Pappucharu – it is between rasam and Sambar, very commonly found in almost all the households in Andhra.
• Ulavacharu – this again is a kind of rasam made from Ulavalu (Horse Gram) and cream, it is a yummy Andhra Recipe which is also very good for health.
• There were also different chutneys – Minumulu (Urad Dal) Chutney, Gongura (Sorrel Leaves) Chutney, Jamakaya (Guava) Chutney and several pickles.
• Chicken Pulao – this is a rice dish made with whole spices and chicken. It is a comfort food as well as very satisfying which is mildly flavoured and aromatic. I had been having several variations of Pulao across Andhra Pradesh, but only a few caught my attention and for sure Spicy Venue’s Pulao definitely will be one of the best Pulao on my list. Rice & chicken was perfectly cooked and I had it maximum with other curries.
• Gongura (Sorrel Leaves) Mutton Curry – one of the most popular mutton dishes in the Andhra cuisine is gongura mutton with slight sourness. The mutton was tender and juicy.
• Peethalu (Crab) Iguru, - this is one of the famous crab dish in most of the coastal regions. It is semi dry dish made with sea crabs. The flavours have perfectly synced with the crab meat and I bet one can’t stop having one. I don’t remember how many of them I must have had. This is undoubtedly the best of all the dishes I had today.
• Royyala (Prawns) Iguru – this dish is similar to what it is made at my home, with fresh water prawns which is really amazing and appetizing. The prawns are soft and excellent to tasty.
• Bommidayala Pulusu (Gravy) – this dish is one of the most famous fish gravy in the coastal Andhra made with small fish and a small tinge of tamarind puree. The flavours perfectly sunk into the fish and it was really tasty.
• Chicken Pulusu (Gravy) – this is a different preparation compared to the Fish pulusu, it is made without tamarind puree. It was a perfect combination with Chicken Pulao.
• Egg Iguru (Semi Dry) – boiled egg curry with onions, I could not have it as I was totally immersed in having Crabs & Prawns.
• Apricots Delight – a delicious and mouth watering dessert made with apricots, pudding and thin layer of cake topped with generous amount of cream. The dessert was served cold and in good quantity, thought one would feel to say “dil mange more”. It simply melts in the mouth and takes you out of the world experience. No wonder why good number of customers revisit this place exclusively for having this wonderful, lip-smacking & yummy dessert.

We were all so stuffed by the end of the meal that few of the foodies literally dozed off sitting. Finally we ended the meal with sweet paan. I must say it’s been a real authentic Andhra cuisine I have been carving for since a very long time. The best dishes are Crab Iguru, Prawns Iguru, Chicken Pulao, Chilly Quails & Apricot Delight.

Ambiance 4.5/5
Food Quantity 4.5/5
Food Quality 5/5
Pricing 4.5/5
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A Must try Andhra restaurant

The Spicy Venue is an authentic Andhra restaurant in Jubilee Hills with branches in Kothaguda and LB Nagar. The restaurant has been in operation for nearly a decade.

On a Sunday afternoon I headed for a special lunch with a group of fellow foodies here. After finding it a bit difficult to locate the place, we finally landed up in an independent and large house which houses the restaurant. We were warmly welcomed by the owner of the restaurant. Fruit punch and a jaggery and lime based drink were awaiting us. I liked the latter, and I was told that this is a traditional drink served at Andhra weddings. Soon the starters started pouring in and we started the feast.

The quail was the first starter which was fried in a masala of green chillies. The taste was really awesome and I had three helpings of the same. Easily one of the best dish for the day. The boneless fish fry was well marinated and the fish was soft. The roast chicken was the other starter which I loved too. For vegetarians there was fried baby corn.

A thali with many vegetarian dishes were served next. The lemon pappucharu, a light dal based dilute curry with whole small onions was what caught my attention. This was the perfect thing to start the main course. I think it is supposed to be had with rice, but I liked it so much that I drank it like rasam. The tangy mango pappu (dal) was what I really enjoyed with the rice. The Bhendi cashew fry was also nice, but the best vegetarian combo of the day for me was rice with ulavacharu (a black gram based preparation) with cream. It really had a new and distinct taste from anything that I have had. The gari (vada with coriander and onion in it) was consumed with the mandatory coconut chutney. The Alu korma went well with the kobbari annam. Coming to the chutneys, I loved all the three chutneys dal based minimulu chutney, gongura chutney (spicy) and a guava based green chutney.

I was told that the veg menu was designed in such a way that it closely resembles a Andhra wedding menu. I thank the owner for that. Not only did he design a good menu, even the preparations of the food in the menu were done to perfection.

But for a non-vegetarian like me it was still "dil maange more". And I was not disappointed at all. The menu also had a huge list of non veg items. The first mention definitely is of Crab Iguru (a preparation with masala but less gravy) which was delicious with an appam variant from nellore. The crab was extremely well cooked and the masala really blended well, and the appam was a perfect foil to it. The prawn masala was not far behind. The appam was the perfect foil for the spicy food.

Among the non-veg dishes to be had were Bommidala pulusu (small fish curry), Gongura Mamsam and kodi (chicken) pulusu. Each had its own distinct taste and went well with rice and the raw onion in the salad as well as the chutneys and papad. The mutton in gongura mamsam was soft. What I liked was that the menu was picked in such a way that each non veg dish was quite different from the other in terms of preparation, so each was enjoyable in its own way.

There was a dry egg preparation (egg ulli iguru) which I enjoyed with traditional Andhra chicken pulao.

An added gain to me was the interaction with my foodie friends during this long lunch. We were discussing cuisines from all over the country from Rajasthan to Bengal, as well as the difference in cuisine in different parts of Andhra Pradesh. I have always benefitted hugely from such discussions.

We ended with apricot delite. Though I am a bad judge of sweet, even then I liked the sweet, which was delicious albeit a bit heavy.

I have always been a big fan of Andhra cuisine, and have visited many restaurants in Hyderabad and Vizag for a taste of Andhra. This was definitely one of the better Andhra food that I have tasted. I love chillies, but for people who cannot eat very spicy food, there is an option of requesting for a less spicy variant to be prepared for them. Most of the preparation were very good, and I definitely recommend this restaurant.
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Srikanth Pallamala - Burrp User

Srikanth Pallamala

April 11,2013

Best Andhra food

One of the best authentic Andhra food restaurant in this part of the town. The only down side being its full of cheap crowd. Don't expect any kind of etiquette or classy behaviour from the patrons there, had a bad experience
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Vinay  Rajiv - Burrp User

Vinay Rajiv

March 17,2013

Good Andhra Food !

Lovely Andhra delicacies. Loved the Kheema biryani and Natu Kodi. But the quantity is a lil less.
The ambiance is bad here !
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FB_652886961 - Burrp User


October 18,2012

too good food....

kheema biryani wih nati kodu pulusu royala iguru and bombidayala pulusu too good u cannot stay wihout eating ur fingers....
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October 25,2011

Thank You!!

I landed up here when a friend from Chennai wanted to try out some Andhra food and boy this place didn't disappoint.........

Went there for lunch and ordered 2 Veg Thali's and a Lamb Iguru or something.....the lamb dish was so so nothing great but the Thali just blew our minds off......There was Roomali roti(too rubbery,avoidable).....sambar,rasam,pappu,a bittergourd dish,a potato and cabbage dish and amazing coconut peanut chutney......with unlimited helpings of rice the Thali was one satisfying meal.....and their Curd is so perfectly set in a steel bowl,very very good quality curd.....they even serve Gongura Chutney if you ask for it....

For desserts we tried their much recommended Apricot Delight which did not disappoint....A layered dessert with layers of custard,apricot and sponge cake topped with melted vanilla ice cream,it is a sinful combination.

Total Damage:
2 Veg Thali 250
1 Lamb iguru 195
2 apricot delight 200 (a little pricey)

One place I'd like to go again and again to try out their different Andhra specialities...
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chubbu - Burrp User


September 19,2011


We visited this place on the basis of the reviews it has here on Burrp, and were not disappointed. I had the fish biryani, which was was really good - in fact I'd call it spectacular. My wife had the veg thali - which was also pretty good (not spectacular though). Lots of little touches - lime pickle that was the best I've ever had (I doubt it was store-bought), sweet-potato chips, fried chillies that are apparently common in South Indian food, but I've never come across them before. Desserts: the trifle pudding and the apricot [something] were both very sweet and very good. And after all this gluttony, the bill came to just over Rs 500 for 2. Pretty awesome.
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Anjan Mukherjee - Burrp User

Anjan Mukherjee

August 16,2011

Spicy Venue A hidden gem-Fish Biriyani is Awosome

I have been recommended by couple of my Andhra Friends for this Restaurant . last Saturday while coming back from Inorbit mall , I visited this place, Must say Spicy Venue is a hidden gem, with real authentic Andhra food at reasonable prices. We had ordered for Rashmi Chicken with Butter Nan, Rashmi Chicken is the best in town and the Butter Nan was really good, soft and large in portion.

Then we ordered for 2 Fish Biriyani and it was the best Biriyani even we had tested in Hyderabad, the Fish was really very fresh and being a Bengali I can definitely endorse on the quality of the Fish they had served on our plate.

In the Dessert we ordered Apricot Delight which was in a word Awesome!!!!

Staffs are very good and well mannered, They have a Valet parking as well , hence all together this is the place to dine out in our Hyderabad.

I have been told by my friends that this place Spicy Venue has been always patronized it for the fabulous South India Thali which they serve at lunch and dinner, Now I can vouch for their regular A La Carte Menu which is equally good . I would highly recommend this restaurant to Hyderabad Foodies and I am sure they will cherish their experience once they visit this place.

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Laxmikanth - Burrp User


January 05,2011

my fav. for 10 yrs now

I have been eating at this place for over 10 yrs now. The taste and quality of food hasn't changed a bit. Delicious Food.

My Recommendations.
1. Tangdi Kebab - the best in town
2. Special Chepa (Fish) Vepudu (Fry)
3. Mamsam (Mutton) Iguru
4. Apricot Delight
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foodonymph - Burrp User


August 03,2010

One of my all-time favorites in Hyderabad!

Spicy Venue is a hidden gem, with real authentic and super spicy Andhra food at reasonable prices. Love their thaali, fried quails, and fish biryani, all of which I've described at length on my blog: http://www.foodonymph.com/foodonymphscity/spicy-venue-set-my-tongue-ablaze-and-i-still-crawled-back-to-beg-for-more/

Definitely try this place if you like spicy South Indian food!
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Arundati Rao - Burrp User

Arundati Rao

August 02,2010

best andhra thali's

Spicy Venue has been around for ages.... we've always patronised it for the fabulous thali they have. apart from the thali which they serve at lunch and dinner, they have a small assortment of restaurant regulars like paneer butter masala and a few chinese dishes. Their speciality however is their south indian thali. two kinds of gravy curries, one to go with the roomali roti and the other is a pulusu of sorts, 2 dry vegetable preparations, dal, sambhar, rasam and curd. Along with this is an assortment of authentic andhra style papads, lots of chutneys, their chutney podi is to die for and ghee.

A good order can be a thali with a side order of chicken, mutton dish of the day, fish or curried eggs. their chicken iguru is very good as is the kodi guddu (eggs) pulusu.

go there if you are really craving homestyle andhra food. Also like their name, the spice factor is high, so stay away if your threshold for spice is low.... service is prompt. they dont take reservations and it can be really crowded on the weekends and on weekdays for lunch. they have seating for about 100 pax. they've recently opened a branch called spice village at kondapur. the food is comparable with the jubilee hills branch.

for desserts, they have a hybrid of the hyderabadi khubani ka meetha which they call apricot delight. this can be a meal in itself. its a layered dessert made of cake, cutard, stewed apricots and fresh cream. It is to die for!
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