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Over The Flames

1-10/4, Ground Floor, Oyster Uptown Building, Opposite Krish Sapphire,, Madhapur,Hyderabad
12:00 pm to 11:00 pm

Price: Rs.700 for two

Cuisine: Italian

Known for: pizza

Home delivery
Air conditioned
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Harshit  - Burrp User


March 31,2014

Food and Attitude..??

Over the flames...this place has really picked up on the Italian style pizzas since long... and this was my second visit here.

As you go down the stairs in the basement, the center den like place is Over the Flames with a a Chinese joint on the right and an Indian on the left. Walk in, and if its peak hours on weekend, you better be prepared for a little wait... Which was my case during my second visit here with no acknowledgement by the staff until we asked them for a table.

Anyways coming to their food part..
Me and my friend just zeroed on a 14 inch pizza, and he being a cottage cheese lover, the choice was spicy cottage cheese pizza. There was a bit of delay as expected due to crowd but still we were jealous of the table next to us who came exactly at the same time as us but were almost half done by then. :(

And there our pizza arrived. It looked good at first look. Our 'server' served it with no delay and we were on it. The quantities of cheese and cottage cheese were fine though the veggies can be topped a bit more. The spice level was fine even for those who don't prefer much of it. If needed u can sprinkle the flakes additionally. This thin crust pizza when eaten hot was indeed good as by the end of last slice the base was going crunchy.
Our side order was Cheese garlic bread, six pieces of which took a moment. These were just slight warm and complete soggy.Tasted ok but not that satisfactory. Guess those were prepared before we placed the order.
Last time when I was here, my order was Margherita and Penne pesto. Margherita was fine but Pasta had too much of pesto sauce added to it, which can be reduced to make it better.
To note, I am not sure why do they charge for the Ketchup when asked for.

On the servcei and hospitality part, I can remember name Kabir who was really good and quick at his job.
At one point of time I saw an another server using the same serving spatula for cleaning the bits of food off the table. As noticed the regular customers were greeted with happy note where as we heard one or two crisp replies as well to others, including us. O_o
Boss, we know you are trying to do a good job here and you are famous in the locality but bringing in an attitude specially in hospitality business is not what one can expect..!!

Overall, this place serves something OK-ish but for me an overall experience was mixed. The wallet factor as well is decent for your pocket. Can be tried if you want some thin crust pizzas in this locality.

To note, couple of friends too believe that the consistency has dropped and which is what they should work on now.
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Siddharth Moghe - Burrp User

Siddharth Moghe

February 24,2014


Over the flames is one of these places around Hitec city that advertises wood fried pizzas.

Against the general consensus of the foodie folk around, I decided to pay it a visit.

On a weekday lunch, I landed at the restaurant to find it empty, everyone in the restaurant glued to the solitary TV , no plates , no glasses. Even after i came, there was very little change in the staff to acknowledge my presence.

A menu card was placed in front of me but no one to take the order. When i gestured for someone to come, he nodded his head and refused to budge.

I finally went to the counter and placed my order. A 4 cheese pizza and Pulpy orange, which the bearded guy at the counter took note of.

10 mins later, a bottle of thumbs up is placed before me, i look at the guy near the counter and he asks me , fanta is not there sir ! what the hell was he writing on the pad then ?

A few mins later, a stack load of plates came from the kitchen, followed by another stack,. The water was still not served, There were 2 guys who looked like they dint belong there, kept staring at each other ( probably interns ) but i guess the establishment should have trained them or at least instructed not to stand clueless.

My pizza was served about 20 mins after my order was placed. As soon as the pizza was served, i could make out the feta and the mozzarella, strangely the cheddar or Parmesan dint give out any smell.

I slowly took first couple of bites of the pizza and could only taste flour, tomato, mozzarella and a very rare feta. And suddenly there was a crunch and i could taste some burnt pizza base. I still had 2 bites worth pizza in my hand and the cheese was already over.

Overall in a 12 inch pizza, the topping was unevenly spread for about 3/4th the area with obvious absence of cheddar and Parmesan

This was the case for the entire pizza. Major disappointment like all others

1. insufficient amount of cheese used
2. there was no effort taken to serve a good dish.
3. the base was burnt and as thin as a roti but extremely hardened. due to excess heat used.
4. no ambiance
5. careless waitstaff
6. WTF attitude when trying to tell something.

I am not one bit impressed by food or the establishment may be 1 more outing will decide whether to write it off or not...
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