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kaushik.prasad - Burrp User


September 22,2015

late night hangouts

maintained standard since long. can visit even in late nights. inhouse live music available sometimes. north Indian food is good. even continental is pretty much good
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Kiran Challagulla - Burrp User

Kiran Challagulla

May 29,2014

Worst Place Ever Possible

This is one of the worst places ever possible. I would suggest never go to this place, they don't have any hospitality and respect for customers, however they told me that its a self service and finding curd over there was a big problem and when asked for it their manager reacted as if we are begging and none of the waiters or attendants are from Hotel Management background. They don't know how to serve. You guys can have a look at the pics so that you can understand what kind of hospitality you get here - I suggest everyone to not even enter this place ever.
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Sabyasachi Ray Chaudhuri - Burrp User

Sabyasachi Ray Chaudhuri

February 23,2014

An Average Buffet

Pickles restaurant in Hotel Basera, Clock Tower has been known in the Secunderabad area for the buffet it serves. So when I had to meet a very old friend on his way to the railway station I suggested this place to him for a quick lunch.

We met up around 1 pm on a Sunday. They had a buffet on offer at Rs 499 per head. On that Sunday afternoon the restaurant was not very crowded and we easily got a table.

Around the buffet the place was a bit cramped for self service. We started off with Chicken Hot and Sour Soup which was warm and spicy – perfect for a winter afternoon. The starters included chicken kababs and ginger fish. The kabab tasted good, but some pieces were slightly burnt. The ginger fish made of boneless Basa was nothing great.

Among the main courses, the Lamp Chops Curry was delicious – went very well with the naans served on the table. The prawns in the Prawn Masala were hard and rubbery. The Dum Ka Chicken or the chicken biryani served were nothing exceptional.

Among the wide choice of vegetarian dishes I only found the paneer to be tasty.

The desserts also did not enthuse me much apart from the odd Gajar Ka Halwa.

Overall, the spread is fairly large, but the quality of preparation lacked spark - most of the items were average. Service was average too – we had to call out multiple times to get our water refilled.

I have heard that with the offices around, the buffet does brisk business on weekdays, which may be due to lack of other good options around this locality.

Food: 3/5
Service: 3/5
Ambience: 3/5
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deepsova - Burrp User


August 23,2011

a breakfast buffet without toasts??!!!

On my First few visits to this place, I was quite enamoured by the Bull's eye and breakfast doughnuts...but the place has been on a steady downhill ride ever since... the prices are higher... and most of the days, they don't have the basic breakfast items on their breakfast buffet... the last time i visited, even the toasts and the doughnuts were missing! :(
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Harsh Sharda - Burrp User

Harsh Sharda

September 08,2010

An average place for a quick buffet !

Do not expect a Bikanerwala or a Barbeque Nation at Pickles.. The buffet is good value for money(270 including taxes) I would say.. Serves decent chat, 4 kinds of salads, drowsy soups, 2 OKish starters , 2 non veg curries, a couple of paneer dishes, a delicious spread of Tawa vegetables and the usual biryanis..

What makes it stand out of the other options available in vicinity(read centeral secundrabad) are the lavish options available in desserts section.. the truffles and gulab jamuns are heavenly..

The service is not great and niether is the ambience! Head to pickes if you happen to crave for a dessert centric spread , you will definately not be disappointed.
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March 28,2010


Ive been visiting this place for ice creams ever since i was a child.It has the BEST ice creams in the whole god damn world.Tell me where can u get 2 large scoops of ice cream just for 35 bucks.No stupid ice cream parlour sells ice cream at such cheap rates.This place bring backs old memories everytime i visit it.Itz the one place in hyd i would never wanna not visit no matter what.Only go there for their ice creams people.I can assure u that ull love it
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itsimran  - Burrp User


October 25,2009

Nice Food & Arrogant staff-Lost Glory

Been here several times.We usually go for the dinner buffet or sum times late night.The specialty of this place is that it stays open till wee hours,which makes it a nice place to hangout after pubbing around in the city!

The location is like an odd one out!Probably one of the few nice restaurants in Secunderabad.The right landmark to mention is the clock tower.

The place is a little congested with hardly any space between tables. The ambiance is Ok but nothing significant to mention.

The music is hardly audible which is Ok considering its a restaurant.

Coming to the Menu.You will see quite a varied cuisine which sum times is mouth watering.Caution:Alacarte prices are high especially the liquor menu is little heavy to handle.

This place I would rate below average in service. Most of the crowd go for buffet wherein they would serve themselves.The minimal table served stuff are soups & bread(Roti, Nan etc).Despite of this the overstaffed waiters fail to manage and serve on time.Besides this you will notice a clumsy, arrogant expression on the waiters faces when you ask for sum thing..especially the ones in the t-shirts.

Lately there are many better places to eatout at.Without actually going to this place far in Secunderabad.I feel sorry to say but Pickles no more holds its glory aging back to years.
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