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Mekong, Marigold by GreenPark

Beside the Lobby,Green Lands, Begumpet, Hyderabad
12:00 pm to 03:00 pm, 07:00 pm to 11:00 pm

Price: Rs.2000 for two

Cuisine: Multi-cuisine

Known for: Panang garlic fish, hanoi garlic prawn, Khow Suey Soup

Large Group Friendly
Serves alcohol
Bar area
Valet parking
Happy hours
Air conditioned
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Sankalp Thee Foodie - Burrp User

Sankalp Thee Foodie

March 25,2013

Best Thai Cuisine in Town

Mekong, Marigold is a sister concern of Green Park, which is majestically designed with lots of grandeur. I am very impressed with the look and feel itself, even before trying the food. The planning for this event was going on since 2 months how to present? What to have and what not to have on the menu? What price? After plenty of negotiations and discussions with Mr.Joydeep (Mgr, Green Park), finally it was planned on a very specific set menu with lots of varieties from different countries. He was very persistent to have this event happen exclusively for the Hyderabad Foodies.

The ambiance is simply exquisite, done in bright blue and chocolate shades. Wonderful way to have an enticing cuisine at a very alluring place. All was set for the Foodie's day and everyone was surprised with the head count - 67 foodies turned up for the event. That's a humongous figure considering the buffet price, this shows price is not a constraint for quality food.

Finally the day has arrived for me to try Sushi's, which I never tried in the past (due to my own reservations). This time I was hell bent on trying it and to my amaze this was very delicious and appetizing.

I would like to explain each dish I had on the foodies menu;

1. Prawns tempura ura maki - done to perfection.
2. Avocado and real crab meat sushi roll wrapped with tobiko - especially the flavours of avocado and crab were perfectly captured.
3. Pickled sweet radish and bell pepper sushi roll - actually you can feel the very delicate taste of radish.
4. Aspragus shitake maki - the asparagus was very fresh and tasted good.

1. Panang garlic fish - initially it was little salty, got this to the notice of the chef and the very moment he got it changed. It had right amount of ingredients and perfectly cooked keeping intact the juiciness of the fish.
2. Dry chilly chicken with cashew nut - this was something different from the regular Chilly chicken. The chicken was tender, moist and the outer layer little crispy. The perfect starter for a wonderful meal.
3. Wok tossed vegetable with male sambal sauce - I did not have this but got to know from fellow foodies it was also tasty.
4. Crispy lotus stem tossed with sweet chilli sauce - this very different from the regular dishes and I strongly recommend this one.

1. Tibetan chicken momo - absolutely flawless is the only word I can say.
2. Mix vegetable dimsum - I did not have this but got a good feedback from fellow foodies.

Thai green papaya salad - this is a must try for anyone who visits this place. The flavors and taste of the salad is so unique and exemplary.

1. Chicken satay - grilled boneless chicken, which are well marinated and really melted in the mouth. I had more than coupe of servings but resisted myself as I want to try other dishes.
2. Assorted mushroom tepanyaki - got good response from fellow foodies.

1. Tom yum nam khon (veg or chicken) I was forced to try this, Chicken Tom yum nam Khon soup and was stunned with the flavors in perfect sync.

1. Thai chicken panang curry - the curry was very flavorsome with right amount of ingredients and chicken was very tender.
2. Vegetables with green thai curry - I had tried on insistence of couple of foodies and I should say it did impress me, the veggies were very crisp and fresh.
3. Home style laos vegetables
4. Chilly basil vegetables fried rice - this is very different from the routine fried rice, you can actually feel the flavor of basil.
5. Steamed jasmine rice - the rice was very soft and perfect.
6. Vegetables hakka noodles - noodles were very tender and with right amount of veggies which made it a perfect dish.

1. Abong balik - it is a dry fruits dessert with lots of Ghee.
2. Jagerry coconut ice cream - this is very subtle dessert and goes well in combination with Abong balik.

After a very long time I had to say awesome, wonderful, amazing food coupled with excellent service, hospitality and ambiance". The response of the staff was astounding; without you noticing they served dish after dish.

Ambiance is perfect in sync with the food. The tabled and chairs are stainless and perfectly arranged. Wash rooms are maintained odorless and very hygienic. Parking is not an issue.

I should appreciate and thank Mr.Joydeep along with Mr.Nagabhusan, Mr.Lokesh and the entire staff, the Master Chef Mr.Mukherjee and Executive Chef Mr.Partha for making this event such a fabulous one to bear in mind for a long time. And special mention has to be made for Mr Javed Ahmed, GM, Marigold for his cooperation and support.

Overall I am very happy with service, ambiance, quality of food and hospitality of the entire staff; I very strongly recommend this place for trying quality Thai cuisine.

Ambiance 5/5
Food Quantity N/A (Buffet)
Food Quality 5/5
Pricing 5/5

Images Courtesy Mr. Sanjay Borra.
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Soumabha  RayChaudhuri - Burrp User

Soumabha RayChaudhuri

June 13,2013

Tempura-d Steel

Went to this restaurant as a part of the Hyderabad Foodies Club today. I had never had the opportunity to try Asian food before, so jumped with joy when I heard of this meet.

The restaurant has a sort of a royal Thai ambience with a small chefs kitchen in the middle where you can see the prawns and crabs and all the slicing and dicing.

We started with the sushi (pretty obvious) - the Prawn tempura ura maaki (maaki means 'roll' not the slang you are generally used to) and crab meat sushi with tobiko. With the sushis came a plate of wasabi, ginger and soya sauce. Apparently before having the sushi, the wasabi and soya sauce are mixed, the sushi is dipped in that and then the ginger is added as a flavour topping. This is the way it is had in Japan and other parts of the world. (Ask the waiter to show it to you , he'll do it gladly)

Next were the starters - Panang garlic fish and Dry chicken with cashew nut. The garlic fish was crisp and soft inside. It tasted wonderful with the black sauce(?) that is served along with it. The dimsums are also worth trying with the red sauce. I don't say that this is the best place for dimsums, but they really taste awesome.

By the time we came to Tom Yum Nam Khon Soup and Chicken Satay, I was already 70% full. I began doubting my appetite even more once I was done with the soup and 3 rounds of satay. But here comes the part which I like the most. I see a small green chinaware in front of me filled with water (or at least that is what it looked like to me). One sip of that and woah !!! it felt like my appetite was back again. The green tea used generally as a palate cleaner served the purpose of rejuvenating my appetite too.

Getting ready for the second innings, we first had Thai Panang Chicken Curry (Red Curry) , Jasmine rice. Though it didn't seem mind blowing, we chomped our way through the main course.

And at last, we were ready for the dessert... Jaggery Coconut Ice Cream and Abong balik !!! Ohh , what a treat it was... The ice cream tasted like a creamier and more frozen kheer with coconut garnishing, while the Abong balik was dry fruit khoa types padded with golden fried wafers.

Overall an amazing experience and a must visit for every single foodie !!
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13 monthsMohd

#sushi with salmon roe and the crab as well as the dumsums !! all are a must try


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