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September 20,2016

love it

We visited this place on recommendation from my friends. We were not disappointed and had an overwhelming experience with taste n service provided. We were running short of time as we planned movie in an hour, so we ordered MALAI CHANDI KEBAB which I would say is still lingering in my mouth as I am writing the review almost after a year to my visit. Then we ordered PANEER KHURCHAN. THE PANEERS WERE SOOOO SOFFTTT and yummy that although being a hard core non vegetarian, I loved the dish. Lachha paratha n Butter Naan were good as usual.
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kaushik.prasad - Burrp User


September 21,2015

never miss

any item you order will be best in quality that you had in hyderabad. from biryani to naan to rotis and curries all are best. visited tons of times. definitely a must go
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Rimpi Mukherjee - Burrp User

Rimpi Mukherjee

January 01,2015


There were lot of happenings to us yesterday evening while dining at this place and because of which I rate this place as terrible. I will be putting up the series of incidents below but before that I would say that I rate this place as terrible not because of food (Food served here is good) but for service. Real terrible service from staff.

So we were four in number in and visited this place on New Year Eve..on 31st December. We had called this place before for reservation so they said that there is no place and only if we arrive early by 7:30 pm there might be some chances that we may get a seat. So we reach this place on time and restaurant was pretty empty with only 5 families and again there were not all seats available for us. Anyways it was New Year's Eve so we were fine with what ever happened and finally got ourselves seated.

Now we ordered for some food and it was served good and quick. Surely the staff at kitchen is good and prompt at their work. Then we decided to have some drinks and the menu had this one liner in it 'Tequila - - - - - Rs. 350'. Nothing else was written and we decided on having tequila shots. So we call the waiter named 'Ainul' and told him we need 4 tequila shots. He nodded and went back to bring 4 glasses of tequila shots. (In one of the pictures I have updated shot glasses can be seen.) Then one of my friends ordered for one more shot and we also ordered for some cocktails. So in total what we understood was we had 3 cocktails and 5 tequila shots.

We finished our dinner and asked for the cheque. now comes the most twisting part in this tale when we saw that we were charged for 10 tequila shots costing Rs. 3500. At the first glance we thought it is a mistake so we called the waiter named Ainul, who was serving to us from start and asked him about this. He told that what was served to us was 'LARGE' shots and hence we were charged for 10 glasses. To our amazement we were wondering that nothing like small or large was mentioned in Menu Card and neither did the waiter asked us about our choice. Also this was not the first time we were having shots so we thought there is only one size which the place is serving and for that they charge us Rs. 350. So we asked Ainul to call up his manager and after waiting for some 10 minutes a man arrived to us, I don't remember his name and we explained him the full scenario that we had ordered for 5 shots and are now charged for 10 and under what convention had the waiter served us large shots by default. Very impatiently he had listened to us and then on our face he turns back and says to waiter 'Yaar tu dekh le' and goes away. And all four of us were left staring him go with eyes wide open. I take this as huge disrespect for the customers, I know the place was crowded but just turning your back and moving away without even saying a word to us...I mean like we are not beggars man...We can pay for things hence we are here and 'WE PAY FOR SERVICE PROVIDED BY YOU AND ARE SURELY NOT BEGGING FOR FOOD STANDING THERE'.

All irate we stand up and start to look for some other manager, and then we get to meet this most RUDEST man on earth, He was calling himself 'SENIOR MANAGER' for this place and was so rude that for an instance his tone made me feel like I am demeanor thing who does not deserve to be at this place. Anyways we told him our problem and here I jot down few lines as spoken by him "Humari thodi galti hai par Glati aapki side se bhi huyi hai ki aapne nahi bola ki aapko small chaiye ya large". So we told him that it was waiter's responsibility to ask and not our duty to tell. For GOD's sake we are paying for service. And moreover it was not even mentioned in menu that charges for small and large tequila shots are different. To this we even got a another classic reply 'MADAM Maine bahut sari jagah kaam kiya hai around the world and ye kahin bhi nahi likha hota hai aapko toh kuch malum hi nahi. Ab aapne daaru pi hai to paise to dene hi padenge'.

And this instance it was the limit of INSULT we had faced and it was only the waiter 'AINUL' who was the only one apologizing for this incident and said that as a result he will only have to pay for the extra 5 shots that were being charged. Only for the sake of this man who was the only person who was gentle to us that we paid for the extra charges of 5 shots.

Owners and Managers have to understand this very basic fact that it's not always the money which people are bothered, because if I am able to pay Rs. 5000 for a dinner then additional Rs. 1750 was not a concern. Only if they would have been a little polite they would have saved this BAD name, but for now I can't stop saying BAD about this place. And I feel like the Senior manager should go back to the school and learn some manners or I think that these people they have not checked the SENIOR MANGER's qualification before hiring him.

Also, To all the people who will read this review I want to ask 'Was there any fault of us in this whole incident as said by SENIOR MANAGER'?
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Mukesh Anand - Burrp User

Mukesh Anand

February 10,2014

Khaan Saab Contiunes Serving Quality Food

On 09 Feb 2014, had dinner at Khaan Saab . Ordered Chicken Shorba to start with . One may order only one shorba to be shared by two people. Tandoori Chicken Tikka was nicely roasted without blackening it. It was spiced mildly, tender to eat and was delicious. In the main course we tried Kandhaar Chicken. Boneless chicken with medium thick gravy was aromatic and tasted good. Khaan Saab is maintaining its quality of food. However the serving staff is yet to be trained properly by the management. Visiting Khaan Saab is a good option for food.
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Ajay Kumar - Burrp User

Ajay Kumar

October 07,2013

Khaan Saab

Should start with the ambiance.....Been there on a weekend and the first thing that pulled my eyes is the giant elephant. Sculpture/statue at the entrance of the giant hall (check out the pic added). That is the main attraction of the entire ambiance. Then, the large painting on a canvas at the left wall of the hall is one which takes you to a different level of feel of the restaurant and the light. Sometimes the live musical concerts that happen is all what makes me rate the ambiance on the upper most level of any scale. And, food is no less good then what the ambiance is. Light, Tasty and too good for a lunch or dinner. You also have a buffet arrangement at a different hall exclusively for it. Over all Khaan saab is the best place to go.
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rajat309 - Burrp User


December 14,2012

Must Try is the Dum Biryani

Been to this restaurant too many times. This time with a couple of friends who were coming to this restaurant for the first time. Dum Biryani and Chicken Peshawari are really good. Dum Biryani has that taste of a Lucknawi Biryani that makes me come back to this restaurant again and again. We dined with complete satisfaction knowing that it was a value-for-money experience. The portion size for each course is little much more than two. So we had to parcel some of the food for midnight party as well.

No food or cuisine is complete without dessert or Paan to go with it. Had a magai Pann priced INR 30 which completed any space left in my stomach as well. So since timing was an issue we closed with the billing and headed towards exit .
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Ridhima Talwar - Burrp User

Ridhima Talwar

November 20,2012

nice food ,economical as well as great ambience

Quite like the place. The food here is really good. You must try palak aur sev ki chaat in the starters.The chefs here take into account your preference/feedback about the food.The perfect place to go out for business dinners. The location of this place is also very central.
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