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babi999 - Burrp User


June 13,2016

Nice place to hang out

I usually go with friends, support staff is very friendly and professional with customers.
especially Pavan and Ambarish.
good going guys.
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Bobby2122 - Burrp User


July 13,2015

Poor management, rude manager

Around 3:15pm we asked for the buy 1/get 1 drink free option but the manager rudely rejected it and asked us to come after 4pm and did not care whether customers stayed or left.....

Bad management....
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Nikhil Malhotra - Burrp User

Nikhil Malhotra

November 29,2013

Bad Food and Poor Service

Went to Chili's with a couple of office buddies few Friday's back. We chose this place for no particular reason. All three of us had never been to this place so we thought that lets give it a try. I heard from others that it is a bad place but after my experience of eating at their US outlets, I thought maybe it won't be bad. But bad it is.... To start with, the service was very uninspiring. There was no one to take our order. This on a sleepy Friday night. Eventually, we had to shout and call someone to take our order. We ordered 3 chicken burgers (for each of us) and a pasta in marinara sauce (to try it out). After a long wait, our order arrived. But wait, where are the seasonings and ketchups (tomato/mustard)? We had none on the table and the server did not bother to bring either. We waited for the server to look at us and then asked him to get the ketchups. He went missing for a few minutes and then when he returned, he was serving another table. We looked around and borrowed the sauces and seasonings from a couple sitting nearby. Meanwhile, the server never returned with the sauces. The food itself was average. The chicken burger was just about ok. It came with fries on the side. But definitely not value for money. The pasta was horrible. The chicken portions in it were generous but the marinara sauce tasted very sour. I never had this bad marinara before. Chili's have a very wide menu and they don't have much competition in the kind of offerings they have. So they have a very big opportunity that they are letting go due to poor service and some very average food. I will definitely not go there again.
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