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Rajkamal  - Burrp User


June 26,2016

Awesome Restaurant

I have decided to go this restaurant every weekend .It was wonderful experience with you .I have come two times to your restaurant till now both moments were wonderful :)
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Sanjib Das - Burrp User

Sanjib Das

July 05,2015

Lunch with Meehirdana..

After a long interval, I decided to have a full course buffet..at a place that I could easily drive to,..and a new place..

Food and the starters - good and absolute value for money, 320/- (something) ..refilling the buffet items was taking some time. And the best part was the sweet Meehirdana...I was eating, may be, after almost a decade.

Just try and reach a bit early..
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Nikhil Malhotra - Burrp User

Nikhil Malhotra

December 31,2013

Nice food

I recently ordered food at home from Anantara. I have never been to the restaurant so can't speak of the ambiance and service there. However, my whole experience of ordering at home was good. To begin with, the lady who took my order was courteous. She promptly noted my order along-with some clarifications I had asked for. I had ordered dal makhni, keema mutter curry, roomali roti and lachha parantha. I received my order in about 30 minutes and food was hot and well packed.

The dal makhni was very well made and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The keema mutter curry was also decent, though on a little bit on the spicy side. Nevertheless, it was tasty. Lachha parantha was soft and very big in size. The only disappointment was roomali roti which was a bit hard. I may not have it again here but other stuff was definitely good.

Ambaince - NA
Food - 3.5/5
Service - 3.5/5
VFM - 3.5/5
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Siddharth Moghe - Burrp User

Siddharth Moghe

November 28,2013

Experience Bettered, Needs to Raise The Bar

After putting down some of the food that we had ordered on our last visit, I got a email and follow up call from the owner of Anantara - Dilip asking me for feedback and he wanted to better my experience at Anantara so we went in last evening - again.

True to his work, the menu card was completely redone and now they even had a liquor menu ( prices also seemed jacked up :) )

My first observation was that the tomato dhaniya shorba was missing. The explanation I got was that rogan was being added to the shorba because of which, if continuously boiled, the oil would float - ahaa ( I was right in sending it back ).

After exchanging pleasantries with Dilip we let Dilip decide the food for us that evening because we also happened to be reviewing his new items on the menu card.

Long story short, there was what we ate last night with a short description of what it tasted.

Lemon & Coriander - pretty neat. All flavors in balance. Would have loved it to be more of a clear soup.

-Deghi Mirch Murgh Tikka - ideally this is a spicy chicken tikka, but was rather bland, no distinctive flavor of any spice
-Murgh Malai tikka - subtle and absolutely delicious
-Apollo fish - Decent preparation but overpowering taste of curry leaves/kadipatta
-Paneer tikka - lacked marination ( insides of the paneer were white ). If the marination from the outside doesn't hold in the tandoor , you are looking at a charred paneer piece
-Thread Paneer - I had it at Khan Saab before (Karara paneer kebab ) - again marinade did not penetrate the paneer

The main course

-Dal makhni - I like my dal slow cooked and thick. This was a good effort but did not meet my expectations.
-The methi murgh - was outstanding. If you can make a methi dish without it becoming bitter - its a success. I have eaten very few methi based dishes that are this well made - full credit.
-The handi subzi was ok, like all others
-Kaju paneer - I did not like the overpowering blandness because of the kaju. Its rich, its thick and all it does is bloat your stomach. Will never be ordering this :)

The Pudina Palak Kaju palao ( the way I like it - tossed with all veges ). Pretty good.

The desserts unfortunately offer no variety across the breadth of Hyderbad. The same khubani ka meeta , the same ice creams. We were served with some angoori gluab jamun, these were pretty nice. They weren't raw in the middle and did not smell of old khowa being used.

All in all the wallet attack was 0, but the intention to improve your customers experience was what I liked.

However, the table was getting special attention because of the owner being present. I would like to see this kind of attention being given even when he is not around, that experience will actually set the rating of a review.

Also the staff should at least know the basic cutlery positioning ( spoon and fork parallel to each other does not mean you want more food :) )

Ambiance - 4/5 ( 1 point deducted for want of high chair )
Service - cant rate
Food - 3.5/5 ( did not like kaju paneer and Apollo 'kadipatta' fish )

I for sure now know whom to approach if my food is not good. Hopefully future visits will raise the bar.
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Siddharth Moghe - Burrp User

Siddharth Moghe

November 06,2013

Decent Outing

After ignoring this place for a long time we finally visited Anantara yesterday.

The place is right above Ratnadeep so you would expect a fair amount of crowd in the place ? Well that's not the case.

Located on the first floor, Anantara is a banquet and dining hall with both areas separated. Inside the dining area, you have sections cordoned off for large groups.

The place is airy and well lit. Although it advertises an operational bar, we did not find the bar stocked at all.

We chose to be seated on the side facing the road so our daughter could be kept occupied , the plan backfired as the evening progressed.

The entire family of 3 was hungry so the entire order was placed at once.

Tamatar Dhania Shorba
Handi Paneer
Garlic Naan
Roomali Roti
Fried Rice
Fresh Lime Soda

The first to come was the Shorba. I have never see a shorba so oily, pungent and distinctive taste of lemon in it. It was clearly tasting like a diluted gravy. The shorba had so much punch that it refused to be an appetizer but was more of a diluted main course dish. We sent it back and the steward was gracious enough to not add it to the bill.

The Hundi Paneer was julienned cubes of paneer with vegetables, more on the lines of Kadhai paneer and was decent.

The roomali roti was uncooked in some parts but other wise decent. The garlic naan was pretty good.

The fried rice for my wife was an approved dish on her end.

All in all the entire meal lasted an hour or so and we spent about 702 Rs including service tax, vat, service charge minus the soup.

The place is not kid friendly in terms of high chairs but the banquet hall if unoccupied gives the kid ample amount of space to run and jump around provided the parents following them have it in them to do that...

Decent place for a quick meal. It generally starts filling up after 9.30 pm. If you want a quiet meal, reach before 8.45 pm and you should be done before the crowds start to swell.
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subrat.sethi04  - Burrp User


August 23,2013

A perfect place for Team Lunch

We visited last week for a Team Lunch in Anantara Fine Dining, It went superb.
My Team mates were very happy with the food and the hospitality provided by the Restaurant Staffs . Food was Excellent as well as the buffet spread.

A perfect place to go for buffet !!!

A lot of Thanks to the Restaurant staff.
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Noopoor Rabi - Burrp User

Noopoor Rabi

July 30,2013

Excellent idea for a team lunch...

First the staff, really friendly and accommodating. The ambience is good, and their private dinning area is fabulous. They do have a decent spread on the buffet.
When you are on a budget to treat your large team and still need all the above, this is my first choice. hence have visited multiple times.

Food could be improved and the main course curries should be planned keeping in mind the bread or rice dish on offer for the day.

Lastly since I have a huge sweet tooth, I must mention the deserts. They have been satisfying in each of my visits.
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Parul Srivastava - Burrp User

Parul Srivastava

June 17,2013

Coming back for more!!!

I am basically from Bangalore and was here for some official meetings. As I was in Kothaguda so thought to try Anantara Fine Dining, which is in a huge building above Ratandeep Supermarket. Me and my friend were there a little late as per the lunch timings still were welcomed very warmly by one of the staff member. As soon as we were seated, the manager came and told us very politely that they have closed the buffet as we are late but still they will accommodate our order. We ordered Plain Dosa and Sikandari Murg along with it we also ordered Murg Dum Biryani.

First they got us Dosa and Chicken curry, Dosa was hot and crispy exactly the way I like and Chicken curry was tangy and spicy. I am a big fan of Dosa chicken of Hotel Empire in Bangalore and this was no where less in taste and I would give full 5 stars for it.

Then,came the Biryani in a handi hot and fresh. Biryani was absolutely yumm. The spices were balanced and chicken was properly cooked.

Overall, my experience in terms of food was very good.
Ambiance and service was also up to the mark.

I would definitely recommend this place...:)
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Vipul Modi - Burrp User

Vipul Modi

April 06,2013

Nice ambience, good food... little costly

We went there twice. Both the time food was good, so was the staff and the ambience. Veg food is really tasty though I found cost of bread quite high. I would suggest the management to come up with good group discount options. Looking forward to going there again.
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Ashutosh Mohapatra - Burrp User

Ashutosh Mohapatra

March 29,2013

Buffet in Anantara

It was a team lunch in Anantara Fine Dining located in Kondapur above Ratnadeep.

The best thing in this Restaurants is the Ambiance and the Spread buffet. I would suggest the management to improve or add some items in deserts.

I love their soup and starters.

Value for money!!!!!!!
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mvr2006 - Burrp User


March 12,2013

simply waste of money

I have been to Anantara on a week day with my family

Ambiance:- 4/5
Food :- 2.5/5
Service:- 3.5/5

Soup was average.
Starters were average
biryani was bad, even the chicken curyy was bad
There were no fish pieces in fish curry
Naan was given which was wasted as no proper curry suits it
quality of rice was also not good
even the veg. curries were bad including the curd
butter milk which was served was good
There are 4 desserts which include gulab jamun, kurbani kameeta and 2 other indian sweets
Even the ice cream options were limited

Not worth for Rs.350 + taxes

Its simply waste of money

I suggest you not to go
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Relish77 - Burrp User


March 06,2013

A place to visit

Wow !!!...Excellent place to dine…..call it the buffet or ala-carte
Good Food...Good Service...Wow Ambience.
Desserts over here are definitely a taste to spread.
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Suman Mishra - Burrp User

Suman Mishra

February 23,2013

A lavish buffet in Hyderabad

This is one of the finest dining experience in Hyderabad, located in kondapur above Ratnadeep. The elaborate interiors are overwhelming - true to its name Anantara. The seating is comfortable, Food variety is extensive and delicious the buffet has a big spread with lots of options for both vegetarians and non vegetarians. They serve naan and rotis as well at your table. There are 2 soups, around 5-6 starters, more than 6 different main courses with 2 varieties of rice and 2 desserts. I definitely recommend this place because every visit here has been memorable for me!
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Dilip Shetti - Burrp User

Dilip Shetti

February 10,2013

no proper service

very worst service and can expect a lot of delay in service food is ok ambience is average
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