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Shivani Cool - Burrp User

Shivani Cool

February 07,2014

One of the Best Places for Hyderabadi Food

One of the best places to taste authentic Hyderabadi biryani. I love the taste and the aroma is just mouth watering. Get a parcel and you can satisfy three people with it for sure. The rice of the biryani is so good.
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Shazia Siddiqui - Burrp User

Shazia Siddiqui

December 23,2013

The best place to eat Hyd food..

100 % recommended .. It's just too awesome! specially Tandoori Chicken , Brain Fry & Biryani...
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Saikumar Srivatsav - Burrp User

Saikumar Srivatsav

May 01,2013


Most awful place. We got small non-veg pieces/ granules in Veg biriyani today. Not sure how come they are opening so many new branches.
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basena7681 - Burrp User


April 16,2013

Begumpet- Very very disappointed

We recently went to the new Cafe Bahar that opened at Begumpet for team dinner. Totally disappointed with the service, taste and treatment of the customers. It was it think 2 days after they opened the Begumpet outlet, which was pathetic from the taste aspect and we couldn't find a lot of the usual menu items.

1) Very bad treatment for customers ( I strongly feel like management simply brought the same staff from Nampalli hotel and they still think they were treating an Irani Cafe customers. They really took care of the name of the hotel 'CAFE')

2) We were 8 people as one team and they were simply refusing to add 2 tables to accommodate all of us on the same table and to top it of, they were suggesting we adjust 4 on each table at different locations in the restaurant. They had the audacity to suggest that we shouldn't have a problem with being seated on two different tables. Hahaha... that is their level of treatment. They thought we were there JUST to have some food and leave. So it seems if we are more than 6, that's out problem, we shouldn't go to this restaurant. On the up side, they themselves accepted it and said this... Hahahaha.

3) The dishes which they mentioned in the menu.. almost 60% of items were not there. Remember, it is the 2nd or 3rd day after a grand opening... hahahaha!

4) No taste with all the items we ordered.. believe me, the whole menu was no good... We were just hoping that at least the Biryani would be good and not as bad as the roti and other curries. Unfortunately the biryani was also very bad.

5) So on the whole, a very bitter experience with service, taste, variety and of course not a great ambiance ( very conjusted). I think Begumpet or areas like Begumpet, are not suitable for this kind of hotels as we expect some kind decency in treating the customers.

So on the whole, think twice or thrice before you think of this so called famous CAFE Bahar.
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Jayanta Chaudhuri - Burrp User

Jayanta Chaudhuri

February 19,2013

2nd Best Biryani Joint in Hyd ... Probably !

Read a fantastic review of biryani joints in Hyderabad and couldn’t resist going here … was recommended as the 2nd best joint there, Shadab being the best ! Bahar has 2 restaurants and I opted for the original one at . Not very surprising that the place was a little run down and I went to the AC room which was totally full with all class of people. Felt I had made the right choice …

Ordered a Brain Fry n Mutton Biryani and it was served within minutes. The very hot & spicy ‘Bheja Fry’ was definitely one of the best I had … a bit over the edge as far as chillies was concerned but amazing on flavor and perfectly cooked. The mutton biryani dod not disappoint and was a generation ahead of the crap that Paradise serves. The rice was long grained and the mutton was perfectly cooked with the right amount of spice. The ‘special biryani’ apparently comes with a boiled egg and extra mutton pieces. I have travelled across India in the search of the ‘best biryani’ and though it does not match the ones made by the professional lady caterers of Hyderabad who sell it by the KG, this is far superior to what they serve in Bawarchi, Hyd House and Paradise.

Waiting to visit Shadab in my next visit. Might revise my rating them ... till then, bon appétit !
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Leeon Passi - Burrp User

Leeon Passi

November 16,2012

Good biryani is good

The restaurant is always full and especially crowded during weekends. The ambience is just average and isn't particularly clean. The glasses are washed twice if you go along with a family. Biryani's are being shouted into the kitchen non stop. There is chaos all around. In the middle of all that, arrives a steaming hot portion of the Best Biryani, man has ever made. The masalas perfect, the uneven texture that is expected, marinated meat over a time, well cooked - The perfect Biryani according to me. The portion is soo huge, that if you are not a real Hyderabadi, its just practically impossible to even imagine finishing it alone.Thums up. The kebabs are also a must try, as anything else at this place. Really
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Carzzz12 - Burrp User


February 10,2012

Excellent in every term

Dont really agree with the review below.. This place is a landmark, even after so many years where places like Paradise, Bawarchi etc. have lost touch.. This place still maintains the taste which is well known everywhere. Best Biryani in Hydearbad in my opinion
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Srujan Kumar Lakkakula - Burrp User

Srujan Kumar Lakkakula

February 05,2012

worst chicken

its absolute shit. i have tried two times and both the times i threw away food. dnt eat here if u really love chicken.
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burrp26 - Burrp User


January 01,2012

Yummy Briyani. Best briyani in the world

Been recently to Hyderabad and got some advice to try Briyani at Bahar. We were are big group of 6 adults and 3 kids and we ordered for 1 family pack of Chicken briyani and 1 mutton briyani. It was a huge serving of briyani and the taste was awesome. This the best Briyani we had till now. This is definetely a stop for all tourists who visit Hyderabad.
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athena hyd - Burrp User

athena hyd

May 18,2011

best bheja masala in hyd

if u want the awsum bheja masala ever goto south mumbai's bade miyan's....

for the next best option for people in hyd , head to basheerbagh for their bheja masala and other mughlai food. the bheja masala is nice but lately i guess due to recession they are adding more onions and less bheja .
the biryani is nice . nothing to die for . upstairs is the family section and its pretty ok ....if u r this side of the city

the haleem during ramzan is awsum .....parking in the lane is a bit of a task
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kiran kumar Maasi - Burrp User

kiran kumar Maasi

February 21,2011

Cafe Bahar - Attitude sucks

I have liked their biriyani and since I was on that side of the town, I wanted to try the biriyani again from this place and reached the "takeaway counter".

As I was about to place my order, my curious 7 yr old daughter by mistake went to the service side of counter. The guy at the counter turns back and in a threatening voice and addresses her "aye" and clicks his finger pointing her to move out. I really got furious for the guy didn't know how to behave with a 7 yr old. When questioned, he said no customer was allowed and thats why he had to do it. There was obviously no board which says so. He fails to understand that respect is of surmount importance in the hospitality industry and that kind of attitude towards a kid is too cheap. In all this commotion, the manager quickly intervened with a serious face and asked me for a solution to the problem. I didn't settle for anything less than an apology to my daughter from the counter guy which he half-heartedly did, and we left the place.

May be their biriyani is good but their attitude sucks. There is no point rating them on any other category as they have lost a potential customer and I am not going there ever again.
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scorpioraghu - Burrp User


January 17,2011

Full Hyderabadi

When I was in the city, this is the placed i turn to for their yummy biryani. Got a chance to re-visit this place last weekend. They have all kinds of Kebabas, we tried the Chicken Tikka kebab and the special Chicken biryani. It's the best biryani you will get in whole of Hyderabad. Don't be fooled by some uber famous places for biryani. During Ramzan, you also got to try their Irani Haleem, its the best i had. If you like Hyderabadi cuisine, you will love this place. Just make sure you sit in the A/C section, I tried once eating in the lower section, the biryani didn't taste that well. Also make sure you have enough cash, because they don't accept cards for some reason. But other than these two things, it's a thumbs up for this place. The portions are generous and rice is done well. It's full hyderabadi..... Avg price for two would be around 500, but its really worth it !!!
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nooraniamin - Burrp User


January 17,2011

short trip to hyderabad india

best of best restaurant in hyderabad india went with my family for dinner finest food with best service
thankyou mr ali & owners
from amin noorani & family

topeka kansas usa
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Hareesh Reddy - Burrp User

Hareesh Reddy

November 30,2010

Best Biryani

According to me this place serves the best biryani in hyderabad. I always recommend this place to my friends and relatives whenever they complain of not able to get a decent biryani... and Cafe Bahar never disappointed me. and the best thing is the very moderate price tag. But its ambiance is not tat good and resembles a normal cafe of hyderabad.
p.s: perfect place for take-away biryani and other mutton dishes.
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tasamadeeyulu - Burrp User


May 27,2009

Found it!

From time immemorial, Hyderabadis have fought many a bloody battle over the question "Which is the one Biryani place that owns them all?". It is this. It is this. It is this.

Moderate pricing and generous quantities make Cafe Bahar the grand daddy of Hyderabadi Biryani joints. Ignore the ambiance though, there is none.
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nomad - Burrp User


October 22,2008

Good meaty food

Apparently run by an Irani family - quite popular - and great meat curries (on the blander side) and huge hot supple rotis to go with it -though wish it was neater ....
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Narasimha Sujyoth - Burrp User

Narasimha Sujyoth

April 17,2012


A good place.. highly recommended for take away taste buds
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