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Navni Kumar - Burrp User

Navni Kumar

February 25,2013

it's ok

TLR used to be the best place in HKV once upon a time. But it's slowly becoming a pretty blah place to hang out. When they have live music, it's great. But it's not good for random chilling anymore. Their tlc (fried chicken) still remains a favourite with me but the portions are small and you can get better around the same area. One suprise that I found here was that the irish coffee was amazing! So I'd definitely go here for coffee with a friend but not so much for eating.
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Mritunjai Bist - Burrp User

Mritunjai Bist

January 31,2013

great for music

No point going here unless there's a gig on but this place is awesome when there's liv3e music playing. Order a couple of beers, the sheesh taouk, the chicken 65 and some garlic chicken dish and you're all set for a brilliant evening.
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Varun Yadav - Burrp User

Varun Yadav

November 17,2012

The Chill Room

This is one the most chilled places to hangout in South Delhi, regarding the food i would recommend the chicken burger and the garlic bread there beside this TLR hosts amazing gigs, the music makes they places looks amazing and very cool, you will find good crowd , friendly staff.The only thing is even after renovating the place it looks small and at times gets really suffocating their but overall this is one nice place to spend your evening at.
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Mritunjai Bist - Burrp User

Mritunjai Bist

November 10,2012

going downhill

I have been going to tlr since its early days and sadly this place isnt what it used to be. The food quality and quantity have both gone down along with the service.But i guess that happens when a place becomes famous to the point that people will still come to eat for the brand that they are now.Almost feels like tlr is sort of living off its early reputation as one of the earliest places to open in hauz khas village before the commercialisation boom took over the village.
On the upside the terrace is awesome and if youre lucky you might find a perfectly lit up night good for star gazing.the music scene and the live act is average and repetitive.
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Manav tiwari - Burrp User

Manav tiwari

August 16,2012

Good Place!

This is an amazing artsy place to hang out with your friends. The ambience is very laid back and the furniture has a touch of art infused into them. Even their washroom is worth checking out!

The food is amazing. The french fries in a superb green chutney are one the best I have had. The bruschettas are fresh and delicious. Their mocktails are impressive too. There are some quirky dishes on the menu, but the desserts rule here. You must try their Lemon Cheescake. It really is out of this world!

All in all a great place to talk to your friends for hours & hours and the place also plays some really good music too.
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delhifoody - Burrp User


February 25,2012

Great Food....Affordable Drinks.

They have really awesome starters....garlic chicken, double mushroom, aloo bites and more....drinks are also decently priced...

The only reason I didnt give them a 5 star bcoz their music was very bad the 2nd time I visited them. It was "Experimental American" which in real terms was quite experimental with our patience!!!
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Arjun Shiv - Burrp User

Arjun Shiv

June 19,2011

Interesting place. Pricing could be better.

This is basically one of those nice places where one can go chill out at. However, for someone on a budget it's a little pricey so you may be better off just sharing a dish. Filling and tasty overall but nothing extraordinary.

Nice place to chill and relax and they have good live art happening occasionally so it makes for an overall interesting visit.
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noname noname - Burrp User


March 17,2011

A tad underwhelming

Walk in and the place screams bohemian. A band on the ground floor and a manic looking artist on the first floor reiterated my first impression. The menu was pretty decent and had a good variety in both the vegetarian and non vegetarian section. TLR cafe largely serves continental food. Waiting to see if the food lived up to its ecclectic ambiance we quickly placed our orders.

The service at this place is terrible. Constantly there when we were not ready to order and promptly disappearing when we were. It took them forever to get our orders and some dishes arrived nearly half hour after the others.

Southern Madam ordered the lasagne and that was a mighty fine choice. This dish made with sheets of flat pasta, cheese and minced lamb was done perfectly. The bolognaise sauce and incredibly tender meat deserve a special mention. This raised our hopes for the rest of the meal. Unfortunately, the chef proved to be slightly erratic.

I ordered the basil pesto which was just OK. The pesto sauce was creamy with a nice flavour and brocolli and leeks, sparse as they were, provided a nice crunchiness to the dish. There were way too many basil leaves for my liking and not enough veggies. The dish wasn't bad but it wasn't great either.

Banker Madam and Edward ordered the Munshi Munch and the Aubergene Parmigiana. The Munshi Munch was pasta in chili red sauce. I am going to give this dish a thumbs down. No pasta should be this spicy and the spicy flavour wasn't complemented by the rest of the dish. The entire dish was somehow out of sorts.

The Aubergene Parmigiana was very well done. The aubergine had a lovely smoky, grilled touch. The cheese and subtle tomato sauce complemented it quite well. The dish was, however, served with toasted bread as opposed to garlic bread which doesn't speak very well.

If you know me (and by now, I am kind of hoping that you do), you know that none of my meals are complete without dessert. I ordered the creme brulee which was a bit underwhelming. Neither the caramel nor the custard made me go 'Wow!'. The hot choclate souffle oozing with molten chocolate and ice cream looked sinfully decadent. I made a mental note to try it the next time.

Quantities at TLR are good. If you go there, be prepared to loosen your purse strings. Prices here are quite steep and dining here is a bit of an indulgence.

TLR has a nice artsy feel to it. It hosts a number of music and other events. TLR is more a place to be seen at than eat at. If you know what to order and aren't expecting good service then this is a fairly good option. TLR is also a great date place.

Pricing: A meal for two will cost you close to Rs. 2000. Please note that they add VAT of 12.5% for food and 20% for alcohol on your bill.

For pictures and more reviews, please visit: http://www.couchpotatoesonthemove.blogspot.com/
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S  - Burrp User


August 02,2010


I had gone with few friends to this place. From outside it might not appear very pleasing but once you are inside , you will love it. It has the Khan market touch to it. Very warm and welcoming.

The food was awesome. Must try is the chocolate pillow .. was just mouth watering. I had gone on a humid day so the A/C was not all that effective but otherwise a repeat for me
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Kalpana  - Burrp User


March 08,2010

Out of the box thinking...

Its a chilled out place...menu items are full of humour and well named - wish I could remember some of them - but I think other reviews written have expressed outrage at the names...so you can be outraged or you can laugh. I loved the loo too - soooo creative. The food...hmmm...just a little too spicy and the portions tiny...needs more attention. But top marks for being innovative and thinking out of the box.
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himanshu1234 - Burrp User


February 20,2010

First time at the TLR


Today i had my first round of beer at this so called bohemian look cafe, to my surprise i was astonished by their poor and slow service, misbehaviour of their manager, and a drink on their menu called bloddy indian which seemed like a disrespect to us indians and a non vegetarian dish called the Hari om pallu. Doing things like this on your menu and trying to hurt someone's nationalist and religious feelings is something i am totally against.

I would expect from the authorities who own this cafe to not hurt someones religious and nationalist feelings and keep well manered managers who our hospitable towards their guests and know how to accept their own mistakes.

I am totally disapointed with this behaviour from the staff, and drinks and food items whose names hurt the sentiments of certain sections of the society.

However the place does have asthetic beauty and a good selection of drinks
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vintage5 - Burrp User


August 31,2009

Bohemian chic done right!

My first night out at the TLR cafe yesterday night, and rest assured it won't be my last one. Interesting little grub corner that harks to NY diners as much to European cafes, it has the ambience of a genuine lounge [the artwork, paintjob, lighting: all tasteful, subtle, unshowy!]. Then, the food doesn't disappoint. Although me and my friend went on a full stomach, and just kept on ordering bottled beer [priced rather steeply at 150 Rs and this is Tiger beer!] the bruschetta funghi [mushroom open sandwiches] were absolutely awesome and the chocolate pillows in desserts also came as a quirky little delight. The main courses are all within 400 Rs each and for the atmosphere here, I'd say it is quite brilliant.

We also struck lucky with the live music performance being a delightful new-age Indo-Western fusion rock with vocalists and players knowing what they were doing. For a Sunday night, the crowd was also relatively small and decent.

Now for some minor irksome details: the waiting needs order! We changed tables and the first requested cheque only billed us for the second table, with the waiter then hesitantly asking what we had for the rest of the evening in order to be billed appropriately. Well, that's just bad business for you TLR!

For a lounge, as much as I digged the mismatched furniture and random casualness of it all, some of it is too unrelentingly upstraight wooden for lounging away. Atleast on its lowest floor, where the live band plays, a uniformly low seating could be adopted [cushioned sofas only please!] so nobody sitting has to crane their necks at odd angles just to have a glimpse of the live band 5 feet away.

But really, the place is highly recommended and I am definitely looking forward to checking out the terrace and trying out their main course for next time! Fab hangout place, all in all.
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preeti shariff - Burrp User

preeti shariff

August 03,2009

truely said" the living room"

if u ever being to manali in recent years and you loved the restaurants there with their amazing friendly service, greaat food, great music, drinks overall laidback attitude? mark my words you are surely gonna adore this place and will become regular there.
sunday eve the place is packed with all walk of life so needless to share that how popular is this place now, we asked 3 people on the street about TLR and all 3 of them guided us the correct way, just perfect if you are in a mood of just relaxing and want to take break from hectic life.
we ordered garlic chicken (270.00) that came with yummy hummus and pita bread, calamari( 260.00), sunday special roast lamb( 595.00), lamb appetizers ( 275.00), everything was just perfect portion and perfectly done. Yaa i wnt recommend seafood here as in delhi is too far from sea n they used frozen seafood i guess coz calamari were overdone and smelled fishy too. the service i would rate is not spectacular but ok. the ambience is just make you feel comfortable, the same feel that you get when you are at someone party at his house and you just know the host and nobody else and you grab table and just enjoy the rest of the evening with your partner.
i would definitely go back to this place and would suggest people to at least go there and experience this different restaurant.
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Rati Tripathi - Burrp User

Rati Tripathi

June 08,2009

An unique cultural political entertainment hangout

Right off the bat, I have to tell y'all that I have never seen something like The Living Room Cafe and Kitchen in any other country I've visited or lived in my entire life. To qualify, I have either visited or lived in Tokyo, New York (and many more in USA), London (and many more in UK), Prague, Florence, Rome, Venice, Paris, Montreal, Ottawa, all Tier-1 and most Tier-2 Indian cities.

TLR Cafe, as it is popularly known, captures the quintessential spirit of an indie bohemian grungy bar in Lower East Side/Alphabet City/East Village, downtown New York and mixes it up with the Comedy Club open mic set up of Greenwich Village, downtown New York, throws in a European cafe style fine dining experience with a moderately priced American/Asian/International cuisine food menu and tops it off with an open terrace/rooftop Delhi house party scene.

The Living Room is truly Delhi's living room. I would love to do a survey and test my belief that patrons at TLR are not more than three degrees of separation away from each other. When you visit on an 'event night', you will know at least a quarter of the crowd already and meet another quarter through common friends. The crowd is well heeled, sophisticated, urbane, expatriate and nationals, seemingly left leaning, mix of Artists/Theatrepersons/Musicians/Private Sector/NGO/International Development/Academic/Students/Media/Unemployed. In other words, the truly hip youngish crowd of Delhi NCR. Who knows where they've sprung from but thank the lord they did and cheers to TLR for springing them!

So what are these 'event nights' of which I speak? These are commonly gatherings of like-minded people around some NGO or issue on weekend nights, such as climate change last Friday, May 29. The programme includes such delights as poetry recitation, extempore rapping, subject matter rapping (we've got to save the world, yeah yeah!), amateur band jamming, DJ spinning tracks, spontaneous dancing and all in all excellent chilling.

Another organised night is the monthly Medicine Show presented by Stiff Kittens. It is a variety show of 7-10 acts, comprising burlesque, theatre, comedy, rapping, operatic singing, and jamming usually on the first Sunday of the month, with additional performances on the first Saturday as per demand.

So much to say and I haven't even got down to the food or service yet.

The service was polite and efficient even through the chaos of the Medicine Show last night. We thought the chicken burgers (approx. Rs.375 with tax and 10% S.C.), were OK, the aloo bites (Rs.225) and stuffed chicken (Rs.400 plus tax and tip) were good but not great. The Royale salad was just OK (Rs.225) as was the highly anticipated Emperor Tofu (Rs.350). The classic Vegetarian Bruschetta was yummy but clearly inferior to the fantastic grilled tomato based aubergine dish. The Penne was superior to the Ragu Spaghetti.

We felt the servers would have done well to promote the European (Belgian etc.) ales over the Tiger, Fosters brigade. The Cosmopolitan was quite poor.

The owner, Gautam, looks like a cool dude. But then, anyone who could create TLR would have to be. Hurry. Go to TLR before it is murdered by its own success.
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