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deeksha Sarin - Burrp User

deeksha Sarin

June 30,2015

Amazing Hukka flavours here

This place stays true to its name. It is actually unique. Be its ambience or decor or food, everything is just Out Of The Box. I usually go there with my friends and occupy their roof top area. Good food, Good ambience and a fun time. What else can you ask for? Their honey chilli potato is to die for. Crispy and scrumptious. Their service is also quite fast. Also they have Sheesha (Hukkas) and umpteen variety of flavours. Do try them when here.
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Jharna Bhatnagar - Burrp User

Jharna Bhatnagar

May 09,2014

Out of the box !

As the name suggests, it is indeed a tad different from the other cafes and restro bars that Delhi has to offer. The open roof top space, not so snazzy music, good variety of food and liquor ... all this adds to the USP of this place.
Been there once, but am sure to go again, quite liked it .
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Mohit Gulyani - Burrp User

Mohit Gulyani

May 09,2014

HKV's pride

It is one of those usualy lounges and places to drink around in Delhi's popular Hauz Khas Market. The reason why this OTB scores over the others is that this has three floors ( two indoor and one floor on the terrace). The terrace place is perfect arrangement if Delhi's weather stays moderate. The bar on top is pretty interesting and the decor too scores over other places. I like to visit here every now and then and by the way they serve good beer and Chicken pizza
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ayushi27arora - Burrp User


April 16,2014

Something missing!

This is an upscale restaurant in HKV but I fail to understand why! It may have everything, yet there is something missing!
The seating arrangements are divided into three floors, the roof-top being my favourite! We enjoyed the pan flavoured hookah with their happy hours on beers at the roof-top, but the women were annoyed! Well, ladies night that serves drinks to the ladies only near the bar and you have to go-collect your drink, was a turn-off! We had to leave our comfortable roof-top seats to grab the drinks near the bar.. :-/

Service is slow and so not-welcoming! Food-wise, the OTB chicken pizza is yum but takes like forever to be served at your table. Music, could have been more peppy, lively but it was just about average.

Perhaps, their ladies night is not as good as the other regular days, so Ladies, avoid going here on a Tuesday!
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Dimpy Khanna - Burrp User

Dimpy Khanna

March 03,2014

Nice, but could be nicer

Have never understood what the craze for this specific area in South Delhi has all been about. It's a nice cosy area in the center of the upscale residential district, but that's about it. I used to be quite regular to this place till many years back, when it was actually an under developed 'village'. It's become way too crowded for my liking and off my list of places to hang out at in the city.

Anyhow, a few days back some friends insisted to meet up at this place and much to my dislike I was coaxed into visiting HKV. Off all the places to dine at, we had actually gone to Smoke house and since they were totally full, we chose to go here as the 2nd best option.

This is a nice cosy place and over looks, kind off, the lake and the old monument of the area as well. The food is not too bad, but nothing to write home about either. But I guess people visit it more for catching up over a few pints of beer with some starters than to actually dine at. We had ordered for their dim sum chicken and prawn platters, which were just about ok to go with some drinks.

It's the perfect place, like I said earlier, for catching up with friends over the weekend or in the evenings or for a post office hang out over some drinks and snacks. Not quite a place I would actually come to for special occasions. Although, I did love the view.

They surely need to look into the speed of service; it's boringly slow
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Radhika Sriram - Burrp User

Radhika Sriram

February 07,2014

OOTB- For a fun evening with your buddies

OOTB is just the place you wanna spend a leisure evening after work to relax and unwind. I love the location (barring the huge parking menace). My friends and I went here on a Wednesday evening but it was still quite packed.
We started with some Tuna sandwiches, tenderloin and veggie burger. The food came on time and was warm. While the burgers were great, the sandwich tasted a bit odd. When I reported this to the manager, he promptly had it replaced and gave us a complimentary dessert.
Next we ordered chicken tacos and fajitas both of which tasted good. A friend of mine ordered fried calamari but didn't like it too much. We gulped it down with loads of martinis. Overall a moderately satisfying experience.
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Kay DEW - Burrp User


June 06,2013

Just about average

Went there for dinner on saturday, with few friends, this place was crowded as we were expacting on saurdayt. evening..
we ordered few beers and starters.. service was really really slow..
nachos with cheese were excellent ,, ordered second portion,, cottage cheese 56 was bad.. chicken otb spcl was equally bad..
we decided to not to order main courrse.. over all good drinking place .. avoid if you want to eat ..
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sweet_s - Burrp User


January 31,2013

My first visit!

I had heard about OTB a lot from my friends but did not even know what does it stands for...We planned for a get together and surprisingly my friends took to Hauz khas village. While we were walking inside the food hub, i noticed a yellow color board of OTB next to the stairs which took us to the cafe. Out of the Box it meant and it really proved out to be one. Loved the ambiance and the crowd, specially the rooftop area. Interesting variety of food to choose from Indian to European. Loved pizzas, pasta and the kathi rolls.
Would love to visit again and try more from their huge menu list. A 5 out of 5 place definitely! :)
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Payal  - Burrp User


January 29,2013

Good food+ambience

I absolutely loved this place, great atmosphere and vibe and very yummy food! I was visiting Delhi and just got back from our tiring Agra tour very late in the night, freshened up and went to Hauz Khaaz, OTB to fill up and relax. Staff was friendly and welcoming and service was quite fast too (since it was a weekday, I guess). But most of all enjoyed the food, we only ordered Indian since we were coming from the UK and wanted to eat as much Indian food as possible! The lamb curry (i forgot the name!) was very good, Biryani was average/good but all food was well presented!

Drinks, both mocktails and cocktails were nice and Hookah was very nice too.. And in total- t'was a very nice experience and not too pricey!
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tahura urooj - Burrp User

tahura urooj

December 04,2012

A must visit in Haus Khas Village

A must visit in Haus Khas Village... Awesum variety and gud food quality. Reaching there is a task coz of 3 fleets of stairs however its worth the climb.. dey do have lift which although was not working when v visited... d place is gud.. and beautiful in evening.... spread across three levels.. d service is bit slow but yes you enjoy the wait.. nice place to catch up with friends. All in all a nice place to visit and a must visit in Haus Khas Village.... the khan market version of the place is not tht great and not comparable to this one.
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rashmikhullar - Burrp User


December 04,2012


Heard a lot about OTB... so yesterday i decided to atleast try this place.
It is quite well mixed up with jute and wood. The furniture is quite old fashioned but comfortable at the same time. The balcony sitting is the highlight.

Yes, the place deserves a second visit ;)
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Manav tiwari - Burrp User

Manav tiwari

August 16,2012

A boon in hauz khas!

Out of the Box is such a great place to chill and hang out with friends. Every time I go there I always see large groups of buddies having a good time so I know that I'm not alone in my judgment. The staff are very pleasant and the manager is exceptional in his work - very prompt and cordial. The food is certainly very diverse and it's presented in a fun menu. I had their jamaican jerk chicken and it was sooo good! The drinks menu is pretty good too but for a teetotaller like me I won't delve into that. All in all, it was a good experience at Out of the Box and it's definitely recommended as a hangout place for large groups of friends
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jyotshna sahni - Burrp User

jyotshna sahni

May 23,2012

Truly on its name!!

The Name is completely matched with the place,the ambiance is seriously lovely and when you enter this place, you can definitely smell the fresh wood all around..This place has a nice decor and the music is not too loud (at least till 23:30 hours). Food is good (actually some dishes like Penne Arrabiata and Falafel are really good). Terrace where one can enjoy their drinks with fresh air and a limited view of the lake as there is an under construction building overlooking the place.Rest all the place is awesome!!! would definitely visit again,One more thing I called up the cellphone no given on burrp thrice but no one answered, Please update numbers that get answered, nevertheless i got my table,so no issues ;)
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Somya Kapoor - Burrp User

Somya Kapoor

May 15,2012

Can you touch the feet..lol

Such a nice place in Delhi NCR :) loved the place. DJ spinns, atmosphere rocks here,,,been to this place with some of my college friends and had a fantastic evening after such a long time..Love Out of the Box :)

Keep going :)
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Pranav Goyal - Burrp User

Pranav Goyal

March 29,2012

Can do much better!

I haven't gone to their outlet in Khan Market which I've a lot of good things about, and had the same expectations from the Hauz Khas one too.
Their ambiance is pretty good,edgy and rustic at the same time.
They have a huge menu on offer which will confuse you highly because of the never heard before names on it. My problem with this is, if I am asking the waiter to explain me the dish, I expect you to know it well. That is basic.
Another big issue is that they don't have their bar menu printed as yet so they keep saying exorbitant rates for everything.
I just tried one thing on their menu, the Falafel which was the most pathetic I've had in my life. I hear the Italian is much better.
I think I will go their again but I hope they are over with their teething period soon.
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