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sonumonga - Burrp User


January 30,2014

Blues is great for a night out in Delhi

Blues is great place for a night out in Delhi. Good ambience. Great music. Fine food and drinks. Friendly staff. I love there interesting cocktails & mocktails. Try the muddy-waters and all-to-myself. They have a huge selection of veg & non-veg soups, snacks, salads, starters, main course & desserts. we particularly like the sizzlers, baked nachos & pizza. cool place for hanging out and romantic evenings, you can ask for candles at your table! All this comes at a little higher price but worth the while if that's ok with you.
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Sam2694 - Burrp User


November 25,2013


hey I m New here for these great parties if can anyone wanna make my partner so plz cntct me 9999621186 Sameer Gahlot
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Jatin Israni - Burrp User

Jatin Israni

August 17,2013

Blues has hues of city life all over it

Yes, Blues has hues of city life all over it...
Blues has something very unique about itself. Its been the way it is for years and continues to attract crowd...
The place is done up like an old time pub - dim lighting, lots of seating (privacy taken into consideration) & designated area of a band - music has always been a very integral part of Blues & me ;-)
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Woodenspoony - Burrp User


July 05,2013

Perfect place to be!

"Blues" is the best place in Cannaught Place without any doubt. Loved the ambience, it is so beautiful. The service is remarkable. Looks good exteriorly too. Would love to go again and again. In fact the crowd there is great too. I often go there for official meetings. Looks good to me. Food is good too. But frankly ambience attracts me more :)
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Gaurav Mishra - Burrp User

Gaurav Mishra

June 28,2013

The blue experiance

The has one of the best music in the house, the setup and the ambiance is really admirable!
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Charusharma20 - Burrp User


June 24,2013

Both,good and bad

Have been there twice. First time liked the place and food tasted well too. But the second time, experience wasn't that great. Went there for the farewell of a colleague. Ordered pastas - veg and non-veg - with different sauces and the staff mixed up the order three times and we settled for something we didn't order. Alas, not a bad place for multiple cuisines at all.
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Vicky SINGH - Burrp User


April 12,2013

Place for ROCK lovers

Been there many times with friends. place for rock lovers, group outing..food is ok...
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Meghana Nair - Burrp User

Meghana Nair

March 22,2013


its good and basically draws crowds because its located in c.p
the karaoke nights are fun
food is fine. nothing truly stands out though.
the lightning too abit too dark

and its NOT pocket friendly.
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Nitin  Bhatia - Burrp User

Nitin Bhatia

March 18,2013

awesume experience

visited with my family and really had an awesume experience... thanks alot blues for the lovely and awesume experience....
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Damini Yadav - Burrp User

Damini Yadav

March 14,2013

classy place

without any doubt a perfect date spot in CP..I love this place, the oldest pub in Delhi NCR..Classy service and ultimate food and that too not very expensive..I find this place a must visit to all youths ..

recommended place..
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Sambhav Kasliwal - Burrp User

Sambhav Kasliwal

March 02,2013

worth going

Went there on a Sunday night and the place was packed!! The Drinks were good and the food was nice. Tried a pizza and a pasta. The Pizza was really good but the pasta was average and was a little too dry for my taste. The portion of the food was good for the price.
The music was awesome and the service was great.
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Honey Luthra - Burrp User

Honey Luthra

December 26,2012


The lounge and bar with very Noisy Hardcore English Loud music. Spirits and Beers keep flowing around, Some times Live Bands playing for that EXTRA kick, However what we miss is that Dance floor. During evenings its iver crowded and yummies Happy hours for the low budget lovers
What is missing is variety of snacks, tit bits for Boozers which should be more and at affordable prices, Food portion again less in the price attached!!!
But a must visit place as nothing is perfect in this world.
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Somya Kapoor - Burrp User

Somya Kapoor

December 11,2012

Gr8 Dining

A great watering hole in CP, in the middle of Delhi. Blues, unlike the other places to have a quick drink in & around CP, has been there for a long time now and is always buzzing with action. There beer is affordable and the food is good if not excellent. The music at the venue is always good and mostly 90s rock. Although the staff needs to be little more friendly. Recommend for an evening out with friends for drinks.
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Ritesh Kumar - Burrp User

Ritesh Kumar

December 07,2012

.keep it up...CHEERS !!

Lets analyse why its still at the top in my charts.
There is a well mix of crowd here. You can see college guys, people loosening their ties after office, foreign tourist exploring pubs in India, married couples and everyone else you can think of except kids.
Beware this place is loud, if you have come to sort out your differences or have a romantic talk, you would have a hard time. But you will relish it as the music will do its wonders. They have one of the best sound system I have seen in Delhi NCR pubs. Music is catchy.They have live band between 6:30 to 8:30 pm, which keeps on changing from time to time plays popular numbers to set the crwod in the real mood to party. After that the inhouse DJ takes the music in his hands and play progressively from soft lbues to hard rock, ending in hip hop where everybody can shake a leg. So if you come early around 6pm you can first enjoy the happy hours with live music, then enjoy the music getting louder and louder and finally when you think this is all this place has to offer people start dancing, tables from the center are moved to create a decent dance floor. You can party till 1:30 am on weekends and still wont like leaving the place.
Food menu has all basic dishes of Indian Chinese Tex Mex continental cuisine.
The best part is the budget in which they provide you all this. Drinks are reasonably priced, the staff is well trained excellently managing the pub. You will not find a better place to party in this budget of this standard in Delhi.
So ....keep it up...CHEERS !!
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rahulxc - Burrp User


November 10,2012


an excellent hangout if one is planning to head to this lively cafe with a large group of friends! it has just the right setting to lose oneself in the loud music and the dimly, but interestingly lit ambiance. especially the back-lit white masks on the walls and pillars create a near-psychedelic feel like the veteran english pubs!

one could engage in loud conversations, scream along with the live music and tap their fingers on the table, without being bothered or bothering anyone else. they claim to have live music from 6 pm, but usually it starts by 7. they also take requests from the guests, which is a USP of this cafe-bar.

the place is really easy to walk into and is always full to capacity. definitely helps to reserve a table! the seating gets slightly congested in the evening, as space is limited. but the crowd is cool and friendly, so that accounts for a fun experience in a place like blues.
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mmohitmm - Burrp User


November 03,2012

best place

1. Good rock/softrock music (mostly old repeated songs)
2. Quick service and staff was decent too..
3. Awesome food.. we tried deep fried mushroom with creamy sauce..it was very good.. and the quantity was surprisingly awesome..
4. Happy hours from 4-8pm and they also accept citibank card.
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rahulvns - Burrp User


October 08,2012

Its worth a try

A must go in CP..Starting from the first..We entered here last Saturday evening..The staff quite good and courteous enough which is hard to find in Delhi NCR ..The sitting was cozy but i find it bit low floored....we had Chiken tikka as read a lot about it..Cocktails was god and marginal to..The best par is the glory of Blues as this is oldest one CP..

I like the place as its not becoming older, its becoming younger day by day,,Keep it up Guys..
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mankyme - Burrp User


October 05,2012

Tikkaas are awesome

Tikkas are must try here in Blues..A must go place in CP...A true pub in the town and the older one too..I always like to come here..
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jihimanshu - Burrp User


March 17,2012


Gr8 and the oldest place in the town:)

Loved the experience out here:)
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rahulrelan - Burrp User


November 17,2009

BLUES-Awesome place to chill out and to get Drunk.

This is one of the most amazing places i`ve visited but when i visited there this past saturday i found BLUES is not the same what it was in 2002-2003.
I visited the place after 6 years but instead of increasing the quality of services and quality of music they seem to have downgrade it.
But all in all not the same feeling but somewhat a satisfactory experience.
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Gaurav Bajaj - Burrp User

Gaurav Bajaj

October 23,2009

The place to be on Saturday

The place comes real live on saturday nights, with the DJ churning out fantastic numbers.
The place is filled with like hell & its worth the waiting, if you & your friends really want to have fun, the food & Drinks is a bit pricy on the pocket, but thats where Guys would wanna have fun
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Anupam Tripathi - Burrp User

Anupam Tripathi

September 04,2009

Good for Saturday evenings

Blues may be a good idea for saturday evenings with their live music playing and especially if you enter before 7pm and take advantage of the buy 1 get 1 deals on the drinks. Otherwise the food is very hopeless at blues. I would recommend a good place for drinks and live music between 7pm and 9pm on saturdays. Dinner would be strict NO NO.
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Partha Barman - Burrp User

Partha Barman

July 05,2009

Best in CP

I went to Blues some months ago and man it was one hell of an experience. The music, ambiance and food was awesome. They played everything from Bon Jovi to Pink Floyd and the ambiance was cool. Not too over crowded. They serve drought beer which I really loved it. I say its one of a kind in Delhi. Food on the other hand was nice.

I say that if you want a nice place to Rock then be in this place. You won't regret!
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sameeraf - Burrp User


June 07,2009

No value for customers

We went to Blues on a saturday evening at 5pm, hoping to give some rest to our tired feet after shopping. But within minutes it turned into the most harrowing experience I ever had. My husband and I were already inside the bar and had ordered our drinks when another friend of mine called in to say she isnt being allowed inside. I went out to find that she was carrying a cafe coffee day takeaway in her hand which wasnt allowed. We waited out until she finished it and looked for a trash can around. Not finding any and out of civic sense we just carried it and were about to enter when the doorman stops us saying that even the emptybottle isnt allowed inside. I asked him to show me a trashcan to throw it in and he replied saying just drop it right here. Neither me or my friend was willing to do it and i called the classic rubbish for a lack of better word 'The suit wearing trash' out. My friend was already annoyed and told me that she is not going to come in and was about to walk arnd shopping until we finished our drinks... when behold! The 'suit wearing trash' starts screaming at us, saying things like 'you are scolding the doorman, a poor man who is doing his job, there is a head that we carry above our neck to use for common sense' I was already furious with him for offering his advice which was so uncalled for! I replied that you have no right to talk to us like that, when he went on rattling about common sense and lady like behaviour and so on... All this when I had said nothing to anyone so far!! The minute I called my husband out, this 'suit wearing trash' had toned himself down.... My husband just payed the bill and even left a Rs.20 tip for that suit wearing trash before leaving.

What I found surprising was that firstly they dont keep a trashcan outside. Secondly, they dont wnat others to behave with any civic responsibility. Thirdly, there is nothing like customer service in Delhi. Fourthly, in a matter of minutes this idiot painted two women who were trying to talk sense into spoilt girls coming from nowhere and harrasing the doorman!!

Such places and such people must be taught a lesson or two in how to conduct themselves publicly, what our responsibilities are towards the environment we live in and ofcourse Customer service.

For all those people who still want to go to Blues, by all means please do. For those who think that such a place isnt worth visitng where they dont value customers, there are a lot of other places to go to - Check out Lidos for instance which is a couple of feet away from this God forsaken place and offers great service and ambience for half the price.
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tasamadeeyulu - Burrp User


May 27,2009

I wouldn't know

The only reason we went to blues was to have beer and chill. The staff 'realized' that and for some godforsaken reason, made up some lame excuse (we checked with others later; there was no such thing) about how there was a Rs 1000 minimum order (that HAD to include only snacks). We cursed them and left. Service FAIL.
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swapnil - Burrp User


October 13,2008

amazing ...

I love being at Blues. Its one of my fav places to go about. One of the best places to hang around and drink along with CTC gurgaon. Music is amazing, one of the best in delhi. blues/rock/classics .. they have everything. weekends are live evening which begin around 4-ish.
They push for couples only after 8, but you can get around with a little small talk. There are very few places in delhi that can boast of good crowds, Blues is one of them. Nobody mind what you are doing, even the waiters dont poke much. Drinks are not to expensive for a pub in CP, and food is a tasty mix of mexican/italian. Finger foods like potato wedges are quite tasty.
All in all a great experience, can't think why anybody would not love this place.
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goodiyerboy - Burrp User


March 05,2008

Blues is the Best!

Blues is a great bar in CP. What struck me the most was the excellent music! I've been to a lot of bars all over the country, and I have never come across a place with such sophisticated taste in music. I got to hear, in a single sitting, Brooks and Dunn (country), Tom Petty, Sergio Mendes (Brazilian jazz), Hot Butter (Electronica from the '60s), and even a classical piece or two! The intelligent music really brightened up my mood; such a refreshing change from Bryan Adams! Of course, this was earlier in the evening. At night, to cater to popular tastes, they play more 'mainstream' stuff.

Now to the menu! Drinks *are* a little pricey, but still reasonable by CP standards. There's a great selection of foreign wines and beers for those so inclined. I haven't tried the cocktails, but have heard only good things about them. The food is good too, though a little expensive in my opinion. It's mostly Tex-Mex, with some other contemporary standards thrown in.

In sum, this really is a great place, and fits a variety of occasions! If you haven't already been here, go now!
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Shashank Aggarwal - Burrp User

Shashank Aggarwal

October 23,2007

WOW !!

Today I was in mood to go so some pub, have couple of chilled beers with nice music. Blues is a place, where I have been several times, however haven't been there for last 3 years.

The Ambiance is good, and seating comfortable. I guess they have added couple of tables since the last time I was there, it gave the place a crowded look. On one wall you have black and white posters of some of the famous names including Madonna. On another they have various guitars and saxophones hanging, giving the place a very musical look.

I reached there around 7 PM and there was some live music. Happy hours were still on (till 8 pm) and beer was actually as cheap as any other normal run-of-the-mill bar. The menu price is Rs.145 + taxes for Indian beer, which works out close to Rs.180, however during happy hours it is 1+1 so effectively the beer costs Rs.90 for a bottle. Pretty affordable...huh...;-)

They had a wide selection of beers, however in Indian they had only two varieties. The person serving us promptly came to us before 8 pm to check if we wanted to order something before the happy hours ended. With prior experience I know that they are happy to take the order in happy hours and serve later.

In snacks we have Nachos (Rs.90 + VAT), which were served with Salsa sauce and Potato Wedges(Rs.120 + VAT), which they served with sour cream and bar-be-que sauce. To be very frank more than the wedges I enjoyed the cream and sauce, but this should not undermine the quality of wedges. Infact when told that we liked the sauce, they refilled both of them for us.

Till 8 Pm there was live music, which seemed quite good, and after that a DJ took over. However we didn't sit long enough to enjoy the music.

But this places is still the same as it used to be years ago. Last time I was here I had organized a lunch for my colleagues, for non veg, three course meals, including mocktails, they charged around Rs.350 per pax for a commitment of 15 pax, however it was 3 years ago.

In the end to sum it up, this is an excellent places to have a nice evening, the crowd is good, location cannot get more central, service is excellent, and food amazing.
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