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Deepesh Tarun  - Burrp User

Deepesh Tarun

April 27,2013

Options plenty but quality average

The place prides itself on their salads. The menu is huge and there are lots of options for Salad lovers. We tried the Crunchy Chicken and the Garden Chicken salad. The Crunchy Chicken salad had peanuts in them which wasn't mentioned anywhere. The Garden Chicken salad was OK but for the price they ask, the quantity is very less. We were done with the salad in quick time. Their Chicken Tikka sandwich was very average. The concept is great but improvements are needed on various levels.
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being_delhite - Burrp User


November 09,2012

In a soup

Although It is not that easy to find, the cafe is just bang on the TTK Road opposite Raj Park Hotel. :p

The menu looks interesting. You are better off reading it than getting it clarified it from amateur waiters.If you expect to know what you would get when you order, you would be disappointed.

Many of that on Menu is not available (e.g. Pita Bread sandwich). The salad tosser will give a new twist and taste to the same salad everytime you visit.
Their soup - Zoupe tastes good, but less quantity. Their protein-rich beans combo in a sandwich (channa, rajma and peanuts etc.) is no great innovation at that cost.

Very average place and not value for money.
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Sangee1234 - Burrp User


August 06,2012

Very very disappointing!

I used to visit this place almost every week and this used to be the first option to hang out! A few months back when I was there, I had ordered a meal to find a bug inside the patty! However, the staff apologised and promised this wouldn't be repeated and levied our bill.

I was there last night at 10, considering these guys are open till 11, only to find they didn't have most of the items on the menu. Com'on, people walk into the cafe because they know it's open till late night and expect some food!

The pastries were stale, the quantity has gone down drastically, the French onion soup was ready at the counter but was delivered to my table after 10 mins, which made it cold and they had to re heat it, only to ruin the taste!

When we mentioned that the pastry was stale, the staff said they ll not include it in the bill.That's like a standard answer with a wide grin, only irritates the customers more!

Its high time these guys buck up and do something. Yet another story of a cafe rotting because of not being able to sustain quality!
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Buzzy - Burrp User


January 27,2012


It is the most unhealthy(when u want to have a healthy salad - as the name says) and deadly restaurant with poor service. The salads were drenched with oil and no way close to a good salad. The make your own salad (with mayo dressing) appeared to be a rich curd rice.. Nachos with salsa was actually the flavored cornitos with chopped onions, tomatoes and chillie. The juices were sugarless.. The cucumber cooler was bitter. About the service- Had to pay for one whole make your own salad instead of the 1/2 portion which we had ordered, since they had billed already I believe.. (that's the response we recieved, when questioned!!!). So finally had to pay the unworthy wholesome amount for the second mouth that could not be taken.1300 bucks for 3 People was not worthy at all!!
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LePapillon_13 - Burrp User


December 02,2011

Great place to hangout !

Makes me remember college days ~ the food is good , reasonable and the portions are filling ! Though the staff could be trained a little more and be a little more proactive ! Service is not bad overall ! They bake their own bread which is used in the various sandwiches which is awesome and the little counter at the entrance with the desserts and bread on sale is nice. So thumbs up for this one....love to go there whenever possible .
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ashwathmahadev - Burrp User


August 06,2011


I go to this place quiet often ( Once a month types) however i felt that the quality of food that they are serving has come down drastically and this got proved today. Myself and my mom and dad went today to Soups and salads in ttk road and we ordered specifically for a sweet corn veg soup as we are pure veg's. and for our luck we had pieces of chicken in our soup and hence we had to cancel the soup. Apart from this we ordered for salads which was very ordinary and the veg au gratin was very COLD the patty specifically tasted like rubbder. I will definitely not go to this place again and would RECOMMEND TO PEOPLE PLEASE DONT GO HERE!!!!!!! Very disheartening !!! The server's were very courteous and thats the only good thing about this place that i can think off!! Regards,Ashwath |9840245884
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Saapattupriyan - Burrp User


July 17,2011


Wow! What a breath of fresh air to have healthy yet very tasty food! Excellent salads; love your soups; piña colada is sooper! People are very courteous and responsive. My kids loved the food. Awesome in concept and even better in execution!
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dev_272000 - Burrp User


March 24,2011

nice hangout for late night

With most of shops closed beyond 11:30PM, we were looking for something we have'nt tried before. Yes, not much choice. We ended up here.

Our first question was is it open? Yes, said the security, upto 01:00 AM. We were ushered in. The waiters were calm and warm inspite of our late night intrusion(I know its their duty, but having seen lot of places in the city with little or no hospitality at any point of time, I just can't help but praise these guys).

There are lot of stuff to gaze and read. Interesting. I could'nt help but notice that most of the jokes they have are sarcastic - But hey as long as they are not on you, there's nothing to complain !!!

The food - Soups were not available late night. So we had to go for Salads and pasta. They've done a great job explaining the wierd named food in the menu book itself. May be that's why the waiter was peaceful, we did'nt have to pester him for details! They don't have as much pasta variety as salad. We ordered a salad, taco and a pasta. Taste yum.

Then we remembered the cakes we saw while we entered. They recommended "Death by Chocolate" because all cakes were hard(cold) and only this could be heated. The cake was heavenly. Then we asked for icecream. Was strawberry with crumbs - even better. We noticed that the more we ordered, the better our food became ! We had to stop ordering only because we were full. We had some snaps. Then came out. Time was 01:20 AM. We never got the feeling that we were there past their closing time.

Overall, everybody there made sure that we were comfortable. Next time I think of late night snack, "The soup and salad cafe" will be at the top of my mind. Well done.
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A M - Burrp User


March 24,2011

I think I died and went to heaven

I had been craving a pasta salad for a few weeks. Too lazy to buy the ingredients and make the bloody thing myself and not enterprising enough to start a signature campaign to get Subway to start offering a pasta salad - I was truly and deeply stuck until I found this place. God bless salad bars! There is nothing quite like it. And these guys do it so well. I always make my own salad and the bottom-less lemonade that comes with it is a brilliant touch. So just pick what you want, fussy eaters give specfic instructions (my salad the second time was a tad bit on the wet side) and tah-daa! it's done. And it's no boring salad bar either (there is no such thing, btw) - they have got veg manchurian balls, paneer (when are we going to stop putting paneer in everything, i don't know) and a couple of other things, i forget the names, that definitely had no business being in a salad but were absolutely delicious nevertheless. What really perplexes me to no end is the complete and total absence of caesar dressing. Both the times that I went there! OMG! Please get some caeser dressing! The decor is great. They have got this cute antique radio. Funny things all the wall. The works. It's quite most of the time (which is strange; i expect the salad thing hasn't caught on yet). And as if it wasn't perfect enough, they had tiramisu. not the best I have had (one word, guys - liquor) but they've got the basic concept of it spot on. The chocolate chip muffin was quite brilliant as well. just the right amount of chips. brilliant! So like I said, 5 stars. Will do it again. But probably not this same branch. I don't know, that last time I was there I had this weird feeling the staff were all laughing at me. hmmm....maybe I was just high (Let that not cast doubts on the credibility of the review. I am much more sensitive to good food when I am high). Anyways, that's that. To sum it all up - *Double thumbs up*
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Kanika Sikka - Burrp User

Kanika Sikka

February 18,2011

Great non-veg

Me and my girlfriends stopped by this place while coming back home from a club around 10 pm. We were starving to death when we spotted the only place with a shutter half open! We got in 10 minutes after pleading the watchman and explaining him how we were about to faint without food! We got in only to find out that the only thing available were muffins..
After loads of pestering and whole lot of convincing, the manager let us in, but the only thing available were the panini sandwiches.

I must say the chicken sandwiches were really good. The veg panini though weren't worth the price!

The menu looks amazingly delicious. Such that you'd wanna order one of everything! But hold back before you do that. Although we didn't get any salad at that hour, we did stand at the counter pestering them since it took really long for them to prepare the 4 non-veg and 2 veg panini. We stared at the sauces lying there for a while, and it turns out they weren't as
tasty as the menu revealed.

I'd definitely try some and write the review here though. Until then, I'd say- stick to the carnivorous being in you..
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sridhar1950 - Burrp User


December 24,2010

Great place...great people

My friend and i frequent your Alwarpet cafe quite often and so we were there today. we think its a great concept and i love the food although i cannot stop with just a soup and salad. I heard today from your PRO that you do have your own bread house. in fact then you should look at offering more wheat breads - healthy stuff like you get abroad. i must say that your pastries are amazing and i tucked away a lip smacking cheese cake thanks to the lady's persuasive charm and was i glad i did!!! excellent indeed.keep up the good work and if at any time you need another PRO, albeit an old one - like i offered to your young CEO - let me know [ i know i do not stand a chance currently]. God Bless You.
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Senthil Kumar - Burrp User

Senthil Kumar

December 19,2010

Pathetic service and spoiled food!

1. There is no wash inside the shop. You have to walk all the way to the parking lot and search for a wash
2. We had to wait and search for guys to take our orders
3. Our kids wanted pastries first, so we orders some. And we were shocked to see a spoiled cake served to us
4. The food is ok, but everything else is pathetic.
5. I tried to write to the management about this. Alas, their website does not have email ID, the feedback form is not working.
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soundarya83 - Burrp User


December 10,2010


My friend and me rushed for a quick meal into soup and salad on alwarpet and the Waiter brings our soup order after a lot of delay and gives me a huge menu card with laminated excel sheet print outs and asks us for main course when NOTHING is AVAILABLE. I am not joking. no zondich, no sandwich, no panini, no burger no pasta. I asked the guy who took the order why have they kept the place open and he had no answer and I asked to speak to the Manager and he said he is the Manager. Got pretty irritated at having wasted 45 mins in a place which had NO FOOD to serve!! He should have had the decency to tell us while we started ordering or put a board atleast!!! anyway we left our soup behind and went to Kabul next door and ate a quick meal. If ur not planning to have half the dishes in the menu card then do us a favour and change ur menu card and dont waste a customers time!!!! the date of this event was 1st december 2010 and as i was travelling I am posting it now only. I am NEVER coming back here again. oh btw in the starters they once again said 'NO MUSHROOMS AVAILABLE MAM' dunno wat the problem was. those who want to go pls check if the full menu is available and then risk it at ur own choice.
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endofdarkness - Burrp User


November 28,2010

TSSC, Anna Nagar

I happened to visit the recently opened Anna Nagar branch yesterday. Little did I know that I was going to have an unpleasant experience that night.

I step in at around 9pm to find that the place was full and was told it would take close to 10mins to get a table. While time went by, there we were, along with a bunch of other people, waiting for eternity...To make things even worse, there was no place to accommodate all those who were waiting there. (you expect a lot of ppl, you need to have them wait in comfort!)

Finally, we get a table right at the end, only to realize that the waiters don't pay a lot of attention to the people seated at the far end. Only after frequent reminders was our table cleaned, the menu handed over and WATER served. (not a good start! in spite of having adequate staff). There were similar instances at other tables.

We started off with a veg and non. veg soup, which bordered between average to OK. fancy names, descriptions (only to have it taste OK?). The 1/2 portion of a soup also varied between the two bowls!? Moving on...

After getting hold of a guy to take our order for the main course, we were in for further disappointment...
Non-veg Pasta? Not available.
Non-Veg Zondich? Not available.
Non-Veg Panini? Not available.
Chef's special VEG Salad? Not available.
Any non-veg item at all? Sorry, we are out of it. (why is the place still open!? force ppl to limited items on the menu? )

The guy was struggling to list out what little was available...

Close to 10PM, we were hungry and had nothing sensible to order. Just settled the bill and left frustrated. (had to take away something from another restaurant)

When we were about to leave, we overheard someone complaining at another table, further stating that the Alwarpet branch was a lot better. Now, I really don't care.

So what did I think?

+ Place looks decent, pricing was OK.

- No place to wait, staff is hopeless, 75% of the items are unavailable late in the evening. The last two pretty much ruin it.

The experience was in rude contrast to the level of publicity it had generated.

If you're going there for a quick snack, preferably in the evening, it's pretty OK. If not, please avoid this place till they take some serious measures.

- A Foodie from Anna Nagar, Chennai.
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Janice  - Burrp User


November 26,2010

Get someone who can speak clearly to answer phones

I was staying at RainTree hotel and thought I'd pick up a salad on my way out since I'd read reviews online. When I called, first of all the number up here is the CORPORATE OFFICE number!
Then when I was given the restaurant managers number and called
1. he couldn't even speak clearly for me to understand
2. I explained I needed a take away and since there's no menu uploaded here, explained what ingredients I was looking for. he couldn't suggest a salad that had them, and started READING OUT the entire menu!!! (All i asked was Chicken + Lettuce + no Mayo & light)
3. They DON'T have a regular Chicken Caesar salad!!!!

Very disappointing....
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karuna01 - Burrp User


September 01,2010

Nutritious and delicious

It is the fifth time i have been here. We tasted the Popeye goes to Italy and tomato basil soup and liked it instantly. Kolkata karukumuruku also tasted good. The paneer zondwich was very tasty.
The soups and salads are both delicious and nutritious.
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Ranjeetha10 - Burrp User


August 26,2010

Can healthy food be this tasty!

Have been here only once and I loved it. They have items under the the categories of Soups, salads, sandwiches and desserts (hot and cold).

Good ambience matched with equally good food. Good service. I hope they continue to maintain their quality.

I like their positioning - combines health and taste! A well needed break for Chennai.
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Reply from restaurant management

And about the article in The Hindu,it was our CEO Mr.Bharath T Rameash,not me :)Regards,Mahesh T Ramadass

chattastuff123 - Burrp User


July 13,2010

Pleasant Surprise!

I happened to be hungry and in the mood for not something typical and in a place like Chennai, where Biryani=Pulao and where Non-veg comes free with an accompaniment of myriad stinks, this place, with its innovative VEG menu was a welcome change!
For those willing to take a fresh look at everything already tried tasted and sated and dated, this place offers a pretty decent menu, and the food ain't half as bad either..the way they make the sandwiches with all the ingredients in boxes aka subway was a refreshing view than our usual closed kitchen doors.
The soups were the best part of the meal, and the sandwiches though innovative needed a little spice literally and metaphorically! Loved the bread and the entire Continental feel they had though.
Didn't try out the beverages but the desserts were interesting, simple changes in the standard fare created delightful combinations.
Overall, not a dine in restaurant for a family outing with paati and chittappas but a great diner/snack/dinner with friends place!
Oh and I almost forgot, the pricing is uber cool!
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exploresouth - Burrp User


June 13,2010

Avoid like plague

Yesterday (Saturday evening), I had the misfortune of going to this place. It was raining and we were in the mood for some hot soup and sandwiches. A search on burrp resulted in narrowing down on this restaurant. I did a google search to look for a website/menu and reached their website. Hit the "menu" button and lo and behold it has everything but the menu. Should have been a sign of things to come but I persevered. I called their Adyar restaurant number - nobody picked up. Tried 5 times over the span of next half an hour thinking hey it is Saturday and they might be busy. Next tried the Alwarpet number. Somebody picked up. I wanted to find out what are the soups available. They rattled off a long list with enough variety that we thought - aahh ! we will find something we like in the mix. So in the next 15 minutes start a long drive from south of chennai to Alwarpet through the Saturday evening traffic.

Reached the restaurant and were given the menus. We were happy to see the same long list of soups that we were told on the phone. After couple of minutes of discussion we were ready to order the soups. Waiter was right there and shock - out of 20 or so soups there are only 2 or 3 that are available. None of them the ones we wanted to order. So I ask them why they did not tell this on the phone when I asked for what soups were available. Got a lame excuse and sorry. Well, for a restaurant on a Saturday evening which is the time when they make most money to not have 90% of the items on their menu is ridiculous. To top it off, not to let a customer who is calling beforehand to find out about the said 90% of items know is even more unprofessional.
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Mahadevan - Burrp User


June 06,2010

Can eating out be this good?

It over delivers on what it claims. And then over delivers again.

A quaint, little, cheery place. For a restaurant this small and price point, the staff smiled and said hello while handing the menu cards. A first for me, on both counts.

Service is extremely good. The staff are very polite, courteous, efficient, helpful and notably, cheerful. They readily agreed to significantly customise an order for us.

The place is small and can seat around 20 people. The menu is French-themed and is short, clear and straight forward.

As for food, if you like the items on offer (Only vegetarian; soups, salads, sandwiches, smoothies, ice creams, coffee and tea) don't even bother to search for another place. Very likely the best in class in town. At this price point and service levels, competition will have to struggle to match.

I only hope some of the bigger places learn from these guys.
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muktha - Burrp User


May 28,2010

Nice salads, should have more choice

Well, i visited this place couple of times after knowing about this place through burrp. I tried soups and salads and the taste was good. But, i guess there should be more varities , for i found it difficult to order for the second time given the fact that you do not have a wide menu to choose from. But a must try when you are in a mood for light food for you can end up having a nice salad.
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swarna barath - Burrp User

swarna barath

April 16,2010

Inspiring Venture!

The entire concept and their yummy-looking website caught my attention when this place opened up. With the number of innovative cafes opening up in chennai, its almost getting monotonous to say ur different from the rest. But somehow the colors and the healthy outlook to the place made it irresistible to try it out once at least.

The cafe looks small, simple and neat, very attractive to my taste. It is not that easy to find tho its right on ttk road. The menu looked really interesting with weird names for regular dishes made with a twist and more importantly sounded very healthy to me. Zoupe as in unique soups were good, we tried the beetroot soup, was awesome, but the quantity was very less and they were served in cup and saucer! Zollids are salads in a wrap or sandwich, the Jalmudi Kolkata style salad in a wrap was pretty good and innovative, tasted like bhel puri stuffed in a wrap! But what stole the show was the protein-rich beans combo in a sandwich (it had channa, rajma and peanuts with chips!)!

There was not much choice for desserts, but the cold soups (nothing but fruit juice :P) were nice. I mean there was this mango smoothie and shy mango smoothie which was pink :) The whole idea seemed very simple to create at same time different. Almost inspired me to work on something like this someday in the future! Although i am totally impressed, could only give it four stars cos of the service, it was really pathetic to have un-informed waiters who cant speak well to customers, not well trained on the menu and worst of all would say something like 'oh thats just juice!' and let down their own concept! :)
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sphema - Burrp User


April 15,2010

Nice one

Last week my friend and I visited the Soup and Salad Restaurant @ TTK Road. It was a very good experience to taste the food in the form of Wraps, Sandwich, etc. A very nice place to dine at and nice ambience. Some suggestions
1/ There could be some more books at the entry point.
2/ Could have some more items.
3/ To play melodious music.
4/ Perhaps,a thanks for visiting in card may sound more appealing and it could fetch more footfalls.
5/ Price could be a little less.
It definitely was a very good experience. Thanks Team S and S.
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Jaydee001 - Burrp User


March 30,2010

Misses the point!

Even before the place officially opened it caught my eye! I mean this cafe has almost everything to make it perfect. So what my point?? Well, I believe you can throw away every other aspect but if your 'product' is great it really wouldn't matter, people would still come and eat/ drink. On the other hand if you put in your 100% in ambience, service, prices, great location-- and the food is bad-- it's just a BIG LET DOWN.

With Soup n Salad, I see total attention for detail, great flooring, nice feel to the furniture, good cozy layout-- and I love the wash basin!! Good use of space-- courteous staff-- good parking facility.. awesome location!

The menu-- they've tried to give it a personality with the "Z's" and the soup menu has a fair amount of choice, but the Salads and Sandwhich's failed to impress. It's the kind of menu that makes you look at it and say "nahh..not that" and therefore tick most of it off.
The smoothies-- did not appeal either as most of them seem to have synthetic flavours and not the real thing.(I could be wrong-- this is just my perception).

Taste-wise: the Soups lacked flavour-- we ordered one creamy spinach and corn and a creamy carrot n peas-- and if I had to close my eyes and taste both I couldn't tell the difference. we even sent it back-- they thickened it and returned it-- but I guess the stock was not flavourful enough or maybe the ingredients didn't match up some where.

One thing that kind of stunned me about the place was- without asking they placed a 'Bisleri 500 ml' on our table-- and we didn't consume it- but they charged us for it! So, that was a little uncalled for...

I love the concept of this place-- and I really hope I can go back there sometime and enjoy the food/ soup! But for now-- I'm pretty disappointed!
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Archie Unplugged! - Burrp User

Archie Unplugged!

March 21,2010

Zoupe, Zollids and more

A great place. Have been meaning to try for quite sometime. I loved the ambience, the old home feel and the comfy place. The wash basin was so middle eastern looking, a raity in nowdays decor. I had a kolkaata karukumurruku zondich - a very indian feel and certainly a great alternative to sandwich. Also tried a spinach-corn zoupe which I feel could have been served with a little more corn. Was creamy enough though. For the desserts, had a cookie crumb filled cup with icecream. Yum.

A few observations - They should serve different spoons for various courses. A teaspoon for soup is not really sufficient :-).

The zondich was excellent. I dont think it is maida, and that's healthy. But the chips were a bit less crisp.

The dessert was too much cookies, yet we liked it.

Overall, it is moderately priced, and is a definite visit again for me!
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KennyK - Burrp User


February 04,2010

And Still confused!!!!!!

Well i wanted to try this place couple of days back, but there was a shooting going on, so missed it and today i got a chance to visit this place.

A warm welcome and a greet with smile would always make you happy. So, i was happy when i entered this restaurant. And i had to shift places to explore this place better and when i was taken into the other side of the restaurant, the waiter said it was the end of the restaurant. my whole point here is the place is small and crampy. :( cant complain though, the ambiance was awesome. But i don't understand the logic behind the carnatic music theme which was set up and a english song running in the speakers and the waiter was unable to explain me theme. Well that sums up about the place.

Coming to food part, now here i would justify my title of the review. I was completely confused with their names and probably some could have assisted us with that. I ordered a dish named Minestrone which is a pasta based soup, but i thought it was a plain pasta and the other one was a filter kapi. Trust me, though the name was a lil complicated ;) the soup was awesome and i am a coffee freak and i don like coffee's hot, so i had to wait for sometime before drinking the coffee. So the coffee was, hmmm, how would i describe it, there is a friend of mine and her mom's coffee is the best in chennai, and i could compare the coffee with that, but the only difference was the bitter taste which would come in the end which was absent in this coffee. And the next dish was a tomato noodle soup which my friend had and was unhappy about it.I really cant comment beyond it, cuz i didnt taste it and the last one was a cooler called blue tension(am not sure about the name) and i jus had a sip, and i cant term it how heavenly it was.

On the whole this place has an excellent ambiance, not too spacious, food is above average and i would rate 3.5 on 5
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rv1971 - Burrp User


February 01,2010


The decor of Soup and Salad can be described as cheerfully colourful. The walls are traditionally dotted, the trademark of this café. Soup and Salad is an excellent escape from the drudgery of office life. The colours are uplifting and so is the tasty food and healthy smoothies. It’s a good place to treat yourself in between meetings and therefore the atmosphere is pleasantly relaxed. The staff are particularly friendly and the service makes you feel at home. You can always rely on a selection of breakfast options, soups, salads and zondich, smoothies and deserts. On the whole it has been an awesome experiance for me and my family. .At Soup and Salad the food is fresh, well prepared and tastes great whilst remaining healthy. The reason to go, though, is the positive atmosphere, which will wash away all your morning grumpiness.
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ashishbhandari - Burrp User


February 01,2010


had come across the presence of this cafe on facebook. was keen enough to try it. we ordered for mexican corn & pepper soup and kimchi & crunchy noodle salad. the soup was nothing but a liquified version of our very own mumbai pav bhaji with peas in it... the kimchi salad was indeed crunchy courtesy the freshly chopped sour onions. i guess onions have become cheaper as they seem to have used plenty in our salad. must say was nt a pleasant experience. not worth a second visit .. or rather not even worthh a visit once
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kvv1971 - Burrp User


January 26,2010

Tasty and Good food, Cool Ambience

In days of Mcdonalds, KFCs, Marrybrowns and other cumpolsorily non vegetarian eateries, a pure vegetarian cafe has come up in a pristine neighbourhood. This cafe is just a stone throw distance from the Music Academy and the Narada Gana Sabha, what better theme can it have than Classical Music?. The interiors have been tastefully done keeing with the theme. Now the cafe offers different varieties of soups, salad, sandwitches besides fruit juices and ice cream, the stuff is fresh tasty and is moderately priced but the quantity offered is less not enough to be shared within the group. The cafe does not offer takeaways nor do they have a facility pack leftovers. The waiters could improve the service and be a little more faster on service levels.
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