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  • Most people would recommend this place to others
  • Most tried items: pasta
  • Nearly half the visitors mentioned family

Additional remarks from reviews:

upto the mark
The drinks and desserts are also quite delicious.
really good people should try some different food
usic could have been less louder. main course were
sriramr6 - Burrp User


August 24,2013

Extremely Disappointing Outing!!!

I have been here multiple times but my visit here about 3 weeks back must rate as the worst. Both the Jalapeno cheese and Pizza were really under-cooked and was tasting below average. The pasta was also a big dampener and so was the minestrone soup. Saving grace were the desserts. It used to be a value for money place serving reasonably good Italian but it has now become exorbitant - I am not sure if I will visit this place again just for the above mentioned reasons.
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aruna narayanan - Burrp User

aruna narayanan

July 28,2013

Pastas, Conversations And More!!

Want to have a lazy dinner/ lunch? Pasta bar is the place to be!!!!
I have frequented PBV at T.Nagar for more than a year. Whenever I want to catch up with friends, have long conversations, relax and not burn a hole in my pocket, the Pasta bar Veneto is my first choice.
The place is mostly quiet, gives you and your group your privacy. The service staff are courteous.

Yesterday, me and my friends weren't very hungry but wanted to catch up after a long time. So we decided to hang out at Pasta bar.

I ordered their 'Funghi' pasta and my friend had the Primavera al Panna. I chose farfalle and my friend went with fusili. One other thing I like about PBV is, the choices it offers, on the type of pasta. That way I am not forced to have penne all the time :)

The Primavera al Panna, the fusili was cooked well. However the pasta lacked little salt and there could have been more veggies. Once we added salt, it tasted decent.
Funghi was absolutely delicious. Right amount of cream and olive oil mixed very well. Good helping of mushrooms.

The chef was friendly. He inquired about the food and took the feedback well.

Just the two pastas cost us 693 bucks. Had a good chat, so time and again pasta bar proves to be a great place to catch up with people.

In my previous visits, I liked the below dishes.
1. Mozarella Ricotta Fingers - yumm
2. Aglio e Olio (sphagetti) - very delicious
3. Primavera Mediterrane
4. Cream of mushroom soup

1. Pizzas definitely need improvement.
2. Cheese Jalapenos - tastes like the readily available frozen fried items.
3. We can't always have pastas. So menu could be improved to include variety in Italian.

Food - 3/5
Service - 3.5/5
Ambiance - 3.5/5
VFM - 3/5
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Abhinaya R - Burrp User

Abhinaya R

May 31,2013

One Of My favorites!! :)

Pasta Bar Veneto is one of my favorites in Chennai! Been here many times and never was disappointed. My husband and I are huge fans of their mud pie!! Yummy :)
Its a nice ambiance and good menu. We'll continue to visit here!!
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Sahithya Sridhar - Burrp User

Sahithya Sridhar

May 27,2013

calm place amidst the hustle.

more than the food , i love the ambiance especially the gree house effect that they have created. It is lovely when it rains :) Now talking about the food, it is very good, though i heard few negative comments about the food, i felt it was perfect and yummy! and the service was good too!.. Hope they keep up the good food quality and the amazing ambiance :)
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Susanna Lazarus - Burrp User

Susanna Lazarus

May 15,2013

Beautiful setting, great food

Excellent food, and good service at both branches. The T. Nagar branch is especially a beautiful setting. Love the desserts! What I liked is that the restaurant doesn't pander to Indianising the Italian food but tries to keep it authentic.
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Polaki Tirumula - Burrp User

Polaki Tirumula

May 07,2013

Italy on table

Most excellent food I ever tried. It jus blew off my mind. Guys it's really good people should try some different food.
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Sandy Bhasker - Burrp User

Sandy Bhasker

May 03,2013

Lovers paradise

When one wants to spend a peaceful evening with the best of the Italian type food then this is the one place that will offer you both . It is know for its thin crust pizzas and the deserts which rule the place especially the cheese cakes . Parking available
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Pavithra Varadarajan - Burrp User

Pavithra Varadarajan

April 22,2013

Affordable and good enough Italian

Me and a small group of friends went to this place and it was a nice experience. I loved the Lasagna and was much better than the one i tasted at Tuscana. For starters we had bruschetta and Italian Chicken Wings. The chicken wings were not our favorite but the bruschetta did strike a chord. We had pasta and Lasagna. The Lasagna was a super hit and we ordered one more as we could not get just enough of it. Over all pretty good.
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TheFoodinator - Burrp User


April 13,2013

Five Stars!

The first time I came to Pasta Bar Veneto several years ago, I thought it was a fluke that I got such excellent food and service. So I came again. And again. And again. And it's always been the same! The price is reasonable, the staff are super friendly and courteous (a huge plus in my book), and the food is delicious and authentic! The aglio olio is my favorite- and just about everything you order is heavenly and cooked to perfection! The drinks and desserts are also quite delicious. Definitely come here if you're planning a dinner out with friends. Pasta Bar Veneto is awesome!
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Vinoo Thomas - Burrp User

Vinoo Thomas

March 19,2013

Loved it

I have been to both the outlets and must say I prefer the T.Nagar branch.
They boast an extensive menu and top it up with great food.
Decor wise, it is well lit and has a super ambiance.
I suggest dishes like the succulent chicken wings, chicken spagetti and potato wings.
Other offerings include the usual pizzas sandwiches deserts and different beverages.
Overall among the better restos in town and I hope they keep getting better.
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Veda Vyass - Burrp User

Veda Vyass

March 14,2013

Nice place to party!

The music here was really soothing. I had gone here for my friend's birthday party and I loved every moment of it! The pastas and pizzas were simply authentic and tasty!

Although the price was on the higher side, this place is worth it. The service was good and the ambience is wonderful too.
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Sagaya Sam - Burrp User

Sagaya Sam

January 29,2013

Best Italian Food in Chennai

Went to the pasta bar Veneto in T Nagar, on Sunday. Nice and peppy music, very European ambience. And we got the table in a few minutes. Polite Man in a black tee gave us the cards.

I liked the menu. It is quite extensive with a lot of trivia on Italy. We ordered 2 fresh lime soda and 2 pepsi, some Italian wings, and the Tomato bruschetta.
The wings were crisp, but very low on spice. The dip was amazing and gave the necessary lift to the chicken. The Bruschetta was nice, and I liked the flavors. Lot of basil and I think some sort of wine vinegar was also used. The garlic could have been chopped better as some pieces were a tad too big.
We then ordered a lasagna chicken, a Stuffed chicken grill, a Penne Pesto of sun dried tomatoes with some extra chicken, and a baked vegetable for the grass eater in the group.
Well, we weren't disappointed. The lasagna was right; not too cheesy not too tomatoey. And with loads of mince. The stuffed chicken was topped by a nicely spiced sauce.the stuffing of cheese and mince was oozing out and made for a great combination. The chicken was a bit overcooked, I felt, but my friend dug in with gusto and felt it was great. the penne pesto was fantabulous. Best pasta I have had and I have eaten in some of the best restaurants and trattorias & Restaurants in Europe. Kudos, pasta bar!

The desserts were nice, not exceptional, except for the Mud Pie, which melted in our mouths.
service was good. Attentive, but not overpowering, and for a change I went to a clean toilet in a crowded eatery.
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anand_alternate - Burrp User


January 07,2013

Buon appetito

Had a great dinner last night the t- Nagar pasta bar veneto restaurant. I am visiting family in chennai from sydney and finally got a chance to get my parents and cousins together for a dinner on sunday night. The food was very authentic italian and great value for money. I eat a lot of italian in sydney as there is a big first and second generation italian community in sydney and this place was up there with the best of them. Had a spaghetti aioli spinach and chicken which was delicious. Perfect drizzle of chilli oil blended and fried through and tossed with the spinach. The italian chicken wings we great as was were the bruschetta appetisers- mushroom and chicken. Great veg dishes as well. My parents had the diablo veg pizzas and they had loads of vegies which is the way they like it. The service was great and the food was provided promptly and warm as we were a pretty hungry bunch.
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V P - Burrp User


January 03,2013

Sack the chef!

We booked a table for 4 for NYE evening. First impression...a nice restaurant, laid out well...definitely liked the ambience. The Italian menu looked impressive and we were all very excited!

We ordered the drinks and starters first. 2 plates of cheese garlic bread and 2 plates of Italian chicken wings. The garlic breads and 1 plate of chicken wings arrived....the garlic bread was quite soggy with no hint of any garlic with melted cheese on top!!! The 'Italian' chicken wings looked and tasted like badly made KFC chicken wings. It was quite hard and salty! After a while the 2nd plate of chicken wings arrived and we wished that we hadnt ordered 2 plates of this so called Italian wings!!!

The drinks then arrived...the fresh lime soda was just sour and we couldnt even finish our drinks.

Having seen and eaten their version of "Italian starters", we decided to leave the place as we didnt want to waste our time and money on the main courses!

As we didnt have any of their pizzas and pastas, I cannot comment on the quality and taste (or lack of ) of their main courses.
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SRahul - Burrp User


November 09,2012

Decent Italian fare!

There are only a handful of restaurants in Chennai that serve authentic Italian. And Veneto really tries hard to capture the essence. They have a nicely designed menu card that has these little facts printed on each page about Italy, very interesting. But the lack of options and variety in their Pastas and Pizzas are a let down. The portions are nothing to brag about, very modest in my opinion. I ordered a grilled chicken dish and found the meat to be overcooked. The starters were great though. Best Potato Wedges I've had in a long time. They serve tartar sauce along with it, which was strange (might have eggs). And what really impressed me was their expresso machine. The coffee coming out of that baby was heavenly! Worth a visit, I'd say, considering the prices.
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Abishek Chandrasekaran - Burrp User

Abishek Chandrasekaran

November 09,2012

great italian food. under-trained waiters.

went there on a weekend afternoon and got a table immediately. The ambience is good but the waiters arent fully trained. their accent is difficult to understand and there was a confusion....i had ordered an egg based sizzler but was given something else. since it was a platter of other vegetables and the paneer looked like egg, i started off with my dish but the person on the next table soon complained that his dish hadnt been delivered. soon there was a problem and the manager arrived...or maybe it was the owner....he sorted it out with immediate response. i was given my dish as complimentary along with a complimentary dessert packed...yes, a very good response but i dunno if this would have happened if the owner hadnt been there....the food is really tasty and so was the tiramisu (the rum flavouring was a tad too much) ....
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rknkcv - Burrp User


November 02,2012

Nice Italian Food

Pizzas were really delicious , not like the once they give at Domino's or PizzaHut..where after few bites you would want to eat something else.Salads are quite ok with right amount of dressing.
Suggestion would be, should employ more staff to serve ,there was just one lady serving eveyone and finally someone else was having what we had ordered ;) ,the salad finally arrived after our main course.The Mud-pie is a must try in the desserts section.Will surely go back for those yumm pizzas.
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foodblogger - Burrp User


September 25,2012

Best Italian Restaurant in town!

Have been a Pasta Bar' loyalist since they started and haven't been dissapointed as far as the food is concerned. Yes, the parking gets a bit crowded and the restaurant is packed on most weekends, so we always reserve in advance to save the hassle. The food is truly of outstanding quality, their raviolis, spaghetti bolognese & arabiatta is to die for. My children love their barbeque pizzas and chicken wings and almost always settle for these. The grills and bakes are nice too but what takes the cake (quite literally) is their cheese cake and mud pie. Love this neat Italian cafe. These guys are actually my saviors in Chennai.
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gmk1982 - Burrp User


August 24,2012

Nice Ambiance

This place has an nice Ambiance and nice tasty food, as few reviewers pointed out the service people to be bit more attentive and don't stick to the computer all always.Also An Italian food is not complete without an Wine I would recommend to start serving Wine too.
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goodfoodintown - Burrp User


August 16,2012


Me and my family decided to visit the Annanagar, outlet, after much difficulty we found a parking space, we entered the restaurant looking for a table, finally one of the service personnel comes up and says 'no place'. I see tables for four with 2 people and tables for 2 empty. This guy doesn't even suggest any alternative seating, he tells me sit on the high stools or TRY waiting for 10- 15 minute you MIGHT get a seat for 4. I said I am too old to sit on a bar stool and enjoy a dinner . We walked out and found a lovely place to spend the evening.
I dont think I will go back to go through the headache of finding parking / then to confront a service guy who knows anything but to SERVE.........it's high time managements think about training staff..........food business is all about customers
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J_Shiva - Burrp User


August 05,2012

Disappointing !!

Me and my group of friends decided to have lunch on Saturday,4th of August as we were all in the mood for Italian cuisine.The menu is quite elaborate,it has excellent info not only of the cuisine,but of Italy and its accomplishments in the various fields.Though the restaurant has a good number of staff,they seem to be very inefficient.Most of them are at the front counter with their heads buried in the system.Finally one of them comes up to take the order.We ordered the usual garlic breads and some roasted chicken with a tasty dip.In the meantime,I noticed the place was getting warm by the second as they had failed to turn the ACs on.The music was also quite bad.Not many new tracks were available and suddenly they played tamil carnatic music.
After sometime our starters arrived and it was quite good.As the waiter placed the food we ordered our main course,which was 2 pizzas,2 pastas and one Piadina.one of us asked the waiter what a Piadina was. And we were astounded by his answer.He said it was vegetables,cheese and meat wrapped up by a "chapathi" !!
After about 20- 30 mins our dishes arrived.2 pastas,1 pizza and the "Piadina" ,except my pizza.
i thought lets give it sometime and waited.Soon i asked the same waiter for my pizza and he said that i hadnt ordered one.I was quite frustrated and had to wait another 15 mins for the pizza to be delivered.We soon decided on the dessert.They didnt have any brownies.So we ordered 1 tiramisu,2 cheesecakes and one cold coffee.They came ina about 10 mins or so.The tiramisu tasted really weird.it was spoiled and so were the cheesecakes!! Both had this spoiled taste and my friends left it halfway through!! The cheesecake didnt even have a biscuit base.
All in all it was a disastrous lunch,ruined our reunion after one whole year,thanks to pasta bar veneto!! I wonder how they are burrp vertified ?? I actually wanted to vent out my anger at the restaurant people but thought the better of it. So much for the Italian experience,ended up getting a Indo-Italian one.Only good point was satisfactory starters and a good main course.
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v l - Burrp User

v l

July 10,2012


Well, Pasta Bar was of course my favorite neighborhood eat-out joint until a few days ago. A distasteful experience, has changed my opinion about the place completely. On friday night ((July 6), we decided to dine at 10 in the night-which is the usual time we go to that place. We saw a lot of people clearing just when we were getting in. First few minutes of waiting time was usual. Then the busy waiters, serving god knows who in the empty restaurant, kept burying their heads into the computer system and we had to wave and call out to get their attention. Placed the orders for starters. Again, we had to wave to get water, plates and spoons to be served when the starters had come. The waiters seem to be huddled in one corner of the place completely oblivious of the calls and waves that we kept making. This was not just this time but the usual case. They are always peeping into the computer not taking an effort to go around the place to check if the food orders are in place. At about ten forty it was time for main drama-the main course. Again, the painful effort of waving-as though we had to greet people standing in the waiting area of an airport. Slowly the waiter came in and took our order. He came out in few minutes and uttered in a tone for which I had to strain my ears to get the message. He said "not there mam'. I thought it was just that particular dish. Then when I had to grill him for an answer he said-like it would not make any difference to us-"kitchen closed". I was surprised coupled with extreme anger. What the Hell! What stopped him to come over and let us know that it was closing time. It was not that we would have forced him to prepare exquisite dinner for us at the wee hours. But going by the usual protocol in every restaurant, I assumed we would have been informed. But then- no! I asked him why did you not tell me- he just stared at me and said Sorry mam. That fueled my anger. not an effort to apologize or to think what can be done! arms thrown up in the air and had already given up. One-we were hungry; second- he just dint care a damn. Even a small hotel in Ramanujam street, T.Nagar would have had the courtesy to come over and inform ppl abt the closing time. I so hated the discourteous attitude. He wore a inconsiderate look-It was as though-we have made our million rupees serving many through the day. It is ok if you walk out with empty stomach. I was so irritated with this attitude. I moved to the counter to ask another-who was again busy burying his head into the god forsaken computer god knows serving whom! Absolutely unapologetic, insincere and discourteous. as though the kitchen was ten streets away and they were not aware of the kitchen closing. WTF! either these dumb waiters did not bother to inform us or the kitchen kings forgot to inform the army of waiters. On the whole it turned out to be one regrettable experience. PAsta bar was always my fav and I used to recommend to a lot of ppl. From now on-no more visits and no more recommendation unless the team mends its attitude. Who did they last serve? President of India? Federer? Sachin? What S$%$ attitude! good adios to this place. NEVER EVRE AGAIN
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John Smith - Burrp User

John Smith

May 19,2012

Their lasagna sucks!!

Ordered it for the first time today. It was terrible. I haven't tried anything else from this place but as for lasagna, i had to throw them away. I would have been less frustrated had they not charged me this much!!. Ideally what i paid 600 for should have costed me not more than 99. Sorry to say but don't ever try their lasagna.
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear John
I'm very sorry to hear that you did not enjoy the lasagna at our restaurant in T. Nagar. For today only 3 veg lasagna has been sold and incidentally our veg lasagna is priced only at Rs. 195/- and not Rs. 600/-. I would be glad to speak to you in order to understand what was the issue and to ensure that we serve you better in future. You can contact me at 8939966797 or reply with your contact no.

Vinish Kumar - Burrp User

Vinish Kumar

May 14,2012

Cool Ambiance and Excellent food!

The restaurant at T.Nagar has a cool ambiance and also a small open dinning area. The atmosphere is something which i admire the most. And my favourite food at Pasta Bar is Barbeque pizza, lasagne and Mud pie.
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Vinish
Thank you for your valuable feedback. Glad to know that you enjoy our food and ambiance. we look forward to your continued visits.

Aravind Gopalakrishnan - Burrp User

Aravind Gopalakrishnan

April 23,2012

Less Quantity

Me and my wife wanted to try out this place and when we were going through T. Nagar yesterday, we stopped by and went to this restaurant. Their set up impressed both of us although the music could have been less louder. It took about 10 minutes for the person to take the order. Wish it was lesser. Coming to the menu, they had a wide range of pastas, baked and grilled varities. We ordered a starter, soup and a main course of platter of mashed potatoes, mushrooms, cottage cheese and bell pepper. Though the taste was okay, we felt the starter and main course were very less in quantity for the price they charge. We don't mind coming back to this provided their management do something to step up the quantity of food they serve. Overall a good experience.
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Finny Chellakumar - Burrp User

Finny Chellakumar

April 22,2012

Love their Pizzas amd everything they serve

The place itsef is very European with a glass roof and the smell of coffee. Amazing place (especially the one in T-Nagar), the service is great and the food is fab.

Went there once and couldn't resist going there after that, their Pizzas are just too good, have tried almost everything in their menu the lasagna was just too good. If you are a Italian food lover this is a place you shouldn’t miss.
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Sripriya007 - Burrp User


April 08,2012

Amazed by the good reviews.

I'm just wondering if I went to the same place that has these reviews.

We went for lunch at the T.Nagar place last week and the food was just terrible.

We ordered the Bruschetta al Pomodore for starters, which was just ok. Not worth the 100 bucks.

We then ordered the Lasagna di Verdure and the baked Frittata di Verdure, both of which were simply terrible. The lasagna was definitely from the day before which had been microwaved and served to us. The veggies in the frittata were not fresh at all. One of the tomatoes in it had a weird smell and we had to leave both dishes quarter eaten.

To top it, the service was pathetic. There only three tables occupied in the restaurant. One of them got the wrong bill, the other had to keep yelling for the waiter to take their orders and I have written about my experience.

Definitely not a place I would visit again or recommend to anyone.
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Divya  - Burrp User


March 01,2012

Great food, great place - Even for veggies!

To start with the excellent air the place has got! Very pleasing and comfortable. Beautiful interior designs! Love at first sight!

Great starters. Mozzarella Ricotta Fingers and Bruschetta al pomodoro are splendid! Always my first ones to order!
Cream Cheese pastas are amazing! Not very expensive either. My fav main course!
Pizzas are reaally yum! The crust is just perfect, neither too thick nor too thin! The toppings and sauce makes it quite marvelous.
Mud pie and cheese cakes are reallly good! Wide range of desserts!

Overall : A great place to have a good meal!
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Sri Hariharan S - Burrp User

Sri Hariharan S

February 19,2012

Italian Delight!

As soon as you enter this place you can't help but notice the Burrp! Certified "Most Popular pastas" award and "Times Food award" for Best Italian restaurant adorning the walls! So I was happy that I had not made a bad choice selecting this place for a Team lunch. We had reserved our tables prior but found that the place was full when we reached. We had to wait for about 15 mins and we decided not to waste time and place the orders. Finally we were allotted a table, but the wooden chairs were really uncomfortable. When I addressed this to our waiter, Mr.Karthik, he asked us to wait for few more minutes so that he could get us a table with plush sofas. Luckily for us one group was leaving and we were given that table.

Now coming to the food, we started with Potato wedges and Bruschetta al pomodoro. The wedges were sinfully delicious and the dip that accompanied it was awesome. The Bruschetta was good. For main course we went for Pasta Arabiatta and Veg grill. The grill was delicious and the pasta was good too. I have never been a great fan of pastas but others seemed to enjoy it a lot. We also tried their thin crust pizza and I must say it was an out of the world experience. This was one of the best I’ve ever had!! I finally finished it off with a Green apple mojito.

Overall it was a great experience. And I must certainly mention about the service. Mr.Karthik, who served us, was seen wearing a smile always and was so courteous. The service was a wee bit slow and they got the starters, main course together. Also on the improvement side, they could do away with those uncomfortable wooden chairs or have some cushions added to them. A must try restaurant for a foodie.

P.S: Pasta Bar Veneto has been recognized as "One of Asia's finest restaurants 2011/2012" by the famous Miele Guide. Congrats guys and Keep up the good work!!

Ambiance - 3/5
Food - 3.5/5
Service - 4/5
VFM - 4/5
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Shiff - Burrp User


February 06,2012

A quick trip to Pasta!

We were in the mood for continental, and my hubby wanted to know what 'Lasagna' tasted like. So off we to the Pasta Bar. The place is quaint, with a giant tree in the middle of a tiny courtyard. Since we had timed our trip around lunch time, it was too hot to sit outside, so we chose a corner seat in the AC lounge. The ambience was simple, nothing flashy.
My hubby kept himself engaged reading the menu card which was filled with fun-facts about Italy, and he kept popping his head out the card to say, "Did you know...?"
The spread is also fairly simple. We started out with a delicious appetizer with Mozarella Ricotta fingers. Our main dishes were a chicken-based Lasagna and Tonno (A tuna pizza). The green apple mojito was refreshing, but we couldn't find anything interesting the dessert menu.

The rates are decent and serving portions are also fair enough for the price. Only downside I found were the wooden chairs. I found my chair pretty uncomfortable, so I guess the plush sofas would've been a better bet.

Overall, a nice place for a quiet lazy lunch!
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Sreehari  B. Nambiar  - Burrp User

Sreehari B. Nambiar

January 22,2012


relax is what environment tells you at this restaurant. with large center courtyard and the tree there, the atmosphere is serene with the white background and good food. slightly on the costly side, the food is tasty, but lacks quantity, especially the grills. For this price it would be nice if they can give us some variety of pastas (its said there are over 100 types of pastas??) anyway 5-6 variants should help. been here twice and once in their branch in pondy. loved all the three visits and planning to more. keep up the good work!
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Abishek Keith - Burrp User

Abishek Keith

January 20,2012

Good ambience with great food

Visited this place for the first time last week and since then i had visited the pasta bar veneto almost thrice.... The food is simply amazing with reasonable price and the ambiance on the other hand is quite good.... Will surely be visiting this place again and again.......
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Divya Jayaraman - Burrp User

Divya Jayaraman

November 03,2011

Great Food Reasonably Priced

had been to this place a few days to check some new out in Chennai. it was a very good decision to try out this place. the food here is really good and very reasonably priced. none of the dishes on the menu seem over priced. i was surely like to go to this place sometime soon
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karimanal - Burrp User


October 28,2011

I'll visit again

The bad news is:
The quality of cheese and the amount of cheese in their fo
More choice for vegetarians
The starters were very good but Indian in taste.
The creamy pasta was also very good. Lasagne lags it cheese especially for the one who got used to Americanised Italian food. For the desert the Tiramisu and the Mud Pie were awesome. They were so tempting that we wanted to order another one but restricted ourself. The Orio Cookie shake, for those who got used to the 'Jack in the Box' shake it is no way comparable. Main reason being here the shake doesn't have ice cream in it they only mix milk and cream and some oreos and blend them.

Over all I love this place.
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Dipu George - Burrp User

Dipu George

October 01,2011

2 Reviews

I enter PBV when there were only 3 people seated. One was having a dessert seated near the dessert bar counter and two couple who had almost finished their food. I had no idea why someone took 15 minutes to come and take order from me. Fortunately, I had picked a menu card while I walked in or it would have taken some more time. Enough of bad experiences, food was given fast, piping hot and I would give it a full five for it. But I am taking out a star only coz the presentation was absolutely not there... Not a stand of basil or parsley, C'mon we get that when we order pasta from Pizza Hut and this is a full fledged resto and they should make the food look appealing. The most reviewed cheese jalapenos is what I ordered. It was wholesome but the dip could have been better. I am sure it is coz I am not so fond of Cheddar cheese... May be they should give a choice of what cheese it comes with. But I am sure fans of cheddar will like this for sure. The main course was a pasta - AMAZING** I ordered for a veg pasta and topped it with extra of grilled chicken. Filled my stomach smooth & easy !! The balance was perfect - I was able to get hints of rose mary (I am going to forget that I bit into a strand). This is a restaurant that that has the potential to stay with a good name if they spread the dedication towards service side as well. I am going to go there today as well and I am waiting for it to be 11:00 A.M. And one thing yyou should know is they don't have Cappelini D'Angelo - This is one pasta type we Indians would love to love !! Wish they had or include it soon.
I am not a dessert guy and the guilt of all the delectable cheese and sauces just wouldn't let me try those !!

Day - 2 : Awesomeness.. Chicken Polpette, Bruschetta Funghi and Pasta Mediterranean... Polpette was out of the world and so was the Pasta.. Order was taken in 2 Minutes... And my passion for food was recognized almost immediately. So after my scrumptious meal, I was taken for a tour of the kitchen which looks like a kitchen in states - Well organized and clean. Even the cut vegetables was stored in refrigerated shelf... Now I know why food tastes very fresh !! I highly recommend you to try it
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Coolkris - Burrp User


September 17,2011

Pasta bar mambos italiano !

A refreshing change in good old chennai , finally a cool restaurant with great style and fantastic food !!! The chicken polpette was delicious and the bruschetta was to die for ,the pomodoro basilica was yummy and the pasta aiglio olio with chicken disappeared in hurry and I still had space for the desert, the mudpie was the right reccomandation from a kind young man (must be a regular as he seemed certain I would like it ) !!!

Cosy place ,great music , yummy food,easy on the wallet and friendly service ,what more can a guy ask for ???!!!!
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sancupid6 - Burrp User


August 28,2011

Good Food

Great place to hang out with friends... me and my husband liked the food,place and ambiance.. cheese jalapenos...just wow!! garlic bread tooo good to resist :).. i am going to visit this place more n more :)
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aashikaa - Burrp User


June 13,2011

Good decor and Ambiance

2 stars just for their Ambiance and decor and not for their so called Italian Cuisine.

Horrible service.

Minestrone was soooo concentrated that we get filled having that alone.

Mediteranne was served cold and not even warm.

Mozzarella In Carrozza was not to the Italian standards.

Too much of hype on burrp and nothing seems to be realistic.
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poornimasathy - Burrp User


April 11,2011

Value for money

Neat Italian food. Although please dont expect the perfect ingredients or Al dante texture, the food is still neat. Good for a casual evening out and dont want to go to the usual South indian/udipi restaurants
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karthiksamurai - Burrp User


March 15,2011


I had come with my manager from Mumbai to have lunch at pasta bar Veneto.
He is a person who likes spicy food so ordered for Arrabiata with extra grilled chicken and on the dessert had mud pie. He was really happy and went on gaga about the food and the ambience and most importantly the pricing.
Said he will visit this place when he comes back next time.
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Aneesh121 - Burrp User


March 12,2011

Live band

Hey guys one of my friend has visited pasta bar veneto and informed that they have a live band playing on 19th march which is next saturday. I will definitely be there with my friends...
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diviashk - Burrp User


March 12,2011

Worth trying it..

I tried this restaurant in burkit road very recently with my husband.. The ambiance is really gud.. i`ll definitly come down again with my friends.. and about the food, it is not a restaurant which just has some fancy italian names and serve you some tasteless pastas., The pastas and Pizzas were classic and the quantity was quiet reasonable.The service was also gud.. We got all the dishes in less than 10 mins,.. If you think places like Little italy is too costly and if you want to try some really gud italian pasta, you can drop in this place.. definitly worth trying,.
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Vijay V. - Burrp User

Vijay V.

February 21,2011

Below Average, Flavourless Food

It isn't enough just to put fancy, Italian names for the dishes in your menu. You need to cook and prepare them right too. Unfortunately after all the hype, Pasta Bar Veneto, T. Nagar fails miserably. My wife and I ordered the Cheese Jalapenos as a starter. We expected authentic jalapeno poppers but what we got was nothing but a deep-fried, 5-piece plate of the cheap, frozen stuff you can pick up at Nilgiris. We then split a Caesar Salad. The lettuce was soggy and served at room temperature. Caesar Salad should always be served ice-cold and crispy. It's not rocket science. The croûtons were soft again, instead of crispy. I must admit however that the garlic bread served with it was quite decent. I then ordered the Mediterenee Pasta with spaghetti. Here's where it hit rock bottom. The chef omitted the salsa rosa, the bell peppers which were supposed to be roasted, tasted like they were boiled along with the pasta, there was ONE tiny piece of sundried tomato just so they could be legally covered for serving what was written on the menu description, and the parmesan was non-existent. And it didn't help that it was absolutely flavourless, so much so that if I ate the plate instead, it might have tasted better.

My wife ordered the Open Cheese & Chilli Toast, which was a little on the spicy side but decent. Of course it wasn't enough as a meal so she ordered a Fussili Arrabiata. When you have to ask for crushed red pepper to add to an Arrabiata, you know it hasn't been prepared right. Not to mention, bland and flavourless yet again.

For all the Italian accent in the radio commercials, the Italian nomenclature on the menu, the promoters of this restaurant forgot the Italian in the food. My recommendation, go to Nilgiris, pick up some pasta, some tomato-basil sauce or pesto and fix yourself a pasta at home. Trust me, it's a lot more authentic and satisfying on your pallet than anything you will find at this restaurant.

Note to the manager: Please insulate the restaurant well. We were seated in a corner, being eaten alive by mosquitoes.
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greymatters - Burrp User


February 02,2011

a restaurant and a good one at that!

nice ambience.high roofing,pleasant interiors nothing over the top which is probably the way to go in a small space like this!
it can certainly seat 50 people easily and the outdoor space is definitely not an after-thought..
coming to the food, the chicken sausage starter got us glued to the seat n the plate!
resisting temptation to re-order we went n ordered our main course of veg lasagna and a baked macaroni with chicken .
the macaroni with chicken was definitely awesome the veg lasagna was so-so although i simply think its not the problem of the way it was prepared;veggies just didn sit well in a lasagna thats about it..
splitting a tiramisu was the way to go and we did just that. it could have been better but i am willing to forgive them for a 6/10 tiramisu.
overall, a real good experience. for 2 people its a cozy joint for 4 its a peppy joint..get it??
service was fantastic.. i almost felt bad for not having visited them earlier..
also the portion sizes are good for one person cos pastas n cream sauce tend to fill you up quick.
next time will try the pizzas and the pasta!
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Kenneth Dsouza - Burrp User

Kenneth Dsouza

January 25,2011

Amazing Food

We had planned a Birthday Surprise over here and the staff were very helpful in setting it up. The Menu and Interiors are well done. The atmosphere is chilled out. The Food was Good. We had Sandwiches and Macaroni pasta. Both of which were good. I Hope to return and try the Lasagna!
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Manoj Kalra - Burrp User

Manoj Kalra

January 17,2011

Value for Money

Was at the Pasta Bar yesterday and had a salad + a plate of pasta. The ambiance was very nice and was enjoyed. The music was very loud which on a request was actually turned down. On the food front, I would rate it as fine and not a wow. The preparation seemed to lack a chef's special touch. It was a very normal pasta dish.

Overall, at the price, it seemed value for money and a wonderful hangout place.

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Kranthi Katikala - Burrp User

Kranthi Katikala

December 29,2010

Losing authenticity??????

The ambience was excellent and we were well received. However, i feel that the italianness was a bit off-tracked.
I liked the pizza hut pizzas which were thicker.
It does seem a bit costly.
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Aneesh121 - Burrp User


December 29,2010

Hang out joint

Hey i visited pasta bar with my friends last sunday i have to say very good ambeince. The staffs were very curtious. good guys keep it up
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Shradha Muralidharan - Burrp User

Shradha Muralidharan

December 22,2010

Delicious trattare italiano! :D

When you enter Pasta Bar Veneto at Alsa Mall, its like entering a whole other world! Their ambience is awesome, with good music and yumm food! I am a huge fan of Italian food, and their sandwiches are amazing and the mud pie is to die for! Their Menu is also very innovative with cute facts about Europe. Try it once and you'll definitely go back for more!
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smrit26 - Burrp User


December 22,2010

yummm-ay !

It's one of the first good Italian restaurant we have had in chennai after so long!! The food was yummy, and healthy in quantity, totally worth the price. The ambience is brightly lit, cosy and the service and staff is very crisp and welcoming ...The place has the best deserts I have tasted in such a looong time! They also have bands playing some really good music during the weekends...and that takes the experience of dining to whole other level ! Pasta Bar Veneto is definitely a new revelation in Chennai ! There re two branches, one in Tnagar and the other at Egmore. Me and my friends have visited both the places and we have had some of the best dishes and a wonderful time! This is definitely one place your tummy wont tire of..... yummmay !
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Nakshatra123 - Burrp User


December 21,2010

The Pasta Bar Veneto

Wonderful ambience,nice service, soothing music. On the main course we had Meditarenee and Lasagne di pollo and on the dessert we had Light and darkness yammy it just melts inside your mouth. Guys it's worth it.
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AnudeepN - Burrp User


December 02,2010

Is worth a try

I was visiting Chennai on official work for couple of days and was staying in T.Nagar. Thought of having dinner outside one day and found good reviews on Burrp about Pasta Bar Veneto close to my hotel and decided to give it a try.

After a long tiring day, went to Pasta Bar wnd was greeted very cordially by the person called Abhay. On knowing that I was from Bangalore, he assured me of better and more authentic Italian food than what I would have had in Bangalore. Definitely my expectations were now pretty high.

Ambience was nice and cosy but nothing great. There were tables with seating of 2 or couches with seating of 7-8 people. I decided to take a couch.

Being alone I decided to go with a starter, soup, 1 Pizza and a dessert. Ordered Bruschetta (the one with tomatoes) and a tomato basil soup. Bruschetta came and moment I put it in my mouth, it simply melted. It was the best I have had so far. Soup was in a nice quantity but was very sweet. The guy in Pasta Bar offered to change the same for me when I told him about the same, but I wasn't too keen to have another one having had half of it already.

Ordered one vegetaria pizza (don't rememeber the name) which had lot of toppings like olive, jalapeno, tomato, cheese etc. When it came, the size of the pizza was a little small if you compare it to other similar restaurants. Moreover the crust was thicker than what usually it should be.

Anyways, it was looking pretty tempting and I got myself busy with that. I ate couple of slices and found it to be just OK. In my 3rd/4th slize, I had started getting a feeling that the crust was way too crisp than it should be, looked as if it had been over-done. Then I turned the pizza around and could see that some sides of the pizza had got burnt slightly and the entire crust from the bottom had been over-done and was giving a burnt taste. I left those burnt corners in the end and showed it to Abhay, who was obviously apologetic about it.

I hoped that just like a good start, the ending also may be good only. So I ordered a mud pie (had read in some review that its good). So I was politely told that the mud pie is not available. So here goes a good ending for a toss. Abhay offered me a new desert light & dark, so anyways I decided to go for it. Dessert was pretty OK.

All in all, the expereince was an average one. Probably they need to work a little more on the "authenticity" part which they claim to be having. The mouth watering Bruschetta proves that they have ability to serve better food.

My ratings are below.
Ambience - 7
Serivce - 10
Starter - 10
Soup - 5
Pizza - 6
Dessert - 7 (1 mark cut for the desired dessert not available)
Pricing - 7 (My bill for 4 items was just under 500 bucks)

Overall - 6.5. They really need miles to go to bring themselves up to the level of good Italian restaurants. I hope they do pull themselves up before coming to Bangalore (which they said they plan to).
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FOODIEtopaz - Burrp User


November 13,2010

Pasta Bar Veneto-Italy in a whole NEW perspective

Got a call from a friend one afternoon asking me to join her for dinner at some new Italian restaurant, being a FOODIE i quickly googled reviews on this restaurant to see if it was worth my time on a Saturday Night.

Not many reviews as the restaurant was new but never the less all pretty decent.

So i decided why not live up to the title i'd given myself (FOODIE) and go try it out!

READERS, POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS, EVERYONE, Pasta Bar Veneto got an 10/10 from me that night!

The Menu to start off with was so colourful, informative, and interesting. I went through the whole menu from cover to cover twice.

We ordered our starters. Our waiter seemed to have come straight from Italy.. "Welcome to Pasta Bar Venetoo" ( with that Italian Accent) which made me feel like i was in one of the little streets of Italy.

As we waited for our starters, we had a chance to look around and must i say i was beautiful. The decor was simple, white walls, out door seating area.. So Italiano!!

Food didnt take very long to come from then on.. in fact it was such fast service that my friend and i didnt exchange any conversation other than " oh this is good" , uh uh try this, its even better".. "YUMMIEEE"..

Surprising us all the way through our dinner ending off with the Dessert - Mud Pie was just to die for.

We stayed there for 2 and a half hours just captivated by our surroundings and with our taste buds tingling with every single bit we took out of every single dish.

I have'nt mentioned any of my favourite dishes because i do not want to limit your choice.

I have been to Pasta Bar 15 times in the last one month trying out something different every time i go. And i have never come across anything i did'nt like.

A spectular experience!!

As i said ----- Pasta Bar Veneto - Italy in a whole NEW perspective.
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alanjon123 - Burrp User


November 12,2010

Awesome place

Good looking place, great ambiance, clean and good food, the best sheesha and mock mojito in chennai plus that guy with the beard is so cute
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alanjon123 - Burrp User


November 12,2010

Awesome Place!!!!!

Good looking place. Great ambiance great food and the best sheesha and mojito in chennai.
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Rohini Mohanraj - Burrp User

Rohini Mohanraj

November 08,2010

Not just a restaurant? I think it just is.

Another addition to the city’s Italian bandwagon is The Pasta Bar Veneto. Their radio ad which states, “It’s not just a restaurant. What is it?”, is rather intriguing.

The ambience of the place is unquestionably beautiful. Both indoor and outdoor seating are available. Live performances happen here every other weekend and hookahs seem popular too.

The menu offers a decent number of options to choose from. There are the usual suspects - pastas and pizzas apart from starters, soups, grills, sandwiches, crepes, baked items, beverages and desserts.

The Potato Wedges and Ricotta Fingers made for a perfect start to our meal. The Ricotta Fingers were sinfully yummy. I could see the calories making a presence in my body even as I was consuming them. The only let down was the quantity as the measly portion consists of just 5 really tiny fingers. The dip served with the starters was tangy and tasty.

For the main course we ordered pasta and pizza. The pasta lacked flavour and the sun dried tomatoes that the menu claimed the dish had were invisible. However, the pizza was delicious and is certainly one of the best vegetarian pizzas we’ve had. Beverages are average. They have a tendency to make them too sweet.

Service was not up to scratch. We had to wait for over 15 minutes to be served our starters and even then, there were some glitches. The Vegetarian Sandwich had transformed itself into a Chicken Sandwich by the time it reached us and, as a result, we had to cancel our order. On complaining about the service, we were told that the one of the chefs was on leave and hence the delay and the confusion. By and large though it was a pleasant experience.

However, there is nothing that sets The Pasta Bar Veneto apart from any other Italian restaurant except for the fact that it's open throughout the day. There is definitely scope for improvement on the service and the food front.

Meal for two (with drinks): Approximately Rs 700

burrp! reviews anonymously and pays for all meals
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Chintan Bhatia - Burrp User

Chintan Bhatia

November 02,2010

Really Nice !!

A very well located in the heart of T. Nagar, with quiet surroundings, well made up interiors and authentic Italian food, nice open air sheesha place, casual sitting with separate a/c dinning facility, ambiance and food is really amazing... the service is gr8 very polite and hospitable, really recommend this place, Moderately Expensive, but can be done with...
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Divya18 - Burrp User


October 26,2010

For the pasta lovers..

Very good choice of food, reasonably priced and tingles your taste buds :) The ambiance is nice, would like to try their outdoor seating, very rudimentary but that would suit me best! I crave for an open space where i could sip a coffee over a book! It looked like the ideal place(Will try it next time when i venture alone).

The starter, chicken fillets was very good, had a very distinct taste that lingered for long - 5/5. For main course we had a pasta and pizza. Pasta was done very well, tasted perfect ! The pizza was equally good but here since it was an italian restaurant i expected those really thin crust pizza, it wasn't that thin, neither was it the Pan type - it fitted somewhere in between.

Something disappointing was, we had asked for chilli flakes and oregano for the pizza, but never got it till the end. The people are very friendly and warm, but i felt they were very very obliging! If they couldnt serve chilli flakes and oregano they should have informed when we asked rather than saying, "It is on the way, all the time". I appreciate your courtesy but i would have taken 'No' for an answer as you are newly opened and doing a great job, rather than making us wait, which made the pizza go cold !

They even customize the food to your needs, which is very thoughtful. Overall i liked the whole experience! I am coming there again and would love to see the oregano on the table ;)
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ayushasera - Burrp User


October 23,2010

This place rox...

the food is amazing,the ambiance is nice...and the pr is awesome...:)...finally found a good place in t.nagar for hookah...
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viveknair5 - Burrp User


October 18,2010

Good Food Haven!

On a lazy saturday afternoon, we marched into the Pasta Bar Veneto, half expecting it to be still under construction..That's because the facade of the building in which this place is located is actually not 100% done..But that didn't hold us back and we trooped along the sideway and got inside..I was pretty impressed with the interiors and the ambience..Emphasis was given to natural light flowing into the restaurant and that really was a welcome change..The service was instant and courteous..Since the place had opened just a couple of days back, the staff showed great interest in the feedback of their customers and were to been seen talking with everyone who had come in..Iced Tea, Primavera Pasta, Diavolo Pizza and Mud pie were some of the items we ordered and each item was just perfect..There were some ingredients like zucchini and broccoli which were quite a good fit in the dishes we tried..Every little detail was taken care of to get the Italian mood going..e.g., their menu was a plethora of colourful pictures of things that are symbolic of Italy, along with a lot of interesting info. thrown in on the Italian culture..The walls were adorned with lovely sketches of Italian bistros and the bridges of Venice..The best part was the peppy (not loud) music being played non-stop, which was quite soulful and apt for the ambience! One of my friends claimed that for a moment, he thought he was actually having lunch in a restaurant in Italy! I guess that sums up our overall experience!! Simply superb and great value for money too!!
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