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Deepesh Tarun  - Burrp User

Deepesh Tarun

April 14,2013

Expensive Fare

At almost 1500 per person for Kebabs, this is almost a luxury buffet. But the number of kebabs and variety is just extreme. As always with grill places, the starters are the main deal and they are just awesome. There are lots of variety in both the Veg and No -Veg section. The Mutton Sheekh kebabs are especially awesome. Worth a one time visit
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boopathypv - Burrp User


December 20,2012

Costly.. Not worth it.. There are better places..

After reading the review... I went with few friends on 13th-Dec-2012 for dinner... The ambiance was good.... the only other good part, apart from Deserts... We were waiting for long time, for them to start serving the dish.... they were serving everything to fill us with, except the so called Kabab... when we got it, it was one piece at a time, if you want more... Wait...the Surprise! part is, they don't serve veg to non veg persons, haven't heard of it before... Please go at your own risk and don't regret later...
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Yuvaraj Arumugam - Burrp User

Yuvaraj Arumugam

November 19,2012

Too Expensive

Average cost for two is almost 3K for non veg, i personally fell the quality of the kabas are great. The ambiance and the service is really 5 star. The desserts are not up to the mark. but you get better places for this price.
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Premnath Sundarababu - Burrp User

Premnath Sundarababu

November 12,2012

Go there if u are a Kebab lover...Best in Town

They serve best kebabs in town...very costly though...if u love kebabs and five star experience be there
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m0n0_de3 - Burrp User


July 10,2012

Shame!!! visited on 2012-05-09

Shameless people...I took one of my foreign collegaues there for lunch (Chennai). They kept us waiting for more than 1 hour while they served food to their hotel executives. Two managers for each Exec (buttering what we call in India). It was so embarrasing to potrait such an image in front of other nationals.
My office does a lot of business for nearly all events. I will make sure that does not happen again.
"Two Stars" overall ( I would even put one if I could), can understand why. No one from Radisson gives a "Damn" what you think. They are busy feeding their Bosses.

Too bad I could rate them in minus 5
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nivedhitha1 - Burrp User


December 13,2011

give it a try once!!!

in spite of reading it is expensive we decided to try it.the ambiance is great.a brief introduction on their concept was given.the starters ,veg and non-veg,was perfect.it is hot and cooked tender and tasty.but they serve just ONE piece at a time and u have to ask if you want a extra piece.the main course was OK but the dessert just divine.the hot and cold dessert was just too good!!they also serve drinks like juice ,buttermilk to balance the taste buds and be ready for the next course.
overall,try once.it is expensive.!!!!!
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Sri Hariharan S - Burrp User

Sri Hariharan S

September 17,2011

Kabab Factory churns out the best Kababs!

One of the best place for Kababs! The galouti kabab was simply out of the world!! But the starters were served one after the other and we were made to wait a tad longer for the second round of kababs.

The main course was not that great! Biryani tasted very average, but then i was already loaded with 2 rounds of Kababs. Main course was followed by an array of delicious desserts.

Kababs - 5/5
Main course- 2.5/5
Service - 4/5
Ambiance - 4/5
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koilada - Burrp User


April 30,2011

Very expensive for what they serve

I tried a veg buffet today and its very very expensive to what they serve. I would prefer Barbeque Nation or Al Arab to TGKF. A veg buffet is 1000+ taxes and none of the kababs were tasty. Only desserts are tasty but you need not pay so much for this alone. Ambience is satisfactory. But not to ignore staff was really nice to us and courteous.
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diviashk - Burrp User


March 14,2011

Costly.. Yet worth trying once..

The starters are truly amazing and its not the regular ones that are served in all hotel like chilly potato, baby corn fry... its quite unique and tasy too.. I still remember the frankie served with tikka made of yam, zuchinni stuffed with cashews, mushrooms etc.. which i had an year ago.. The desserts are really gud especially the pan ice cream is quite unique..
And ofcourse the maincourse is not great but when u finish the starters you are almost full... ;)

There is nothing interesting about the ambiance or the service and it is quite highly priced. But If you are a foodie, then you can try this once for the kababs..
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abi_aryan - Burrp User


November 12,2010

Main Course Sucks!

All ye folks who haven't been to this place yet, be told that never mind the Kebabs do not have any hopes on the main course. Like is the case with most places starters are unlimited here and they are quite good and tasty to say the least. But only after you relish the lip smacking kebab you realise that you have eaten just one and that the waiting period along with the welcome drink offered has been quite filling. Unlike other similar restaurants TGKF serve only single piece (yes only one piece) after the other. They finish the mandatory 4-5 types or should I say pieces of starters very quickly and you feel full. (Quite a strategy to reduce wastage I must say). Now comes the main course where the menu is breads and dal makhani, dal fry and paneer (a non-veg person like me is left wondering if he has anything in offer). The wait is over when the serving person announces that there is biryani (both veg and non-veg). But sad that the so called chicken biryani looks anything but that. It tastes like plain dry rice cooked with some boiled chicken pieces put into it. On the whole a very disappointing spread for a place which boasts of one the finest hotels as its host.
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Jackie  - Burrp User


October 31,2010

Not a bad place for Kababs

The Great Kabab Factory.. located awhiles from the city but near the airport at the Radisson Hotel

Dining Experience: the ambiance is quite obscure... quite dark.. and random icicle structures seen at the ceiling.. The staff as always is polite and courteous... Once seated they have this tacky orange apron you can wear... why on earth would someone wear such a thing is beyond me...

Fav Dishes: The Kababs are great... but make sure you go in hungry.. because my friends this place is not cheap. At the end of your kababs.. you will get an assortment of naans/rotis along with your daal... as well as some briyani.. and to close it off with an assortment of desserts...

Overall Rating: Would i come back here again? Yes.. but prob every couple of months...
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Paavalan KM - Burrp User

Paavalan KM

July 23,2010

Ain't worth the bucks.

After reading a lot of reviews, I and my bunch of office colleagues made up our mind to visit this place at the Radisson GRT Hotel.We went for lunch during a week day and found this place not matching our expectations as we thought so after going through the reviews.The interiors were not so good,The first round of kababs served were simply great (Tangri and Murgh Malai Kababs-Hot and cooked well) the fish kabab was ok and Mutton kabab was real bad,The bearers tried their best to fill our stomach with everything except the kabab's, They were very slow in serving the next round of kabab's and taste of the kabab's dwindled with every round.They were very much happier in letting us go for the main course which doesn't have a non-veg curry for the money we pay.All put together this is a must avoid place that ain't worth the bucks.
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tomchacks - Burrp User


January 09,2010

Too much kitch

The interiors is something that could have been done better, especially for the Radisson. The food is OK, not great for the hype made about the Kabab Factory.

Some how the interiors, the staff and the concept doesnt gel well

Average place, more show than fine dinning
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rushi sam - Burrp User

rushi sam

December 01,2009

The best kababs in the city

I'd recommend The Great Kabab Factory hands down for the most authentic Kababs you can ever get in Chennai.I recently went here for lunch with my friends from Lucknow(Yes,Where you get the best kababs in the country)..I was lil hesitant whether they would find it authentic as they are from Utter Pradesh. And Oh Boy!!! They were taken aback with the wide range of Kababs...Veggies wouldn't be disappointed !!! Their dal of the day was wonderfuly made which was dal makhani.. The saffron bread and the galouti kababs are a must have out here.. We ended our meals havin Mal pua...lip smacking !!! A great place overall..friendly service too !!! Great going Radisson GRT !!!
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Sateesh Kumar  - Burrp User

Sateesh Kumar

November 20,2009

Not so Great Kabab Factory???

After reading so much reviews on this place, we gave a try to this kabab factory.
They have a set menu for Veg and Non-veg (Unlimited) with some 6 varieties of kababs, Nan/roti, Biryani and 5 desserts and costs ~1900 bucks for two.
The kababs are the highlights of this place and I couldnt appreciate the breads, biryani & desserts.
Having been a frequenter to other kabab specialty restaurants, which have the same great kababs, I couldnt find the "Value for money" factor, or the "Five Star touch" to justify the high cost here.
This place is a Good Kabab Factory and no so Great Kabab Factory
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Vijay V. - Burrp User

Vijay V.

October 29,2009


Superb selection of kababs, without having to wait long for them. Make sure you're very very hungry when you go for this experience.

And mind you, the vegetarians are not alienated. A diverse range of kababs for the veggies too. Following the round of kababs is a round of some splendid biryani, with a selection of Indian breads and the BEST Dal Makhni / Black Dal in town after Peshawari. Don't hog on the kababs too much so you have room for some Naan and Daal.

Follow this meal with some wonderful kulfi and recently introduced Paan-flavored ice cream which is to die for!

Drinks are ok, but ridiculously priced as is the case in all 5-star hotels. I usually prefer the ever-reliable KF to wash down the kababs.

Only downside to the place is the steep price, but I don't mind indulging every now and then.
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Guddu - Burrp User


September 29,2009

Ultimate kabab

This place has been my favorite since my first visit. more important then their preparation is their attitude in serving their guest.
the variety of kabab's is always there with todays speciality around the corner.
'Do visit"
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Murali Das - Burrp User

Murali Das

September 12,2009

Not worth it....

For the food you pay the food and service you get is not worth it. Somehow they have missed the point that variety in food is more important than just the concept. Agreed they have a concept though its nothing great to rave about! The service is so bad that after you have finished eating it leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Go there only if you want to see the place and your wallet is always loaded...Not recommended!
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Vivek Anand - Burrp User

Vivek Anand

August 26,2009

Good Kababs

I have visited kabab factory frequently in recent times. i am always interested in the amazing service they provide by explaining the food and the pace of service you need. try galothi kababs made out over hundred spices it tastes out of this world, and you get four more variety of kababs of fish and chicken. strangely by you finish the kebabs you feel full. the biriyani is nothing to write about very ordinary and you have five variety of desserts.the kulfi is good. though heavy on your wallet you can give a try.
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gan_gov - Burrp User


August 06,2009

Best place for vegeterian food too..

No matter what people said I had made up my mind to have dinner at Kabab factory with my wife. And I thanks my instincts for the same. The food was of amazing quality and the bearers were pretty good.
I enjoyed the overall ambience of the restaurant and even the hotel as such. Though I had been to Kabab factory before, going there with my wife made my day.
Ultimately we were cursing our stomach's for having become full so soon. We wanted to eat more, had we had some space in the stomach. Normally, one would think its a place only for non-vegetarians, I bet even vegetatirans will love it very well.
But needless to say its a place too costly, I guess thats because they still keep getting customer no matter what they charge.
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Fahad Nari - Burrp User

Fahad Nari

July 18,2009

Good food but not worth the money

I recently visited the GKF for a team dinner after reading the reviews in burrp. We chose this place against anise @ taj and also cos it was close to my office in guindy.

I must say that there was nothing wrong with the food esp kababs but i was nothing great either. We could have only 2 rounds of Kabab's (Non-veg only) and our stomachs felt really full, But the same doesnt happen in BBQ nation. I can go on for 4-5 rounds of kababs in BBQ nation.

They serve 6 varieties of Non veg kababs. Mutton kabab was ordinary but the rest were good but not amazing. The biryani is truly awful no taste and no spice. People who like GKF biryani should try the Paradise biryani of Hyderabad. Paradise biryani is the most heavenly biryani i have ever had.

The deserts are just 5 inidian ones and they would keep sample desert bowls for you to taste and ask for more if you like them. I just liked the Lychee custard, the rest were just too sweet and very ordinary. The matka kulfi was good tho.

Overall for a Rs.950 buffet i didnt see value for money. For the same amount i would recommend buffet @ Coffee Shop of Courtyard Marriot
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Rajshekar K - Burrp User

Rajshekar K

June 05,2009

Amazing Kebabs

This is the best place for un limited kebabs but on expensive side. They serve 4-5 kebabs on weekdays which are all "out of the world".
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suminair - Burrp User


May 22,2009

Heavenly food!!

The Great Kabab Factory is the right place for u people who wants to have the best kababs in town!! the Kebabs come in chicken, mutton and fish to tickle your taste buds!! i happen to have the biriyanis and i assure you its yummy to the core.!! and am glad i took my friends out der for a treat! Your search for great kababs ends in The Great Kabab Factory!!!
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prashant.83 - Burrp User


May 18,2009

Enticing the taste buds

The Great Kabab Factory is indeed one of the best and the very few authentic places which serve very good lucknowi cuisines. The kababs here are to die for..There are various kababs in chicken, mutton, fish and also for the vegetarians. They are soft and rightly spiced. The biryani does need a mention as i've never tasted such enticing biryani before. There are about 3 to 4 various types of biryanis and tehre are also about 4 varieties of deserts. It's a real value for money, one needs to go with an empty stomache to relish the food.
Prashant Joshi
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dayaln - Burrp User


April 08,2009

fantastic kebab

We tried this for a recent business lunch with some japanese. We and the guests loved it. The good thing, the waiters explain the concept of the restaurant. You dont have to worry about the menu picking. it is simple, either you choose the veg. or the non veg. and it keeps coming and coming.
They start with a kabab rolled with soft bread, followed by paneer tika, chicken, lamb, repeats unlimited. briyani so on..
value for money
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Sowmya  - Burrp User


September 09,2008

Yummy kebabs

I stumbled upon the Great Kebab factory and was pleasantly surprised. It is located at the Radissons and so we were expecting an expensive meal. But totally worth it, if you ask me.
The waiters went into great length into details of the place, decor and cutlery. A typical theme restuarant and lovely one at that. Once you indicate your preference for veg or non-veg you can enjoy the unlimited gastronomical delights coming your way. There are around 4-6 different kebabs with the waiters indicating the best chutneys for each. After sampling each variety, you can ask for a 2nd or 3rd round of any kebab you fancy. This is then followed by roti / naan with dal and a subzi. Thereafter comes a biryani, 4 desserts and finally 1 kulfi.
the food is extremely tasty and unlimited quantity just adds to the fun. Good service even with the billing, etc since we had to rush to catch a flight.
Just remember to go there on an empty stomach to do full justice. Bon Appetit !
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Harish Anand Thilakan - Burrp User

Harish Anand Thilakan

April 08,2008

Waning Royalty

I was shocked on my last visit to Kabab Factory on 06th April, 2008. Most reviews I find here are atleast 6-8 months old. I guess this fall from fame is a recent phenomenon.

The food was absolute crap, the service was poor (the waiters were over zealous to get us out of there since it was 3pm - they grabbed a plate from which one of us was still eating!) and they are currently way too overpiced.

The interiors have aged as have the uniforms of the waiters - the whole place is yearning a face lift and I don't know if there's anyone listening. Full review coming up on http://thesharck.blogspot.com
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La Gourmandise - Burrp User

La Gourmandise

October 09,2007

Leaving-India last food experience

So I was leaving India for sometime. The Euros in my pocket gave me that heady feeling and when I saw the place on my way to the airport, the Indian prices on the menu seemed quite insignificant. If you go in for a meal- the veggie people shell out slightly more than 500 Rs, the tax calculation is beyond me. This is minus a drink of course.

The non veggies, a neat 750 I think.

And now the food. Its one of the best I've eaten in Chennai and I should know! The whole place is made to look like a factory and the waiters let you know what they serve and what sauce goes with what food. The patties are delicious, the service excellent and teh dessert- yum.

Made me rethink leaving. Or even learning cooking as for that matter.

A must go if your pockets are full and your stomach empty.
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Siddharth Asokan - Burrp User

Siddharth Asokan

October 06,2007

Fantastic but expensive

Amazing variety of kababs for both flesh eaters and plant eaters alike (althought the plants eaters i went with didnt seem too happy).

For those of you who havent been there or heard of it..... its a unique (to my knowledge) concept where all u gotta say is "Veg" or "Non veg" and then sit back n enjoy ( well not quite sit back) while they keep bombarding you huge range of diff kababs (and of course you can ask for repeats of the one you liked most)

And just when you think it's all over, they come and dump this huge serving of Chicken /Mutton Biryani (veg also of course)

Small servings of different Indian deserts to end with.

The only downside is the price(Its in the Radisson:;what do you expect)

So go find someone to treat you! Happy hunting!
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mshruthi - Burrp User


November 07,2008

Great kababs

Yummy kababs...a definite must try...!
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