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saravananiyer - Burrp User


June 29,2013

Gud became bad and now it's worst

Worst hospitality. Cramped space. You'll hit your head on the person sitting in the table behind you. No place to walk. Waiters show faces on ur kids if they meddle with the spoons and will justify it. Bad management.
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parthibangemini - Burrp User


April 14,2013

Worst Buffet Ever

Hello readers of Burrp!

After reading this you'll never want to go to this restaurant again. Neither for its food nor for its maintenance.

Went to this restaurant after seeing the super comment by Mr.Pakeer " Work the Money" but seems like the situation has changed over an year after his post.

On Apr 13 myself and my friends went to this restaurant in the evening for Buffet. The buffet was pathetic and I was feeling like puking and asked my friends how the food was, and they too felt the same. They had nethily fish, prawns, chicken but everything felt like the same and no flavour in even one dish. All were like bajji mavu (tamil slang). I hope they are cutting costs on the buffet by just filing the dishes with just mavvu. Worst place I ever been. And ofcourse the current went every 3-4mins making us stand still near the buffet. This happened the whole evening that day.

There was no space to walk too since they have filled up with tables and chairs and I saw their staffs too weren't able to deliver food and they were just pushing through the chairs disturbing their customers.

He was the manager I guess. His name is "Rubesh Kumar."

After that we took off from there paying the worthless bill (bill no. is 18967.).

We visited another restaurant to eat.
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Pakeer Salif - Burrp User

Pakeer Salif

May 17,2012

Work the Money

We had been to this restaurant, without much idea. The buffet dinner was Rs.275 and varieties are more. Although the person informed they can serve at the table , as if it is more than 10 person then the food will be in the buffet table. No problem from our end. There were lot of starter varieties, chicken,squid,fish and soup was good. actually we coulnot even go to main course. Biriyan was not that good but we like curd rice , after having heavy non-veg. Scope for improvement is, i feel all the starters are having the same style of preparation and literally i could not differentiate which is what from the taste. The management should understand if you serve at the table , sometime we receive the food more than what is required and hotel cannot reuse it. If it is served at buffet table we would have taken what is require. PLEASE DONOT ALLOW US TO WASTE THE FOOD at any cost. It may be useful to someone else. Otherwise I would surely suggest this place and great value for money

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Abith Pandian - Burrp User

Abith Pandian

February 01,2012

Worst Food Ever

I like chinees food (especially starters) very much. After my friends treat at snow park. i hate chinees food.
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anburpp - Burrp User


January 21,2012

Bad food and great spoiler of mood

A few hours ago I visited the place Snow Park with a mood to "try out a new place based on Burrp reviews." I don't think I will ever again trust user reviews for any product or service!
A good meal comprises of good food and good mood (derived from ambiance , service etc.) This place S*** P*** fails in both miserably. I read a lot here about the food being awesome however starting from the ice cold non-veg starter right up-to the icecream molten with heat I never got a taste of it!
When it comes to service the place ensures that it has all the malpractices in place starting from empty buffet trays to staff whose is even less than incompetent . A non Tamilian customer can only interact with the waiters in sign language. They also have a manager who tries hard to ensure that customers utter only expletives at the very mention of the place in future. He has the audacity to tell customers that "Buffet should always run out of food" . That's their "Value for Money" proposition.
Do visit the place if :
1. You are vaccinated from all possible sources of food poisoning (am already feeling pukish)
2. You have infinite patience & almost nil respect
3. You don't have any regard for your hard earned money.

Else do avoid the place. There many better alternatives nearby.
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Arun P - Burrp User

Arun P

October 21,2011

Bad Restaurant

Hi Friends, I have treated a dinner for my colleague here. We are happy with the taste of the food. But we dont know why the management has appointed someone in the post of Manager. I think, his name is Mr. Senthil. For every restaurant, the way the guest gets treated is more important than the food we order. I think, Manager sir has to get educated on the way of speaking with others. I promise you, I will never visit or never suggest this restaurant till that Manger works there.
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nmkumar89 - Burrp User


July 29,2011

Worst restaurant Ever

We had planned for dinner buffet with my colleagues here a couple of days back. I am writing to express how all of us had a horrible experience before even we could dine. We were about 15 mins late from which we had reserved since it was raining quite heavily .The manager comes straight out and yells at the top of his voice and told us our reservations have been cancelled since we were late and asks us to wait for another hour to arrange for food. This place has a new motto that they start preparing food only after the guests arrive. Clearly they haven't got the idea what a ‘Buffet’ is. Apparently the management has failed to understand the people not only come for food but also for good ambience and hospitality. You get better treatment even in a road side shop. I would advise everybody to avoid this place or else they might chuck you out for being late.
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sreenu1 - Burrp User


May 20,2011

A Fly in a biryani and chken in veg Biryan

I am writing to express my profound frustration and disappointment with my May 19th dinner at Snows Park Restaurant. We are all IIT Madras students. We were four of them and mostly we dine at this place. We ordered some Indian breads with a curry and a vegetable biryani, where we found some flakes of chicken in one of it and a dead fly in the other. So we called the manager and immediately showed him and we were very polite with him. We didn't pay the bill for that biryani, while paying the bill the manager arrogantly said that "we sell 200 biryanis per day we never got a complaint and i'm sure that the fly wasn't in that biryani because of us". This is not the way a manager should be and lot had happened on that day. I would like to complain on that arrogant manager to the higher authority of that restaurant.
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chirutha - Burrp User


March 23,2011

Just an another restaurant

I have been to this place twice and I should say its just an ordinary restaurant. There are many restaurants on the same road which serve far better food than Snow Park. be it chinese,North indian or any other item they lack authenticity. That typical Chettinad taste is every where. The stairs which take you to the restaurant are in horrible condition and hence first impression it self is not so good. Overall you can visit once
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Reply from restaurant management

Excellent. I really appreciate the way you have taken the feedback. Your restaurant is 10 minutes away from our campus (IIT Madras). We will be visiting your restaurant and I hope you will make sure that we are going to have a pleasant time

J K - Burrp User


October 14,2010

One of the best in Velachery

Snow Park is one of the best places to eat in Velachery. The food is delicious and service is good. Their serving size and price are fair. Though the approach from the basement of the building to the restaurant's door is very dirty, the ambience inside is very pleasant. Their dim yellow lighting at night is very relaxing and kinda obscures other's people's presence giving more personal effect. A perfect place to take your family on a lazy Sunday evening or your girl for a casual chit-chat dinner or your friends for a "Lets try something outside today" dinner or for a small treat. Its located conveniently just off the main road doesnt have any parking problems. Though when it rains, the place virtually becomes an island !

Recently, i ordered food from home on a weekday and it was delivered on time, well packed and fresh.
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Reply from restaurant management

Thanks jksburrp(Mr/Mrs)!
Sorry for the delayed reply but noted at once you posted. Hope you are still on our tables. we just popped in to inform you that we have recently introduced a new buffet spread and renovated our restaurant a lil' bit for more comfort of our guest like you.
Thank you and Remember us with a smile :)

sush_abc - Burrp User


February 05,2010

Great Food

I have had both chinese and north Indian dishes here. The food is real yumm and as said in the other review the portions are large enough to have a hearty meal.

been there many times, however the entrance still sucks(Chennai rains maybe ??) and the service can get real horrible when they have a full house .. (mostly on weekends ..lots of crowd belonging to a s/w company nearby)

another piece of advice ...do not order food home ..its usually stale and arrives late !!
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George Abraham - Burrp User

George Abraham

November 28,2009

Snows Park - It's Hot and Happenin'

I've been here couple of times and every time this place turns out to be a winner. The Chinese and Indian dishes are great. Their serving size is large and the overall place is value for money. Service is excellent and the staff are courteous. The only sore point being the entrance to this place, which needs some tidying up. Otherwise this is great place to eat.
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burping_sridhar - Burrp User


August 17,2009

May be underrated restuarnt in velacherry

Probably this is the underrated restaurant in velacherry. But it has got good chinese and also north indian dishes. I tried both chinese and north indian , was satisifed with the quality on both occassions. Items i tried, veg. fried rice with vegetable+cashewnuts as side dish. North indian butter naan and paneer tikka masala which is my favourite dish there.
Also tried one of the numerous desserts they are offering, ice cream with dates,nuts and honey. Rates are reasonable as well.
Yes service is very prompt.
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