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aruna narayanan - Burrp User

aruna narayanan

December 21,2013

200mL of sin!!!!!!

After a long day of shopping on a rainy day, me and my mom wanted to have nothing but ice creams for dinner. I know. Sandy's is not exactly an ice cream place. But, hey, there is no better chance, to make my mom visit a place like Sandy's .
Yeah, she usually never gets out of the house to eat and that's the case with most moms.

Sandy's Chocolate Laboratory, is one of the cafe/restaurants, I would add to the Chennai's very own (read as 'pride') establishments in the F&B sector.

Their interiors are simple and chic. Their cutlery perfectly matches the name.

I have usually had their That really tiny Chocolate Cake and Nutella Bar. I like them both. But I always find it difficult to finish the tiny chocolate cake which leads to both guilt and gluttony. :P

This time I ordered Happy Jack for my mom and since I was thirsty I ordered the dark chocolate milkshake from their specialty shakes.

The happy jack arrived first in a beaker. I am a big fan of peanut based desserts. So it was absolutely delicious.

My dark chocolate shake arrived late. And with no straw and only a spoon. I was surprised and unconsciously was smiling as wide as I could.
On my goodness. The texture, the taste, right amount of sweetness ooh my god - I am craving for it now as I write.
I dint realize that I hardly shared the shake.
It was absolutely lip smackingly yumm. I finished the whole beaker, shamelessly cleaned the beaker and called it 200 mL of sin.

I will probably review their food separately as I want to dedicate this to the management's innovations and special concoctions.

Desserts - 5/5
Service - 3/5 (Either the waited forgot my order or the staff forgot to make my shake. But they totally made up to it by serving a delicious shake)
Ambiance - 4/5
VFM - 4.5/5
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Sandy Bhasker - Burrp User

Sandy Bhasker

June 30,2013

OMG it is

When it comes to sandy's they have never failed to impress me . From the brownies to the Oh my god . They are one of the best in city . My all time favorite is omg and it costs around 1k if Im right , it has brownie , whipped cream and vanilla , it couldnt get any better . Its such a fun place to hangout with friends though it is expensive it is worth every penny .
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markdult - Burrp User


June 30,2013

Late lunch options!

The place has great ambiance. A really good place to dine in. The place has top notch desserts with brownie blast(Brownie with Vanilla Ice cream) being my favorite.
The Cheese burger and fries are good too.
The service is quick and good.
The food is a bit over priced.
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Aarti Krishnakumar - Burrp User

Aarti Krishnakumar

June 19,2013

Summer Lunch at Sandy's

One of those days when impromptu plans were made and I met a friend of mine for lunch. Neither of us were really hungry, it was proving to be a long day and added it was the sweltering summer sun. After a few messages we decided to meet at Sandy's, Wallace garden. Walked in, found a table for 2 near the counter and began catching up. We ordered drinks, she a ginger ale and I went for a Lychee fizz. Hers arrived in a can, while mine was served in a beaker with a pink straw. For someone who hates the sight of pink colour, i enjoyed every sip of this drink, maybe 'cos i love lychee.

For lunch, we chose light food- I ordered for the Tabouleh salad while she chose the Falafel wrap. The place was empty when we walked in, but within minutes it was packed. There were groups of 2-6 filling the tables. A family of 4 arrived, with a little boy and a girl who insisted on sitting in the center, on the bar stool type seating. They had to be helped up by their parents and animatedly began pointing to things on the shelf and talking.

And there came our food. Mine looked green and inviting, hers neatly wrapped up in butter paper served alongside a cucumber dip and potato wedges. My salad was fresh, rich and filled with flavour, loved it.

We skipped dessert and headed home. Now that is what i call Lunch- light and yet refreshing. Sandy's never fails to please.. :-))

If you are wondering where to go for a quick lunch or some yumm desserts, this is where you should go. They have quite a variety of food and desserts that will leave you licking the plate clean.. Not only is the food good, but service is also top notch. The staff leave you alone, without constantly coming over asking if you need anything or if all is good....

One of my earlier visits here was with a band of friends and we demolised the OMG... :-)
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iSherlock - Burrp User


May 05,2013

Food poisoning.

We went there at 9:30 on a weekend and had the yellow curry thai burger. The buns were hard, the patty was a bit undercooked and much worse than Mc'ds. As I was hungry - I ate it, regretted it the next day and the week following that. Damn, food poisoning.

Emailed them, yet to receive a reply. Not going back again.

The decor is bad, the appetisers are too small for the price, vegetarian options are limited and the service is poor. Overall disappointed in the downward slope of Sandys. I remember when they were innovative and their quality was good. Too bad it was short lived.

On the positive side I lost 2 kilos from food poisoning.
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eSanjay - Burrp User


April 11,2013

Bring spoons, sauces & food. Because they are STINGY.

Seriously disappointed at how bad this place is. First off this place looks like a government school. Cemented floors and plastic chairs. YUCK.

The servers are absolutely rude because you expect them to "serve", instead of sight seeing. They take 15 minutes to bring anything. "Why is there no lettuce in the falafel ?" "Saar, thatz all we avep", "Why is there no spoons" "Saar look dere fark" they just argue and give excuses. No apologies, they giggle when they do something wrong. Giddy idiots. They allot half a tissue paper per person - fancy.

The quantities are microscopic, they don't even have chili sauce or spoons or condiments or food for that matter. I ordered hummus and got like 5ml of it - WTF ? Did I order food or cough syrup ? Even a shot of alcohol has more content than their dishes. This isn't a high end gourmet place, but it sure is priced like one. Food is too bland, needs tons of chili flakes and sauce (which they don't give) to have flavor. Not worth it at all.

Desserts are too sweet. Innovative, but so sweet that even the spoons have diabetes. Unlike other items at this place,there is an excess of sugar. They probably steal it from ration shops or something.

So don't forget to bring your own food, spoons, condiments and napkins when you come here for your shot of hummus and diabetes, on second thought - DON'T GO. ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC.
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Deepesh Tarun  - Burrp User

Deepesh Tarun

April 04,2013

Dessert Paradise

Ever since they switched to the current location, Sandy's has become one of my favorite hang out spots. The Nutella Chocobar is just exquisite. The Cheesecake is famous throughout the city. The service is fantastic. The Setting perfect. One of Chennai's finest Dessert spots
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maludeneha84 - Burrp User


March 25,2013

Pricey but good food

I have been hearing of Sandy's Chocolate Lab ever since I came to Chennai a year or so back. The name itself is quite curious so I thought it must be like a chemical lab where they let u do fun experiments with chocolate. No such luck! Though they do serve their drinks in lab apparatus like beakers the quirk factor ends there. However, I am not displeased with their food which though served in small portions, are pricey. But good. The place is more popular with youngsters due to their desserts. The signature dishes - the tiny chocolate cake which is anything but and petit 4, teeny tiny desserts. We had stuffed chicken with cheese and chicken served with whipped potatoes (that must have hurt) which was tasty and fish in orange sauce which was not so great. That followed by Everything But - flash baked cake with molten chocolate topped off with icecream and whipped cream and a tiny truffle. It was nice, not to sweet but tasty. The ambiance is good and the service pretty quick. I'd go there again.
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Sunder Valliappan - Burrp User

Sunder Valliappan

March 23,2013


First Footsteps - Despite being placed at the heart of Chennai's dining haven, Sandy's incomplete Black & White Zen theme fails to create the atmosphere of exclusivity and privilege one expects at such a posh vicinity.

Meeting the Menu - The menu succeeds where the decor does not, appearing intriguing and giving you a wide selection among several hand crafted signature desserts.

The Steward and his Service - Sandy's has a fabulous reputation, and service does not fall short as the waiters are accustomed to large crowds. There's no rushing about, but that's all right because none of the clientele are in a rush either.

Settling in your sofa - As I said, not up to what you would expect. Apparently, cheap plastic chairs are their trademark.

Finally the Food! - The trick to to enjoying your dessert at Sandy's is choosing what you like. Each dish has been designed to be unique - which gives you fifty fifty odds of either enjoying your meal or being horrified at what you are going to have to pay for. All their creations are served up with care and panache. The Nutella Chocobar is a generous slab of light and velvety chocolate mousse with a strip of darker chocolate at the surface, layered above a soft chocolate cake base; it was just marvellous. The most impressive element of the Inside Out Cake was when it was lit up at the table with a blowtorch; the cake itself was lacklustre, and only the ice cream beside it and the molten chocolate centre salvaged the dish.

Paying the Piper - The dishes served at Sandy's won't be found anywhere else in the city. However, the substantial price cannot be justified until they provide you with a complete dining experience, all bells and whistles included - which means a better ambience and more attentiveness to even trivial customer needs.

BOTTOM LINE - The immense popularity of Sandy's Chocolate Laboratory is a testament to their culinary prowess. The realm of perfection is well within their grasp if but a few issues are dealt with. It's one of a kind charm ensures it's never forgotten.

PS - There are vegetarians, eggetarians, non vegetarians, and finally, strange people who roam the city in an endless search for good cake. I'm afraid I belong to the last category, so don't ask me how the food was, I didn't eat there! Or, maybe I did and I'm too lazy to write about it...
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Veda Vyass - Burrp User

Veda Vyass

March 16,2013


I went here with my friends just for OMG! It is an amazing dessert with brownies and layers of ice cream and whipped cream! How can I ever describe this? I had it with 4 friends and we found it hard to finish it! All the desserts and pastries are mouth watering!
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Vinoo Thomas - Burrp User

Vinoo Thomas

March 14,2013

Sandy's at Wallace Garden

sandy's chocolate laboratory is located On Wallace Garden Road, next to Subway.
The servers are friendly and the design of the place is quite well done.
Coming to the food, the panko chicken was breaded and crumb fried and crunchy. My friend had the penne arrabiata, and the portion was nice and large. The pasta sauce was big on flavours and tasty.
chicken lasagne - The pasta layers were well defined and the golden melted cheese is heavenly ! I had a white Chocolate Milkshake to end it all.
Overall its a very comfortable place for a group or as a date.
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Vikas Jain - Burrp User

Vikas Jain

December 07,2012

Not upto the mark

Had ,
Funky money which was not so great. Took Dark Chocolate shake for go , it was just half full...!! :( wonder why have such big glasses?
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Pawandeep Singh - Burrp User

Pawandeep Singh

November 24,2012


Love the pork ribs and steaks, wife is crazy about the pesto pasta.
Don't even get me started about the desserts, best place in the city for ur chocolate fix.
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akashalways4you - Burrp User


November 19,2012


THE best desert place for chocolate lovers...! TINY chocolate cake is really mouth watering ...!! n how can i forget the " OMG " which costs about 1000Rs. but really worth d cost...! u can never find any such desert lik " OMG "in chennai...! :D i hav had such deserts only in Ghirardelli (USA) ..! the rich chocolate essence added is really YUMMMMMM...!!! really a must visit...! DONT MISS IT ;)
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November 17,2012

High on Chocolate!!

Man!! this place is crazy. All the desserts they give are deadly. Definitely a bud numbing sensation. You will definitely get high on chocolate and sugar once you come out of here. Ok enough of scaring you people. Well, Sandy's Laboratory is an awesome hangout spot especially if you wanna go with your girlfriend who loves chocolate. The desserts they serve are of high quality and very smooth. The pancakes are also very decent and especially the maple syrup tastes good. If you are in a group, you should definitely go for the bucket of ice cream they give. They have a very unique ambiance and serve all things in laboratory equipments which if you ask me is superrrr cooolll!! It a little heavy on the pocket but definitely worth it.
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mrudhula22 - Burrp User


November 12,2012

Bud numbing chocolate experience

I would need forever to describe a place like sandy’s. It is a never ending chocolate madness for me, right from the chocolate shots to its signature dish OMG. Sandy’s is probably THE BEST place for choco-holics.
My personal favourite would be the “TINY CAKE”, which is not-so-tiny as it sounds. It is a complete chocolate treat - a chocolate pastry with generous amounts of chocolate cream and obviously, chocolate sauce, overwhelming you in every bite. A single pastry that can fill upto 3 people!
The servings are all in beakers and test tubes that add on to the bud numbing chocolate experience!
They also offer a wide range of snacks, pastas and bakes that just makes this place so irresistible.
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Kirthika Vijayakumar - Burrp User

Kirthika Vijayakumar

November 10,2012

Fun eatout

I love the theme of this restaurant - laboratory. The place is cute with its conical flasks, beakers etc. Good choices available and they are moderately priced. I especially love their tiramisu. Must try!!
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Shahir M - Burrp User

Shahir M

November 09,2012

A good place to dine

I often visit /order from sandy's for 2 reasons, they have good food, and they are open 11-11. this place is a great option for late lunches when most other places wouldnt be serving at the time.
They have a good variety of dishes, all day brekfast options (the french toast is good), pastas(the pesto based, arabiatta are good from what i have tried), sandwiches (shawarma / falafel) are all good. Their cheeseburger was supposed ot be higly rated, and being a steak and burger afficiando, I was tad disappointed, as the bun used was kind of a flat bread, and the patty though a nice big portion, I felt wasnt cooked or made they way a burger should be made. I dont know if its coz of the ground meat-fat ratio, the amount of time they cook. Similarly for the steak, the portion seemed a bit small.
Pricing though its not as expensive as other fine dining restaurants serving italian in the vicinity, it is still a tad high, but the quality of food makes up for it.
The place has a very simple setting, nothing too fancy making it a good place even for casual meetings.
The desserts deserve a seprate review on its own, and I havent tried most of them, so a review maybe later.
Parking space is available, which is like heaven considering the difficulty to find one.
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Thunders - Burrp User


August 10,2012

Great desserts, but expensive

We visited on a weekday, pretty late in the evening (around 10PM) - there were still quite a few people - mostly youngsters, and a few older couples.
We had the Brownie Shocker and Inside Out.
Brownie Shocker is a thick chocolatey drink/shake, served in a 250ml beaker. Exquisite taste - I am sure the calories in it will serve adequately for a meal.

I have enjoyed the molten lava chocolate cake abroad - this sounded like it. It's close, but not the same. Small portion, but again, the calories add up pretty fast, I bet.

Go there, if you want a different experience, and don't care about the bill.
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What can I say?

My high point was when I found out they served breakfast all day. Yes, at 830pm too!
The apparatus they served food in unique. Thats where it ended. Expensive food, salty bacon (ugghhhhh!) and good service tarnished by taking forever to process my check! I had to walk up to the billing counter to ask back for my card. Rude cashier! Not to forget - when they serve you bread you gotta ask for butter and jam!
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Balaji  - Burrp User


February 02,2012

Strictly for Chocolate lovers

True to it's name , Sandy's Chocolate Laboratory , almost every dish is served in Chemical Apparatuses such as a beaker,conical flask , etc.
Good ambiance .
The staff don't let you sit wherever you wish to, even if the place is almost empty .
Place your order only after you know what you're gonna get for it . Expensive stuff but worth a try for a first timer .
Try out the Tiny Cake and Everything but. Loved them both.
Quantity is lower than what you'd expect
Best place for all Chocolate lovers.
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aninsomniac - Burrp User


August 15,2011

The Great Descent

Why do most Indian restaurants and cafes start out with a bang and walk on whimpering?

When I first went to Sandy's they had an eclectic dessert menu with different types of options: drinks, concocted desserts, simple-slab desserts, breakfast-type desserts, fondues, etc. Now they're compressed everything into a simpler menu and my favourite item isn't there anymore! This makes me very, very sad.

Let me describe to you what the brownie shocker meant to me. It was the equivalent for a nice, cold beer at the end of a tiring day (although Indian beer is awful and I don't work hard enough to have a tiring day). It was a stunning compromise between a drink and a solid dessert. It had a brownie in it but not as a brownie. You could chew the drink and drink the chunks. And now it's off the menu. Why, Sandy's, WHY?!

The cheesecake is subpar and lacks flavor. The tiny cake is pretty good, the chocolate tart is a little overpowering. Their tiramisu is exactly like the one from Sinful Something/Ox and Tomato, so I'd rather get it from there. They used to have a layered chocolate dessert with a test tube filled with chocolate sauce in their old menu (choco fudge something?) and that was also delish, but I think that's been removed from the new menu too.

Frankly, I have no reason to go to this place anymore. It's become another generic cafe.
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Timoh - Burrp User


May 01,2011

service is lacking and food is poor

My husband and I went for Sunday morning breakfast at Sandy's. We are expats, and we were hoping for a taste of home.The food and service were terrible, and we won't be returning. It is absolutely not worth your money.

The food:
The pancakes and waffles had NO flavor. The pancakes were not the texture of American pancakes, nor were they comparable to European crepes. In fact, they seemed like they could have been fresh out of the microwave.

The "hash-browns" were not hash-browns, but rather some type of potato mix baked into a block.

And if you are hoping to actually eat some bacon in Chennai, don't get your hopes up. Whatever "bacon" was served was certainly not like any bacon I've ever consumed.

The scrambled eggs were good and the coffee was fine.

The Service:
It was extremely lacking. With approximately 14 people in the cafe, one would think that the five employees (not even counting the chef) could provide adequate service. However, we waited for over an hour for our breakfast, and part of our meal (pancakes and coffee) didn't even come until 30 minutes after the eggs/toast/bacon/hashbrowns -after we had to ask about it. People around us had to ask multiple times for salt/pepper, ketchup and water. Multiple people resorted to getting salt/pepper for themselves.

The laboratory theme is cute.
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foodball - Burrp User


March 12,2011

OKayy (needs 5 characters!)

Actually tried the one in EA mall.

First thing that crossed my mind was that the items are very costly.

Hoped the taste would be great for the price, but not that much. The white chocolate cake which was over rs100 was all dried out and very normal except for the white chocolate icing.

Liked a few names like tiny cake for actually a very big cake.

Anyways, the place is just ok although the person who served us was friendly and nice.
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rrcsramya - Burrp User


December 26,2010

OMG they shrunk the place!

For someone who's known and been to Sandy's only for their OMG, it was a different experience to try out other desserts! No wonder Chemistry is such a overrated word, I had a hot chocolate in a conical flask and beaker! Chocolates and everything to do with chocolates are what are good, I wouldn't recommend anything else like a latte which do not invlove chocolate!

Wish the Nungambakkam one looked as spacious as before! We had a struggle to find a table for 6!
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Pushkar Bendre - Burrp User

Pushkar Bendre

July 29,2010

No place for two!!!

Earlier I liked the place, the staff is kind of unfriendly. Won't let you sit in the space for six even when there is no one else in the place.
Won't let u keep the menu for long time. The chocolate milk they give at the end spoils all the taste. Go their at your own risk.
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Ashok Krish - Burrp User

Ashok Krish

July 26,2010

A Bunsen burner would have been nice

They sure weren't kidding about the "laboratory" bit. The dark chocolate milkshake that I ordered came in a beaker and I felt a little underdressed (I was not wearing a lab coat) drinking from it. But the milkshake itself was more than excellent. A good milkshake should laugh and smirk in the face of cholesterol and this one did a good impression of Mogambo in the health department. The place itself is rather tiny and cannot accommodate more than a couple of Yuvraj Singhs but the overall atmosphere is pretty good.

I also had the Hummus and I must say, it took me to the streets of the West Bank, although I've never been there myself, but you get the picture.

Folks who ordered the Chocolate Frappe were disappointed to find out that it was nothing more than cold coffee, but I was disappointed with people who expected Chocolate Frappe to be anything more than well..cold coffee.

There were other worthy mentions on the menu, like the eyeball attracting "Funky Monkey" which came in a beaker and test tube. General rule of thumb: the more you pay, the more chem lab apparatuses arrive at the table.

I am in fact looking forward to the "Chocolate Tea", which I personally believe should come with a full Distillation setup.
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grajasekar - Burrp User


January 10,2010

Give it a visit

First off, finding this place is not difficult if you know where to look. Just opposite Taj Coromandel there's a road going in. Follow the road and you'll find Sandy's on the left side opposite "Timber".

Small place, would probably seat around 10 people. But well kept and neat. The main course items (of course, not important) are written on a board and you can order them.

We had Bassa Fish with Pistachio, Carribean Chicken with Salad and Waffle Cake Toast. All 3 tasted very good, though the last one was a bit less when it came to quantity.

Moved on to the real deal, the actual main course. Was unable to order the "Ultimate Sin" , cos they didn't have it today. gave the "Pick me up" dish a try. You may or may not like it depending on your taste for alcohol. But it was alright. Sampled the "Everything But" and "Funky Monkey". Both concoctions of chocolate that will satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth ten times over, and give you a heart attack with all the whipped cream on it. It is pretty much the next taste of heaven I'm having after my time visiting every Swensen's parlour I could find in Thailand. Both came with a shot of chocolate sauce and a choco-chip cookie.

I sincerely ask that you give "Everything But" a shot. Whipped cream, dark truffle, fresh chocolate cake, vanilla bean icecream.... my god the list of stuff in it is endless.

Overall the food's really good. Quantity might be a bit on the lower side for certain items under the "Feel Good Potions" part of the menu considering the price, but the high pricing is expected considering the locality.

I actually went to Sandy's since I heard about this branch opening on Burrp. Will definitely return another day.

The only reason I'm giving this 4 stars is because they should have one staff member always in the dining area. We felt there was no one to take orders the minute we wanted to order sometimes. And no one was there to hold the door open or say thank you when we got up to leave.

I've uploaded a picture of the seating and "Everything But". Do take a look and stare in awe at this marvellous mug of chocolate goodness.

As for parking, I suppose you could put 2 cars inside the building's parking are comfortably.
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