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durai murugan - Burrp User

durai murugan

March 25,2014

Worst Service

I recently went to parfait at kilpauk on 22nd March 2014 at 6:30 PM.
The menu was issued and we were waiting for someone to take the orders but everyone was busy watching a 20-20 cricket match. We ordered pizza and the pizza was badly cooked and it was like concrete cement slap. Very bad and we had to call them to take back the pizza and again they gave us the new one. But it seemed to be worse than the previous one. And we couldn't take the complete pizza because it was not even baked properly... We tried to communicate to the chef and he was also busy watching the cricket match.. Its the first such bad experienced in the restaurant.
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Sumitra Ravindranath - Burrp User

Sumitra Ravindranath

October 14,2013

Great place small and homely

Thought this was just a bakery. But was totally amazed at the quality of the food. The chicken steak was amazing as was the chicken steak sizzler. Desserts were just as excellent. Would not hesitate to recommend this to both friends and family. Would not hesitate to go back there again.
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bumpyride  - Burrp User


January 28,2013

Amazing place

Had breakfast there it was amazing place only thing is very small place so can not go there if you are more than 5 people and have kids. Go there as a couple and have nice time and nice food.

I loved sitting there and having the great coffee and sandwich
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Akilaruba Karunasena - Burrp User

Akilaruba Karunasena

December 18,2012

The best taste nd service:-)

I regularly visit parfait3,all items are very tasty nd specly pasteries yummyyy lovely..pastas,soup,grilld chickn wit soy sauce these guys make the day special everytime me nd my frend visit parfait3 nd ya great tea nd cofee with cookies for evening..i never found the smiling service nd this taste anywher else..I am parfait3ian...
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Sriram KG - Burrp User

Sriram KG

November 20,2012

Best bakery ever!

a tiny little shop barely gets attention but it has some of the best cakes ever!
I tried some of the best large cakes and it is yummy.
I am not too sure if they have eggless cakes.. the cakes comes at a premium,, a slice of it may cost around 60-80 bucks but its yummy and filled with a few calories more.
One of those restaurants which has a brilliant english/continental breakfast menu.
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rathnu92 - Burrp User


September 15,2012

A superb hangout place !

My cousins and I always meet at this place. They serve awesome food, good service and pleasant atmosphere.
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Thulasiram Baskaran - Burrp User

Thulasiram Baskaran

July 28,2012

love these guys there

These guys do a great job, nice taste, cooked/baked exactly to perfection. Appreciated service.
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PrinceJoseph25 - Burrp User


March 20,2012

Amazing cakes

The cakes and pastries here are one of the best in Velachery...
The Burger and fries were not so great
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pujha92 - Burrp User


November 04,2011

Decent food , but the wait kills the experience.

The food is good ! The desserts are amazing ! My fav from here is the pasta !! But the wait is too long ! And the ambience is bad ! Over a 2.5/5 !
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Divya Jayaraman - Burrp User

Divya Jayaraman

November 02,2011

Love the exotic food here

they have a very nice menu and all the dishes i tried there were really good. they are short on seating place... but I would still like to go there for a good meal... the mango and mint drink was simply awesome and the milk shakes were good too!!!
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'-Asjad Ali' - Burrp User

'-Asjad Ali'

June 30,2011

mixed bag

i have been to parfait 3 velacherry 5 times. It has been a mixed bag experience for me. 3 times i have been extremely disappointed and 2 times it was good. The reason for me going there despite being disappointed is as there is no other place nearby which would provide breakfast at 10-30 A.M in a neat atmosphere. The Pastas are very bad, on the other hand the sizzlers were really good. soup also was below average, but the pastries are awesome. This is a nice place if you want to have a quick pastry and a coffee, but not the place to eat out.
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dustu15 - Burrp User


April 14,2011

Perfect !!!!!

If u think u have had the best cakes try parfait 3. This is one place where i have been to more than 50 times, tried out everything on the menu and the specials....lucky 4 me, i live 100 mts from it. Never been disappointed even after so many visits. Pastas are perfect. Only thing is the juices/smoothies needs a bit brush up, but that is well covered up by taste of the other items. Totally value for money. If u are a late riser do try Country Breakfast , its more kind of brunch. The attendants are very helpful gives u the right choices. Its a place from where u will always walk out happy.
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Joshua Muthumani - Burrp User

Joshua Muthumani

April 13,2011

Good for a relaxing meal!!!

A restaurant that's right opposite my house along with 5 other restaurants next to it!!! But I always prefer to go here mainly for the service!!! All of them have big smile and their variety and presentation of the food is awesome. They could do with some better chairs and a little bigger restaurant though!!! Overall A place that will be my haunt for some time to come!!!!
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senthil7183 - Burrp User


February 19,2011

Great food. Good service. Reasonable price

I have been to this place about 10 times now - both in Velachery and Anna nagar (the latter has more space and better ambience). It is one of those places that you will want to visit again.

Food is good, staff are courteous, portions are satisfactorily big at a reasonable price.

Every item that i have tasted on their menu is tasty. There are both healthy and cheesy options to choose from. My favorites are:

Soups - Shrimp and spinach, Broccoli and cheddar
Salads - Caesar salad, Garden veg
Pastas - Alfredo, Seafood
Pizzas - Mexican and Napoli (wheat crust)
Main course - Cajun chicken, Chicken stroganoff
Pastries - Pretty much every flavor
Beverages - Iced tea and lemonade

Overall worth trying and repeat trying.
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Tripti  - Burrp User


February 18,2011

Good food

My friend and I went to Parfait 3 (in Velachery) today. The food there is good. She had the cream of mushroom soup and chicken ceaser salad. I had the vegetable club sandwich and lemon iced tea. We, of course, tasted each others dishes. :).

Food Review

- The cream of mushroom soup was delicious, thick, creamy and hot. It came with a plain croissant.
- The chicken ceaser salad was not the an authentic ceaser salad. However, it was delicious too. It had a mixture of carrots, cucumbers, lettuce, salt, pepper and cheese.
- The vegetable club sandwich was delicious too. The bread was toasted lightly and it was arranged into 4 small triple-decker sandwiches with a side of french fries. They also served thick ketchup in a small bowl.
- The lemon iced tea was perfect. The sugar syrup was served separately and I could adjust the sweetness of the drink according to my liking :)

Ambience Review

The ambience is ok. The place is small and has 4 tables with 4 chairs each. One airconditioner was not working.

This is a place I would recommend for the food. I will go back very soon :).
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Chadi EL Farran - Burrp User

Chadi EL Farran

February 14,2011

Decent Hangout with Good Food......

Yesterday afternoon, being very hungry went to PARFAIT 3, Velachery. Me and my friend entered the place with an intention to have a light snack but ended up having a good meal.

We started with a cool salt lemonade. It's after a long time I am having a good lemonade in a cafe or restaurant. It was really refreshing. We also had a hot vegetable puff which was awesome..

Then got ourselves mushroom and cilantro pasta and egg with veg sandwich... The pasta, I would say is the best in town, with lots of cheese, mushroom and the taste of the sauce was too good...

The egg with veg sandwich was served with french fries and they used multi whole grain bread. The egg in the sandwich was prepared very nice .. and the bread was very fresh and wholesome..

The whole time we spend there, they were getting lots of cake orders.. The service was also very good and the ambiance was very calm.. Their menu has nice selections for both veg and non-veg.

In the eve we landed back at Parfait 3 for our dinner also. Tried their potato basket which had lots of wedges and fries. One bite you can tell how different it is from the ones you get in other restaurants. We had a P3 Combo which was a Veg Burger and it was very fresh and nice with crisp patty, mayo and nice cheese. Also tried out their Nasi Goreng - Mushroom which was Fried mushroom rice served with manchurian sauce. The rice was a nice blend of rice, pepper, chilli flakes and a lot of mushroom.. It was a nice experience.

The craving to try their cakes finally saw light.. We tried their Black Forest cake which was awesome.... double awesome.. The chocolate cake was so chocolaty and the fresh cream was really fresh and light. I don't know how they make fresh cream icing like this but it was the best icing I have ever had.. You will never feel drunk or heavy after having their cakes.. That is the best part

I had visited this place 2-3 weeks ago as well. That was my first time there. I tried their cream of mushroom soup...But the soup was so creamy and thick that it cannot be called a soup anymore.. But the taste was nice.. This is one thing I would like them to note.. They should make the creamy soup lighter. The Hand made chicken burger which I had that day was also nice with a subtle taste..

Today we paid another visit and tried their main courses (Veg stew and Soya Chicken). Veg stew was served with garlic rice and The soya Chicken was grilled and served with egg fried rice. The taste was good but the quantity they gave was very less for the high price they are charging for it.

Overall , calm place (when other customers are calm), decent ambience, really good food, reasonable prices (except for main courses) and nice service.. I would like to give a suggestion, they should equally advertise their food as their cakes.. Their food is really good... If you are really hungry and looking for a filling meal, then it is better that you go for their pastas rather than their main courses unless they increase the quantity.

I would definitely go there again. I want to try more things in their menu....
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shriks20 - Burrp User


January 30,2011

Decent food but not VFM

I stay nearby and frequent this place.As others have mentioned its not spacious and ambience is at best average.Howver the food especially breakfast is decent (though not VFM).Pasteries are much better than french loaf or adyar bakery.
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Abhinav Sundar - Burrp User

Abhinav Sundar

January 27,2011

Foods do the talk

out of all the restaurant's i had been to in Chennai, this restaurant made me feel that WHY DON'T I LIVE FOR EATING ?
right from the pastas till the dessert, everything was well cooked and had a great taste . i had great time eating food there. the service was very good . .keep up the good work
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lavanhere - Burrp User


June 17,2010

My fav place for Pasta

I'm a regular customer here... and I love the ambience. their hospitality...esp Vijay's way of takin orders :D....

I always go for Pasta with olives and chicken and it tastes like heaven.. jus love it... i love the garlic bread.. they also give a complementary dessert.. that tastes yum... their strawberry, devil chocolate and black forrest are must tries... :D

I have already asked them to open a branch in the city and seems that they have some plans of opening it in Anna Nagar... thats a good news :D....

I always recommend Parfait for Pasta and pasteries..
our college orders b'day cakes only here... :D

A gr8 place for get together.... :D
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kpayal69 - Burrp User


May 16,2010

Very average food and BAD SERVICE.

Well, simply put the owners must ask their chefs to eat out in other places for only then they will know what is good or awesome food. training is a must in terms of service. very lousy! TRY TO AVOID!
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Pravin  - Burrp User


May 06,2010

Sssshhhh.... Or you may crowd the place....

Sometimes you will have a great craving for a special dish and that would go only when you have that dish. This week, I got a great craving for Pastas and that dint go even when I tried maggi pasta myself at home. I read and heard about Parfait 3 and their Pastas being good, but never had a chance to try the place till yesterday. So taking this as a perfect opportunity to check out the place, went there today.

Its a pretty small place where 10 to 15 people will make it look crowded. There were only 3 people when I went there around 2 pm today. It has a simple ambience with 4 or 5 tables, closely placed, but the chairs are comfortable enough, although if the place is full, you can hear what the people on the next table speak.

Let me come back to food. My friend was a non vegetarian and I was a vegetarian. So the usual conflicts about what to order came into play. So we decided to have a Cream of Veg soup, and for starters decided to go with Veg fingers. Soup was really good and the quantity was also too good for 65. The veg fingers was very tasty, but the Mustard and Mayonese sause which was said it will be served along with the starter was not brought along and I had to ask them to bring it.

Coming to the main course, I ordered Cream of Mushroom and Spinach pasta and my friend ordered for Grilled fish with rice. Penne was used for the pasta and it came with a rich layer of cream and grated cheese. I munched it like a hungry dog when it was served and It tasted awesome and the small pieces of mushroom in it, made it taste better. The quantity was very good and I was almost full when I finished 3/4th of the pasta. Grilled fish with rice was served a little late, but my friend said he liked it very much. He also tasted my pasta and said the pasta was better.

After finishing everything, I had only a little space in my stomach and we decided to share the ice cream. We ordered for Choco chips vanilla ice cream since Rum and raisin ice cream was not available. The ice cream was served with chocolate chips, chocolate sauce and few strawberries. It is a real worth for 65 bucks and it tasted very good.

I just have two suggestions for this place.

1. Expand it to accomodate atleast 30 people.
2. More varities of dessert would be good.

Over all a very good place to hang out. A perfect meal for two should cost between 550-600. Also heard their cakes are too good. Will check out soon.
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Jude Sathyan - Burrp User

Jude Sathyan

March 04,2010

"Parfait" is the word for Parfait 3

C'est vraiment parfait !!!
Parfait 3 is one of those places that my friends have started loving. We've been haunting this place for about a year now. There have been days, when I had all 3 of my meals here. The food is just amazing.... you should try the Alfredo Pasta with some cilantro in it, in case you visit the place for breakfast, you should try the Parfait 3 Breakfast with some extra chicken sausage.. the sausage is wonderfully made. Soups: oh... i jus' love them, whether it's the cream soup or the clear one.... they are fantabulous. And to conclude your meal, try their Original or Chocolate Cold Coffee.... u'll drool on it.
Guys.. and try their pastries for your parties... their Choco Truffle is one of the best I've had.... And the service is just wonderful..... I know each one of those who work there by their names, and most of them know me as well..... Such has been my relationship with Parfait... Try it out guys... u ll only love it !!
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Sathyan S - Burrp User

Sathyan S

March 04,2010

a prefect cafe for date :)

we used to be a regular to Parfait3 for almost 6months on a daily basic :) coz me & my wife (then GF :) loved the place the food and it was near to our office so we went here almost daily :) on our way home..
be it the pasta or the coffee & the cake was really very very tasty and it not too much on your pocket..
its a must try... we are just waiting to make a visit when we are in Chennai the next time :)
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MARKIV - Burrp User


January 11,2010

Peaceful and leisure

I had been to this place to catch up with some old friends. I had intended to get some breakfast there along with my friends.

the place is situateda stone's throw away from velachery bus depot
Ambience: Perfect for catching up with friends, nice quiet and cozy..just a few assortments of tables and comfortable chairs ..no sofas or cushions but still feels very comfortable. There is also a choice of outdoor service on a cool sunny day or in the evenings. Overall i would say the ambience was good enough if not great

Service: service was very good with the waiters giving us just the right amount of time, privacy and leisure without being in too much of a hurry to make ur order. We had a relaxed four hour breakfast taking all our time.

price/food balance: moderate prices and good food..the balance was above average i guess
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heathcliff cathy - Burrp User

heathcliff cathy

December 26,2009

Just ok

Located on the taramani link road near the CSI church. A bit inaccesible with all the malls and complexes coming up in the pseudosophisticated velachery area.

Exactly four tables in a slightly cramped restaurant

Service is good, hardly any crowd.

Just an exact balance of veg vs nonveg.

Bruschitas, Club sandwich, pizza, pasta and the desserts taste ok. Nothing to complain nor to praise about. Portion sizes are ok. Pricing is moderate. The service good.

Once is enough.
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venkat rama krishna - Burrp User

venkat rama krishna

September 13,2009

Totally amazing

This is a superb place if you would like to get some pastas. The taste and the service is amazing... Rare to find such places in chennai
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nautankey  - Burrp User


August 26,2009

There ends my search...

Discovered this place pretty late..and seriously better late than never. Though they have a noticeable hoarding near the dhaba I could get a chance only when i went to shop at the planet fashion next building.

Its a cozy little place with 6-7 tables inside and same number of tables in the small lawn outside. Their menu is totally stacked up and gives a tough time to decide which one to go for.

Finally i went for the egg lettuce sandwich..the order took less than 10mins for deliveryit was totalyl yummmm... the scramble egg was perfect and the lettuce leaves were fresh.The quantity also was pretty big for the 80 bucks. The next time I was there I had a chicken mustard sandwich[Rs.100], it was good but not great,with the egg letuce as my benchmark..also had a cuppa south indian kaapi[Rs.35],again the quantiy was really high for the money we pay.The kaapi was perfect for my taste buds not too strong nor too bland...

The service was really friendly and can be given 7 out of 5. Badly waiting to try out their pastas and other yummy stuff.Only wished the place was bigger,anyway even if i get cramped for space I'd get a takeaway rather than facing the punishment of eating in velachery's other below par outlets.

Once out of the shop I almost pumped my hands in the air....as my search for the perfect eat out in my area[velachery] has ended..
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burping_sridhar - Burrp User


August 17,2009

Nice little place to have a quality food

One fine day decided to beak my routine. So decided to eat in a place where i dont see dosas , sambar,etc.So stepped in Parfait3 in velacherry. Restaurant very small, may be enough space for a bakery(Parfait is a bakery+restaurant+coffee shop). As my mind was already preset it didnt take much time to decide menu. Tomato+spinach soup, Veg. Pasta(dont remember the name of the pasta, its not there in the menu, so when u go there better ask waiter what are all they have). Soup was spicy(may be more pepper in it) but it tastes very good. Server served the pasta even before i finished my soup :(. So till i finished my soup i had to fight with couple of flies which were trying to infect my Pasta. I won the battle though :)
Pasta as the waiter told me they have two varieteis one with tomato and other with cream. I ordered creamy one. Pasta has small pieces of carrot and other vegetables with lot of cream and it was hot as well. Enjoyed my pasta and then orderd Brownie with ice cream. It was a perfect finish to my meal. Bill amount was around 240/- and according to me is worth the kind of food i had.
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ckanand - Burrp User


June 18,2009

Awesome ambience and friendly service

Parfait3 is one of the few places in Velachery where one gets sit down and relax and at the same time enjoy some great food. Though a very small place, it is always empty and one can grab a bite from 8am to 11pm. It has outdoor dining also. Prices and quantity are reasonable and its a perfect place for having lunch/dinner/tea with your loved one(s).
They do sell breads, cookies and pastries. Please try the Chocolate Truffle pastry. Its heavenly.
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vinay.grandhi - Burrp User


May 18,2009

want an other P3 out let nearer to you ???

Hey guys .... do you think a branch of Parfait 3 bistro with a few excellent add ons work in the main city of Chennai ? like in Adyar/R.A.Puram/Alwarpet/Royapettah/santhom high way ?
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Deepak Devadasan - Burrp User

Deepak Devadasan

August 28,2008


Been hear couple of months back and we tried french fries and masala chai. We were given a kind hospitality and chai was served with cookies(free of cost). French fries were crispier and tasty to eat. We tried the same menu few days back everything was good but we didn't get out cookies this time with Chai.

Kind of little upset about it. But the other items were the same and taste too good. You can have your food outside open air and relish and relax with their masala chai.
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swarna barath - Burrp User

swarna barath

May 05,2008

One of a kind

There are not many american breakfast places i know in Chennai, this place is a real surprise. But it is still small time in Velachery, it wud have been more successful in nungambakkam or besant nagar.

Eggs made to order (esp the sunny side up) are great and reminds you of the breakfast places like iHop or Waffle house in the US. But the ambiance is ofcourse not so, its a typical coffee day kinda indian atmosphere. Service is great. They got bakery stuff and pastries in addition. The variety of icecreams can be increased. The mango smoothie is a must try. The burger and sandwiches are good too. No complains. The best part is they do door delivery u jus need to give em a call! The rates are reasonable.
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