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limemintcooler  - Burrp User


May 21,2013

Spacious And Comfortable

The best thing about Paprika isnt the food. The food is good, not great... but this lobby level restaurant is spacious, well lit and very comfortable. Perfect for a family dinner where you don't have to worry about being in a cramped restaurant with too many people in it.
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Dhananjay Gupta - Burrp User

Dhananjay Gupta

March 03,2013

Below Average dining experience at a price

Below Average dining experience at a price

1. *only* two starters for lunch buffet - Chat and wafer thin pizza: both of which come in extremely short supply after long durations of waiting
2. decent vegetarian spread - about 4 dishes
3. continental spread is tasty with good soups, pastas and breads
4. non-veg indian is just about ordinary with not many choices - there wasn't even a single mutton dish
5. service is very mediocre

Service: 2.5/5
Food quality and taste: 3/5
Ambiance: 3.5/5
Price: 2.5/5
Overall: 3/5
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Ila  - Burrp User


January 01,2013

Not bad!!

Went there for a lunch buffet.The place looked nice.But did not quite like the crowd for the price that we were paying.May be coz its a coffe shop.Anyways the ambiance is not bad.The spread looked nice and impressive.
Salads were amazing.I enjoyed the chicken.From the starters to the main course i loved them all.They have live counters for pizza and chaat.We ordered a dahi puri which was not at all good.The pizza was great.Overall the food was nice.The service is good,the breads are served on the table.
The desset counter was amazing fulll of all sorts of brownies,cookies and ice creams.We decided to try everything out and liked them all.there was no place for ice cream still we managed to try it out and it was too good.
The experience was nice,the food was worth the price.
Price-Around 900 per person for lunch buffet.
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sandhya_burrp - Burrp User


September 03,2012


In a land of diversity, what appeals to one’s palate when you breakfast at
Paprika, is that there is oh-so-much to choose from. Starve the previous night.
It might help to do justice to the lovely fare. Begin with a blueberry muffin and
keep fingers crossed to get as many of those purple bits of the berry as possible.
Pick up a cracker, toss a wedge of Gouda cheese and may the obsession for more
such crackers begin.

You also have delicious chocolate donuts, croissants and other fancy breads to
choose from.

Call for a crispy Belgian waffle with maple syrup while you sip on your orange
juice. Rediscover the meaning of love-at-first-sight…bite, rather!

On the sly, forget you are going international, and slip a note for a podi dosa with
every possible chutney at hand.

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Deekshith Reddy - Burrp User

Deekshith Reddy

May 26,2012


after the wonderful experience last time i visited me and couple of friends decided its time to go back and when we were there this time the whole menu has changed from last time and felt really disappointing jus by seeing the menu the salads were just ok nothing great as last time and they had to remove my favourite bacon salad from menu after that everything was pretty ordinary and the ice creams killed the afternoon pretty much the worst ever i think they were still serving the ones that were left from our last visit such a disappointment
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Devansh Patel - Burrp User

Devansh Patel

April 05,2012

Highly Disappointing

Don't judge a book by its cover!!

Food: 1/5
While the menu looks appealing and boasts of variety of cuisines, the food was singularly tasteless. Chicken was dry and inedible, main course was pathetic and the starters were layed out randomly between the maincourse dishes. Overall, nothing you cant have at any other restaurant for less than half the price. The only edible thing was desserts, however, the icecream was more frosty than creamy.

Service: 1/5
Although it was a self-service buffet, they managed to disappoint us by making us ask for water, spoons, forks, not clearing the table on time.

Value for money: 0/5

There are a lot more places you can go for less than this price and be satisfied. For a start, Main street.
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Deekshith Reddy - Burrp User

Deekshith Reddy

March 27,2012

best salads and good buffet

best salad spread ever (best if u eat all kinds of meat ) had lots and lots of it and main course was ok with enough items to fill the stomach and then there is live chat and live pizza and live sandwich counters and and then comes another best spread of deserts there are so many of them 8 different flavors of ice creams and muffins tarts cheese cakes absolutely loved the buffet
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jayachandranp - Burrp User


August 31,2011

Highly Disappointing

Went for buffet dinner to celebrate my parents wedding anniversary, and screwed the whole evening. The ambiance is good, nothing special about it. Very very limited spread, highly concentrated on cost cutting. We have waited very long to get our starters delivered, but not at all worth it. The starters are very disappointing. Soup is OK. We ordered pizzas, the first pizza is good, and the following ones were very bad. Main course has completely shattered us. very very limited spreads, highly disappointed. Lots of masala in preparations, could not sleep the whole night. We have got around 50% discount, but still i feel i wasted the whole money. I should have gone to some other place.
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Haooon Rasheed - Burrp User

Haooon Rasheed

January 10,2010

Little Disappointing

Went to Paprika for dinner buffet after reading a lot of positive reviews about the place. According to me its a over hyped place. The ambiance was good, not great. They have a good spread of Veg and Non-veg salads. I really enjoyed the salads here. Next we were served with thin crust pizzas (Cheese, Veg and Chicken). The pizzas were brilliant. I would rate them the best I've had so far. All these kinda increased my expectation towards the main course. But the main course was a total disappointment. Very less varieties and the taste was just about okay. Much below my expectations. Coming to the desserts, they made up for the bad main courses. Great Variety and Awesome taste. Price around 950 (850 + 12.5% tax). I would rate it 3.5/5 (Just for the Pizzas and Desserts). Overall a little disappointing.
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Jaydee001 - Burrp User


January 03,2010

Great way to Spend a Sunday!

We went to Paprika on the 1st of Jan for the Brunch, which is a great deal, the food brunch is priced around 995/- plus taxes and if you choose to go in for an ácoholic brunch' i.e. food plus unlimited domestic liquor it is priced at an extremely economical 1345/- plus taxes.
The wow started even before we got there, as I called several 5star hotels in the city to enquire about the New Yr Special brunch. From all the places, Marriott was the most prompt in answering my queries and actually made the place sound inviting while giving out suffiecient information.(unlike the lady at Park Sheraton who said ít's the usual..same as always'!!??!)
The service is great, the spread is never ending-- with 9 live counters, besides having everything from sushi, pasta's, soups, salads, cheese platters, biryani, kathi rolls, you name it.
Of course- not to forget the dessert spread which also very creative and a great variety, not your usual typical desserts. My favourite was the sugar free brownie.
If you're looking for a sunday brunch to go for-- this is definately the place!! And another plus is most places have the brunch on till 3pm, but at the marriott it goes on till 4:00 pm. So one can really sit back and spend the day there.
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Fahad Nari - Burrp User

Fahad Nari

December 26,2009

Disappointing Buffet

I had gone to paprika on a tuesday for a team dinner. As it was chirstmas week the decorations were complete and the place looked pretty. I had been here when they had recently opened marriot in chennai and i loved the buffet and it was well priced at 500. The buffet on weekday was 795 + taxes and this time i expected more.

Now onto the food part. Soups were served at the table and it was the 1st disappointment of the buffet. It was some chicken soup which did not have a single piece of chicken it in and i had to ask the waiter if he served us the correct soup and his answer was "YES". I left the soup disappointed and moved on to the buffet spread.

The salad spread was good both in veg and non-veg. Their chicken salad and veg pasta salad were amazing. Marriot score on salad.

On to the main course of non veg, they had grilled chicken, Methi chicken gravy, Mutton gravy, Fish gravy and Beef cornwall. Grilled chicken was was really bland and had no taste in it and the non veg gravies were watery and really did not have a mouth watering taste, it was just alright. I really didnt feel the food was 5 star standard.

Paprika freshly prepares pizzas and pasta off the counter and serves it at the table but they had only veggie options in both. I didnt understand why wouldn't you have a non veg pasta when you call it pasta tuesday's. I had the veg pizza and skipped the pasta, the pizza was thin crust and was really tasty and not very cheesy .

Now on the desserts part, Desserts ranged from 4 flavors of ice creams and lots of cakes, souffles, fruits and indian sweets. Desserts were really tasty and it was the best part of the buffet after disappointing main course. I would recommend their desserts anytime.

Over all their buffet was ordinary for non veggies. My friends were satisfied with their veggie options.I haven't tried their brunch would give it a shot as i am a fan of marriot service and food but this time they disappointed me. Good thing they gave us a 10% discount as we were a group of 10 people.
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madan80 - Burrp User


December 05,2008

Brrreaaak Fasst!

The breakfast buffet on sundays is one that I die for! the most excellent spread of food - you just dig in for the entire sunday! :)

The staff are courteous and friendly, and the overall experience is very nice. Yes, it is expensive but the spread and the food makes up for it.

Howevr, the dinner buffet I had on a friday night was completely different. It was not that it left me feeling disappointed, but I was left with a feeling of "where's the food"

the ambiance is very nice, with the air conditioning being just right, and there are enough people to fuss over you.

Ambience- 4/5
Food - 4/5
Experience- 5/5
Overall 4/5
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