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nanda007 - Burrp User


August 24,2011

Very Very Thrilling Experience

Hello Chennai! Have you visited "PANDORA ICE SKATING" ??? If not visit this weekend... I had a real fun and excitement... Definetly you will fall for the first time, but damn sure you will enjoy it :-) ... They will provide trainers to take care of you inside the skating rink... It will be your best chillout place and memorable day in your life... Don't miss it...
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ameenb - Burrp User


July 06,2011

Ice Hockey Players and Real Skaters Beware

I visited this rink yesterday, and it is not ice, it is a piece of plastic.

I'm an Indian-Born Canadian living in Winnipeg, Canada. I came to visit with my parents. I've been skating since I was 5, I play 'AA' Level Hockey, and I'm also a skating instructor at a local arena. So, I'm pretty confident in my ice skating ability.

However, when you skate on the plastic surface, it is completely different, the edges the angles and weight transfer change completely. You can't make strong strides, tight turn, crossover, or even backward skate. Hockey/Parallel Stops? You can't even build up enough speed.

What's the worst part of my experience? The staff. Firstly, there is a sign reading "Instructors are fluent in English." When I went to ask for another pair of skates because the ones I was wearing weren't sharp enough, the guy replied " No, this is good and new shoe." What am I supposed to do right? The on-ice instructor compares ice skating to roller blading which any decent ice skater knows otherwise.

It's 210 rupees for 45 minutes, but I left after 15. The rink is as big as the average bedroom. Add that to the number of people there, and you get one crowded rink. Absolutely not worth your time and money, unless of course, you've never ice skated before and are okay with fooling yourself.

I'll be sure to never set foot or skate here again.
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Designerr - Burrp User


April 15,2011

Below Average Place

We were living in Singapore for quite sometime.

Yesterday being a local holiday, went with my 2 kids thinking that this place will be the apt one for them atleast for few miutes.

The ambiance was quite okay.

Ice skating is the attraction. But even then there isn't much for the hype.

But the games were ridiculous.

The virtual reality game room was not even to the Indian standards compared to any other gaming zone in Chennai (Nungambakkam).

I found very few kids with their parent.

Most of the entries are couple and stags.

They just watch the happenings around and they leave after sometime with their boy friends and girl friends.

This place is not just for children.
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crash - Burrp User


April 14,2011

Pandora definetely not a safe place for kids

I have discharge summary from hospital I have photos every damn proof dare not delete my review ....my son has broken his leg and have not written exams suffering from pain all thanks to pandora ice skating and shamelessly they are making people write against my review I am posting review with concern for all children coz I know the pain my son has underwent and I dont want any other child to suffer...
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crash - Burrp User


April 13,2011

why review deleted I have full proof

my review has been deleted as it was against pandora now I need a explanation from burrp for the same
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Anjith Merrie Jan - Burrp User

Anjith Merrie Jan

April 10,2011

the most happening place in chennai.....

i think this is d most happening place in chennai.... saw some bad reviews down der.... dont think any of dem r tru..... dey hav d best coffee in dis city... also d games r new and exciting too.... pls tell me another place wer we can play xbox kinect, virtual games and mainly ice skatin......? some had said dat d floor is made of marble...its utter rubbish...it is called as synthetic ice.if anybody have a confusion on synthetic ice and ice skatin , pls open dis page" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Synthetic_ice ". dis floor is d one which is used for ice hockey.... pls do check it.
also make some sense while commenting on such a place.
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Pratheeba - Burrp User


April 10,2011

oohhh!!! Great Disappointment

Yesterday afternoon we went to Ampa to watch a movie and just came down grabbing a smoothie from booster juices for our kids.

We got attracted by this Pandora as most of the people who cannot afford to pay for the entry were watching the actions through the glass partitions.

My kids were eager to enter the show for the happenings.

But they themselves felt bad that this place is not at all worth trying even.

the games which are installed are so common even in a modern coffee shops these days.

The foods are not fresh and we ordered just a cappucino and that too it was too watery with very lil milk and no real coffee powder. Very Much disappointed.

We find more adults(young couple) than the kids inside Pandora.

Most of them are one time visitors or I can even say they are tresspassers.
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marudhu - Burrp User


April 07,2011

Not a safe place for our kids to have fun!

This place is really too bad.

Its not safe for the parents to take their young kids.

No snow at all and they say it as ice skating and its better rename their organization.

I found two ladies working for this Pandora to be so rude.

1 named Akshaya and the other Tina.

Both of them dont have the real manners of handling a walk-in customer.

Also they enjoy themselves by playing, chatting and almost having all fun with the boys working with them.

Everyone who have been to Pandora knows well about this scene.

Its been a place not just for kids and you can see most of the young school and college going couple walking inside to have some romantic time.
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Ravi ABCD - Burrp User


January 18,2011

Ice Skating in Chennai!

What a surprise discovering this pre-teen/teen hangout in one of Chennai's megamalls - with ice skating! It's not exactly ice, but the same approximation other places use in lieu of the real thing. The instructors know their stuff and if you persist, you could learn how to skate quite well here.

The rest of the place is a mishmash of interactive video games (think Kinect, Wii, etc.), snacks, and virgin drinks. I had a 'mocktail' with cucumber in it, which was refreshingly odd - or is that oddly refreshing?
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pandora - Burrp User


January 15,2011


Hey Rohini (chicfoodie), glad u had fun in Pandora and thanks for your awesome review!! jus wanted to clarify to you and all others that the sport of skating on blade is called ice-skating. The surface u did the skating on wasnt marble, but a synthetic material called synthetic ice which serves to the purpose of scraping through the material by blade. Its the same surface used even by National Hockey Legue for their ice-hockey practice and also by many other professional iceskaters for their practice. It is also installed in Disneyland, Paris and in over 40 countries now world-wide.

You can also enjoy the Mocktail Bar along with few games which are again from europe/usa like dance heads, photo play (touch screen games) , virtual reality games and xbox kinect!

you can visit us on facebook : http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=112534368797593
Pandora hopes to see u soon again...keep falling in fun, again and again!!! :)
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Rohini Mohanraj - Burrp User

Rohini Mohanraj

January 10,2011

Freezing fun

First indoor ice skating rink in Chennai. Woohoo! Okay, stop getting so excited..it isn't ice that you skate on..its marble! So there you go, I break the myth and leave you disappointed. But hey, skating on marble is a lot of fun! :D And the room is cold too.

- Come with a bunch of friends
- Laugh at the people who fall, have fun. If you fall, be ready to get mocked too. Falling down is part of the fun and hardly painful.

- If it's your first time "ice" skating, it's likely that you feet will ache.

I fell down once, feet hurt like crazy and I was really scared of falling down. But it was super fun! So try it! :) Ice skating for 20 minutes would make your wallet lighter by Rs 150 and 45 minutes by Rs 200. There are also packages availables wherein you can enroll yourself for classes every week. There are instructors present at all times who are very helpful and sweet. The only reason why I'm giving them only 3 stars is because they are in a way cheating the public by luring them with the concept of "ice" skating. Why resort to such tactics when you have a rather cool concept anyway?

There's also a snack bar and ps3 games if you're interested.
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