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Dominic Coelho - Burrp User

Dominic Coelho

September 29,2014

Lip Smacking Seafood and Arabian Cuisine

I am basically from Bangalore. I come to visit Chennai very often as my fiance stays there. By nature I am a hardcore foodie. I visited this restaurant last week for the first time. The ambiance is very pleasant and friendly with good English music. The Staff too our very courteous, friendly and fluent in English. Coming to the food, well this is undoubtedly the best I have tasted in Chennai. At first I ordered the Crab meat soup, being a big fan of crab it was certainly delicious, for starters we ordered lobster Singapore, well the entire way the dish was set up was mouth watering, you could see the attached image to get an Idea, though it was slightly sweetish it was still delicious. Then we ordered the prawn Biriyani, well the prawns were so fresh that it felt as if they just caught it. I loved the food so much that I went there the following week, this time I ordered the Atukal Soup (mutton leg soup) which again was out of the world and we tried the Mutton Raan Mundi, which again was unique and delicious, the portions was so much that we parceled the remaining food and had it for dinner too. If your a hardcore non vegetarian you must try these dishes and do visit this awesome restaurant
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Jai Santhosh - Burrp User

Jai Santhosh

March 17,2014

A Great Treat

Great food...Average ambiance... Average service..
Had half Lebanese grilled chicken for starter and for main course butter naan , ginger chicken gravy and dijaj kapsa. All the food we ordered had portions for 3 and had real good taste and flavor (2 person) was billed Rs.760 inc taxes..
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ask_saj - Burrp User


September 03,2013

Tasty Arabic Food

Very tasty food, especially pepper barbecue chicken , boneless chicken marinated with awesome mustard sauce. Lot of varieties in the Arabic menu. Really enjoyed.
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Thahseen Ali - Burrp User

Thahseen Ali

January 02,2013

best arabic cuisne available in chennai

the palmshore is where i prefer everyone who loves arabic food...it has every blend of arabian taste with great service....
the ambiance and everything is really great...come with your friends or family...you will never be disappointed...
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Saikat Roy - Burrp User

Saikat Roy

March 05,2012

My all-time home delivery restro

well......Palmshore....the only restro I prefer while having a home delivery....so if you are staying nearby Santhome area.....you only need to depend on it......the nearby Lousy City Centre restros are of no use (they don't deliver foods)......so with only one option left for quality and 'cooked with good oil' food.

All the dishes almost tastes good.......and the same (mostly the same masalas....except Arabian or Chinese).........but ambience is sound good......and the service is excellent......in case of service...you may say.....they are the best I found in Chennai.......comfortable....though.....you need to wait outside in weekeneds to get seats there......the arabian foods are good enough (maybe better)......and ya....that's it
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jamshedjasar - Burrp User


August 09,2011

The Worst Food On the Planet

This restaurant is probably one of the worst places to eat in Chennai. We went there tonight when they were serving "Ramadan Specials", which consisted of Haleem and Mutton Samosas. The person who cooked up the Haleem and Samosas, probably had not eaten or even seem them in his life. What passed for Haleem was a yellow gooey mixture of rice, lentils and solid pieces of mutton, while the Samosas felt more like leftovers wrapped in flour and fried. They also served barbecued chicken that was literally rotting in the plates.

Avoid this place like the plague.

I am going to complain to the health inspector since the food served was obviously decaying.
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Dhanu A - Burrp User

Dhanu A

July 14,2011

Good place for Arabian food lovers

Had dinner here few days back. Shawarma was good. They have stuck American Express card stickers everywhere. But didn't accept it saying the card machine is not working. The service was not good. The waiter was serious throughout the time I had dinner and couldn't suggest food. Would have given 4 stars otherwise.
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Cole M - Burrp User

Cole M

November 25,2010

A Clean Place with Good Food

I went to the Palmshore last week for the first time and I will definitely be going back. Not a trendy exciting place but very clean with good service and a comfortable atmosphere.

I had the Tom yum Soup and the Shwarma plate. Something without mustard seed for a change. Both were competently made at a fair price. The chicken had a great flavor and it was well presented with some humus, bread and chilis.

I have no complaints at all.
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sethufood - Burrp User


November 18,2010

Irani Chicken Tikka

I went to this restaurant today and ordered 2 plates of Irani Chicken Tikka along with a soup and a drink. I have tried Irani Chicken Tikka in Palmshore - Spencer's and I found it good. So, I ordered 2 plates of Irani Chicken Tikka and I found it uneatable. I wonder whether it was authentic chicken flesh in the first place. Moreover, the pieces were burnt on one side. I asked the Manager about the burnt surface and he took the plate and removed the burnt layer in the pieces and gave it back to me. Chicken Tikka is seldom breaded. Even the Irani Chicken Tikka in Palmshore - Spencer's was never breaded. The chicken I had it over here today had a thick brown layer and I don't know what it was suppose to be. This was the worst Chicken Tikka I ever had.

I will never ever go to any of the Palmshore outlets and I will give a negative review about this restaurant to people whom I know.

I went to the restaurant in Escape Cinemas - Express Avenue on the same day and I ate Chicken Tikka which is sold for the same 160 INR. It was awesome. Concerned guys in Palmshore should make a trip to this place to know how a Chicken Tikka is supposed to be made.

I can understand people in Palmshore want to make money at the end of the day but that should not be accomplished by robbing the customers.
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sagheero - Burrp User


June 23,2010

Not bad

No a bad place for Showermaa, grilled chicken etc. Pretty reasonable prices and decent quantity. Take the showermaa plate instead of the roll, you get more stuff then. Like I said, there are better arabic joints in town, but this is not bad either.
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joefelix.d - Burrp User


July 01,2009

Best charcoal grilled Chicken

This place probably serve the best charcoal grilled chicken. Well marinated and really very arabic in taste.

They also serve the best pomfret grill in town. Even the shawerma is neat. Biriyani is not bad.

wallet friendly and strongly recommended :)
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robotist - Burrp User


March 20,2009

Great Tandoori Dishes

Tandoori selections are really good.

Falooda is almost one of a kind.

Cost is reasonable.
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