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Balaji Kartha - Burrp User

Balaji Kartha

June 05,2014

Don't let the Chef order for you!

Went there for dinner on my son's birthday and had a nice quiet evening. The ambiance is rich, the service is personal (the celebrity chef took the order himself), the food is yum and the bill is killing!

I mean, I am happy with everything and it was just as expected in a restaurant inside a (what is it) 7* hotel, but why can't they have a good printer to print the bill?! I could not read a thing on it and only found, after reaching home, that they had over charged me for an extra bottle of water that we never had!

The actual Italian stuff (you know, the pastas and pizzas) are not very expensive but we ordered "American' tender loin and that blew a hole in the bill. I suppose that was the 'celebrity Chef' showing his disapproval. But the food was yum. And the portioning was just exact. All three of us had our fill and there was no food wasted (or was it small and we just made up with what we had!). But the waiter was not fussy and redistributed the single items we had ordered into our plates in smaller portions (however my wife says she saw a frown on the 'celebrity chef's' face!)

The chef (who incidentally my wife and son had seen on TV - he just brushed it off as 'long time ago') is a very enthusiastic guy and when we told him we did not want any seafood, he made it a point to let his Chef's know by loudly shouting 'no seafood!' (they have an open kitchen right in the middle of the large room). He passes on all the orders loudly to this kitchen just like in any Udupi or muniyandi joint in Madras! But then I suppose Italians are just as loud as us!

But really, I liked the place and enjoyed the evening. They gave my son a nice chocolate shoofly too.
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Deepesh Tarun  - Burrp User

Deepesh Tarun

June 29,2013

Pure Class

ITC is known for their class and hospitality provided to their customers. But my experience at Ottimo was awesome. We were planning to head to Cheroot but decided to check out Ottimo in the end. From the start the hospitality was brilliant. There were at least three people at our table at our service.

For main course we went for two pizzas. The non veg pizza had Parma Ham and the Veg Pizza had spinach and mushrooms. The Ham slice on the Pizza was the best I have ever had anywhere in Chennai and it arrived so quickly. I never thought Spinach as a main ingredient in any Pizza would be good, but to my surprise even that tasted awesome. Best part about the place is that they had a Sommelier. She impressed us so much, we actually went in for an American Wine bottle. It tasted awesome along with the Pizza.

The service is class. Every time we finished a glass or a pizza slice there were people waiting to refill our plate of glasses. The ambience is excellent as everyone expects with the ITC stable. The food is not as expensive as though. The Pizzas are priced around 700 and the alcohol on the menu is also decently priced and includes taxes. On the whole a brilliant place to spend time and enjoy some great food.
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nikhilsebastian  - Burrp User


November 10,2012

Lovely food. The portion sizes could be better!

At the outset, when you enter ITC grand chola, it just takes your breath away! what grandeur!!! lovely!!!

went with family and we decided to try out ottimo which was itc's first italian restaurant in any of their properties.

the ambience is perfect with a live kitchen in the centre of the restaurant. the architecture loooks very modern, a complate contrast to the architecture of the hotel!!!

for the food, we started with the farfalle arabiatta which was really nice. just the right amount of sauce for the pasta and very nice flavour to it.

we then had a spaghetti carbonara which is in white sauce and it was again, delicious. the creaminess of the white sauce was perfect and the meat inside it was yummy!!!

we then had their sea food risotto, which without doubt, was the star of the night. it was one of the most perfect risotto's ive had with the rice cooked to perfection and with some of the most perfectly cooked sea food!

and finally, we decided to try their veg lasagna, the first time i was having a lasagne!!! and to be honest, it was pretty good! cooked to perfection with oodles of flavour.

for dessert we ordered a panacotta with a raspberry sauce around it. yumminess at its best!!!! the texture of the panacotta was perfect with kind of a jelly like bounce to it and the raspberry sauce was a perfect accompaniment to it.

coming to the service, it was perfect ( what else do you expect from a 5* hotel!) - 5/5

the ambience was good - 5/5

the food was, as expected with itc hotels, delicious! another 5/5

however, the portion sizes are really small and cos of that you dont feel very content at the end of it. and thats the reason ive given it 4 stars!!! :p improve the portion, and this may just end up being the next best italian restaurant in chennai!!!
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