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driveryama - Burrp User


January 10,2016

good food, service is ok, expensive

Went there on a Thursday night. not very crowded. food was very tasty and good. naan and rotis are too small for the price, but sabjis and chaat item, mushroom soup was excellent. service was very slow and for 4 items shared between two folks, costed 1100 rupees
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foodlover90 - Burrp User


January 11,2014

Good Vegetarian Food, so-so Ambience

One of the food joints, I've been wanting to go to in a loooong time! Finally got a chance to try this place for lunch today with my mom, as it was at a stone’s throw from the Hindu Lit fest venue. So yaay!
Entering the restaurant, after a pretty steep climb, we were immediately attended to. One of the waiters promptly motioned us to choose one when we asked for a table for two and for a Saturday afternoon it was decently crowded. Good for us!
After having a sip of the lukewarm water that was served to us, we started browsing the menu, the cover page had faces of people, Mumbai city etc.! An extensive menu I must say. They offer Indian, oriental and continental?? How fancy! I was thinking this one serves only North Indian food? Anyway, we decided to try a bit of it all.
Our order: Tikki chat ,corn cheese balls, stuffed parathas and a glass of Strawberry Daiquiri.
The food was served to us quite quickly starting with the tikki chat. It had pieces of aloo tikki (potato cutlet types) dipped in chole( chickpea gravy), dahi( curd), raw vegetables like tomatoes, onions and carrots. It was seasoned with chaat powder, could also get a taste of aamchoor powder and of course the various chutneys, garnished with sev and coriander! Although it looked very messy, it was delicious! I could taste masala, spice, sweetness and the blandness of curd all at once! Top notch!
Moving on to the corn cheese balls, the serving included 7 pieces for two hundred bucks. Slightly on the higher side, but once you bite into them, the juiciness of the corn and the freshness of the cheese totally makes you forget the price. It is served with a small cup of mayo (eggless). I requested for ketchup and a bit of chaat powder (me going totally Indian today! Even with cheese balls!). Ok, now I feel like eating them again. I loved the crispy layer on the outside and the gooey cheese filling on the inside. Great dish altogether!
The strawberry daiquiri was served with a slice of lemon and one of those tiny umbrellas! Looked really thirst quenching (have a look at the photo, please), but once you take a swig of it, the throat wants it more, although this happens typically when you drink something cold. Not too sweet, not too tangy, loaded with crushed ice, this drink would be perfect for that hot summer day! We ordered only one glass, thinking one would be more than enough for two, and I guess this was the right decision.
Ah! Now for our main course, we had ordered only one stuffed paratha (cut into two), it felt just about right for us. This is usually served with pickles. At KP, A cute set of three tiny cups, one with achar (mixed vegetable pickle here which was pretty good), chilli soaked in something pickle( not my choice of a pickle) and slices of lemons ( Wonder why that was part of this). As for the parathas, they were stuffed with carrots, beans, little bit of potatoes and paneer and lots of chili. Maybe too oily for my liking, but with the curd (which was like heaven by the way) and the achar, you shouldn't miss this! I requested them to serve us curds, maybe anticipating the spice levels looking at that chili pickle on the table, but I don’t regret it!
How can I forget our dessert order, especially when it has Rabdi in it! Mom’s choice!
Rabdi with seasonal fruits as they call it, was this concoction of cut pieces, syrups and rabdi obviously. It looked like porridge but tasted good. Wasn't the best as they had mentioned dry fruits in the menu and I couldn't find even one. But good attempt. The rabdi alone as a dessert may have been a better option, but their dessert choices were limited to only five or six.
So, this was it. The end of my long time planned lunch at KP. The food is little overpriced; the bill came close to nine hundred bucks only for this. But the staff was helpful and pleasant! Good work, team!
Having said that, one thing I cannot stand at a restaurant is noise. This place was noisy, noisier and noisiest. I’m planning to eat here again, with the most compelling thoughts of trying out their naan, many types of subjis and of course their tikki chat! Minus the chaos and slash down the prices, Kailash Parbat would be the perfect place for good veg north Indian food, greater conversations and much more!
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Aarti Krishnakumar - Burrp User

Aarti Krishnakumar

August 19,2013

Good north Indian fare

The 1st time I was at Kailash Parbat, it was in bombay in Colaba. We had gone there with friends. And so it was quite exciting to hear they were opening in Chennai, that too within walking distance from Home. Only drawback here is they are located on the top floor and there is no elevator [ gramma has trouble with staircases]. But problem solved once i discovered they have home delivery. There have been days when we were in no mood to cook, and that is when I picked up the phone and ordered dinner from here.

Their kulchas, paranthas are good. Rotis do get a bit chewy by the time they arrive home. Their side dishes are divine, I love their SIndhi dishes, and Punjabi pakodewali khadi. It is just perfect with a cup of plain rice. We have also been here just for chaat- their bhel and sev puri are good.

Be warned- if you are heading here over the weekend, be prepared to wait for quite a while as the place gets packed.

Good food, simple ambiance, and easy on the wallet, it is one of our favorite restaurants! Biggest plus being they oblige and make dishes jain style- no onion or garlic!
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hkmurali - Burrp User


July 14,2013

Top Class North Indian Food

Kailash Parbat is one of the most safest choices when you're in the mood for one of the finest north Indian foods in Chennai . Be it a chat or a Dal Makhani or a Chole Batura , this is the place to be.
We ordered for Chole Batura, Bhel Puri , Dhal Makhani, Fried Rice, Chilly and sweet Potato starters and some Phulkas .
Talking about service , we got nice service with some good recommendations on the menu as well from time to time . The ambience was nice with a flat screen TV switched on to the Ashes cricket series which was a double delight as well. However the AC right above us in the ceiling which started dripping heavily and caused a little panic. Though they quickly switched off the A/C and it was back to normal.
The prices however is pretty expensive on par with any three star hotel ,with almost any dish in the range of 160 + only . A chole bhatura costing Rs 205 felt like a small rip off, with no justification on that however good it was.
Overall , its a great restaurant for a nice family dinner or a perfect meal to end the weekend. Go for it !
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vidya sankar - Burrp User

vidya sankar

July 12,2013

Great Veg Cuisine

Don't mistake this vegetarian restaurant to be your Saravana Bhavan Type!!! The menu itself was several pages. As soon as you enter you are greeted by at least two members of the staff and that sets the mood for the evening. We were a family of eight with three kids and squished into the Round seating area(cozy but comfortable).We decided to try at least one dish from each menu. bhel puri(spicy and tasty), pani puri(crispy, a little oily), bruschetta(mini flat bread pizza-like) ,gobi manchurian(crispy cauliflower), chola batura(great chole, a little too oily puri), assorted roti(stay away from the besan roti!), paneer bhurji and fried dal. Accompanied by sweet lassi and frozen strawberry Daiquiri. Wonderful atmosphere, friendly and attentive staff and great food. What else can you ask for?
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Pavithra Varadarajan - Burrp User

Pavithra Varadarajan

April 22,2013

Dinner with Office Folk

My colleagues are hard core non vegetarians and were forced to go to Kalish Parbat with long faces, but they were not disappointed. We went for the buffet which had a soup, 3 starters and several main courses. We were a huge group of more than 10 people and the waiters managed quite well. And the food was AWESOME - different flavors and the other for the paneer there. I should mention in particular they have the best paneer. SO soft and just melts in your mouth. Definitely must go place. Awaiting for an opportunity to go there again.
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nikhilsebastian  - Burrp User


March 31,2013

Awesome (less oily) channa bhatura!

Ordered the channa bhatura, pani puri and mango lassi!

The mango lassi was thick and tasty! The bhatura was surprisingly less oily and the channa was awesome! The pani of the pani puri had the perfect amount of 'khatta' and 'teekha' and the sweet pani was perfect too! Loved it. It got over within moments of it arriving!

Except for the crazy crowd cos of which the order took some time (cant blame kailash parbat), it was perfect! Definitely 5/5.
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nikhilsebastian  - Burrp User


March 31,2013

Awesome veg north indian food!

Wanted some north indian food and chaat and decided to visit kailash parbat. On reaching the restaurant, we were told we would have to wait 15 minutes. After the wait, went in to be greeted by ruckus that resembled a fish market! Realised that some kitty party was on and the ladies were tlaying housie! And a lady was shouting numbers across tables! After starting on this frustrating note, we called for a sev puri, some pudina parathas and phulkas along with a paneer baby corn gravy. The food was yummy. The puri was crisp and the combination was awesome! The main course was really tasty, though a little heavy! And for desert, we ordered the combination of gulab jamun and rabri! That was heavenly! Loved it. And by then, the ladies had left too! And we left content and extremely full! The service and the food was top notch!

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king_anand - Burrp User


March 26,2013

Good place to Visit

Ambience - 8 out of 10
Taste - 9 out of 10
Variety of Menu - 9 out of 10
Availability of Dishes - 9 out of 10
Cost Effectiveness - 8 out of 10

Its a good place to be.. But, its a little overpriced. Its a good place for couples or group of friends or business meets. Crispy Spicy potato is a good dish. Starters are very fine. Masala chaach should never be missed. On the whole, it can be rated 9 out of 10.
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kavinil - Burrp User


March 18,2013

Unfair trade pracite

Went and had buffet 6 adults and 2 child below 4 years , shocked to see even children also billed Rs. 225/- each , whereas nothing was provided in the name of child menu . When asked the staff took pride and replied that even the children should also have the same spicy dishes. Even the taste was also not good - Nilu
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Veda Vyass - Burrp User

Veda Vyass

March 16,2013


Kailash Parbat is one of the best joints in Chennai right now. Although crowded in the nights this place serves amazing sizzlers and their starters are worth every rupee.

I went to this place just like that on a Sunday night, and I was left to lick my fingers even the next day. The service is fine and the ambience is lovely!
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Vibhor M - Burrp User

Vibhor M

November 15,2012

THE place for North Indian Veg Food

A friend had introduced me to Kailash Parbat ... and I am thankful!
This is the place for north Indian veggie food.. starting from Chat, to main course and ending in deserts.

Getting a table can be a challenge, do keep that in mind. Staff in general is helpful but mostly busy, ambience is descent, neat and clean on the whole.

Yes they are pricey! But not exhorbitant. You just wouldnt get this food anywhere in Chennai. They have Italian and Chinese items in their menu, but I have have never bothered... The Chats are nice.. and served well, the breads (rotis, paranthas etc) are all genuine! (its a rarity in city).

Some of the must-try: Chhas(butter milk), Missi Roti, Dal Tadka, Jaipuri Biryani
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sandhya_burrp - Burrp User


October 19,2012

Decent food but not so good value for money

Hogged at Kailash Parbat with a bunch of friends recently. Selling fancy potato chips soaked in chutney for 100 bucks seemed criminal to me. However it was a yummy unforgettable eat.
The chaat basket is alright, nothing great to write home about. The sev puri was probably the best in the lot. The mocktails were good. Decent food, but exorbitantly priced for what we could polish off for lesser on the streets!
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Ved Vyas - Burrp User

Ved Vyas

October 14,2012


spent 2000 on tasteless food......not wrth the price.....roadside chaat is much more tasty than this....!
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pradyot_66 - Burrp User


October 05,2012

Buffet not at all good !

I was told by many that Kailash parbat is a very good restaurant.
Recently had visit and ate buffet.
Believe me except for chats/starters nothing was good in the buffet.
Infact they had a mint leaves pulao ,which was actually having soil particles ,Dal was just a normal yellow one, 2 more veggies were there but did not taste good.
Desert was a total disappointment ,saw halwa took some and found it is tasting like a coconut , left is as it is , took some fruits (thank god ) ,when was about to leave the waiter got us 1scoop of ice cream which i never saw in the desert section.
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arasriram1988 - Burrp User


July 19,2012

The best north indian veg joint in chennai

Four of us went to kailash parbat for dinner.Being a weekday we could not get ourselves any seat.We waited for 15min and then we were given a corner table.We had a crispy corn basket,barbeque paneer,nachos with jalapenos and cheese as starters.All the 3 starters were fantastic.The barbeque paneer was a one of a kind melt in your mouth dish.Then we ordered an array of biriyani's like jaipuri biriyani,hyderabadi dum biriyani,awadhi ketvari biriyani followed by paneer tikka lababdar as the side.Though both the jaipuri and awadhi biriyani had similar taste both were great in their own aspects.The hyderabadi biriyani was unique and tasted great too.The paneer tikka labadra was a fantastic gravy with some soft cubes of paneer.The service was very quick and the prices are pretty reasonable for the quality of food served here.The total bill came to rs1400 for 4 of us
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sundasr - Burrp User


January 27,2012

Chaat Party In Chennai

A great place to have a chaat in Chennai.The waiters are very courteous .The decor may not be that great but the taste makes up for all that.I dont miss the Mumai street food in Chennai these days especially with the 1+1 offer before 7 PM on the Chaats.That makes expenseive rates look fair .Thats the best time to have the Chaat there.
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foodpsycho1 - Burrp User


July 24,2010

Aamchi Mumbai

They say Mumbai changes you forever; the sights, sounds, smells, people, pick-pockets…everything is an integral experience that makes this place ‘Maximum City.’ Born in Mumbai, but a true blue south Indian at heart, I much prefer my ‘thayir sadham’ to the ‘aloo gobi, gobi aloo, paneer butter masala’ category. That being said, my heart skips a beat and my tongue starts drooling when I think of Mumbai street food/junk food.

Yeah! Bring on the chaats, pile on the vada pav and serve me some piping hot channa bhatura please! But sigh! In a city where chaat is most commonly thought of as a form of communication (think ‘chat’) between young boys and girls, it is not very often that one can find an authentic place that rustles up this kind of food with ease.

And then I discovered Kailash Parbat .Yes, yes, It’s the famed Mumbaiyya chaat place that I have loved and longed for in namma Chennai. Nestled in a quiet corner on Harrington road, Kailash Parbat (KP as I now fondly call it) is your one stop shop for all things tangy, masaledar and yummy. We started off with the crispy corn basket – plump niblets of corn sitting pretty on a bed of tomatoes, onions, a sea of spices and papdi. Topped with crisp sev, a squeeze of lime and multitudinous chutneys, it set the mood for things to come.

Next on the menu was a delightful sizzler, surprisingly authentic and tasty for a chaat place, with generous portions of chilli paneer, vegetable Manchurian, hakka noodles, rice, fries and so much more! But the piece de resistance was the heavenly cheese channa bhatura. With creamy cheese that oozes out of a crisp golden bhatura, spicy and piquant channa, a pickled mirchi and some salted onions, could one genuinely want more?

Well, I did and so with much reluctance, my colleague agreed, and I smiled in glee as the steward brought on the kulfi falooda. There is something really childishly exciting about eating a dessert that possibly has all colours of the rainbow; what’s more, it was delicious too! Supremely satiated and thankful that I was not wearing ‘fitting’ clothes, we walked out of Kailash Parbat with a promise to come back for more. And all this while, my head was singing…yeh hai Mumbai meri jaan!
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shankitr - Burrp User


February 09,2010

No identical twins

I haven't been to n'bakam kailash Parbat, but have been to their "counter" in Ascendas,taramani.
we had ( on different occassions) all the baturas the menu card boasts of and believe me, they are just too good!! they were as good as oilless, sponge soft and tasted heaven. the accompaniment was ooopppsss.... killing. the best baturas i have ever had in chennai.they can be juxtaposed to the ones being done in the north of india. it was an equal "barter" for the 85 bucks i paid. the gol-gappas( pani puri)were "sunrise" fresh. the very thought of it- my spouse n me vroom thro from tambaram all the way to ascendas!!!
a place worth visiting over n again.

velachery outlet- we had to walk out for there wasnt any "required" food to be served. the second time, we came back wondering if taste was " decentralised".
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rushi sam - Burrp User

rushi sam

November 30,2009

Very Bad

I paid around 60 bucks for a small plate of Bhelpuri which was nothing but OVERSPICED. I though authentic chaat is supposed to be chatpata and not too spicy. I had to leave it halfway as my nose was dripping. and 60 for bhelpuri? I'd get 3 plates of the same in any decent chaat shop in the city. Gangotri serves good quantity for the amount they charge.
Kailash Parbhat is a let down.
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devush2001 - Burrp User


October 12,2009

Finally Authentic North Indian food

Finally Chennai can boast of authentic north indian food of very high quality and easy on your wallet.A fine restaurant which also serves the best chat in town.They have some amazing dishes on the menu card and each one is lip smacking.They do not take reservations for the weekends and hence be there when the doors open at 1900 hrs or else u will have to wait for over 30 min.Dont miss out on the kulfi.Its yummy!!!!!
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Sriram Iyer - Burrp User

Sriram Iyer

September 10,2009

Jhatka Laga?

Yes. This is one joint you'd want to climb up to.

The food here gets your taste buds roaring. However, its the placement of the resto, that leaves much to be desired. The ambience is a tad bit the same kind as "copper chimney meets cream centre" style.

The greeting service at the door is simply pathetic, for which the waiters make up by giving you proper attention at the table. I'm cutting out two stars on the rating given the ambience and clutter. Else I'd tick 5.

The chaas can be better. It ain't chilled. The indian breads are the best in this restaurant. Simply amazing. Check out their Butter Chappathi.

We tried an Awadhi Biryani and it turned out to be awesome. The sabzis are well-defined and taste quite good, however we wish the Chef went a little easy on the oil. Yes, and my friend who dined with me instantly quipped, "I can almost see the Bindi swimming in the pool of oil".

The pricing is a tad bit okay, albeit on the high side, its obviously priced to keep the crowd at bay.

If you ask me, I'd say lets climb this mountain again, and again.
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shyam The GR8 - Burrp User

shyam The GR8

August 14,2009

High Prices!

On what basis does this place justify its charges? Do they think Chennaites are fools? I just saw the chaat menu, and while there was nothing special in it, the prices were exorbitant. Sev Puri for Rs. 55!? At least they could have made it up with decent quantities, but alas, that was not the case. Guard your wallet if you go to this place. You might get robbed.
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swarna barath - Burrp User

swarna barath

August 06,2009

Cant wait to go back again!

Wow! that was my first impression on the place and it remained thro out the experience and until the end. Exactly the first word that comes to my mind wen i start writing this review...first of all so crowded on a weekday afternoon? this place must be a super hit m sure! But the service was impeccable even with such crowd, so they do deserve a 5 star for that i decided!

The menu is a BIG WOW! It keeps goin on and on, ur stuck with awe deciding what to order. I expected the place to be a fast food joint kinds where i can have a quick chaat for lunch and rush back to work, but hey did they surprise me? The menu has everything you can think of from the north, typical mumbai chaats made authentically (i ve had bhel puri at kailash parbhat in mumbai and its exactly the same here or shud i say even better?) and u get a lot of items that u don get in other Chennai northie restaurants. So if ur sick n tired of the plain old naan and paneer butter masala in the name of north indian cuisine, this is exactly the place u shud go to!

The tandoori rotis and the veg kohlapuri were mouth wateirng. But i was all eyes on the batura platter, which had 5 types of batura combo, wat a thought, for foodies like me who wants to try evrything on the menu, it is heaven! Though i couldnt try it this time, m sure m goin bak here with a larger group and order everything possible on the menu. The menu definitely deserves an applause for the way its constructed, m sure u guessed it by now.

The waiter suggested the mocktail sampler shots which did disappoint me a bit with its taste, more sugar syrups than juice in it. But the very look of it being presented can attract anyone esp kids. The place is not as expensive as it looks, its very much affordable. The ambiance might fool you into thinking this is an expensive place, but be assured, i think the clean and well-set fine-dining ambiance is example of the good service and management for everyone to respect your customers without burning a hole in their wallet.

I am just waiting for another chance to get back here and try more dishes. Hats off Kailash Parbhat!
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iamtuls - Burrp User


July 16,2009

Just ok!!!!!!

Had been to this place yesterday. This place is not just for chats, but for main course as well. The ambience is good and
chaats are pretty decent. The rate card confirms that it is run by the oriental cuisines.

Chats are pretty expensive. For Eg; Pav bhaji comes at Rs 75
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ravisak - Burrp User


June 25,2009

Nice interiors bit costly

I have been to this place the interiors are done well with two separate dinning areas. the chats are good the best was the corn tokari with lots of corn and spices. this place also serves you proper north Indian food, so if you are craving for chat as well as north Indian food its the right place to be. the prices are a little expensive, as this restaurant is from Mumbai i think they are charging Mumbai prices in Chennai.
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