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Krishnan Rm.S. - Burrp User

Krishnan Rm.S.

May 16,2014

Vijaya Forum Mall Cream Center - Worst Behaviour by the Server

Went to the Cream Center in Forum Mall in vadplani and the server was so rude and behaved indecently. When asked for any sizzlers without potato and paneer, he said no and went and spoke behind me to another server in Hindi thinking that I can't understand. He was so sarcastic in his words and made fun of me to the other guy. Called the manager and blasted them. Being in Chennai, they think we can't understand Hindi and make all funny comments. Spoilt the day. Will advice you to never go to that place again.
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Roopkumar B - Burrp User

Roopkumar B

September 23,2013

Good Sizzlers

Though the cost burns a hole in your pocket, the food is good. I tried trotillas and sizzlers that just had everything perfect. Keep in mind that you need to be there early as the place gets heavily crowded.
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ishaarora89 - Burrp User


May 22,2013

Veggies world!

Well, the only reason this place is always full is clear enough. Serving pure vegetarian food with great ambiance this place is surely up for a visit. Great food with vast variety on their menu. So if you looking for pure vegetarian meal book you table in advance to avoid waiting.
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Paavalan KM - Burrp User

Paavalan KM

May 13,2013

"Crime Centre" in serving worst food

Went on an eventful Friday evening with my family and felt miserable afor having stepped in. Had to wait for 15 mins during which we glanced through the menu and made the orders.

1.Onion Rings : Awfully Bad with the oil seeping out and the green chutney dip given along with it made things worse, When we requested for the Mayo dip the waiter said it's not there, C'mon Onion rings with green chutney is a pathetic combination for the price on the menu

2. American Corn cheese balls: The balls were fried brownish black in color which suggested the quality of oil being used in a restaurant where the prices of its food items are so high.

Main Course: A damn squib in all aspects.

I swore that i would never ever step in to this sinister place again.
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hkmurali - Burrp User


March 21,2013

Consistently good

Cream centre is one of the best pure vegetarian fine dining places in Chennai
The nungambakkam place , though second only to RA Puram , always lives upto its expectations both on quality and service .
The food menu is extensive ranging from South indian to mexican to Italian
Their thin crust pizzas,onion rings is a big hit amonst most regulars
its a real value for money and always a favourite hotel of mine
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BS Roy - Burrp User

BS Roy

January 17,2013

Not as per expectations

The hype around Cream Centre came crashing down , once I visited there. Food is ok, but the quantity served is very less when compared to the price that is charged for. Food is atrociously priced high and the less food portion is a definite game plan to increase the sales. Service is poor and the service staffs are very indifferent. They can cut down on the show-off factors and concentrate to improve food portions with good service, alongwith good price.
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jokez123 - Burrp User


December 29,2012


It's a decent restaurant, the ambiance is good and so is the food. Being Hyderabadis, we were craving for good Biryani, and were totally satisfied by what they served here. It sure was lil expensive, but it's worth it. :)
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foodmerijhaan - Burrp User


November 30,2012

veggies delight

they have a good choice of items on the menu something to suit every taste,good ambience for an office lunch,family outing,love their corn and jalapeno balls
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Anand Natarajan - Burrp User

Anand Natarajan

November 17,2012

Great food & good service.

Cream Centre is one of my favourites! I loved the food. Ambiance was good, service was great. favorite is cheese balls,Onion rings,chola batura. Great food & good service.
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priyabara108 - Burrp User


November 15,2012

could be like the other branch !

This cream centre has a pretty decent ambience and the service is exceptional . The starters were equal to the RA puram''s branch, yummy as usual.The main dishes could still taste better as the flavours were lesser mainly in the pizza, pasta and the enchiladas we ordered Over all, always a good place to stop by but not the best coz RA puram branch rocks !
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alishajain2011 - Burrp User


November 10,2012

Yummy Foood!

Went to this place with my hubby a couple of times. Both the times the food was top notch. The chole bhaturey is to die for, always make sure i order them whether i have them in chennai/b'lore/bbay! its just perfect. though my hubby doesnt seems to like them, i just love it. Yet another signature dish is the nachos with cheese, yummy is the not the word. Sizzling Brownie - Can never say no to this!! :)
Overall a 5/5 experience
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dineshvjain  - Burrp User


November 10,2012

Great Food, decently price

First Look - Prime location, good interiors, the aroma of food from the food suggests its gonna be great!
Been to this place so many times since its opened initially at the adyar gate and now here in nungambakkam. This review is a cumulative review of the dishes that i've had here for all these times.
Nachos with cheese - My meal here always starts with this starter, no matter what. Served very quickly anytime you go. The melted cheese on the nachos is sooo yumm! I actually lick my fingers after finishing the portion. Nothing like it and this sets the mood.
Alu paratha - The paratha here tastes amazing, much better than any paratha place in town. Served with dal makhani and dahi. Just awesome main course. One paratha fills you up completely.
Chola bhatura - Its one of the signature dish of this restaurant but it has never worked for me. Except for the temptation to break the huge bhatura, the taste for me is very ok.
All in one pasta - This is probably the best pasta i've had in chennai. its a mix of white and tomato sauce with mix veggies. A MUST TRY at Cream centre.
Sizzling brownie - awesome awesome awesome :)

Never try the pizza here, big disappointment

Food - 5/5
Ambience - 3.5/5
Service - 3.5/5
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Apoorv  Arora - Burrp User

Apoorv Arora

November 10,2012

cholle bhature

i was dying to have cholle bhature and this place didnt disappoint me much. the cheese balls starter was good. thin crust pizza was also good. service could've been quicker.. on the whole decent place. extremely costly(coz of its location)..
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Manasa Kumar - Burrp User

Manasa Kumar

November 10,2012

Go for the authentic and tangy flavours

It has a great variety of food and being a vegetarian it was the perfect place for me to explore various cuisines without worrying whether they use seperate kitchens for veg and non veg. The only minus we can take away is the long queues to get into the restaurant and the loud banter of other guests. It may not be the perfect place for a quiet dinner, but their parathas and sizzlers have a tangy flavour that keeps you wanting for more. The cheese Nachos are brilliant and the mocktails have the perfect flavour. Prices have been increased over the years so order just order what is required as quantities are large.
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Ved Vyas - Burrp User

Ved Vyas

October 14,2012


SUPER ! fabulous food.super service..thank u for the great experience..u guys rock !!!
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pradyot_66 - Burrp User


October 05,2012

Authentic taste

I have twice to this place. This is a very good restaurant for vegetarians.
Awesome Sizzler and other North items are tasty.
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aminarai - Burrp User


July 21,2012


my 3rd visit to this restaurant and hopefully my last. i suffer it only because my better half seems to like it and even there was disappointment this time. we got a corner table meant for 2 but we were 3. no ac around and warm (in chennai that can be discomforting). the place serves sizzlers which is why i think most people come here. the city doesnt have as many decent restaurants and variety like delhi, mumbai or even bangalore so one tends to go to the same places again. sizzlers are piping hot. an assortment of unconnected things put in a piping hot iron plate which u have to blow a few times before u eat lest u will burn ur tongue! anyways i ordered this chilli pepper sizzler recommended by the waiter and after a few spoons i couldnt take it. i told the waiter who came around enquiring and he didnt show up after that. overall i truly wish i dont have 2 go back and even if i have 2 surely not for the sizzlers. also, for the quality of the food i find the pricing steep. i prefer barbeque nation. pricier but more value.
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arvind.g - Burrp User


June 12,2012

Great Food, Mediocre experience

Cream center (Nungambakkam branch) is undoubtedly one of the best veg restaurants I have been to, in terms of food taste, quality, etc. This fact is undisputed. The question is, is it worth it?

The point is, when you are paying close to 200 bucks average per dish, you would really like to have a good time, and maybe if you are going out with business associates / socializing purposes, you would like to have a good time talking to your guests. Do not expect this at cream center! Absolutely no peace of mind, and calm at this place. Here's how a typical experience may happen (based on an experience of 5 times consecutive):

* You will first wait outside the restaurant for at least 15 minutes to sometimes even 45 minutes!

* When you get in, you will find that the restaurant is heavily crowded, and hence the air conditioners will not be able to handle the load, and you will start sweating in some time.

* With the excessive crowd, there will also be a lot of noise - this is unavoidable. But why on earth on top of this, does the restaurant insist on playing loud music, even after requesting them to lower the volume? Basically you CANNOT have a decent conversation with anyone, without having to yell so that the other person can hear.

* Apart from all these factors, you will invariably have the embarrassment of one of your guests coming and complaining to you, that the toilet is completely westernized and there is no absolutely no water outlet available in the toilet. This will spoil your guest's mood and subsequently, even yours. Being in India, they should at least think of their 95% customers, who are all Indian and provide facilities accordingly. In spite of repeated feedback to the manager, nothing has been done till date.

To summarize - Food (4.5 / 5). Experience (2.5 / 5). Go here only if you so desperately want good food, and wouldn't mind having a bad time with the ppl you come with.
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Divya  - Burrp User


March 01,2012

Best veggie in chennai

Without any doubt, Cream Centre is one of the BEST vegetarian restaurants in chennai! To start with the ambiance. Just beautiful, pleasant atmosphere. Clean!

The soups ( vegetable and the tomato ) are exquisite! Especially the vegetable spring soup! We dont have much choice in soups, but i guess we dont neeed a choice there.

NACHOS. AMAZIINGG! You can literally die for it! Perfect cheese balance.

Main courses :

Pasta : Our all time classic, penne arabitta is just yuumm..
and the pasta-in-pasta..best pasta i've ever had!!
and rest of them are quite good too..

Sizzlers : YES! They are yuumm too! Love the sauce they provide for the rice/noodles!

Pizzas : Well, its not toooo great! But good enough!!

Mexican : Brilliant! I used to hate Mexican food before i had one here! Must try..

Drinks : My fav - Twist on ice. You can never be bored with it :)
Sodas are really good tooo!

Desserts : Sizzling brownie. They are exactly how you imagine it to be.

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Sri Hariharan S - Burrp User

Sri Hariharan S

January 08,2012

Veggie Fest!

I was at CC for my friend's treat last week. After reading a lot of good reviews about the restaurant and being a pure vegetarian I was very excited about this pure veg restro! But we found it hard to spot the place and circled around the hood for around half an hour trying to find the restaurant. The guys at the reception desk were not able to guide us properly. They were not able to provide a proper landmark that we could recognize. If you are planning to visit this place, it is right next to Alliance Francaise in college road.

Anyways we finally got there! We ordered most of their signature dishes. For starters we ordered nachos and corn cheese balls. CC claims their nachos to be the best. They may not be the best but they are indeed good. Especially their salsa dip was so delicious. I don't eat cheese but my friend seemed to thoroughly enjoy the corn cheese balls. For main course we ordered sizzling paneer chilli sizzler and Subz dum biriyani. The sizzler was piping hot!! The paneer was so juicy and this happened to be one of the best sizzlers i have had. But the dum biriyani disappointed. There was no flavor and the taste was very average. We also had their mocktails Twist on ice and Sunset drive. Both were too good and out of this world!!

The ambiance was good and the whole place was jam packed on a weekday night! The service was awesome too. The prices were on the higher side though. We had to shell out almost 1200 bucks for two. Best place for vegetarian lovers and even better if you are going for a treat ;)

Food - 4/5 (reduced 1 for their awful dum briyani)
Service - 4.5/5
Ambiance - 4/5
VFM - 3.5/5 (very expensive affair)
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Paavalan KM - Burrp User

Paavalan KM

October 11,2011

Expensive Affair

I went down to this place last week for dinner with my family on a Monday evening and it was jam packed. Fortunately we were able to find a table and went through the menu. They had a wide range of food items starting from Paranthas to Pizzas. The prices were incredibly high but the quality of food was exquisite, Say for a chole batura was priced at Rs 180 and a Signature parantha at Rs 220.The paneer tikka was awesome and so was the Sizzler. Worth giving a try if you are in excess of 1000 Rupee notes scratching your wallet.
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Venkatesh A - Burrp User

Venkatesh A

February 25,2011

Its Good

Good to have some different kind of food stuffs with Good quality, sizzling-brownie is highlight here and starters too.
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shanmugapriya - Burrp User


February 23,2011

Full of surprises

My hubby & I have been wanting to visit this place and we finally did so last wednesday

Surprise 1: Place was full on a wednesday and we had to wait for 20 mins
Surprise 2: Didnt know that this place was 100% vegetarian, hubby got pissed, but I was fine
Surprise 3: The lady sitting next to us in the "waiting" line kept asking the Manager or supervisor for seats and he yelled at her literally in front of so many people to wait patiently, poor lady. Hello, Service Anybody?
Surprise 4: Menu and the Pricing - it had 1 or 2 items from few cuisines like Indian, Italian Labanese etc and a sizzler section. Pricees were very high for a Veg restaurant, that too way high than any NV items in a star hotel restaurant, at least to our knowledge.
Ex. A bathura + Chenna (ordered separately) costs about 190 or 200 bucks

Now my hubby was not pissed at the high rates actually, but by looking at the people who were actually ordering and eating this bathura chenna and many other expensive Indian food which would cost much less and more tastier and authentic elsewhere.

We moved on and ordered 2 sizzlers, a pasta sizzler and a fried rice sizzler and later finished with a brownie with ice cream, again a sizzler.

Food was decent and service was fast enough, no complaints in that area though.

Would we go there again? doubtful, may be when we get filthy rich...
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pushu - Burrp User


February 22,2011

good food, nice restaurant, quick!

the waft of the sizzling brownie from every direction, and the train of king sized bhaturas passing each minute, that what cream centre has been for more than 20 years. the favourite is the Mexican Fajita Sizzler. given it was a sunday evening rush, the amazing to see the comfort with which everyone can have their dinner!
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chitti_jk - Burrp User


January 19,2011

Relief from the Bhavans...

The first place i prefer when im a vegetarian... The best menu card i have seen... Too pricy, might not fit in month ends. If you go for lunch the must try is thier Thali...

The plus - Vegetarian Food @ its best
Minus - Too pricy
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Ajay Mohandas - Burrp User

Ajay Mohandas

October 03,2010

Amazing Starters

Me and my wife visited this place yesterday, and let me tell you, 'it was a very good experience!!!!'
For starters we had Paneer Pakoras and we totally enjoyed it. just melts into your mouth...would kill for one more of those!!
Main course-Panner chilli sizzler was good; but the Half and Half Enchiladas tasted very plain.
The ambiance was 'just ok' as it was heavily crowded being a weekend. But overall, a very good experience.
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sunshinegal - Burrp User


August 09,2010

Complex menu, tasty food.

Ok, so when you look at the menu they have a mixture of american, mexican, mediterranean and not to forget out very own Indian. We were actually confused on what to order and played safe by sticking to basics. Their American corn cheese balls were very tasty. We were amused seeing the starters come with a side of potato chips (the ones that you get in any local shop for ten rupees a packet). lol! Anyway, we ordered Indian and mexican sizzlers and they were hot and yummy!
The best part here was their dessert. The waiter recommended a dish called chocolate explosion which was from their ongoing Italian special collection and it was out of the world!! I would go in there just to eat their dessert again. :)
It was similar to a chocolate lava cake but much crisper, much more goey and extra sinful!! I would give a 5/5 for the presentation too! Overall its a nice place to go on a lazy weekend, but make sure you make a reservation, its very crowded most of the time.
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Andrea  - Burrp User


July 16,2010


Went there in alarge group the day before yesterday for Lunch. My previous experience with cream centre at RA Puram was nothing extrodinary or memorable.

But this time at Nughambakkam, the food was exceptionally good. The sizzlers were yummy and their cheese ball starter and onion rings were delicious.

The time taken to serve such a large group was quick inspite of the resturant being full.

Definetly a good hangout for vegetarians !
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Vasundhara C Iyer - Burrp User

Vasundhara C Iyer

June 22,2010

Nice, for a change

I went here and i tasted one dish! One of the sizzlers. the awesome thing, is that it is vegetarian and it tastes lovely. the negative thing is that it doesn't stick to the true taste of dishes. But it still tastes good. this is probably a place to go to once in a while? Not all the time because the food is really greasy and unhealthy! But yes, i would go again. The variety is nice. A must try - beverages. a must ignore - the cheezy stuff. the cheese taste overpowers all other tastes.
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Janani Prithviraj - Burrp User

Janani Prithviraj

June 05,2010

That's a lotta food!

Ok for starters, I've gotta say the name of the place has absolutely no relevance to the food they've got. Cream Centre is a mixed restaurant that offers Mexican, Indian, and Lebanese food...but the still-in-development menu has mostly mexican. I tried some of the mexican stuff, including the nachos and sizzlers and a word of advice, do not order the sizzler unless you're on an empty stomach. Filling! They don't have too many choices on desserts so I'd advice the sizzling brownie. Reasonable prices. Ambience is not too bad either. I give it 3 stars.
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Vishnupriya  Bhandaram - Burrp User

Ignore the restaurant name; the battle's half won!

I first went to the RA Puram Cream Centre in 2009 with my folks and another family who seemed like they were pretty much in love with that place and I have to give it to them, the food at RA Puram that night was more than pretty damn good so I was only happy that they opened an outlet in Nungambakkam (Insincere condolences for Bombay Blue, which stank without a doubt!).
Coming to the Nungambakkam branch, I have had good experiences in Cream Center. The menu is broad and tries to cover quite a lot of cuisines like Mexican, Indian and Italian. It is another story about the authenticity of taste, but all I know is that they do taste good, I couldn’t care less about how Italian or how truly Mexican they are! Their Big Nachos are good, so is the cheese that comes with it – guilt trip is an assured after-effect!

Item’s I’ve tasted:
Pasta – I have had almost all the pastas they have to offer and they are all good, except for the one time on my birthday that they messed up my Penne Arabiatta with a whole packet of chilli flakes and nothing except it – forgiven for all the other better pasta’s that I’ve had there.
Sizzlers – The Vegetarian Satellite, Shaslik , Mexican Sizzler and the Italian Sizzler were quite sumptuous. But was it drool-worthy? Maybe.
Indian – The paranthas were really good and Punjabi! While the Chole Bhatura could have been better.
Drinks – You should definitely try the Iced Tea and I am a goner for their Twist on Ice – it’s presented in a really cool way and it tastes like heaven! My friend claims that their Lassi exceeded expectations!

All in all its a good place with a slightly expensive menu card, the only thing that worries me is the name - Cream Center, slightly irrelevant and funny, don't you think? ;)
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Ramya R S - Burrp User

Ramya R S

May 21,2010

Must try 4 te 1s wo luv sizzlers..!!

The sizzlin brownie i had here will alwyz remain 1 of te best 1s i've evr seen..!! :)

The paneer ws really soft n gr8..!!...2222 heavy a price 2 pay for...

the ambiance is sumthing tat stands out..!!!

Te quantity is sumthin vch is really less 4 te price v pay..!!

Shd hurt colg students badly..!! ;)..he he..reerve tis 4 a frnz bday tr8 n mak te most of it..!!!
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Vijay V. - Burrp User

Vijay V.

February 17,2010

Strictly for the unexposed!

Have you had authentic hummus before? Do you know what a plate of Nachos is really supposed to taste like? Then stay far, far away from Cream Centre.

The menu is fancy, boasting of a variety of Mexican and Middle Eastern dishes. The problem is nothing really tastes like it really should. It's all a terrible mish mash of all sorts of tastes that is Cream Centre's own version of all these dishes.

So unless you have never tasted Mexican or Lebanese before, I suggest you keep away. In fact I pity those who go to cream centre for an introduction to this cuisine.

Bombay Blue is a lot better. Pity it shut down.
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anshul  goyal - Burrp User

anshul goyal

February 17,2010

mixed bag, but ain't bad at all

after reading so many cynical reviews on this web site i was bit reluctant at trying cream centre. but i enjoyed it very much.. may be because i was a bit low on expectations.
contrary to the common notion about this place, my found the ambiance cool clean and nice (though it was not quiet, but well within normal limits). my waiter was extremely courteous, max of all the experiences of inhospitality i have had in this city.
i ordered dal makhani, something by which i judge all restaurants, believe me in was definitely the best in chennai so far, even better than copper chimney.
i also ordered enchiladas which were not up to the mark :(
especially after the delicious dal.
its just a touch expensive... but it is better that way else you'll be asked to share a table like sea shells
shall be going again and shall update
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PMgoeatingout - Burrp User


February 02,2010


Call in sick.Grab that thali they serve ONLY ON WEEKENDS.DO NOT miss it for the world.and its only on the weekends.REE-DEE-culous.
And my suggestion,unless you're not hungry,you could try the Chinese.But if hungry,get down to either Indian or the rest.Everything's gooooood...
Now,one thing though.The crowd might get to you.You know,the loud kinds.But then,shut your system and gorge.After all,its FOOOD.We all need it,eh? Us and them. :)
Besides,how good an experience is pretty much dependent on you.
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Murali Das - Burrp User

Murali Das

November 06,2009

Not worth it....

The first time we visited this place we were so taken in by the food, the ambience and the service. But we had a shock when we took some friends there. The quality was not upto the mark. Its amazing that such a new place isnt able to maintain its consistency when places decades old still do! The pasta had too much of salt and the pita bread served, well it wasnt pita bread at all! Didnt expect this from cream centre...buck up guys...else you will find the going touch!!
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swarna barath - Burrp User

swarna barath

October 27,2009

Seriously, this place is cursed!

Cream centre, being one of the top restaurants in chennai burrp! has opened another outlet.. in the place of bombay blue! which had horrible reviews.. and was thrown outa business...but the place has mixed reviews...reason nuff to try it out in the first instance i cud...but wat a disappointment it was.. jus as we entered we cud smell burnt sizzlers .. tht too the sizzling brownie which i recommended to my husband.. sayin its the best in here!!

Some thing must b rong with the location, its so cursed! cos nothing works here, not even cream centre! The quality of food was pathetic and cudnt even compare it to the outlet in R A Puram. There is completely no value for money since the prices are equally high though the quality is nowhere to compare!

The starters were called 'worlds best nachos!' ahem.. they din ve to give it that name unless they are asking for criticism and then there was the 3-in-1 which supp to give american corn balls, onion rings and babycorn fritters.. the smartly increased the fritters which noone liked and served very few corn balls which usually is good. But anyway nothing was rich or tongue tingling..so didnt matter...Main course was italian sizzler, chole batura and falafel.. the falafel was inedible.. chole was burnt (its supposed to be their specialty!!!) and the sizzler was the only saving grace.. twas yumm actually. Finally something to say this is in fact cream centres product.

Since we decided against the sizzling brownie ..(was already embarrassed nuff to have recommended the chole bature!) we had the fruit tower or something.. cant rem the name exactly.. but anyway it was jus normal fruits n icecream with some jelly sauces.. nothing great...

Seriously, its worth making an extra effort to go until RA Puram and have a good meal there even if this outlet is closer to you.. tho m starting to wonder after being here...if the quality in there wud ve also diminished!
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Harish Anand Thilakan - Burrp User

Harish Anand Thilakan

August 29,2009

Fine dining Fast food - and badly at that.

It indeed did come as a surprise to me as I was stepping into the swanky new Cream Centre on Haddows Road that I had never had a meal at any Cream Centre across the country, especially since I have been vegetarian for the better part of the last three years. I have heard everything from ravishing praise to strong loyalty amongst pure vegetarians and others towards the franchise. As expected, I had this inkling that Cream Centre was an Indian joint. But my first glance at the menu and I was thrown off - Indian, Italian, American, Lebanese, Mexican, Continental and street food on the same menu. Not much of a fan of multi-cuisine restaurants, this degree of mix ticked me off instantly.

We went as a group of 5 + 1 kid and all of us were quite hungry. My company included a few who were regulars here and I was told that the American Corn Cheese balls came highly recommended. We ordered that along with Papdi chaat and Bambaiyya Ragda pattice. My mother and I are both suckers when it comes to good Ragda pattice, having been spoilt with it as a great evening snack when in Mumbai.

I frankly wasn't looking forward to the Cheese balls but was very impressed - they were indeed very tasty and yet didn't leave a sick dairy after taste that usually accompanies dyna bytes or cheese fritters / balls. The papdi chaat was a far cry from that at Gangotree and / or the recently opened Kailash Parbat (Harrington Road - not that I love it either, but their papdi chaat is very good) - shall not order again. The ingredients as such were good by themselves but they didn't mix very eclectically to leave me happy.

The Ragda pattice - I did have high hopes. Cream Centre is from Bombay, home to Ragda pattice. Even our friendly restaurant manager was from Ghatkopar, Mumbai and I was expecting authentic stuff. The pattice (patties I know, but this is how this is referred to as!) was hard and didn't seem to go harmoniously with the ragda (channa). It seemed a tad over fried and wrongly spiced.

Main course between us was a Pizza Siciliana, Macaroni Magic, Masala Bhatura with Channa and Methi Aloo Paratha meal. To cut a long story short, dinner was a downer. Except for the Paratha meal which was fresh, well tempered and served with a good measure of tasty raitha, the rest were just below average. The macaroni was just plain macaroni dipped in a white sauce made of cheese. The menu mentioned mushrooms and I did find one or two imposters swimming around but they were either too old or genetically modified to lend any unique taste to my pasta. There was no form of chef's seasoning - I'd have expected basil or thyme at the least if not a dash of vodka or wine - okay perhaps I am pushing it but I just demanded that my pasta have a flavour of SOMETHING. The pizza was the worst I have had at a public place. The base was stuck between crisp and soggy, cheese tasted old and the peppers on it again, seemed to have no taste.

I had read on the internet of Cream Centre being tagged as serving the "World's best bhatura" - I don't know what they were talking about. Just like a lot of other people on the internet and specifically posts on burrp on this topic, I too was quite taken aback that they served the Bathura and Channa as separate portions, costing Rs. 35 and Rs. 95 respectively. Didn't really cut any ice with me. I'd still recommend the Channa Bhatura at Ashoka or Sukh Sagar.

Desserts - Sizzling brownie, thumbs up.

I did toy with the idea of visiting the place again before writing this review but I guess the place's reputation and it's inability to satisfy me on my first visit put me off badly enough for me to write this straight away. I have been told very good things about their sizzlers and biriyani. I will try it again sometime soon though I don't expect too much since I heard the same about the macaroni and the "W

Cream Centre is stuck between being a fine dining restaurant and a food court and I don't see why I'd want to pay for that.

Ambience: The place is neatly done without being over the top. The first thing I registered was the bathroom door that opened outwards instead of inwards - I don't think I've seen that anywhere else in Chennai. Brightly lit interiors are always preferred by me over dim interiors and that was a good plus. Somehow, I am growing a little tired though of the brown veneer finished laminate woodwork in most public places these days. Tip off: Visit the AC section of a Saravana Bhavan these days and it'll look exactly the same as Cream Centre! But overall, comfortable seating and happy lighting = no complaints on this front.

Access: Is the biggest challenge at this location. Located on a one way road means circuititious entry and exit and very little parking compared to it's large fan base means hassled valet parking drivers, not a relaxing thought during weekends.

Staff: Most of them seem to be from Bombay, an interesting trick which hopefully works for them. The waiter tending to us didn't seem to understand what we were asking for and the moment one of us got slightly exasperated, the alert and very warm restaurant manager replaced the waiter in a jiffy. Neat touch. But overall the service was quite quick and no-nonsense. Don't expect broad smiles and lectures educating you on what you are eating. But then again, what do you teach Indians about Parathas and Channa Bathura they'd argue.

Facilities: Good clean toilets and hand wash.
Cost: Steep, not expensive. Just that it feels weird paying so much for what seems like fast food.

Date: 25th August, 2009
Place: Chennai, India
Reviewed by: Harish Anand Thilakan

Must Order ?American Corn Cheese balls & Sizzling brownie - but then again, would you travel all the way anywhere just for a starter & dessert?
Average Cost per person - Rs. 350-450 a head including a beverage (obviously non alcoholic, this is TN remember!) and dessert.

Address- 45, College Road, Chennai - 600006
Driving Directions - Enter College Road from the Good Shepherd school / Sterling Road side and you'll find it past the first bend on the left, just before the Meteorological dept office.

- Cream Centre has replaced Bombay Blue at the same location.
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shyam The GR8 - Burrp User

shyam The GR8

June 29,2009

Center makes u feel good.

I been here with my gal, we came to know abt it in hindu n decided to try as we r die hard foodie, n to my surprise this place was really awesome.They treated us with good honor even the car attendant.The place was neat,spacious n private.The menu got many thing that we loved, especially pasta, ice cream ,fries n don forget to try channa battura n American corn cheese balls . the cheese melted in my mouth..wow=wow.But sorry its purely For VEGGIE. n above all place gets easily crowded even on weekdays, so try ur luck to avoid waiting.. n the rates i can say is upper medium, but surely worth for their service.
Cream center is definitely a Excellent centre.
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