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driveryama - Burrp User


January 10,2016

OK food very expensive

went on a Friday night. lots of crowd...food was very good particularly panneer dishes. soup was very bad but naan and tandoori roti was excellent. service could have been better. the servers were not refilling water.
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v_nishkala - Burrp User


May 30,2015

ok ok way too expensive for their quality

I went tre with parents, uncle and aunt after hearing lot of good feedback online. I would say its too expensive for the quality. Nothing so great food. Its very hyped. Way too expensive for their quality. I would rather say go to pint in tarami
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Harish GD - Burrp User

Harish GD

May 29,2014

Mouth Watering Dishes

I've been there twice, and found the kebabs, paneer dishes and the pudina parathas to be awesome.Love the platters they serve ..The service is top notch, ambience is decent, and waiters are helpful.
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4soulfood - Burrp User


July 22,2013

Not What I Expected :(

I was looking forward to dine at Copper chimney, Cathedral road for quite some time. But I was in a shock when we reached there. We were given a table for 2 where the sofa cover was torn in quite a few places. We ordered non-veg platter worth 575/- which had only 2 pieces each of mutton sheek kebab ,chicken sheek kebab , fish tikka and green chicken tikka. The portions were not as per the price and the service was bad. We paid charges for fine dining and got a experience of an average restaurant. Only good cutlery does not make a restaurant good. I will not dare to go there again. Waste of money.
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Deepesh Tarun  - Burrp User

Deepesh Tarun

June 29,2013

Expensive affair

After waiting for a long time for a table, we were really hungry. For starters we tried the Reshmi Kebab, Chicken Tikka and then delved straight into the main course. For main course we ordered the Dum biryani and Naans with Kadai Chicken. The service was pretty slow but the food was excellent. The biryani portion was perfect. The pricing is however slightly expensive and the valet parking is a bit painstaking but this place lives upto its reputation.
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Sandy Bhasker - Burrp User

Sandy Bhasker

May 03,2013

Family Entertainer

The place one could rely on if it is to go out for a special occasion with your family . The service is simply superb and the quality isn't to the level of the prices of the food . valet parking available . Not a place to hangout with friends .
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issamsiddique - Burrp User


April 09,2013

Flavour meets elegance

One place where I hate to go on a saturday night is this place - Copper chimney on Cathedral road. For the simple reason that it is perennially full and they don't take reservations which leaves you with no option but to wait which I hate! Also the wait for the valet parking is so painful and time consuming (since they have a good bunch of restos huddled together).

Anyway, we were just three of us and when both the others voted in favour of this place, I decided not to rebel. So we went in and began the ritual wait right next to the large Dilip Kumar portrait. After some time, we were duly showed our table. One thing I like about this place is the ambiance. Though very open and bereft of any major separations, they have managed to create a very calm mood with the tables spaced apart just enough to give you a sense of privacy at the same time utilizing the floor space wisely.

We sifted through their long and heavy menu and decided on Achari chicken tikka as starters. This came pretty quickly. Now if there is one food that has stood out in all of my umpteen visits to copper chimney, it is Chicken Malai kabab. Somehow my tongue has got stuck to the stickiness and softness of the meat in this dish. Achari chicken Tikka evoked the same memories and tickled my senses in a similar fashion. It made for a smooth passage into my oesophagus. ;) Mixed with the chutneys, it was nothing but an euphoric delight to the humble taste buds.

For main course we chose Chicken Bharta and Paneer masala with bread basket. The bread basket we ordered was out of a ritualistic sense since I've rarely come here with less than five people where it made sense to go for it. This time around, the numbers slipped our mind and we ended up paying a heavy price. The guy who took our orders had a satirical remark "even I was thinking why you needed so many rotis" when we asked him why he didn't alert us to the over order. I must add, some of their other servers are extremely proactive and friendly. This one seemed a little disconnected and less concerned! Anyways, the chicken Bharta was a first time for me. Sadly, it was unimpressive and made for mediocre standards. Paneer however was nice; not too rubbery or too hard, it made for a good hit under the teeth and gelled nicely with the bread.
Unlike the paneer however, the chicken was bereft of much flavour and the pieces not soft enough. A bland mughlai dish is the least one will expect too!

For desserts, we had Ras Malai which again was soft and cold much to the satisfaction of the spiced up tongue. Lastly, the Lassi lived up to the usual standards but lime soda was a little too salty.
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Vinoo Thomas - Burrp User

Vinoo Thomas

March 19,2013

Decent, bit overhyped

It's housed in the same complex as the one which has China Town.
This is one of the better places for north indian cuisine in the city.
Food pricing is expensive.
Palak paneer here was really succulent and The chicken kebabs are decent.
In my opinion, they are better for veg than meat-based dishes.
Valet parking available.
Thus it's good but bit overhyped
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Veda Vyass - Burrp User

Veda Vyass

March 16,2013

Amazing ambience!

very costly but the quality is amazing. the waiters are very friendly and the service is really good.

being a vegetarian the variety offered was satisfying too. valet parking is an added plus to this place!
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foodie2485 - Burrp User


November 14,2012

Over priced

This is one of the best places for north indian cuisine here. The paneer is really soft, and light, and the dishes have bags of flavour, and are yet not too spicy. But then again, the food here is overpriced. I hear that the non vegetarian food is also highly inconsistent in quality. The place is usually crowded and the service can be teriribly slow and bad. Thankfully, I havent had any bad experiences here, although some of my friends have complained about the service and the quality of meat used.
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mbohidar9 - Burrp User


November 09,2012

Close to authentic North Indian fare

I've been to this place twice now. the first time was a very average experience. But the second time around I got to explore the menu a lil' further. These guys have the softest paneer I've tried in town. we've been having the palak paneer here which is really well-made. The chicken kebabs are good to but nothing that you'd want to come back for again and again. The Rahra Chicken is pretty awesome with boneless chicken in a brown masala gravy with caramelized onions.. The Benarasi Pulao with veggies and melt-in-your-mouth paneer is a sublte but nice dish to have. The dal is wholesome and creamy and one of the best in town!
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Paras Chordia - Burrp User

Paras Chordia

June 09,2012

not even half of it used to be!!

returned to copper chimney after a long gap to find unprofessional service! though the food tastes ok, the whole experience is spoilt by the arrogant behavior of the staff!While we had to deal only with long waits with no proper response, guests on other tables had to hear blunt non professional answers from the waiters!!
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rrkumar01 - Burrp User


April 20,2012

poor hygiene in chennai restaurants is a standard

i would rather cook my own food at home than go to an expensive restaurant and be disappointed with the dirty and filthy food, filthy cutlery and filthy attitude of the filthy staff
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praveench - Burrp User


March 28,2012


I have gone to this chain in Mumbai and Bangalore, and my experience was that this chain is a safe option.. This changed after I have visited their place in Chennai. We asked for a 'Raan' to start with and what came was a charred piece of hard meat, which tasted nothing like what we asked for.. what followed was another horror called 'Prawn Biryani'.. the prawns were not even de-veined what were these guys thinking?!! Overall an utterly disappointing experience.. and they have a very bad service too. Everyone should stay away from this lousy place.
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bharathir - Burrp User


March 03,2012

Cockroach chimney

I have been here before a number of times and enjoyed the food. But before my recent visit, I had heard multiple complaints from friends about dirty linen, cockroaches in food and table, bad service etc. Hoping those to be false, I went there for a treat and I was in for a jolt. There were cockroaches running over the tables. What was even more enraging was the waiters' indifference. They just trapped it under some of the cutlery and then left to get someone to take it away. After that they didn't bother to change the cutlery until we insisted and didn't even offer an apology. The overall service level has sunk to a new low. Our finger bowl water was cold and they argued that it was fine. Was totally disgusted. I don't think I will go back there ever again.
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Sandeep Paul - Burrp User

Sandeep Paul

February 26,2012

Good food especially Dum Biriyani!

Decided to check out this restaurant after reading the below 3 review. We had the Veg Dum biriyani, paneer masala, butter naan and dal makhani. The Dum biriyani was exceptional and apparently a lot of others also think so coz I saw a lot of them having it. Paneer masala and dal makhani were also quite good except for the butter naan which was not very soft. It's a very crowded restaurant and you have to speak up to be heard on the other side of the table! If you sit facing towards the kitchen you can see the chefs through the glass window making kababs and rotis and baking them. For the desert I had the vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate sauce and cashew nuts. The food prices are not too high but reasonable. All in all a good dining experience.
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Hansdeep Singh - Burrp User

Hansdeep Singh

December 29,2011

superb food superb service

one place which u will never regrett to step in ..... very good food +service
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Sharan S - Burrp User

Sharan S

November 04,2011

The Undefeated Dal Maharaja

Copper Chimney serves the best Dal Makhani (dubbed rightly as Dal Maharaja). I've tried it everywhere: Moti Mahal, Minar, Peshawari.... Nothing beats Copper Chimney's Dal Maharaja. I used to frequent their citicentre branch till they closed down. I went to the Cathedral Road branch last night and saw some familiar faces. It's good to be back at a place where people know what you want. So, the waiter just wrote my regular order of 2 roomalis and a Dal Maharaja along with a sweet lassi.

The Dal and Roomali had retained the taste. But, the lassi was disappointing. I informed the waiter and he got me a new one, which was good. Overall it was good experience, not quite nostalgic. I mean, this branch is quite big and crowded unlike what the citicentre branch was. I fancy a quiet place myself. But, I'd definitely visit them for the Dal Maharaja, and yes I almost forgot how much I crave their Dum Briyani. Ah, bliss!
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sujatha murali - Burrp User

sujatha murali

October 11,2011

nice food , service can be better.

Veg pulao and thall is a must try here. also we tried an aloo based starter which was awesome. Service takes too long and can certainly be better.
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baski9282 - Burrp User


September 07,2011

Copper Chimney is losing its Customer

I visited the So Called Copper Chimney On Sep 3rd for Dinner.Before going to the restaurant i checked my car completely if there are any valuables, since i left my car for the valet parking..I saw 100 Rupee Note in my Ash tray and i left it, thinking that it will be safe or No one is gonna bother looking at my Car's Ash Tray. Before going back to home, i was causally checked my ash tray and the 100 Rupee note was missing. All their staffs supported The valet driver.. I spoke to Mr Mathur(Manager) and he promised me that he will call me back on Monday and i yet recieve a call..So Moral is " Dont leave your car for Valet Parking" If at all you give it for valet parking make sure you don leave anything inside the car...
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rathan - Burrp User


July 15,2011


Copper Chimney is one of the places i have visited more than once for the flavour this place provides in all the dishes. But, this time around on 13th July, I was shocked to see a cockroach crawling around my wife's plate which she was eating out of. It was quite shocking and was a cause of embarrassment to the franchise.
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Chennai Ramblings - Burrp User

Chennai Ramblings

June 28,2011


Let me start off by saying I am not really a big fan of chain restaurants; however, in certain cases I make exceptions. I adore the Copper Chimney restaurant at Phoneix Mills Mumbai, I tolerate the one at Chennai. Change that to used to tolerate.
Considering the prices charged, you would be forgiven for expecting stellar service and spectacular food. The food was good the first time we entered, the service very very forgettable. You almost want to run a crash course in basic courtesy right there for the staff; things like a smile and a thank you as well as a soft touch while placing cutlery are basic skills required if you are in a place that charges more than Rs. 400 a head on average for a meal.
The second time around, the service was awful and the food tasted like cardboard. The rotis were tough and leathery, the side dishes tasted like the cook had just thrown in about three cartons of tomato puree.
I would recommend you head up to the first floor in the building into Zaras instead of sitting here.
Consistency is key in the hospitality industry and it is time Copper Chimney wakes up to that fact!
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NeilD - Burrp User


April 07,2011


Was there with my family a few days back . To begin with the place was very cramped! Felt like there was one row of long table with hardly any space between each other - almost like the Japanese style of seating . Secondly difficulty was to get the attention of the waiters.Had to walk up to the side station to get some tissues.The food was nothing to harp about.. At the end of the meal , I asked for a sweet lime juice and what came in complimentary??? THE DEAD HOUSE FLY AT THE BOTTOM OF MY DRINK (Pictures uploaded - please check photos). Asked for the manager ... He said exactly this " We are sorry and this usually does not happen. In fact we wear caps in the kitchen (as if i was complaining about a lice in my drink - yuck) .. We will give you the dessert complimentary.. " Wow, i could not put in another morsel of food in my mouth after emptying the entire glass of juice that drowned the fly , so we refused and asked for the bill - again the manger very earnestly told us that they have not charged us for the juice (and of course the fly ! ) Bad food / Bad service is still something that we can put up with - everyone has a bad day ...But unhygienic food, a definite NO NO ?????
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shraBun - Burrp User


March 31,2011

Great Food, Good Service

I have been here thrice in the past couple of months, and it has never disappointed us. The tomato soup was good. The lasooni naan and rumal roti- both must haves! To go with these, I would definitely recommend the Murgh Rahra. The chicken was very tender and soft, in a very nicely spiced gravy. The vegetarian options are good as well.
The Chicken Biriyani was very good, and I had taken one portion back home, but I found it polished off before the sun rose. The service is pretty good, Ambience is great, though it tends to get crowded. Its a bit pricey. Meal for 2-700, Meal for 4-1500, but its worth it, once in a while!
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hrishikeshburrp - Burrp User


December 30,2010

Very poor service - food OK

Had been to Copper Chimney @ Jaipur - Therefore comparisons were inevitable and we were disappointed with Chennai branch located at cathedral road.
Food - OK but there are better places at same price
Service - Very poor. No proper directions or ushering by the staff, No refill of water, no suggestion book, no body available to listen our suggestions.
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sethufood - Burrp User


November 19,2010

Copper Chimney - Citi Center

Great service and excellent food. Chicken Tikka is excellent over here.
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sunshinegal - Burrp User


September 05,2010

Consistency Anyone????

Been there on numerous occasions, food there was really good the first time I went in, was bad the second time and kept switching from good to bad rest of the times. I have no complaints about there tandoor items though. Bagani Bahar, kebabs and their paneer tikka were perfect. I was left disappointed with their main course most of the time. Their 'dum' Biryani sometimes is very grainy (The rice morsels are not cooked properly). Their gravy portion is also not great. Their prices are exorbitant but service / taste SHOULD improve big time.
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burper007 - Burrp User


August 31,2010


ambience ok not bad.
valet service ok not bad.
food very ok.
went to CC at cathedral rd after long time . all the stuff what we ordered the nan , kababs and gravy items were very ordinary.
the quality has gone down very much.
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tanvishah - Burrp User


May 03,2010

great food, service can be better.

Well, we liked all the items we had at this place. the best was dhal makhni. we tried it in some many places, but no one could make dhal makhni like this restaurant. But, the waiting time and servicing time makes it a pain to visit this place often.
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Shubhamay Banerjee - Burrp User

Shubhamay Banerjee

July 08,2009

Good fare...

Though the aloo chat starter was not up to the mark...
But we liked the Kabuli naan and the fish and paneer...

The ambiance was cool, and there is the option of China Town next door, if this place is full (which it mostly is)...
Our only gripe was that it took an awful lot of time to get the food...

Do try it once!
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sylvestersteele - Burrp User


June 20,2009

Good food, rats complimentary


I used to be a Copper Chimney fan, but I don't think i will be going there ever again. I went there on the 19th night and there was atleast one rat running around the place. I actually saw the rat, with my own two eyes, so it is absolutely certain that the rat was there. Quite a few other people saw the rat as well.
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ksganesh100 - Burrp User


June 14,2009

Good food but exhorbitant

Always get cranked up about restaurants offering "good quality" food at the expense of portion size. My philosophy is simple - Charge whatever you want but the portions should be generous. The food at Copper Chimney is good but portions are meager. you invariably have to order an extra side dish which takes forever to arrive.
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Usha Sridhar - Burrp User

Usha Sridhar

April 09,2009

Delicious Food

Enjoyed the delicious food. However service was a little sloppy. I am very disappointed with the SERVICE LEVELS across all Chennai restaurents. I wish attention could be paid to even the smallest detail.

On the whole enjoyed the food.
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vijayms23 - Burrp User


July 17,2008

Best food worst rates

Its a great place to relish, but burns your wallet. So better dont forget your CC.

Worth when you plan on occasions.
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Deepy *** - Burrp User

Deepy ***

May 12,2008

Pure North Indian food in Chennai

This is one of the few places in Chennai where you get pure North Indian food. For obvious reason it’s always crowded. Added with their prime location, they charge the premium on the bill too.

But once you are tired of getting "curry patta" in every odd dish in Chennai, then you don't mind to spare those extra for a "curry patta" free pure north Indian food.
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Ramachandran KS - Burrp User

Ramachandran KS

April 29,2008

Quality Food.. Exorbidant price..

I was fascinated by the food I had here the first time almost 4 or 5 years back. From then I have been a frequent visitor to this place, I had even been in Mumbai to the same joint.

My favorite dish here is Malai Kulfi.. Its yummy.. I never had anything close to the same elsewhere..

Their food quality is close to excellent.. Their ambience is fantastic.. Staff are very friendly and treatment is neat..

But if you expect a single meal for 500 bucks, u will love this place..
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Ganesh KB - Burrp User

Ganesh KB

January 14,2008

Good North Indian food

A bit hard on the pocket but worth the money. Usually filled in evenings, so better to book before going. Romali rotis are as soft as they should be and just too good!
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Siddharth Asokan - Burrp User

Siddharth Asokan

October 08,2007

"Dum Biryani"

Just 3 words - "Murgh Dum biryani"...... simply awesome..... i would go there just to eat the biryani!
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Ashok Krish - Burrp User

Ashok Krish

September 30,2007

Not easy on the wallet

The food is pretty tasty but pretty hard on the wallet. Try the Dum Biriyanis - awesome.
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Ashvin Rao - Burrp User

Ashvin Rao

August 01,2007

Nice Place

Copper chimney reminds me of a best in the class restaurant to take your business friends to.
Its decor is great. the ambeince is good., although its too formal and professional.
The food quality is as good as you can get for that price., although for some it may seem a tad costly.
Gets too crowded in the weekends, so if you want to dine out , make sure you book in advance.
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