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vigneshwaran sugumar - Burrp User

vigneshwaran sugumar

January 12,2014

“Good Coffee Shop”

A nice little coffee shop this one with a good menu and good quality available!
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hkmurali - Burrp User


November 13,2013

Brownies and Shakes

Coffee Central is located in the quiet corner of Boag road off GN Chetty road and its pretty easy to miss if you don't slow down the lane.
Located opposite to a few blocks near Chao Restaurant ,its a small coffee/pastry shop that has a delightful ambience and even nicer menu. You have a variety of coffees, tea, sandwiches, Brownies and shakes.
You can also choose from the daily specials written on the boards . They have these board games where you can actually come and play over a group of friends (One interesting concept that is)
However one downside is that they don't serve water , and you actually have to purchase a bottle (which is a major negative point).

Overall its a nice place to hang out.
Heard they launched a new breakfast menu recently . Hoping to check that out.
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markdult - Burrp User


June 17,2013

Coffee Overdose!

I was in a desperate need for a good coffee and luckily this place was nearby. The coffee is really good when you have it with a brownie. The Cheesecake is brilliant too. The ambiance is decent and the service too. They have takeaways too.
A good conversation spiced up with sandwiches, pastries and Coffeee!!!
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Veda Vyass - Burrp User

Veda Vyass

May 18,2013

Brilliant place :D

They have unique interiors and the ambience is just like any other coffee shop crowded mostly with friends and couples. The food is good and the price is worth the food and the time one can spend there. The chocolate explosion and lemon tea is my favourite. I would give anything to get my hands on the Chocolate explosion. The service is really good and the people who wait the tables are really friendly and courteous.
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Vinoo Thomas - Burrp User

Vinoo Thomas

April 30,2013

worth a visit.

The parking is just decent level, might it be little tough for 4 wheelers.
Crowd is mostly youth!
Chocolate and ice cream based beverage options, Cafe Mocha and Rich Mocha Sundae are favourites!
courteous staff is a big plus here.
pricing is perfect for the wallet.
definitely recommending this place.
It sure is worth a visit.
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sdaiyappa - Burrp User


April 22,2013

Pleasant Suprise

This reminds of the coffee shops in bangalore like Thulp which I am a big fan of. I am in Chennai for 2 months and decided to try a few of the food joints recommended by friends and Burrp. I live quite close to coffee central and have been meaning to go there for a while. Finally managed to go there on a sunday afternoon and spent a good 2 hours. The food menu is a bit limited (hence the 4 star and not 5) but the pasta was simple and nice and so were the sandwiches. The coffee and deserts (especially the Oreo cheesecake) were really good. The staff were friendly(unlike what other reviewers had witnessed) and service was quick.

Would love it if you could add more food items like burgers and french fries on the menu so that it could be a lunch joint as well. But all in a brilliant place which I will definitely visit again. Also I like the way the owner replies to individual problems on Burrp. Well done :)
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priya16793 - Burrp User


November 22,2012

suprisingly good!!

loved it...walked in for some coffee and ended up feeling reluctant to leave!! superb irish coffee!!...kept wanting to chugging it in!!:D
and the sandwiches were qt good too...
over all grt place!!
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Divya  - Burrp User


March 01,2012

Central Perk..Nostalgic!

A typical " Central Perk" in chennai! A dim lit, cozy place!
A perfect place for a coffee lover. Love their Choco Latte and Cappuccino! Irish coffee is really good too! The brownie shake is just too damn good.
Worth every penny of it! The mangoo shake is quite divine.
Surprisingly, great sandwichs too! Love the mix vegetable sandwich.

The popcorn they serve is a regular act 2 popcorn. But they mention it prior ordering ( also was mentioned in the menu ) So nothing to complain about that!
Although they can have some flavoring for the popcorn(cheese, tomato, or..ANYTHING for that matter!)
Most apt place to spend lazy time with a group and a fine date spot!
Loved every bit of it :)
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trijai_nerthi - Burrp User


November 13,2011


based on the sooo many good reviews n recomendations i got on this place..i went today to check it out..! and i had a very bad experience.. and it was just a mere waste of 400 bucks... i ordered for cheese popcorn first.. n i ask the waiter if its there he tells me its there...gets it for me n it tasted nothing even close to cheese..it was just like those act 2 popcorn that u get to make at home when i questioned him he tells me that cheese is not available! please note HE TELLS ME AFTER SERVING THE FOOD.. n AFTER I ASK HIM ABOUT IT...! next the lemon tea.. it tasted like sugar water..! like one of those lipton tea packets u get in stores... n the white sauce pasta was the worst pasta.. the cheese was very smelly..it tasted stale.. and who puts beans n carrot.. in pasta? and the waiter seemed to be least bothered..n he hardly even spoke english to begin with! this place was such a turn off..while the atmosphere was good..the food was just plain bad.. the management should definetly look into stuff like this..
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food_n_wine - Burrp User


November 05,2011

Excellent Coffee Shop!

5-stars straight away. Lovely place; cozy settings. Reminds me of Central Perk from Friends. Maybe that was the idea. If it was, Coffee Central has DONE it the best way!

Love the coffees, teas, chocolate drinks, and the lovely pastries. Worth my wallet's pay! Been there every weekends (Saturdays + Sundays).

Recommended and good to know CC has bee Burrp!-certified. You guys deserve it! ^_^
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Reply from restaurant management


Thank you for your review. I am glad you had a good time at Coffee Central. Hope to see you often at CC.


Tinkerbell7 - Burrp User


September 13,2011

Best Coffee Shop In Town

My first visit here and I think its the best in the city (overall experience). I'd come back for sure. Charming interiors, nice music (luckily they don't play it too loud and you can hear what the other person with you is talking), peaceful people (not noisy and flashy) and great stuff to eat and drink at pretty reasonable prices. Loved the sandwiches and cold coffee. The muffins and pastries looked good too. I hope you continue to maintain the quality. Good job!
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Tinkerbell7

Thank you for your review. Glad we were able to give you a good experience at CC. Hope to see there more often. On your next visit, if there is anything you would like us to do more or less of, please don't hesitate to let me or one of my staff know about it.

Mamatha Seshadri

jaya_madan - Burrp User


May 06,2011

I love this place

when i first came to coffee central, it was jus another coffee shop i visited, over the days smthing about this place whch made me come again and again.. now its like another home to me, their pastries, muffins, sandwhiches, pizzas, hot lemon tea are my favourites!! place worth it.. and love the ppl out there... so damn friendly!!
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agm479 - Burrp User


January 09,2011

Cozy coffee shop with great service

Coffee Central is small, so seating is, of course, limited. However, the size of the place also adds to the ambiance - giving it a quaint, cozy feel.

Prices are quite reasonable. The ginger lemon tea is excellent - though the option to have a little honey on the side would be nice. (They do have honey in the kitchen but could not offer us a little to add ourselves; said they could only add it to the drink in the kitchen.)

Non-dessert food offerings are limited, but this is not a criticism, since it's not a core offering of the venue.

The service is courteous and, hence, very good.

The A/C was a touch cold for my liking, but I generally prefer it warmer, so am probably in the minority there. The volume on the TV and the music fluctuated a bit, suddenly becoming very loud for a couple of minutes.

Overall, a very nice neighborhoud coffee shop, the kind of place you'd want to escape to for an hour or so for a coffee while reading a magazine or catching-up with a friend.
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mvrcg - Burrp User


November 14,2010

A cut above the rest!

My experience with coffee central has been great disregarding what the previous reviewer has implied! This is one coffee shop that has maintained it's individuality with it's unique interior decor. I especially love the pictures of old Madras on the wall. The food is great especially the chocolate explosion which is basically two layers of chocolate cake with three layers of chocolate or vanilla ice cream with whipped cream and chocolate sauce. The Music is good but it could do without the justin bieber's songs!
The staff are friendly and do their jobs well. The prices are affordable for anyone with a tight budget, the menu is vast which includes both vegetarian and non-veg dishes. For people of t-nagar i guess this is the place you can escape to where the time just flies!
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sagheero - Burrp User


November 14,2010

False Info

What is it with Chennai and Birthday cakes?
Sooooo difficult to get a normal birthday cake home delivered...sheesh...another famous joint which refuses to do home delivery despite mentioning it does.
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Dinakar  - Burrp User


September 01,2010

Nice Comfy Place

This is place is nice and comfy, it is clean, service was excellent. I had the Little Miss Muffin, the quantity and taste was amazing. This is a must visit place if you are young at heart, there was a gang of teenagers having fun playing pictionary, was fun seeing all the excitement.
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Praveen Kumar - Burrp User

Praveen Kumar

May 08,2010

Nice little place

Initially i did not have much of an expectation from this place. But then this is one of the few places i had been wanting to try out for a long time. So, eventually i decided to go here instead of an another one and first look when i stopped outside, i was like this place is small...

Even though its located on a busy road, once you step inside and it seems a diff world. Quiet and comfortable is what it is.
On a saturday evening, it is not crowded and its a nice place to spend endless hours watching the traffic go by or hang out with friends.

The interiors are clean, smooth and quite nice infact. The service was pretty good too. The ambience is quite nice too.

This is a place for the ones who want to spend quality time at a leisurely pace while sipping on a coffee watching the world hurry by :)
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yatri - Burrp User


December 12,2009

Central to my weekend

If there is one place, that is small and quite spacious, really good and not crowded and not pricey and serves good coffee, its "Coffee Central". This was my second visit and i just love being at the place.
Lets start with the coffee, its not the best coffee in Chennai, but its atleast second best and at this price, i would prefer to have it anyday.
I went on sat morning and guess what? i was the first customer. So wont comment on the customer service(which was really good btw). I ordered pasta( they have few varieties in non veg) and it was simply delicious. And its one of the few coffee shops who actually make their sandwiches instead of serving pre packed stale sandwiches. I tried chicken tikka sandwich and it was very fresh.
Ambience is simple and classy, nothing obstentious.. And the good thing is, they have a small collection of novels, mostly sidney sieldon, jeffery archer. Not a big one, but hell you are getting it for free to read. :-)

I spent three hours there and at no time i felt un welcome, like you feel after finishing your food in most of the coffee shops. All in all saturday morning( yeah yeah- afternoon ;-) ) well spent.
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Eater Croc - Burrp User

Eater Croc

October 23,2009

Greed kills ambiance

I had been to ths place when it was opened,it did not look like a newly opened place then.Everything was in order and perfect. The food,ambiance,serivce,knowledge fo waiters I would have given 5 stars then.

But my last visit here was not so good. The coffee and food were tasty and the quality was mainteined.But i cud see they had fitted a 2 seater in the middle,extra csutomers I agree but end up making the place too cramped. i was afraid to lean back n sit bcoz i may end up dashing on person in other table.And we friends were not able to have our own small talk there, was too uncomfy.

Also the new waiters look a bit dumbed down, luckily we had the owner there so we could get better explanations.

4 stars for the taste of food,coffee,drinks and the board games. 1 star off for the greed to squeeze in more people in that tiny place.
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divyakrishnan - Burrp User


September 18,2009

i like it!

i reely like this place... its a lttle small but its really cozy... the cappuccino was kick ass..... qty is pretty small tho!!! its a rockin place to have a nice cuppa coffee
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Tulip - Burrp User


September 13,2009

Cozy Place-great chocolate drink!

I have passed this place a zillion times, but missed it every time until I read about it on Burrp.

We had a quick drop-in for some hot drinks. My husband loved the coffee and I simply adored the Hot Chocolate.

I need to get back to sample their other quick eats.

Repeat visit guaranteed
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swarna barath - Burrp User

swarna barath

September 05,2009


i c so many good reviews for this new place and i was dying to get here asap. But wat a disappointment, the place is so small, like a bookstore, with jus one waiter who doesnt give a damn bout u or the food he serves either. He doesn't even kno the names of the dishes or the ingredients in them (leave alone customizing ur food as mentioned by some other reviews!).

The name 'central' makes the place feels like a BIG joint to have fun, but it is a kinda place where ur conversation can be heard by the next table, its so small and intrusive. Yea there is a good couch tho, comfy! The waiter's blank look wen i asked for diet conscious pastries was enough to ruin my day. What is all the hype about then? Mayb the place already lost its initial commitments.

And variety? i din get that part too, there were merely 3 to 4 quick-bites and drinks and nothing more on offer. The worst part is, the chilli cheese sandwich that is so recommended here by everyone was what i ordered but i received a spinach and corn sandwich, ok forgiven!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i received an orange fizz instead of a lichee fizz!! Well m sorry but m not a Mahatma to keep forgiving u Mr.!, m jus a damn foodie who wants to eat wat she feels like..

Oh yea the board games are a good idea.. i shud agree.. so yea one star for that.,.. and the food was tasty nevertheless.. tho i never ordered any of em, so 2 stars...but never again!!!
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David Ebenezer - Burrp User

David Ebenezer

August 31,2009

Comfy cafe

Located just off habibullah road, bang opposite the " Maverick" gym, it appeals to you as just another cafe.. but as you walk in, there's more to it that meets the eye.

First impression of this cafe strikes you as one where you can walk in as casual as ever, find a place and make yourself comfortable and ease the evening listening to the mellow music being played. If you notice well enough, there is a fairly large shelf of books up for grabs you can enjoy while sipping a mug of coffee. The music which i believe is online radio is pretty decent. The ambiance and the hospitality of the folks there is commendable. No one rushes to your table immediately unlike a couple of other joints ive been to. They give you time to seat yourself, get comfy and then get ready to choose from the very interesting names on their menu.
I should mention one thing though : this place is a spot small..so if you dont find a spot to sit down immediately, then either you are late or just have to wait it out. There is a very inviting couch which i am sure is the apple of everyone's eye. I am sure that during Match days or F1 Racing, nothing beats sitting over a cup of coffee in a cozee couch and watching the event live !

This group is an excellent harbor to meet with friends, spend endless hours just listening to some great music and chill out.

The interiors are clean, very mellow and sport youth. There are options to go through a game of scrabble and another game i cant put my finger on as of now.

Overall, this place is one of those joints which is not commercially speculative and cater very well to those who are regular and appreciate a coffee spot !

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cozimnohero - Burrp User


May 08,2009

A summer vacation well spent

On my cousins invitation 3 of us went to this really cool place in t nagar... dis is one place wer U ll lose track of time... Dis small but cute shop is designed so artistically.. the interiors are antique n yet stylish.. furnitures r comfortable too.. and the air conditionin made us forget that v wer in chennai.. Music was not at all a pain to the ears..

A huge blackbord dat reminded me of a school classroom was hangin above the kitchen and contained the receipes available.. the kitchen was open and one cud see how the food was made.. (really nice idea not to hide it...)

On one side of the wall interestin books wer kept in shelves which tempted me to pick one and settle down in d cozy corner of the place.. The best part was the boardgames available (only next after the drinks and pastries).. scrabble and uno cards an many more.. Beautiful piece of thinkin to put them in a coffee shop...(i dint noe ppl played games in coffee shops...)

And comin to the food... So yummy...D Drinks are outstanding and d pastries ecstatic.. Chilli Cheese sandwich makes ur tounge water.. D prices r reasonable too...

Its a place not to miss if ur in Chennai.. Jus go check it out...
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Fountainhead - Burrp User


May 04,2009

Change is here!

It was just another hot afternoon when i was walking past this place. Well at first i just walked past this place and something pulled my attention, it was their specials board hung outside the shop. It is one of those black boards we see at schools. Something which not many Chennai coffee shops, cafes or restaurants posses. Interested by the looks of the place i went in with apprehension (u know how a place can look really good and the food sucks?). However i was taken by surprise when i ordered for nice cold drink. First i wanted to have a nice iced tea, but the people behind the counter suggested something which was really mocktail types. One of them has become my all time favorite Litchy Fizz. Their menu board is also matched with their specials board (black board). Even though they don't have a menu for each table the people behind the counter help you with their specials, their most preferred drinks, sandwiches, pastries, ice creams, and the best part about this place is they make it as u want it.

Its a very customer friendly atmosphere as the owner herself helps her customer choose their food and drinks.

Anyways they have a wide rang of menu which obviously cant fit their menu board. So the brew master and the owner help each and every customer. Well for the ambiance, it gives u a non chennai feel. I got to speak to the owner and she said it was her inspiration from a lot of places shes been to in Australia. She also micro manages the place and man she is good at it.
They have a stunning bookshelf which has quite a good collection of books both fiction and non-fiction and the owner helped me pick a book and i got to reading it which was really interesting. They also have a wide range of board games which makes u remember our summer vacation when all u did was sit at home and play board games with ur siblings, friends and cousins.

Now that IPL has begun u get to watch the matches in the shop with a good crowd. In fact one of their specials for the day was "The Royal Combo" which has a sandwich a cold coffee and a dessert which is named after last year's winners the Rajastan Royals.

All together this place is my new discovery. My kinda place with great food, refreshing drinks, a nice collection of books and games. Thanx to the owner for bringing in a non-corporate look to this place. It has a very friendly atmosphere which the other coffee shops lack. Chennai definitely needs a change and its here at Coffee Central.
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Amit B - Burrp User

Amit B

May 02,2009

Just Alright!

The place was great as mentioned in the previous review. I had to wait 15 mins to get a table, though.

On the other hand, they don't take your orders. You'll have to walk up to the counter and place them. They don't have menu's either. I'd still prefer Cafe Coffee Day to this place though.
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nautankey  - Burrp User


April 15,2009

Cozy Central

This is a very new coffee shop started at north boag road. I am not a coffee-shop person, so did not have too many expectations as we were entering here. Was hoping not to get any of those bad coffee shop experiences I have had with some of the sub-standard Cafe Coffee day outlets.

At the end of our almost 2.5 hours[so much for the not a coffee-shop person] stay at coffee central I felt like screaming out that this is one of the best coffee shops I had been to in chennai ... the reasons ?

Reason 1: The ambiance. The furnishing and the interiors have a very classy finish.Especially the corner tables which have those small cozy cushions, add to it a pretty big TV screen. Couching on the seat,sipping a drink and watching the TV..yeah makes you REALLY feel at home. The air conditioning was good too,only when we stepped out we realized how hot chennai is. The volume of their music system was perfect..not too loud to hinder a conversation at the same time followable for those who are in a mood to listen.

The walls had some interesting portraits of chennai from the black n white era. They also have a book shelf with some genuinely interesting books. Then comes the best part,their board games..scrabble, Uno and a few more.If you are going with a lively gang of 3+ the games shud add to the fun.

Reason 2: The food/drink. To start off,one main aspect was coffee central had stuff for the diet conscious ones. Something which we don't find in established/branded coffee shops leave alone a new one. They had a low-cal cold coffee which had no cream, no sugar[sugar free] and the milk wasn't too thick either thanks to the granitas which skim the fat.They also had slimmer's veggie-sandwiches made of wheat bread and no-cheese.

For the not-so-diet conscious - Their most sought after munch is the chilly cheese sandwich. They also have a very yummy list of chicken sandwiches. Interestingly they don't serve deep fried items[like nuggets or french fries]so we need not sweat about the quality of oil or the accumulating fat.

The cold coffees were up to the mark and their milkshakes are on my pretty long to-try-during-next-visit list. They have a very exotic and sinful collection of pastries [chocolate mousse, dark chocolat]. The desserts were rightly priced,the day we dropped in it was litchi ice cream day..and it could easily serve two.

Reason 3 - Cost and Service. The price is nominal or rather very wallet friendly. Coffees start at 30 and cold coffees are from 50-65 range. The staff were friendly and warm with a quick turnaround time for delivery.

The only thing missing in this awesome place was a washroom.

If you have time to kill and a good gang with whom you want to hang out at a fun place which doesn't hurt your wallet OR even if you are alone and want to spend some time reading a book with a good cuppa....then your destination is Coffee Central.
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