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oppraveen - Burrp User


May 31,2014

Great Place, Perfect Service

Chipstead is one of the best lounge bars in Chennai and of course it is in Taj where good service and great choice mingle. The price is expensive but this is not your corner pub . The choice of beer and wine is amazing. It is a kind of place to take your business client to. The choice of Single Malt whiskeys are amazing and decently prized.
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meghamookim - Burrp User


March 21,2013

Cute pub

This lovely place has with its low seating, classy crowd and sweet sweet sounds is probably my fave watering hole in Chennai. There is never a shortage of good munchies, good wine, or good service here. Good music is just a given :)
The only drawback is that they do not take reservations and it gets filled up pretty fast on weekend evenings. My only regret is that I don't go there often enough!
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foodie2485 - Burrp User


November 16,2012

Purple haze

Chipstead is one of the best lounge bars i've been to in Chennai. The best time to go is early evening, say around 6pm or so...sit by the bar counter, even as the dj belts out some awesome rock music. The cocktails here are damn good. I particularly love the smoked old fashioned. There arent many options if you want to eat here. The ambience is relaxed and cool. Plus, there are no rude surprises in the bill, as the price of the alcohol is inclusive of taxes too. They have a well-stocked bar.
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wiredbeats  - Burrp User


August 20,2012

Very good, Very expensive, but very good

Superb place. Nice music and good ambiance. Quite a heavy place for your wallet but worth it, if you have a taste for good places in chennai.
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avwolv88 - Burrp User


February 27,2012

Quality Alcohol at good rates

There aren't too many nice nightspots in Chennai, but Chipstead is an exception on a few counts.

Firstly, the prices for alcohol! Who wouldn't want large Belvedere, Gold Label, Glenmorangie, etc. for less than 600 Rs. This is something unheard of in the rest of India and I do bring friends here if they come into town. They have quite a range (sometimes a few things won't be available), and Taj service is always classy.

To top it off, this place usually attracts a nicer crowd and a large one if there are visitors in town, and other decent bars in the vicinity.
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KEWLHERC2JZ - Burrp User


May 21,2011

Mixed Reactions : And not because of the cocktails

It was a promise long forgotten ,and so, on a friday evening : I decided to hit Chipstead.Since Madras is notorious on the Stags and 'covered footwear' issue : I called beforehand to ENSURE I will not get booted @ the door.It took some time for the receptionist to get it right (I dont think anyone has called to check in on the bar: they just waltz in), but I wanted to be doubly sure. Single ,not ready to mingle and possibly dont look the age (I am reminded everytime I buy a ticket @ Satyam that certain movies are for above 18 audiences only. I am not sure if I should take that as a compliment!), I was unsure if this place is a bar, a lounge or a disc or one of those places that is one thing Mon-thur, a second on fridays and (inexplicably) becomes option 3 on weekends.Anyways : permission granted (was basically asked to walk in) and so I did..
Did you know: That the place is called 'Chipstead' because the property that stood @ that exact spot (an old bunglow) was called that? I guess they decided to keep the name intact!.The Bartender didnt know that and its not even mentioned in the Taj directory website. I came by the information a long time ago as I follow 'Madras Miscellany'off the Hindu (about the only thing the newspaper is good for : that and the obituaries :).
For the "neat lovers":
The Dr.Jackyll part: Extensive Whiskey and Scotch sections!. If you think Westminister @ the Sheraton had an 'acceptable' quantity:then this will blow you away. And Im not talking about routine stuff either.Great selection that can go as deep into your pocket as quality can get you this side of the country. I believe this is the FINEST I have seen as far as Whiskeys and Scotches are concerned.Even beats the ones @ Bangalores Stables.They have entire sections dedicated to specifics like 'Speyside Scotch','The Islays','The highlands' (Anyone who discerns taste knows that these are sections in scotland where the scotches take on the region specific tastes). Not to sound like a geek : but Mull out the most popular ones by name and you'd find it : The popular glens (fiddich, drummond and monangies),the usual Chivas, Ballantine,Jura and A Dalmore. All in attendence! First place I saw a Japanese Whiskey list!. Damn. (Take the Japenese penchant for going after anything the west does : Baseball teams and alcohol.. and it wont surprise you as much ). Absinthe! Are you kidding me??! They have a cute absynthe fountain and a couple of bottles chilled out for the same. NO OTHER PLACE I KNOW SERVES ABSINTHE. Just to check : I did ask Richard what the alchol volume was . Two bottles of around 65-75% each. (Another did you know? : Normal alcohol has anywhere between 40-55% tops of alchi/water ratio. Absinthe's like "the green fairy" is upto 86% pure alcohol. I think I saw an absinthe spoon as well. I had a very bad experience with absinthe the last time I tried it so did not opt for one.

The Mr.Hyde part: They probably have such an extensive list because most expats and forigners who come to Madras are (possibly) British , either from the high commision standpoint or from most service and liturgy organizations that affiliates to Brit domains. And while saying Brits ,I include the Scots and Irish as well. A few of these are tourists ofcouse, coming to take the nostalgia of the old days of the Raj. Hence the need for an extensive whisky and scotch list. Why Japanese ? Thats obvious too. Most big mechanical firms are tied up to some big Japanese firm in one way or the other.And while Hyundai or the Koreans are not enterprising with their alcohol as of yet: the Japs are here to stay! Having said that bit about Absinthe, is it legal to serve absinthe in India? I dont think so. Well, maybe as a cocktail mix : but straight shots of absinthe can be a big problem. By law, and not only in India, absinthe has been banned from being sold legally. (We did get green fairy in Goa though: but this was post a lot of searching ,even for Goa). Some countries do allow for absinthe to be sold : but it has to be "watered down " to an acceptable 45%.Do the math. You take one shot of the green liquid that is as potent as 2 large whiskies in one go, and Absinthe is mostly shots . Not a cocktail and not something you can have 'on the rocks'.

"For the cocktailers":
The Dr.Jackyll part: Their Bar Menu is neat.Matt black.and cleverly done with 'inserts'.They have a 'Chipstead recommends' section which is a melee of different mixes.The usual mixes of Vodkas,Rums and (interestingly Whiskey based ones as well). I am to understand its quite popular too. Three people ordered from that list while I was @ the bar. The pricing does not hurt either.:) .Their mocktails are listed as 'Virgin Cocktails' (foxed me a bit as I went thro the menu about twice thinking it was odd such a place would not entertain teetotalers). And in going with the trend they have on the spirits ,the mocktails work the same mix. Complimentary trays of nuts and assortments if you choose not to order up. Jiri Majerik (the Head guy @ the Bar) was nowhere to be seen.Watched Richard (my bartender) make a few cocktails.Whatever Richard's talents are as far as cocktails are concerned I am not aware of as I did not opt for one: but the 'style coefficient' while using a martini shaker was evidently lacking:). Surprised to see unmarked bottles used for making the same though.Interesting (on the attention to detail scale) was their cold storage for different alcohol types. The wines were refrigerated @ 2 C , the beers @ 5 c etc. Reassuring to say the least. My coaster was a metal one with a rubber base. Another first.Asked Richard to switch it with a more (water indulgent)one.For a cutty double on the rocks : their stirrers were not one of those ghastly 'flagpoles'you'd see @ the leather bar.They are the right size.

The Mr.Hyde part: Inserts is a great concept.What that means is the menu Card remains : but they can remove the inserts to add/delete a few entries or even change complete sections without worrying about it looking out of place.Also : When the cocktails /mocktails have the same basic ingredients (for eg: a Bloody Mary and a Virgin Mary),the bar needs to stock lesser of these usually diverse ingredients (thereby leaving more space for the racks and bottles). 'Chipstead Recommends' is a very clever idea. Most of the cocktails listed here say 'a combination of three rums/vodkas etc.'. That means basically that if I procure a vodka (for eg: pinky), and find it not too popular with the crowd, I have the option of finishing it off on these specific cocktails. So essentially, Chipstead will never get stuck with any brand that cannot be siphoned off one way or the other. positive? yes: you know they always keep fresh stock when it comes to basic vodkas and rums. negative ? yes : you might not like a particular type of vodka or rum , but since it is in a cocktail it becomes impossible for you to distinguish and you have it anyways. So you end up paying for something you didnt like in the first place !:) Unmarked bottles while making these popular cocktails means you can only end up guessing what baseline alcohol is being used to make one. Order up a screwdriver and youd be thinking : what did i get ? Pinky, Smirnoff, Romanov? Alcazar??. The different temp refreigeration means that they live up to their star standards : and they get their fair share of people who would prefer it that way!. Which also translates into them picking the good stuff vs the popular stuff.A metal coaster is great until 5 minutes after your drink settles on it. Post that : because it cannot absorb: your glass starts to 'skid'.And unlike normal circumstances: you cannot flip your coaster over if it gets wet coz a metal surface will not sit :) So has Jiri left the establishment? Is Mickael Besse still running the chocolate thingie over @ Satyam?

The Place:
The Dr.Jackyll part: The place has a super dim seating section and a whole row of barstools. The overall impression about the place is brown. The lighting @ the Bar is @ acceptable levels. The drinks being lit from 'downunder' ala the Leather Bar.The DJ desk is @ the far right with a Bass speaker right next to it.The place to me (feels) very odd. the lighting opposite the bar and the woodwork by extension is different shades of faux flooring brown. The wavy pattern is good as it appears to take the AC ducts in. Their Barstools that have a back, so you can let your guard down.Savio ( the DJ ) was great. I was expecting an overdose of Hiphop or Retro rock : but to listen to really old ones like Cliff Richards/Neil Diamond and Shakin' stevens on a Friday night brings back some old and happy memories.I offered to buy the guy a drink , but he refused to :) said the bar would take care of him !

The Mr.Hyde part: It almost looks like they made it look like an office space, then went along the mode of the leather bar, then realized that the leather bar is @ The Park , and made some changes to get out of that niche.To top it all off : they have cordoned off a part of the seating (Much like a VIP section) with chain mail ? Mea culpa, but it feels like a strip-club without the laser lights and the poles!. The DJ desk is almost crammed into the end of the bar. Poor fellow barely has a place to stand. Would I be wise in speculating that they were not too sure of what they wanted their audience makeup to be when they renoveated the place ? Coz they could have shifted the DJ station to the supposed VIP section. He can entertain and take requests and will not make the bar the only area of focus . That would make the place a disc more than a lounge: but looks like Chipstead has muddled all three. A lounge is typically a place with dim lighting and solid tones (not so with the different shades of brown on the ceiling and the bar), a Bar is mostly mahogany and brown to give you that solid and soft feeling of wood to give the appearance of being old (which is betrayed by the seating and dim lighting away from the bar) and a night-club has.. you get my point ...

2 Cutty Sark doubles OTR, 1 Royal salute 21 OTR and a Corona later, the tab was 2500 approx with tips. Expected Damage. Not overboard.
3 stars. tops.The drink and the polite bartender (Richard) and DJ (Savio) notwithstanding.Did not appeal to me.Or maybe my expectations were too big about the place.. Came away with very "mixed reactions" to the place. Hence the Dr. Jackyll/Mr. Hyde breakup :)
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back2chennai - Burrp User


June 07,2010

pretty bad

pretty bad service on the night I went , I ran into an impolite bartender , also for some reason AC was turned off inside....
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Vivek Krishnan  K - Burrp User

Vivek Krishnan K

December 25,2009

Christmas Eve @ Chipstead


* Smiling Service
* Good Reception
* Variety of Choice
* Visited by Big Bs
* Valet Parking

* Bigger TVs
* Quicker Service
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foodie  - Burrp User


October 17,2009


Went there about four days after its launch (which I read was amazing with likes of Shruthi Hasaan gracing the occasion). Fell in love with the place immediately-though a small piece of my heart yearned for the Old Fort St. George

In line with Taj's luxurious ambiance, Chipstead truly gives you a world-class look and feel. The sofas and the cushions are comfy and makes you relax quite easily.

The wine list is excellent and so are the cocktails. The menu is user friendly with a "Chipstead recommends"-may be if you are not the too experimental kind, you can go with these reccos.

I had the bellini and it was wonderful. So was the Ford Coppola red wine. Their range of tequila-based cocktails are fantastic-in fact seems to be a hit with the ladies! Another of my fav is the Chipstead special.

However, Chipstead should really improve the short eats available-the food menu is rather limited-especially pity vegetarians:(

Of course, if you dont mind spending a bit, you have world-famous caviar (priced at Rs 5000-Rs 10000). The added attraction over the weekend is that you get to see some live bands playing

So go over to Chipstead and party-rock n roll!
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tastemaster - Burrp User


August 30,2009

Good collection of liquors

Went to this place yesterday. Its the refurbished Fort St.George. And apparently according to the report in The Hindu, Taj wants to attract the young crowd and not just the corporate. However, the same kind of corporate crowd comes in. They just play techno now.The average age in this place was 50yrs when I was there (excluding the waiters). The interiors are quite tastefully done, but the seats could've been more comfortable.
The bartender Jiri Majerik is a friendly sort of chap who's willing to explain how the drink is prepared.
They have a really extensive collection of liquors, some of them very rare. There was a rare Hennessey for 17,000, Kauffman vodka costing something similar and a Champagne costing 1.5 Lakhs! They offer champagne by the glass for around Rs 550 which is not done at other places like Westminister at the Park Sheraton.

Side-eats are complimentary and unlimited, though they didn't taste very good yesterday. I had absinthe, and as I said, Mr.Majerik patiently explained how the drink is prepared. It costs Rs400 for a 60ml measure. Blavod Black Vodka is available for Rs 450. Prices are comparable to most other pubs in Chennai. Cocktails cost about Rs.350. All prices are inclusive of taxes. So if they say 400 on the menu, they mean 400.
You can go here if you want to try something that you don't get in the regular pubs - like Champagne, Pernod, Cinzano Rosso and the like. They also have something called a liquor flight in which you can taste 3 kinds of whisky or vodka for Rs 1000.
You can go here if you want to spend a quiet evening. If you want loud music pub-atmosphere, go some place else. Though its intended to appeal to the youth, it really doesn't attract many
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