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sammienatorr 5 - Burrp User

sammienatorr 5

October 13,2015

Gujju treat!!

Located on the GN Chetty road, right in the heart of the city, this hidden gem existed and I never knew. Until a few weeks ago when a friend of mine told me to go check it out. Even though it's right on the main road, it's not that easily visibly. Amdavadi sits pretty right next to the veg/shop (can't pronounce or spell the name of that shop) and bang opposite the health and glow. They have Valet parking, so brownie points for that.

I'm not a big fan of vegetarian food but when i read 80% good reviews about a place, I got curious about it. And it's plain curiosity that took me here in the first place. I stopped by a few weeks ago for a quick bite and absolutely loved it.

Though a hard core carnivore, I'm a huge fan of anything that's deep fried and when I saw the sona mohare and saboodana vada on the menu I flipped, I was transformed back to my college days, when my gujju friends would bring these yummie treats for us. I ordered a plate of each and loved then to bits. A few days ago I got a chance to revisit the place as my friend was doing a photo shoot. During the shoot i was drooling over all the items that were being shot. I of course did not get to try the dishes as I was in a hurry but I'm definitely heading back soon for a taste.

Charming, romantic, beautiful, enchanting... I can go on and on about the place. The wooden panels with glass panes, the brick walls, the pictures on the wall, the tiny wooden chairs and tables, the copper jars, mirrors with wooden carved frames - all create a picture perfect place..

Service was smooth, nothing much to complain in that area. A meal for two can sum up to 400+ which is really reasonable..

Ambience - 5/5.
Service - 4/5.
Food & Beverages - 4/5.
Pricing - 5/5.
Location - 5/5.
Parking - Valet.
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Ghumta Bhukkad - Burrp User

Ghumta Bhukkad

October 30,2013

Gujarati Experience

A quiet place, wonderfully designed and its very rare that you are going to a Gujarati restaurant and place is so quiet. Khaman - Exactly we call it Nylon Khaman in Gujarat, It was tasty ,sweet, spongy and perfect texture as expected. Khandvi - It was not on par with our expectation , it has to be more softer than it was but the taste was good. Fafda - This was disappointment as the masala was too much on it and taste was not as it has to be, authenticity was missing.
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