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Harrish AC - Burrp User

Harrish AC

March 16,2015


Real time experience and first time I'm providing a review about a place: I went with my friends, at noon and the place was damn hot inside.
We asked the staff to switch on the AC and reminded him a couple of times but still it was not put on.
Coming to the ambiance, whatever might be the ambiance, rest room needs to be clean enough not to return back as soon as you step in. To summarize the place is not clean, untidy and dusty chairs.
Was wondering if these guys are manufacturing drinks and providing us.
Rates are very expensive, let's keep that apart.
I ordered few vodka shots and they even charged for soda not 50-100 but they billed me 200 rupees for 1 bottle.
I am ready to pay if I had a wonderful time with the tilt gastro pub but the experience was not good and they did not even play music and there was no air to breath in.
Simple: I felt that money and time were wasted that noon.
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Prince Patni - Burrp User

Prince Patni

April 17,2014

Come and Have the Foodies Experience Yourself!

The first thing you'd notice is the logo of Tilt. It's new, different and inviting! Entering the gastropub, you can decide exactly where you want to sit because you have a view of the whole place. You have outdoor seating as well.

It's never a crime to eat your favorite food at a favorite place, so why not indulge? :) What Tilt Gastropub gives you is good food and good service. I've been here when they've had events as well as with friends for lunch / dinner and the food has never disappointed. Since I've eaten quite a few times and tasted different dishes, here's my list of yummy dishes you should try out when you go.
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blueboard - Burrp User


June 12,2013

Decent Place For A Get Together

A decent place. The ambiance here is pretty good. The food is pretty average. We ordered the lamb pizza here which was a little disappointing. However, a friend's pesto pasta dish was pretty good.
Overall its just another koramangala pub. A must visit for all the pub hoppers though.
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Aravind Balakrishnan - Burrp User

Aravind Balakrishnan

June 04,2013

Cooking Perfection!

The cooking is perfection. I want to take a bow to the chef & his kitchen staff .To our surprise the place was actually buzzing with people and I loved the ambiance. In fact lovely ceiling , Cryo-cooked Tilts de constructed salad,watermelon, seared cottage cheese, worth a mention!!! The new addition as she had been their before all woody woody every where on the roof. Chocolate dessert 007, was a perfect ending to a nice evening.
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Food Libraries - Burrp User

Food Libraries

May 21,2013

Fake Monkey Bar

Cutlery in a beer glass. Funky condiments next to it. Simple wooden tables and chairs. The tag of "gastropub". Sounds a lot like Monkey Bar, innit! But no, it is a far cry from that paragon!
Went here for lunch today. I didn't try the cocktails, I chose to go for neat scotch. But my friend had a mocktail, and boy was it gaudy! Colorful aluminum foil umbrella, really?! I saw such things last decade adorning Shanti Sagar juices.
The food was insipid and uninspired. The stuffed mushroom fell apart at touch like rotten fruits. The lamb burger (sloppy joe, apparently a house specialty) tasted and felt like kheema pav bhaji, down to the funny little butter-toasted bun. The roasted potato wrap was a burnt kaati roll that took 45 minutes to arrive after the order was taken. The side salad was generously dosed with chilly sauce, and thus rendered inedible. The fries were pretty good, but nothing extraordinary.

I'm giving them 2 stars instead of 1 only because of the graceful way they didn't charge me for the wrap, didn't charge service charge, and gave me a 10% discount.

Still, nearly ruined date. Saved by going to Cream And Fudge Factory. :-)
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Arjun Varadraj - Burrp User

Arjun Varadraj

May 14,2013

Quickest and professional service

Had been to Tilt over the weekend , loved the ambience and the service which is very professional. It had a wide range of bar snacks and food. Recommend this pub to hangout
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