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tester5 - Burrp User


December 19,2015

Good ambience mediocre food.

The ambience is nice with live music. The food was not so good keeping in my mind the high prices.
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Nitin Rege - Burrp User

Nitin Rege

October 17,2014

Good Food Slightly Overpriced

The food was good but slightly overpriced.
Ambiance was average.
Buffalo Chicken Wings (with Barbeque sauce) is a must try.

Service : 6 / 10
Food : 6.5 / 10
Ambiance : 5 / 10
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krithikai - Burrp User


February 24,2013

Good food and service

love the place. the ambience is perfect! the service is excellent :-)
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taste_buddy - Burrp User


January 05,2013

Good food but expensive

Went to Take 5 on the recommendation by a friend. Food didn't disappoint, but the bill did! This place is quite expensive. Place is good but gets crowded. We tried chilly pork and was blown. Recommended if you have the budget. Wasnt extremely happy with the service though.
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anshul240 - Burrp User


November 19,2012

A nice place to hang out!!

This is more of a lounge space with very classy blues/classic rock playing. The starters are really good. Do try the take 5 special chicken, Mutton seek kabab, and my favorite Bacon wrapped prawns.Its a bit costly but defiantly worth it, they do have some artists singing on fridays and saturdays which is pleasent
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burrpBLRchris1 - Burrp User


November 10,2012

Nice little lounge, to chill

I have been to Take 5 many times, it was a great little lounge 5-6 years back, however they seem to have got stuck in that moment for years. Of course with all the options that we have around us, the good old places fade a bit.

My wife loves the place though! She says that it peps her up for some reason, though she admits that the food, ambiance and overall set-up is not that impressive. I guess one can just slip in here without any specific plans with your partner or friends for a easy evening out. The joint does not fail in any aspect however as I mentioned in the beginning they need to rework on the whole set up to bring it up to current levels of service and food quality. They do fall in the semi-premium category though.

Again, if you are in the area and just want a smooth evening out, then do drop in!
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Mr_burrped - Burrp User


September 15,2012

Worst food and even worst management.

No positives to start with.
1) It took them 30 min to bring 1 starter when there were only 8 people in the restaurant.
2) For main course, we ordered 1 chicken tikka masala and mix veg which came after 1 hour of waiting and "excuse me" 's. Chicken was NOT CHEWABLE, was very hard. Mix veg, which we were told to be dry, was with gravy and tasted like boiled vegetables put together along with some uncooked masala.
3) A Rs.50 naan was thinner than papad.
4) god forbid if you order extra Naan or something. It will cost you another 30 min.
So, basically, 2 hours and Rs1000 down the drain.
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E Khan - Burrp User

E Khan

July 26,2012

Check your bill!!!

There is good yet expensive beer here. The management and staff have poor customer service skills. Food is sub par. Be sure to check your bill! They billed me twice! And when I approached them about it, their excuse was that it was a busy night and it's not their fault. If you go here, just make sure you watch them do their job, because they can't. I'm not going back here and good luck to you if you do
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Rajinesh Ks - Burrp User

Rajinesh Ks

July 08,2012

Good for live music

Went there n Sunday a rock band was playing, cock tails were really nice we had a good time
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bgraja707 - Burrp User


June 18,2012

Take 5 - Can be taken quite often

I don't drink beer - so I won't comment on that. My frens who drink tell me that their bar is well stocked. ( NO PITCHER and TOWER here)

Food :
Peanut Masala - Good
French Fries - Average
Chilli Pork - Average
Apple chicken - Finger lickin good
Fried Rice - OK

Ambiance : Relaxed...nice place to be if you are a group.

NO NONSENCE PLACE. Simple yet Relaxing :)

Price : 4500 for 5 ( Food plus drinks )
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eatNeat - Burrp User


January 04,2012

Bad Bad Service !!!!

Let me start with positive - food is good. Steak is really good. And it ends there....I do not even want to talk about service - it's pathetic. They just don't value your time. We were there on a Monday, not even on weekends. Place was relatively empty. Still they took around 40 mins to deliver just two dishes !!!!! Same thing with presenting the check as well, at the end - we left exhausted and forgot what the food tasted like......
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reviewer19 - Burrp User


December 14,2011

Pathetic Place

Went there for a birthday and even after 2 days prior reservation and constant reminders every hour they seemed to have missed it to our surprise. The pathetic response and the service which we looked at in amazing awe. I wonder what the whole thing about this place getting such great ratings.
Anyways, we walked out of this place and went to 100 ft Boutique quite irritated in a birthday and had a great time with the birthday song and a complementary cake.
My advice is do not go to this place reading reviews just like I did. I am not the complaining lot, but this place surely does not deserve the accolades.
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vijay82 - Burrp User


December 12,2011

very very special

I went to celebrate my birthday today and have to damn well say it was the best choice i've made in a long time in selecting a restaurant, all based on reviews on this site. They somehow got to know it was my birthday (maybe i mentioned it while booking but i don't remember now). They played a birthday song and our group of 12 got all lit up while I cut the small mousse having a single candle, everyone cheering on the side. That for me, was the single most touching moment the restaurant could have done from its side and i thanked the manager later for that.

The waiters were friendly and listening. Every order taken was followed up promptly. On the beer side, it is said the restaurant has the best selection in the city and I guess it is, but we ordered bottles of heineken, carlsburg and one more and all were good.

Music - they start off with jazz in the early evening and move on to soft rock/pink floyd stuff with intermittent blues as the night goes on. I'd say if I wasn't high, would have preferred the jazz to continue, but rock is a different experience if you're drunk. Maybe they need to trial and error a little bit to find the optimal experience considering how the crowd varies from high to sober.

i'd say it is a classic place for romantics - the lights are low, and a single wide candle lights up the 4-seaters. makes for just the right ambience for intimacy.

200 stars for you. will be back for sure! thanks again!
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Prasanna Revan - Burrp User

Prasanna Revan

December 08,2011

Good imported beers and nice starters

We went here couple of times, they have really good imported beers. I also liked their starters. They are not open until 6.30pm so thats made us go somewhere else couple of times. Good people, I enjoyed.
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randomtaster - Burrp User


October 10,2011

Totally worth it

Great service. Great ambience, nice collection of drinks and awesome steaks.
I am totally in for another round of fun at Take 5
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Saurabh Agrawal - Burrp User

Saurabh Agrawal

September 25,2011

tasty inexpensive food n lots of beer

a good selection of veg n non-veg starters, salad, pasta, steak, etc. loved the stuffed cheese mushroom. their drinks menu is slightly on the expensive side, but hey, there is a lot to choose from - specially for beer fans! and its cool that one doesn't need to step out for a smoke. and the music (mostly jazz) isn't too loud, which means you don't have to yell to get your point across the table. overall, a good place to chill out. I'd definitely like to go again.
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jamiroquai - Burrp User


September 16,2011

By far, the best lounge bar in Indiranagar

Superb ambiance, comfy sitting arrangements, friendly waiters and great jazz music !!! Every one needs to Take 5 once in a while ! Cheers
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nitinbhosale - Burrp User


September 02,2011

lovely night

I wanted to make my wife's birthday special that why i was looking for a place like Take 5. It was more than what i expected. I ordered the same Apple chicken and its truly lip smacking(its quiet juicy and mushy). The sitting chairs are very comfortable(opposite to the bar) and each had a candle on it. Drinks are a little bit on the expensive side but you can settle down to Kingfisher strong any time . The service guys are also cool and quick. This is a must visit place in Indiranagar.
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minimink - Burrp User


August 02,2011

Apple chicken hang over still there

Lovely jazz music , good beer , beautiful ambience and finger-licking Apple Chicken. What more could you want from a place?
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rahulpan - Burrp User


July 15,2011

great stuff

the beer selections is the biggest here,

besides that the food is amazing, by far the best for any bar or diner!

must try for everyone, highly recommended
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aditisom - Burrp User


June 09,2011

Super...by far the best in Indiranagar

This place is just so very good! The place has its own charm where the ambiance, food, service all score good.
The food has left such an impact that it is sad i don't remember the exact names, but the taste still lingers in my tongue...to begin with the starters, a dish in prawn-bacon fry and fish - excellent....Oh i remember i ordered a grilled fish as main course - just superb....
The alcohol here too is very good, the price is well....had ordered a green apple martini - honestly the best i ever tasted...
This place sure calls for a "visit again"...as wana go back and try the other dishes.... :)
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Vinay  M - Burrp User

Vinay M

May 09,2011

Take 5 - compels you to take a bigger break

I am totally floored by this place, the ambiance, the service, the food all deserve praise

Food - Stuck to starters, the chilli beef was really good and juicy, the salt and pepper chicken could be better, the Garlic bread was just right.

Service - Very responsive and courteous, the bites was delivered in no time, they give you your space and dont hang around you to make sure you vacate the place early

Ambiance - The chairs are nice and comfortable, nice to look out the window, the music does not get in the way of a conversation. Overall a very warm feel is generated from this place

Price - For the location and what they have to offer, it is very reasonably priced. Cost us around 1600 for three including alcohol.

Opinion - For me it will definitely warrant a second visit. Have to try out everything else they have to offer, specifically the main course ( heard the pasta is good here)
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premstalking - Burrp User


February 26,2011

By far the best place in Indira nagar !

Have been a regular here for more than 5 years and have always found reasons to come back..Easy on the pocket...quick service and great food ...what more can you ask for ...they have some good to great bands playing on sundaz...
Try any of there cocktails ...they are genuine in there serving of alcohol ..All and all greaat place to chill weekdayz or weekends !
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ragpicker1 - Burrp User


February 14,2011


A friend and I decided to check this place out on Saturday evening and came away feeling extremely happy with our decision. The entrance to the restaurant is not very nice, being up a few flights of not the easiest to climb stairs (especially after a few drinks). However, the place itself is lovely. As we had arrived very early, the place was almost empty (it did fill up to capacity very shortly though). The usher waved us to a set of sofas near a pair of large windows and we strolled over and sat down comfortably. Amost immediately, the menus - food and drink - were placed in our hands and after solemn perusal, I chose an Artic Vodka. I had never heard of this brand before and my friend suggested I try it, as we mayn't come across it again. My friend chose a Kiwi Diaquiri. For our starter, we chose Slice Chilly Beef. The drinks came quickly as did the starter and I settled down to enjoy my Vodka, topped up with Orange Juice and Ice. I didn't really like the Vodka too much (I am a Grey Goose fan) and decided not to try it again. However, I did finish my drink, every sip of it. The Slice Chilly Beef was also quite nice, though not in Ebony's league. Reluctantly deciding against another starter, we ordered our main courses - Lemon Chicken for my friend and a Chilly Beef Mex which came with Vegatables and Rice, for me. The food tasted good. I also ordered another Vodka, a Grey Goose this time, to go with my dinner. For dessert, we ordered and enjoyed a Caramel Custard. The ambience of this place is lovely and the music is great. The service was absolutely fantastic. The food - well, it could do with improvement I guess, but as my friend stressed to me, this is not a high-end fine dining place, just a normal eatery. For a normal eatery, the food certainly comes up to standard. The crowd is not bad - seems to be a fairly young, well dressed (not flashy) crowd. The prices are quite reasonable. Certainly a place I wouldn't mind going back to.
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KEWLHERC2JZ - Burrp User


January 29,2011

Subtle Jazz afternoons

Heard about this place from one of my DRs @ work. We sync well when it comes to 'things to do' on Fri/sat/sun' and not so well @ work Mon-Thursday. The difference is if I do decide to take his learnings : I implement them Monday-Thursday.
A word of advice :(and this goes for any joint): if the place is good : you want to resist going there on a Fri/ Sat/ Sun unless you absolutely positively must .The crowd gets to you, the theme or the USP of the resto/bar takes a beating , the orders take way too long and muddled up and attention to detail , inevitably declines. You end up paying (and sometimes more) and not getting to see the place in its true environs.
Simple formula:
Single? twosome? like peace and quiet and attn. to detail?= afternoons 12 pm-6:30 pm mon-fri
Family? impressing girl? one in the hand and scanning for the next ?friends pub/club hopping?= fri/sat/sun :7:30 PM-lights out.

OK. to the specifics now.
The Collectibles:
1) All leather seating : it has a nice Lounge section and a Great Dining section, flanked out to the right and the left of it. Very Sombre tones and muted colors with Jazz Montage throughout the place. A La Leather Bar in Chennai : Minus its moronic waiters. Nice Candles @ each table which add to the perfect mood lighting to the place. The only bright spot is the bar and the lights are facing towards the bottles, not at you. Nice floral lamps concealing whatever direct lighting @ the bar is required.
2) Located on the second floor :Sandwitched b/w a place serving Chettinad and a place above,serving Dhaba cuisine, You know you are there when you see a Jazz Mural when the elevator door pops. They do display a 'today's special and Concert dates for Jazz (If any) along with the usual combo that have become so popular now in almost all places in Bangalore.
3) Waiters all dressed in Black including the Bartenders. Not tees but Shirts. Goes with the theme. Their Plates and Bowls are always spic and span. Tables always set perfect. The Bar has Decent Bar stools comfy enough for an Average sized person to relax letting his guard down. The Loo has some interesting 'relief' to determine where you have to go. The Mens Room has a Big Thumb'screw' on it. The Womens' has a Bolt.
Have seen Many a people stumble to comprehend post a few :which is why 'Literacy' and 'Education' are obviously different words. Also : and thanks to the Management : they have cordoned off a section towards the fag end for the smokers section. Thankfully the poor souls need not go outside and shiver like whipped dogs. Good to enjoy an occasional Philly's Blunt.(the fag end for those who fag: not necessarily 'the fags' :) ). The whole place has been covered with faux-wooden flooring. Sounds great when you walk. Womens with heels/ clogs , take note.If you do happen to sit on one of the arm chairs : The floor to ceiling glass wall gives you a decent view of the street (not that there is anything interesting perhaps, but a view nevertheless. They move the seating around if there is a Jazz Concert scheduled.
4) The Bar : is all orange (ghastly color : Id say but I guess they were looking for maximum contrast) and had a curios "Dollar sign" $ to it until I realized its actually a T5 (for take 5) that looks like a dollar. Helps keeping bottles @ the bar for sure. The bar tender is very friendly.I did notice he made a mean Mai Tai, a neat Cosmo and a 'dark' mojito. He uses brown sugar (Demarara : for the alarmed) instead of the usual white for it. Will have to try that sometime. The Manager as well, Sunny, very "hands on" and accommodative. In the hour and a half we were there I observed him deal with All types of people accordingly: the raucous boozer, the quiet types, the groupies : All in aplomb. He certainly has experience on his side to say the least. If you do get a chance: ask for a steward called 'Rajan' to serve you. He is an older gen person. Has perfect Manners and will suggest if you are in the need to be pointed the right way. The Kitchen is right next door : but they dont keep howling around: Very well managed. It is well organized: the martini shakers towards the front, they have their wine rack towards the right (when you face the bar), the top row has a whole yard worth of Belgian Beers , the Other Bottles being displayed around. From their Hard liquor section : I guess the most discerning one would have to be their Remy Martin XO. But for me this place is about either the cocktails, or the Beer or the wine. And Im not even counting the food in!
5)I desperately wanted a whiskey or scotch but being the place it is and Since they have a Humongous beer section and an Indian Wine section to match , Bharat had a Mandala Valley Zilfandel while I picked a Glass of Seagram's Nine Hills Chenin Blanc. He enjoyed his. I regretted mine. You can hardly blame take 5 for it. Nine hills has a long way to go before they hit the right spot on wine making. And this is where Sunny (the manager) came in. He explained that different people prefer different types and that nine hills was a hit with the hard liquor crowd looking @ attempting wines. He also suggested that I should try a Sula Chenin or ,purse strings notwithstanding, they could even get up to a Jacobs Creek Chardonnay. I chose to go with the Sula : and the Chenin again : and you can discern the difference almost immediately. Whats the difference? well: the gentle throbbing @ my temples vs the sledge hammer to my nuts! . All this while we had ordered stuffed mushrooms and a plate of chilly beef. The mushroom heads with stuffed capsicum and cheese with dip was great , as was the chilly beef. The only problem with chilly beef is that you need to get it done ASAP as it gets very chewy when it gets cold. You dont want to appear to be fighting with the fork :). Didnt do too much of it as it kills the taste of the wine. but glad to say that while it was spicy it did not have too much masala, and they were crisp.
Backed that up with a Chardonnay this time and I was not disappointed at all. My main course was the classic 'spaghetti and meatballs '. The Neapolitan and the basil complimented it very well. the meatballs were neat: not soggy not too crunchy and the spaghetti snapped well. Good food and very very filling. We didnt try any deserts here. For one , I had my fair share of a good time and two, prefer Gelatos. (There is an ice cream parlor on the ground floor attached to the Pizza Hut franchise there. Makes for some great Mint scoops and they have hundreds of combos: albiet not attached to Take 5 in anyway). I strongly suggest you try some there.
6) This place is worth mentioning for their wine and beer sections alone: Their beer sections includes the usual line ups of KF,Corona, Heineken,Carlsberg,Asahi and the 'not so usual' Belgian Beers. While I did not notice a Stella Artois there: they have a ton of beers : not brands but different kinds: ranging from the usual pale ales and lagers to stouts and trappists. I am not a beer person and dont know anyone who profess knowledge about this lineup apart from the ordinary, but this place is a 'must try' for anyone who wants to go beyond the usual.
Their Wine menu is equally complimented by their use of good Indian wine . They have the entire series on Big Banyan, Sula, Mandala valley , Naka/Maya (a very bangalorean one) and 9 hills (avoided like plague). Although they did not have York or Vallonne ,its reassuring that people are getting into the habit and they never advertised that this is 'wine county' anyways :)
7) All the while the music (when played) was not Jazz only. it was Jazz with a collection of 80s era rock . OK I guess, you have to crowd please, and honestly, apart from the few Jazz numbers, not a lot of people would appreciate it . Though towards the weekends : I heard it is less of Jazz and more of popular nos.
8)Damage? : around 4 grand. and worth every goddamn penny.
The Correctable :
1) The floor near the men's loo has wood that is warping .Makes for a bad creak. Fix it before it affects the rest of the floor.
2) I know this is kinda tough : but the USP of sticking to the beers (even Belgian) worked for you. The wine does too. I think you should also stick to the Jazz Roots. I also am aware that these 'concerts' are expensive and good acts are tough to find. But ,Nevetheless, please try . Popularity and profitability does dictate that you play games on the projector during the football and cricket season : and thats good. If you can backup the lean season with just as many Jazz weekends: You would do more to keep the 'soul' here. Otherwise :Jimbo goes to the next best place they are playing the game at and the 'Extreme Sports Bar' is not too far away either :)
Now that you got the same joint opened up in Goa @ Baga, why dont you folks get those musicians to doubletake on bangalore too?
They get publicity and you retain your (loyal)customers too.
4 : for having a tight -run ship.
1 more if you can "SAX" the place :)
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irfanali - Burrp User


November 24,2010

Ambience, Service Staff & Crowd : Perfect Setting

Have been a regular at this place ever since it opened...

Love the fact that unlike many other places, you can actually have a conversation with friends and not have jarring music in your ears and Nosy waiters in your face..

This place is more about light music in the background, Awesome Service staff who know all the tricks to make it a complete customer experience (Look for the cute old man whose a waiter, he is super cool) and most importantly, the crowd is a good mix of people across ages...so teenyboppers sorry, look elsewhere..

A Perfect place to unwind after a tiring day at work..
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Sridhar Ravi - Burrp User

Sridhar Ravi

September 26,2010

great place for a quick pint on a hot afternoon...

First the location is great...100ft indiranagar...not so crowded on a weekday afternoon...the beer is chilled and the food is great...quite liked the vegetable melange which is worth trying...service is decent...ambiance is cool though the decor looks little old....
worth revisiting....
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shubhac - Burrp User


September 11,2010

Honesty of staff added to the joy

Enjoyed the place tremendously. The staff were patient with us changing our seats a couple of times. The live music on Sunday was a pleasant change (especially as we were a little away from it). The chinese food good. What I appreciated especially was the way the staff responded to me when I was checking on my mobile phone which I had left behind. They had made efforts to trace me and were forthcoming when I called them. I went back to pick up my phone and was tempted to stay.... thanks folks
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prakashpaul2001 - Burrp User


September 06,2010

Just makes a perfect evening.

Accompanied my friends on Sunday evening. This was my first experience at Take5 but my friends who accompanied me had already visited this place twice, and they recommended me this place.
Waited for the Revivers band to start their performance at 8:30pm and after this, we were asking for more music. I liked the singer Sabrina Price's vocal, as she sounded a Perfect Jazz singer. Peter's vocal was also good, as he was able to sing many Genres without any difficulty. This place also serves variety of Beer. I liked the Belgian beer by Christoffel Bier. Haven't tried the food but the prices don't look very expensive. If you have to go for Quality beers other than usual local beers then the beer prices would look expensive but these beers taste fantastic and worth the price. Forgot to mention about the Guitart who could play so very good and was amazing to listen to him. He could match Pink Floyd's 'Coming back to life' song. I Enjoyed my evening at Take5, as the music and beer got me into a real good mood. I am planning going to take my other friends as well :)
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Rajneesh Agarwaal - Burrp User

Rajneesh Agarwaal

August 25,2010

Take Everyone along! :)

Yes, I mean it. I loved every bit of my time there! Nice premium beers. Excellent quality service. Lovely music! Thanks again DineClub for recommending me this place and for the savings that became possible. Take 5 is definitely one of the best places in Bangalore.. Take Everyone Along! :)
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Arvind Badrinarayanan - Burrp User

Arvind Badrinarayanan

August 10,2010

Just Perfect

I never thought I would find a bar in Bangalore that fit my personality perfectly, but there it was, a few minutes from my house! If you've never had good beer, this is where to get it. While I cringe at the 300-350Rs it costs, the minute it hits my lips I know it is all worth it. Try St Feuillen or Chimay, in fact all the premium beers here are just...perfect. The atmosphere is wonderful, very subdued, great mellow music sometimes rocking out. The servers are fast and the bartenders are mostly efficient, some of them could learn to pour a beer, especially when you're paying that much for it. Some of the food is good, I'm still working my way through the menu. I need a seat with my name on it here!
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Suraj Prabhu - Burrp User

Suraj Prabhu

July 19,2010

Take 4 0n 5!

Take 5 served Goan cuisine. I heard about the place at a fest in PESIT. The ambiance and taste join hands to make it a worth while experience. They have a range of gourmet beers which I unfortunately missed out on. You try not to! The sliced beef delivers and the pork is promising. Even the Nachos and Salsa were up to the mark. The live band ticked me off because they kept starting off with snazzy tunes like American Woman and Shipping Upto Boston but never played the entire thing!
Be warned... These guys really know how to swell a bill up till it matches the thickness of the froth on your beer! Overall... sweet experience...
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blinkandmiss - Burrp User


June 17,2010

One of my favourites

Take 5 is one of my favourite places. The drinks are excellent, the service good, but what we really love is the laid-back feel of this place. The crowd is non-pretentious and thankfully does not consist of youngsters who're just past pubescence. Probably that is why it is so popular with families and groups of women, just as much as it is with the yuppie crowd. The chairs are very comfortable and at night they have a sexy candlelight thing on every table. The arrangement is very cozy and we often end up sitting there for hours, chatting, drinking and having a great time. I will admit I'm not a big fan of the food, but I do love their chilly potatoes. Oh and try to get a table next to the glass walls for the amazing view. The music is not just jazz, they often play classic rock.
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theGuru - Burrp User


June 15,2010

Fantastic service and widest array of beers

The music feels right, the service is great, and they've got almost every major indian beer plus quite a few foreign ones. The food is quite good as well but nothing outstanding here. But what makes this place stand out is the professional attitude of the staff and the manager who walks around ensuring that every table is attended to.
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ragz87 - Burrp User


June 15,2010

Awful service and food

I had been to take5 this June and I would not recommend anyone going there for dining.

We were a group of 10 and hence we were made to sit next to the entrance ... the area was dimly lit which gave a pleasant feeling.. but the service was awful .. our orders were taken late and every item we ordered took at least 40 minutes to reach our table. Even the bakery items like Choc Mousse took around 20 mins... in all we sat there for around 3.5 hrs; we had ordered Continental food and I personally dint quite like the food over there.

In short it may be a good place for booze lovers, but certainly a very bad place to dine.

Strongly unrecommended :D
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Chetan L - Burrp User

Chetan L

May 31,2010

Pleasant experience, Value for money

I took my wife to Take 5 last Saturday to celebrate our wedding anniversary and came away very satisfied. They had the Ministry of Blues performing that day and they were adept in keeping the crowd enthralled. The food was sumptuous & tasty - though I had limited myself to only their veg spread since my wife does not take non-veg food. The best part was the small cake and candle brought around by Sunny to mark our anniversary celebrations; subdued in style but very apt for the occasion - Sunny: thanks much!
* Belgian Beer!!! Great collection of beers and a well stocked bar
* Great cocktails
* Food
* Music
* Crowd
* Seating (of course, we did not have to sit in their ottomans which would have been bad to the back. Tip: Arrive early and get the best seats)
* Lack of aisle room to move around

I will definitely recommend this place to my friends.
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Sohni Basu - Burrp User

Sohni Basu

April 25,2010

Take5 indeed

Hmmmm.... I just loved it here. The guy in charge walks around to make sure all fine.The ambiance is amazing...full of noise,laughter,drunk-happy hearts. When we walk in...the impressive bar counter welcomes the guest.
The is warm and comfortable.though space between two sets of ppl is very less, the person in charge comes around in person to make sure you are doing fine....
Then comes the menu card...Amazing and astonishing great collection of Belgium beers.The music rocks. good Jazz collection and to top up with everything..they have the huge screen with the IPL(for now..they might hv something else later on). The place has the chilled out feeling and the best thing..No college crowd.
It is a must visit and when you do,... do not forget to look around at the wall pics...a distinct collection indeed.
The price is descent and the food is OK.
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Agratha Dinakaran - Burrp User

Agratha Dinakaran

April 15,2010

Love it!

I've been to this restaurant thrice and it has never once disappointed me.This place really knows how to make their food right, and being a complete Conti food lover, it has lured me into being its biggest fan.

The lighting in the restaurant is a little dim but just about right to see your date and food :) They play good music here as well, and have Live Music on mainly Sundays, which are extremely entertaining, and are required to unwind at the end of the week.

I simply love the Chicken salad here - they toss it in perfection. The dressing is the required amount, chicken meat is tender, lettuce leaves are crisp, olives are fresh. It is simply delicious. We also tried the Crumb Fried Mushrooms, which were good, and the Lamb Sticks that tasted heavenly.

They have a wide range of sizzlers, and we tried out all sorts of them here. The cocktails here are amazing, and I'd specially recommend the Sangria for the ladies, because they make it just to the right taste.

I specially love the crowd here, most of who come to unwind, grab a drink and enjoy some good music. It's not too crowded and the ambience is very inviting. The food is reasonably priced as well.

If you love continental cuisine, you must try this place. A meal for 2 with drinks minus dessert came upto Rs. 1200
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V K - Burrp User


January 15,2010

Highly under rated place!

- Jazz and blues!!!
- Fantastic food!!
- Not too noisy!!
- No college kids!!! (Yay!!!)
- Attentive staff... but not too eager to please types
- Reasonably priced


- Seating arrangement not the best in town.
- Air-conditioning doesnt work.
- Smokers in a non-smoking area.

Must try:

- Chicken/Pork Chilly
- Spaghetti with meatballs
- Steaks
- Of course, lots of beers and the occassional black label! :)
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Unmesh Khadilkar - Burrp User

Unmesh Khadilkar

November 17,2009

Smooth .. just like the music they play

Great music, excellent cocktails, fantastic finger food & the best part - none of those frivolous, noisy, foul mouthed, pain in the rear college going machaas you find at most other pubs/lounges in Bangalore. This is a fantastic place to wind down (so correctly described by another reviewer ), have a couple of lazy drinks, soak in some smooth jazz & have a nice conversation with friends.
They have a live band playing on Sundays or Saturdays. We went there a couple of weeks back & they had "The Ministry of Blues" playing. The drinks collection is extensive & they have a great range of beers. Its not very expensive either considering the location & quality of the place. One of our favorite hangouts.
And oh! They serve a mean Margarita by the pitcher & just for the record - only one other person this side of Texas makes a better margarita. ME. But only just.
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Karthikeyan Ramnath - Burrp User

Karthikeyan Ramnath

November 16,2009

perfect for a wind down

I like this place particularly when there is no live music, or early evenings, when you can chill with a beer...
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LTMcCarthy - Burrp User


October 15,2009

Good Lounge Scene

This is a great place to meet up with friends for a few drinks and listen to live jazz music. The low comfy armchairs and tiny tables aren't really geared for a full dining experience though. Half of our food was seated on the table next to us! Take 5 got pretty crowded and lively as it was a Saturday night. The one thing I did not like, despite the no-smoking signs posted, was that several people were lighting up and the wait staff didn't seem to mind as they were handing out ash trays. There is nothing I hate more than going out for a nice evening and coming home smelling like ass.
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timester - Burrp User


October 01,2009

Easy Listening

What I love about this place is the wonderful jazz music, the quaint ambeince, the sumptous food and the attentive service. I prefer sitting at the "eating" portion of the restaurant towards the left side as you enter the door as I find the seating in the other side of very low as compared to the height of the table; makes me feel 6 years old all over again.

The food is great - try the chilli chicken, mixed grill, aglio olio and the speghetti and meatballs...yummm..

The booze is moderatley priced and the cocktails are well made.

The crowd is fair mix of family and young professionals. For an evening of good food, great music and lively conversation - Take 5 is the place to be.
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foodi - Burrp User


September 23,2009

Belgian and American Microbrewery beers

One of the best bars in Bangalore with a wide selection of beer, very reasonable prices and a relaxing atmosphere.
Sunday nights they have a live band - good stuff.

Best part about Take 5 - you can have a conversation since the music is never too loud.
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Pongo  - Burrp User


May 17,2009

Great place to unwind

The Good:
No teenagers! Late twenty and thirty somethings abound
The Belgian beer menu
Good finger food
Attentive service

The Bad:
Usually somewhere between crowded and overcrowded
Lighting too low. Its a bar, not a place for a candlelight dinner
Can be a little less expensive
Some days, the music is too disjoint. What are love songs doing in the midst of a session of classic rock?

Do Try:
The aforementioned Belgian beers

Going there if you expect dance/trance music, place to shake a leg or if you are anywhere under 25.
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foodi - Burrp User


May 01,2009

Great Jazz, Food and Beer

The title sums up the place. If you want to listen to music and have a conversation ( difficult in most places ) , drink Belgian beers - this is place to go. Consistently good service and food. There is something for everyone here. Prices are very reasonable
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Premshree Pillai - Burrp User

Premshree Pillai

October 18,2008

Quiet place; good beer

I've been to this place countless times -- in its earlier avatar and after renovation. I don't love the place, but it's not bad at all. The food is pretty decent. And they have a decent selection of Trappists.

I hate their cushy chairs -- so not bar like. But whatevs.
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kanishkarcml - Burrp User


October 18,2008

great for an after-work drink

Difficult to find a reasonably quiet lounge in this city where folks can meet, share drinks, and have a reasonable conversation. take 5 is one such, and has nice ambience as well.
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sharekhan - Burrp User


September 15,2008

Best bar in Indiranagar

I've been to Take5 so many times I've lost count. Its only about a mile from my office and the ambience, music, food and drinks are just right. Its not too noisy, they play good rock music some days, one can actually have dinner there if needed and the service is quite polite and prompt.

I hope the place continues to do well and maintain its standard and not-too-high prices :-)

My favourite snacks are Roast lamb chili and roast pork chili and the stuffed mushrooms
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suparnakar - Burrp User


September 04,2008

Terrible food

The place was nice and the service good but the food terrible. We tried out the pork chops and the mixed grill but neither was edible as their cuts of meat have to be the worst possible.
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sindhoor - Burrp User


August 20,2008

Coldest beer in Bangalore

I am always amazed at how cold they manage to serve their beer. I love the ambiance. I don't come out feeling like I bathed in cigarette fumes. Their nibbles are also interesting. If I were to pick a place to spend a lazy Sunday, Take 5 would be my top pick.
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DonQuixote - Burrp User


April 28,2008

Not really Jazz!

We almost missed the place as its sqeezed between 2 other eateries (both having much flashy n visible hoardings!) anyways the teeny weeny signboard didn't help much.

Dim lights -you get a candle at each table,nice interiors,comfy seats.Wouldn't mind grabbing a seat at the bar counter there if the place was full.Soft Jazz was playing when we entered which soon made way for romantic pop; the likes of James Blunt - "You're Beautiful".Crowd was nice and even though the screen was displaying an IPL match, people quietly went about their own ways without any cheering or hooting.Thats what u expect at an upmarket place ..right!

Food n Drinks:
Nice range of drinks offered.Ordered a St.Bernardus Triple which came out quite quicky-nice n chilled.The snacks were decent-crispy lamb & chilli chicken.The chicken was a touch bland for the well initiated indian taste buds, no complaining- the place isnt for the average beer guzzling indian anyways.

Prompt ,quite polished and well behaved.

Overall a nice place to be if you are looking for a good range of belgian beers,soothing music and have a nice chat with friends but a tad expensive to make it a regular hangout.
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mju cat - Burrp User

mju cat

March 07,2008

Bad Meat....

...although the place seems nice enough otherwise, the meat (the lamb-chops, specifically) always seem a bit rancid. To be fair, the vegetarian food was good and their momos were nice, if a bit dry.
Over the past few years, I've gone there several times, and the lamb-chops are always terrible. The first time, the meat was completely spoilt (smelt horrendous), and afterwards, they've always had a slightly off taste to them.
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foodyfoodpecker - Burrp User


February 15,2008

Belgian Beers

Having grown up on a diet of Kingfisher and more Kingfisher...and a late convert to Cobra I really enjoy this place for the range of beers.

The range of beers, decent ambiance and great pricing...and as for the food...who knows...with so much nectar at disposal I frankly have not bothered to eat...The only exception being spinach croquets and Salsa and Chips

May more Take 5's spring up..especially the south side of town
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timester - Burrp User


February 15,2008

Beer, Beer and More Beer

I love Take 5! (for those who might have read my other reviews, im not always a crabby critic).

Pros - light jazz music, Excellent food (i quite like the chilli chicken), belgian beer, affordable, nice crowd, good service and great ambience.

Cons - the seating can sometimes be a little uncomfortable, the tables are either too high or you are cramped in some corner or you are seated texas style as though staring out of an airplanes cockpit. I know that there are better seats available but it looks like someone ran a space utlization Six Sigma project and manged to use every square foot of the place to house a chair and table.
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goodiyerboy - Burrp User


August 03,2007

Jazz in Indiranagar

Take 5 is one of my favourite drinking spots in the city. As the name implies, it is (at least supposedly) a jazz bar, and also has a solid menu for the hungry. After its recent renovation, it can safely be said that this place's USP is its ambience. Great attention has been paid to detail, with pictures of jazz greats on the wall, and there's even some jazz art around. The lighting is extremely dim, the crowd keep to themselves, and since there's no din, the place is conducive to conversation. My one gripe with Take 5 is the selection of music. The first few times I went, I really appreciated the place for the downbeat jazz they played later at night. Imagine my surprise, then, to return a few months later to hear 'summer of 69', 'hotel california', and other such banalities...this is supposed to be a jazz lounge, so I think they should stick to playing jazz. That's the main reason I go there, and I felt cheated having to listen to Bryan Adams and the like. If you aren't concerned about the music, then I guess you have nothing to worry about. Apart from this one gripe, i love the place; the food is good, with generous helpings and some interesting touches (try the curry pasta, for example!) The drinks are not as expensive as one might expect in a place like this. But the real reason to visit Take 5 is the ambience; hushed, dim, and with a beautiful, beautiful view of 100 ft. road at night, Take 5 is very jazz, despite the occasional crimes in the music department!
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Arun Joseph - Burrp User

Arun Joseph

February 02,2007

Wonderful Place

I am a regular visitor to this place, recently when i dropped in, i was surprised to see their interiors. Its been renovated and has a modern look. Its an upper class place, with normal prices, with a excellent bar counter. I should definately talk something of their staff. Frankly speaking, all the staff members are well behaved/decent including the capts, stwds and Mgr. Overall its a worth place one can go with family and friends and have fun
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Suhin Rasheed - Burrp User

Suhin Rasheed

November 29,2006

Calm Place

This is a good place for all those who want to just relax your evening with a sip of drink.The place has no ugly crowds and there is no much noice pollution.It's an upper class place,though the drinks cost the normal price as most lounges in bangalore.Be cautious when trying for Salads.A normal greensalad costs you 100 bugs and not worth the price.Overall the place is good once a while
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