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Karma ... - Burrp User

Karma ...

March 17,2015

Up in the sky!

If you want to enjoy a lovely evening with loved ones, conversations over drinks and a beautiful view of the city literally at your feet, this is the place to head to. The place is expensive, but if you don't mind that, then go there to enjoy and let your hair down.

Recommendation: Book a table in advance for the weekend!
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nehapriya - Burrp User


January 02,2015

Cozy Rooftop and a breezy place!!

Nice rooftop place which should be visited during weekdays as it has less crowd, Spacious and relaxing especially for chit chat and dance. The crowd is sophisticated and comfortable to be with. The mocktails are average as they taste like "Tropicana juice".Starters were good.Service was a little delayed.I came here twice,once on a weekday when i really enjoyed. However, weekends are really crowded and I could not even manage a place to sit!
Still, i consider it a nice lounge, as compared to other dirty ones like"Hint" and the crowd is really cool here.
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vaishbhambri - Burrp User


November 26,2014

Great View of Bangalore

I went there on a weekday, so no cover charge was required and I easily got a table. It had rained earlier in the day and surprisingly even at a classy place such as this the seats were a little wet and unclean. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the cool breeze. The service was brisk and good. The food was good too - we ordered the cheese fingers and Lasagna. The drinks were very well served, but the pricing was sure on the higher side. It is certainly a place worth visiting but make sure its not raining.
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Rubens - Burrp User


October 27,2014

Disappointed With The Diluted Alcohol Served

Very disappointed with the obvious practice of serving diluted alcohol.Surprisingly the same point seems to have been raised in the review below so this must be a standard practice of punching alcohol bottles with water and then serving. Mentioned this to the bartender serving and his response was "okay I will not serve you"...No doubt the 16th floor setup with 360 degree view of the city gives you a wow impression first but this practice of serving diluted alcohol topped with poor service (as highlighted in other reviews below) nullifies all the other positives that the place has to offer.Hence all people who love their party "spirits" be aware. Hope the Skyye management takes this feedback and checks in on this malpractice.
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Dominic Coelho - Burrp User

Dominic Coelho

October 08,2014

A Posh Rooftop Party Destination

I used to go often to Skyye. Its popular because of its location as its located on the rooftop of UB City. The ambiance is one of a kind and very posh. Though I have never eaten here, I come here mainly for the ambiance music and liquor. The only drawback is its pricing, but then again its in UB City. If you want to take your loved ones somewhere nice, I would suggest this place.
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Rajkumar Kannan - Burrp User

Rajkumar Kannan

August 15,2014

Not worth it

This place is for people who like to throw good money down the drain. The place is too loud and crowded. Crappy , pretentious wannabe crowd turns up. Food is atrocious and service is plain awful. The cover charge is pure hustle!
Hope places like these are shut down!
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Ashish Ranjan - Burrp User

Ashish Ranjan

July 24,2014

Rock The Dance Floor

We tried all possible drinks and food available there and found them average in taste. But ambience was awesome !!!
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Aravind Balakrishnan - Burrp User

Aravind Balakrishnan

November 13,2013

Skyye is the Limit!

Picture perfect. Very smart use of lights. The bar, the warming lamps to keep you warm on chilly winter nights.The value for money can be explained by the ambiance rather than drinks and food that they serve. Peri Peri Chicken and some prawns are worth a mention!I Would definitely recommend this place for a lovely evening but preferably on a weekday if you get a chance.You have the crowd where you would probably not like to take your family or spouse, or you would spend Rs 2500 for a perfect evening.
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Arjun Varadraj - Burrp User

Arjun Varadraj

May 31,2013

An Experience By Itself

Glass flooring , light drizzle a perfect way to enjoy a drink in the moonlight .
Food is not worth the money you pay , beer costs the same just as in any other pub , the place over looking Mg road on one side, chilling breeze from all the sides , :( which disappoints after paying a cover charge of 2500 . i love the music and the crowd which turns out at this place.
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Prathibha_kumar - Burrp User


March 30,2013

Worth a visit

Ambience is perfect. Its worth visiting for that beautiful experience of chilling on 16th floor stylish roof top of the elegant tower in the city.
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Nivedith Gajapathy - Burrp User

Nivedith Gajapathy

February 26,2013

touch the sky with a drink

This has been my recently made favorite place to hangout during midweek(wed) and Sunday as the locale is a very serene one, which is situated in 16th floor of UB city overlooking the bustling MG road and Bangalore, party goers and all page 3, who's who are surely to be spotted out there.

The ambiance has been top notch and so are the friendly bar tenders. Though it does put a hole in your pocket , but its worth a while to let your hair loose and dance till death in the glass lit floor overlooking the sky and the moon staring at you.

The drinks does make you loose quick bucks as its one of the expensive pubs, lounges in Bangalore. there is a cover charge on Friday and Saturday.
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Karthik reddy - Burrp User

Karthik reddy

June 20,2012

hats off to ambiance but kick to the service

I went there on last monday to avoid rush and spend some quality time...
amazing atmosphere... cool breeze coming from all the corners and chilling us...
we were taking our pre-wedding pics... we sat at the bar..i order for teacher's whiskey , which they dont have it and then i order for black label and vodka for my better half.
ordered there traditional caesar salad and the bar tender suggest some fried fish...
we liked the fish but not value for money as the size of it was very less...

music was horrible.... playing some deep electro music.

ambiance vise its amazing... need to improve of the food quantity .
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Suzane Suzi - Burrp User

Suzane Suzi

June 12,2012

Not a Great Experience

I love open places and went to Skyee Bar with my friends. The place is nice but a copy of sirocco bar bangkok. Anyway I was there with friends, and was surprised that the bartender refused to take cards. They wanted only cash.
Management - BEWARE and have a close observation on your bartender. I would not be surprised if the bar guys are making more money than others.
The music was ok, but over commercial for such a classy place.
Food - Ordered a grilled kind of chicken and it was good.
Will I go back again ? yeah maybe once in 3-4 months.
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itcurs - Burrp User


March 18,2012

Crooks beware

Last night I trusted the waiter and gave him the cover coupons and he charged 2500 bucks to my card extra with a fictitious bill, eventually got it reversed after a lot of arguments and staying back till 12.30 am. Ask for the bill every time and don't handover coupons
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amoghavarsha - Burrp User


March 07,2012


I went to Skyye on a tuesday wearing floaters, the bouncers said I couldn't go in because of "rules". I was surprised to find such stupid rules in Bangalore, as most other places don't have. Funnily they let some foreigners enter in really shabby clothes and ragged footwear. Is this not being racist? I think places like this will spoil the chilled out culture Bangalore has.
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Sanjana Pathi - Burrp User

Sanjana Pathi

February 15,2012

A novel idea but keep an eye on the bill!!

Had a second experience of being wrongly billed for drinks we didnt order. They tend to charge prices of 60ml for a 30ml drink or overcharge by billing a wrong and more expensive drink. And they dont believe in returning change either.
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shael11 - Burrp User


November 29,2011

horrible waiters

I am a regular at Skyye bar. And I have noticed that the waiters never give the change back. If they find you a bit tipsy they overbill you. A pint of normal kingfisher beer is 200+14% vat+10% service charge = 240
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Harish Menon - Burrp User

Harish Menon

September 21,2011

Sky Barred!

Awful, awful experience here last Saturday.

(TL;DR Version: High cover charge, Waiter never asks for last order, Doesn't pay the balance back (Unofficial tip?) Rips off your cover charge and is tougher to find than Waldo after a bottle of JD)

To be fair, the place and the ambience is great (Obviously, since it's 16th floor in UB City) but what the promoters could influence; Service, Food, Music...they did not seem to have put much effort. Food and cocktails were OK. Service was average. There were 10 of us and we ordered pretty much everything in chicken and nothing was remarkable. The menus were actually tattered! Not kidding! Check the reviews above.

This place would have received at least 3 stats were in not for the experience at the end of the night. So, we had paid cover charge of 2500 per head (for guys, girls enter free). A soon as we got to our table the waiter (Savio or Xavio) told us that we can hand over the entire set (15k) to him and he will calculate the bill in the end and we can settle then. The cover charge was not a single coupon but actually a booklet (Weird!) Now, we ordered a round at 10:20 and around 10:45 (the last order was at 11) we were looking for this fella'. We asked a couple of waiters to send him but he turned up a couple of minutes before 11. And when we ordered he said that the last order is done for! We can’t order, apparently. Even in the shadiest of bars they have the courtesy to ask the guests 10 minutes before the bell, Skyye doesn't apparently. It's a quest you have to undergo...Find your waiter to get the last drink!

Now comes the second part, we told him to get the bill and he said "Oh, it’s all taken care of sir" We were a little suspicious so asked him for the bill again. He left and was not seen for a long time till we asked a couple of the waiters (and we were asked constantly by bouncers to leave). This guy comes back and gives us a bill for 12k and says done. So we naturally asked him for the balance and he says "No, no refund...it’s all settled" and when we were not happy he had the guts to say "Sir, here people leave 7-8k in coupons"

We reasoned with him but this guy never budged and before cops barged in, we had to leave for the womenfolk. We are definitely not going back to this place. Ambience is all they have and the experience leaves a bad taste!
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Gavinn  - Burrp User


September 01,2011

On a cloud at Sky

Okay so I could cut the buzz with a knife. It was clear that the new kid on the block was bringing in the flocks of the pretty and happening set of Bangalore. It was nice to watch, and we did.
Being perched up on a high floor does help, given the fantastic weather we have, in fCt it got a little cold towards the later part of the evening. We had decide to go for a coupe of drinks, and then head out for dinner. But that was not to be.
It took 40 minutes for our first round of drinks to arrive, after two very polite reminders from our table. Before we could finish round one, the music got louder. We waited for 20 more minutes after finishing our drinks for the starters to arrive and passed up the second round of drinks. They must think were very cheap.
I can't say that I remember anything of the starters, clearly geared to feed the bar buzz, not any food statements here.
We then grudgingly ordered a round of beers, much faster than cocktails, settled the bill and went down to Fava for dinner. That's is another review.
It's a buzzy bar as of now, and it would be interesting go wait and see if it goes down the citi bar route. We could see the roof top of the Marriott from there, next bar? Let's wait and watch.
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roofcat - Burrp User


September 01,2011

Glitz n glam...and some tack too

Clearly the "it" place of Bangalore for this year, Skyye will probably continue to be successful purely on the basis of its location - 16th floor of UB city, open on 2 sides, with the fab weather. But saying that would be doing it a disservice. The place is well laid out with a mix of normal and tall tables, making it comfortable for people to just stand around if they feel like it. The cocktails are genuinely good, esp if you stand close to the bar! And this is one of the few places where you can dress to the nines and not feel conscious. The prices (which everyone cribs about a lot) are on the higher side but its justified, esp when you compare them with high end bars in Delhi/Mumbai. Perfect for a relaxed evening, both on weekdays and weekends
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Karthik Perumal - Burrp User

Karthik Perumal

August 16,2011


Was there this Monday. The idea is great...open to the sky, good music, a warm welcome, crowd, the bling, godo serviceetc. But this is where it ended. For a place like this which charges almost top on the line, the menu was torn, some pages missing :-p. Ordered a Long island to start with and it really sucked(the page with this listing was missing anyway). Thought maybe it was a one of those drinks and ordered some of their speciality cocktails, same result. The food was presented well but didnt taste exceptional(or maybe this is what we should expect from a lounge.but still). And then the rain started, and it was pandemonium.
Overall a good place to lounge if you like concept and the likes but for someone like me who loved the drinks/food too..no go ! Rating it average since i still like the place..only if they had put some thought on some basics !
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sreeranjini kumar - Burrp User

sreeranjini kumar

June 03,2011


Really nice place to hang out your stressed evenings and have fun..We were 8 of us an just had some beer and for eating very lil options for Veggies...But I must say it is expensive!!! Watch out..but its real fun...had been out with my cousins and fiancée...Sooper fun!!! Loved the place!!! The deck is where all the happenings take place..!! :) :) So cheerss!!!
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alanp - Burrp User


May 05,2011

Ok.. so be it

Great location, Great crowd. Mayhem, chaos.. if thats what you are looking for, you got it.
I would not go there for a great round of drinks and chilling. I would head to Shiro or Cloud Bar.
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Dhruv Patel - Burrp User

Dhruv Patel

March 08,2011

Fantastic place to lounge at the weekends

I'd gone to this place on Saturday. Fantastic crowd. A few celebs. The ambience is really good and the rates are not exhorbitant. The bar inside is a little less crowded so try to get your drinks from there. The bartender Tony is fab at mixing drinks and very friendly. Go to this place and have fun!!!
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Asitisis - Burrp User


February 19,2011

F@&@£@& sexy

What a place. By far the best place in town and the country. Snooty yet warm. Exclusive yet affordable. The price point is just below Shiro, can you beat that! Can't get over it. Going back for the service, food, ambience e........ :):)
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Roopashree Narayan - Burrp User

Roopashree Narayan

February 15,2011

Skyye is the limit!

The usual cousins gang while planning for a super evening, thought of this new place I had heard so much about and immediately tried booking the table. I should say we were half lucky and managed to get a table without any chairs! Yes, this was just a row of tables which we could use to keep our drinks and food, stand and enjoy!

This place is on the 16th Floor of UB City with glass floor, loud music and one could see the beautiful Chinnaswamy Stadium. The day we went, the flood lights at the stadium were on and everything there looked just wonderful.

Luckily, the day we landed, the weather was just pleasant and that was an added advantage for all the fun we had!
Since we had made prior bookings, we dint have to pay any cover charge. If we hadn’t booked, we’d have ended up paying Rs.2500 per couple. Guys, keep this info in mind. Do make advanced bookings and go!!
We managed to get a table without chairs (we were a lil late in booking the table) at the end of the lounge. This was good enough for us as we were not staying here too long and were not having a meal.

The drinks menu had quite an exhaustive list and I chose Blueberry Mojito and the rest chose Margarita, Classic Martini and Fresh Lime Soda. Classic Martini was the usual, Margarita was stronger and the Mojito was the best drink of the night. You’d find the crushed and the whole blueberry in the drink and this makes the drink all the more tastier.
To munch along we’d ordered American Bowl which was a good mix of multiple fries including some cheese fritters which my sister binged on! Very sinful and tasty. The dip with this was delicious and made us crave for more!!

Post this, it was time for more drinks. I dint opt for any this time but my cousins chose the regular Mojito, a Blueberry Mojito and another Fresh Lime Soda with Tempura Bowls. The finger food this time again was a great hit amongst us.

There are lot of things right with this place – the food, the drinks and the ambience. However, the music could get better and the service. Am not really sure if that day there were too many people and they fell short of staff. But, the service got a hit.
They also serve main course here in addition to the finger food. However, we wanted to move out coz’ of too much crowd and we dint have chairs to sit. Drinks and finger food for the 4 of us was close to Rs.3500 which wasn’t bad for a place like this.

While we were moving out of this place, we had to wait for a while as there was mad rush of people wanting to come in. The security there did a good job in controlling the flow of people and let us go out peacefully and quickly.

A new concept for Bangalore and really a nice place to chill out with friends. I loved it though I would recommend some improvement in service and music!
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IterVoluptatum - Burrp User


February 10,2011

Decent but Xpensive ..

Location - good ambience, views are lovely, easy layout - sit, stand, lounge, indoor, outdoor .. take your pick.

Service - good & prompt

Food & Drinks - nice variety, great taste ... but xpansive

My take as a whole that is that it's nice place (no wow except for the view). Prime location hence Prime price. Has a great crowd although mostly yuppies .. all age groups. Music is alright. The cover-charge is a total rip off !!
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hungry_buddha - Burrp User


February 09,2011

Pretentious at its best Club... No Uniqueness!

Visited the club on a friday last week and none of the aspects of the club were astonishing or overwhelming. The front desk staff was extremely unfriendly and snooty and demanded we (a friend and I) pay a cover charge of 2500 INR each even though we got in at around 7ish. Earlier when we called for reservation, we were told the cover was applicable from 8pm onwards and wud have entitled us to a table and use for drinks. Now, the 2500 was being demanded just to allow us to go in and stand and use them by the bar side (no bar stools).
Finally, when we asked to speak with the manager, were we allowed entry without coughing out the 2500. To our utter surprise there were probably 6 people in the whole of the club. We realised, the front desk guys earlier wud have rather gone without any business than serve us the drinks in the short time that we wanted to spend in the club. The empty tables (supposedly reserved) were waiting to be occupied even when we left an hour and half later.

The decor was mediocre with the usual floor lighting and dark areas. Could have been anywhere in the world but surely not world class or have an identity of its own! The drinks we ordered were ok. I had a mojito and a margharita, both of which I have had better selection of elsewhere in Bangalore. Nothing exceptional. Bangalore view from the top is nothing to rave about and all one could see around were lights from homes down below towards south bangalore (north blr view is blocked by the other towers of UB City). 13th floor/ebony have a better view of Bangalore.

Over all there was nothing exceptional about the place and found it to be more pretentious than real and original!!! Stands in par or below with any other club in Bangalore if they stop treating their customers differently and regard everyone as an equal!!!
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Sonali Singh - Burrp User

Sonali Singh

February 03,2011

A great place to unwind

Finally, Bangalore gets something that shines and is nice too. Here's to hoping they keep it this way!

The space is large and dimly but nicely lit and feels lovely. And it's the 16th floor; those who feel cold easily should get along additional couple of layers of clothing. The area includes sofas on the sides for groups and standing/bar stool kind of space in the middle.

The staff is courteous, though the service speed should be improved, and menu cards given out, instead of getting guests to guess what they want, which will inevitably boil down to only standard stuff (may be that is all they have right now, but probably not).

The music could be better, even within the genre they play.

I know, I have given this a 5, inspite of the above comments, but that just shows my happiness at the prospect of going back to the place!
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your_neighbor - Burrp User


February 02,2011

SkyYe Lounge is a Loud, Unwelcome Neighbour

The percussion from their music literally shakes my house every night (I live three blocks away). It's completely inappropriate. I'm sure the owners of SkyYe are able to go home to a quiet place to sleep each night. But not us. We're now living in a disco every night, whether we want to or not. I hope they turn down the volume or go out of business soon.
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aannuupp - Burrp User


January 30,2011

Get Real

A great place to hangout at because of the crowd...but thats about it. The crowd gets in only after 10:00. so don' go earlier

There is no character to the place... just a set up with glass and lights

While reserving seats is a great idea you should have few for walk ins as well. Anyways the place had poor walk in folks standing while all the seats were reserved empty till 9:30 pm in the night.

Prices are ok if you have a budget of INR2000/- per head

All in all a great place for desperate socialites but rest of us can make this a once in a year pilgrimage.
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Pranav Goyal - Burrp User

Pranav Goyal

January 29,2011

Right back at ya Vegas

Brilliant, mind blowlingly brilliant. Bangalore's own edition of Vegas Roof top clubs. The setting is just perfect. All glass, all lit and ALL SEXY. Creamest of the crowd, tapping music and flowing alcohol + the unbelievable chill makes this place by far the best thing that happened to Bangalore.
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