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Amit Arora - Burrp User

Amit Arora

December 23,2015

Luxury dining experience!!

Food was awesome. Very good service.
Fan of their ambiance.
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gchrome8000 - Burrp User


July 13,2014

If Only You...

We booked a table at Shiro without a glitch, they called us to confirm and we were excited to have our good night out at the place. We arrived at the time of our booking to be greeted by a nice lady who asked us for our name and time of reservation....screeeeeechhh comes the nicety to a grinding halt! The General manager (Dhiren, whose name we heard later) came out of nowhere with a volley of questions about our booking and made sure he asked them aloud and without a touch of panache! After a long series of questions with every one his staff who handles reservations to make the most important decision of whether to let us in or not, he then gives his consent!
We thought let us not let this ruin our evening, so we went in and sat down...But I guess we and the General manager had a karmic bond to share that evening - he just wouldn't stop hovering around our table discussing everything from what someone wanted for their drinks to where he could find places for the newly arriving guests! I guess in most restaurants the staff does this at a tonal volume which does not announce to the whole world details of the job you do!

So feedback - one, it only requires you to ask the names of your guests to confirm reservation, no need to mount an investigation about it and while at it a little politeness would be good. Two - we know you need to talk a lot during your job, but please do so away from the tables at which people are having their food, I am almost sure none of us have an interest in your guest handling techniques!

The food was great and the service was super cool......So all in all I'll be back again and hopefully have a better time :-)
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Priya musigere - Burrp User

Priya musigere

February 24,2014

Super Fast Service

This place not only has good food but very nice ambience. The management has come up with very innovative ideas for this restaurant.
Service was very good and very quick. Within minutes all our orders were brought to the table.
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Aravind Balakrishnan - Burrp User

Aravind Balakrishnan

November 13,2013

Mixology Session at Shiro at it's Best 17 :)

Shiro presented a Mixology featuring We like minded met and had the most popular series of midweek parties in Namma Bengaluru city! The Mixology session started a little past 7.30 PM, where we indulged in the give away of complimentary drinks to all the Men and Ladies till 10 pm! Best of all, we did witness the super skilled flair bartender in action with her mesmerizing juggling acts and amazing cocktails! By doing what he is best at!! Alcohol specialties here are named SHIRO Specials and the mixtures are named very Asian. Velvet Kimono ( more like Melon Martini), Balinese Beach (3 Rums with Guvava and Lychee juice), Oriental Spicy (Vodka with Guvava). Try the Fig Mojito – an Old Monk based Mojito with Figs crushed with mint.
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Arunima Salopal - Burrp User

Arunima Salopal

August 12,2013

The Mighty Shiros Brunch - A Disaster Venture

Now since we have lot of expectation from a great food chain like Shiro .I had been invited quite a few times . And finally yesterday I happened to be go for the brunch. Few quick observation ;
1. Salads - stale meat , no salt.
2. Sushi - couple of them nice , but overall not fresh.
These 2 dishes spoiled my whole mood and I personally did not want to experiment with anything.
3. Service - The bar guys are very well mannered . Very hospitable ,but I believe the other staff could definitely be groomed more , for e.g. making sure to open the door once they see a customer is behind them and not merely bang the door on them. Earlier too this has happened with them and I had brought it up with the higher management , but definitely not contented.
Overall experience very low. Would not want to visit.
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Aravind Balakrishnan - Burrp User

Aravind Balakrishnan

July 24,2013

Mixology Session at Shiro At it's Best 17 :)

Shiro presented Mixology featuring We like minded met and had the most popular series of mid-week parties in namma Bengaluru city! The Mixology session started a little past 7.30 PM, where we indulged in the give away of complimentary drinks to all the Men and Ladies till 10 pm! Best of all, we did witness the super skilled flair bartender in action with her mesmerizing juggling acts and amazing cocktails! By doing what he is best at!! All happened on 7th June :)
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Archita Sk - Burrp User

Archita Sk

July 09,2013

Shiro = Smile

If you haven't been to Shiro because you think you won't like the cuisine, you are the silliest person there is out there. While the place is expensive, it is every bit worth spending at. Be it the teppenyaki or the Thai curries and donburi or dimsum or sushi, this place just manages to get all the food right! It feel great when your teppenyaki chef is cheerful and smiling with heat up his face through the entire meal. Being 25, I had not mustered the courage to try sushi yet and thanks to my colleagues, tried it at Shiro for the first time and fell in love with it! The energy on weekends and Sunday brunches is simply contagious and always worth going to. Their staff could be a little more attentive but considering the number of people they have to serve all the time, I guess they can totally be excused. Simply love Shiro!
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Arjun Varadraj - Burrp User

Arjun Varadraj

May 15,2013

Costly Sunday brunch and very less options

If u like authentic Chinese food with a good crowd to be shiro s the place to be on Sunday brunch , unlimited booze and food for a whopping 2300 RS but one the most friendly staff I have come across , the me u lacks options even though its a buffet but a real enjoyable crowd dancing to the tunes of Dj and making the environment really lovely ,we had a great time till the bill arrived
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3ndlessAppitite - Burrp User


April 16,2013

Too Little, Too Late

Appetite was called on upon to fix up a place for the family—her cousin, her aunt, mom and cousin’s wife and son to meet. Considering they were all big eaters (Appetite and her cousin, especially) and she hadn’t been to Shiro for awhile, she suggested it. She dreamt of fish the night before. When day came, they all assembled. According to tradition (read previous review on the same restaurant), Appetite had skipped breakfast. Her cousin was so influenced by her raving about the Sushi, that he suggested that they all go for the Sushi lunch buffet.

The food took ages to come. Ages. Years. Appetite was confronted by a dozen pair of eyes. "It’s your fault we are hungry,” they seemed to say.
Finally, the food did come. How many? Two measly plates. They each took one sushi, and tensed, waiting for more. “Once they start bringing it, it begins to come fast,” Appetite assured the owners of the rumbling stomachs, grinning with a self confidence borne out have visiting the place several times.
If they were not family, but some business clients, Appetite would have been cowering under her seat in terror when the second set of plates came. Another two plates. There was some glaring. Another long wait. Too little too late.
It was a good two hours, and the six adults had been served only eight plates. Worse yet, though the avocado sushi tasted as it should, nothing else was up to the mark, according to AAppetite. They were still hungry, and had probably waited for more than twenty minutes between each two plate serving. Appetite was almost crushed, as the complete fault for bringing these still- hungry customers lay with her entirely.
She was so bored of waiting, that she had lost her own Appetite. Never again, she promised herself, would she recommend this place. Especially with such a large company of people. If her friend, Endless arrived, perhaps they might check it out, but never again would she recommend. “Attend, perhaps, but not recommend”, she told herself firmly.
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mjabrams - Burrp User


March 31,2013

Big Disappointment!

Brunch on Easter Sunday!! Very big disappointment. Food was just average...nothing special! Especially for the money we spent(except the wine) could have got much better good at so many places in Bangalore...Place is highly overrated! No a la carte on sunday...so we had no choice either!! MJA
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Manash Kevin - Burrp User

Manash Kevin

March 05,2013

Nippon served with panache!!

A mere absolute in the much crowded city - Shiro sets a new standard of exotic asian cuisine. For me and my wife...we had an experience which would leave an indelible impression. Staff were very polished and smart. Amit, our attendant had a great ear for wine and served us with a bottle of Saki. the ribs were simply gorgeous and the ambiance, sexy. the hostess was very pretty and courteous and even though we ended with a tab of around 15 k, I had a delight dishin out the same. Im so proud of this place in my city and would love to be there again and again. My next stop would be by the teppanyaki table :P... Cheers to Shiro... Love Kevin
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Mohammed Zackria - Burrp User

Mohammed Zackria

March 04,2013

Pan Asian at its Best

Shiro is a name that goes almost seamlessly with UB city. The most popular resto bar in the food court, its been around from the very beginning and serves a pan Asian cuisine spread over two spaces an out door terrace and an indoor restaurant. The terrace converts its self into one of Bangalore most happening places over the week ends (Friday and Saturday nights). And serves as the venue for the live teppanyaki counters and the smoking area at other times.

Lauded for its wine list Shiro certainly does seem to have everything imaginable as far as wine is concerned and enthusiasts are sure to appreciate their extensive wine list. It is very exhaustive.

We settled in for a range of Maki (sushi) and some dim sum to start with and they are absolutely amazing. If you are not a fan of typical Japanese cuisine or a little less adventurous do not fear they have a host of other options available to satisfy every kind of palette. A special mention to the Har Gao dumplings and the cheese rolls in the starters.

The main course saw us sampling some delicious prawn laksa curry(Malaysian) with some Japanese hibachi rice the food was absolutely sublime and all items on the menu were above par. The dessert menu how ever was a bit of a let down and seems very chocolate centric with very few other options. Being a huge desert man it was disappointing to see what they had on offer. I would personally recommend the add a few fruity options. And chocolate can be explored in so much more detail. White/Milk/Dark/Fruit Combos etc.

The ambiance in Shiro is second to very few restaurants in Bangalore and the triple height of the ceiling in this restaurant and the feeling of huge volume of space gives is a typical expensive fine dining feel. The service though usually peppy and friendly this one visit saw me encounter a slightly dis interested waiter who was rather bland and indifferent still nothing much to complain about once some one else took over.

For those of you who are pocket conscious, Shiro may not be the best place on your list and it can be quite a pinch on the pocket. I totally think the price is worth it keeping the quality of food served and the ambiance in mind, but id like to put the warning out there a meal for 2 without alcohol cost us near 5k with generous ordering.

Pros: - yum food and truly an exhaustive pan Asian menu
- Great ambiance and decor feels truly unique
- Service is generally pleasant

Cons: - Dessert menu is a let down
- Can be madly crowded on Friday and Sat nights
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Nivedith Gajapathy - Burrp User

Nivedith Gajapathy

February 26,2013

japan invading bangalore

This is one of the most exotic Japanese restaurant, i have ever been. The larger than life buddha statue in the entrance adds to the grandeur and the ambiance of the restaurant.
The staff are very courteous.the starters are awesome:) every table has a dedicated chef.Its quite heavy on the pockets and worth a try at-least once in a lifetime.
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Aravind Balakrishnan - Burrp User

Aravind Balakrishnan

February 26,2013

Steaming Sensation Festival Concept!

What better way to welcome the Chinese New year than sitting and sipping hot tea with sumptuous dim sums.Now you can relish the mouth-watering dumplings like-Zucchini & Coriander Root Dumpling, Celery & Pepper Mushroom Dumpling, Spinach& Corn Dumpling. For meat lovers, the menu includes Yellow Curry Chicken Dumpling, Prawns wrapped in Chinese cabbage, Steamed Black Bean Pork Ribs. Go for it :)
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Hrish Thota - Burrp User

Hrish Thota

February 26,2013

Best Asian Food in Bangalore

I have always loved Thai food and my trip to Thailand for my honeymoon earlier last year only had me craving for more! So it was wonderful to hear about the Asian Grill Festival at Shiro Bangalore which was from November 19th to December 16th, 2012. I decided to check it out to enjoy some smokey flavors, tangy sauces which accompany all grills there. I heard that the menu crafted by Executive Brand Chef, Rahul Hajarnavis featured some really exquisite Chicken, Fish and Pork grills along with brilliantly crafted vegetarian grills too!

Shiro has got a wonderful feel of a Buddhist monastery with huge statues and double high ceiling nicely adorned with lights. It is a tastefully decorated place that you can bring your date along to or have a quiet dinner with family too. We met up with Executive Sous Chef Priyank Chouhan who walked us through the Asian Grill Festival menu and the specialties that they have for this festival. He checked with us whether we wanted to have something particular or should he send his favorites. We were fine with him sending us his favorites.

First item we tried out was the Tsukuni Chicken Skewers which were perfectly grilled minced chicken skewers with just the right kick of spicy chilli mayonnaise for accompaniment. We relished this and the Chef nodded in agreement too that he loves to eat his burgers with this chicken. I was reminded of the street food in Thailand and the taste was almost as good as it!

I wanted to have a drink to accompany the wonderful tastes of the Asian Grill menu. Priyank suggested that I have the Fig Mojito which is not from the Asian Grill menu but from the exhaustive drinks menu that Shiro has. I love my drinks in an exotic fashion so it was wonderful to taste this stupendous drink!

Next we tried out the Indonesian grilled chicken. This was warm, grilled chicken marinated with Sambal Oelek (raw chilli paste). A little bit of tang was added with the serving of Avocado Salsa. I enjoyed the different flavor but this definitely wasn’t my favorite dish of the night!

Next up was Grilled Thai Prawns which were delicious prawns infused with just the savory blend of coriander and scallion. This was served with Wasabi Mayonnaise. I love Seafood so enjoyed these prawns thoroughly which were grilled perfectly with a smoky flavor!

I enjoy non-vegetarian food a lot and rarely try vegetarian food when I’m at a non-vegetarian restaurant. But Chef Priyank insisted that I try out some vegetarian grills just to understand how well they are prepared at Shiro. So I decided to try out Grilled Mushroom Skewers which is fresh button mushrooms which is grilled to perfection after being flavored with a unique blend of Hoisin (Chinese Dipping Sauce) & Balsamic (Italian) vinegar. I really enjoyed these mushrooms and felt that Shiro maybe only one of the very few places in Bangalore where mushroom can be made so perfectly well that even a non-mushroom lover would lap them up!

Continuing with Seafood, I tried out the Grilled Snapper Brochettes. This was a fish dish spiced up with Thai Green Marination which offered me a unique authentic burst of flavors! It was served with carrot pieces and lime which were a perfect accompaniment with the fish. I felt a sauce could have added more pleasure to this dish though!

The final dish for the evening was Grilled Chicken with Citrus Tamarind Glaze. This was succulent chicken marinated with Shiro’s in-house special tamarind glaze. The experience was enhanced with a serving of charred corn kernels. I loved the flavor of tamarind glaze with a creamy sauce which was pleasurable to my taste buds. This sure was one of the highlights of the evening along with Tsukuni Chicken Skewers.

I was a little disappointed that Asian Grill Menu doesn’t have a dessert menu. Chef Priyank asked me not to worry and told I could select from many nice desserts in the Shiro menu. One was the trio of cheese cake which was a platter of mocha, lemon and chocolate cheesecake. I enjoyed the mix of 3 flavors at one time.

Another dessert not to be missed at Shiro was Chocolate Volcano – dark chocolate with a chocolate ganache filling served with vanilla ice cream. This sure was the highlight of the evening with regards to desserts!

Overall, it was a wonderful evening at Shiro to bring in the festive spirit of Xmas and the New year with wonderful tastes thanks to the Asian Grill Festival!
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rastachef - Burrp User


February 04,2013

Great place for a corporate dinner

While I saw a lot of couples having a good time there, Shiro just comes across as a place where you're most likely to crack a big corporate deal if you have a meeting over drinks and dinner here. The massive Buddha statues are beautiful and the staff is very casual and courteous. The cocktails here are tasty (all though one may suggest that their bartender could add a little extra alcohol in them :-|). I didn't really get to main course - the starters (taste and portions were amazing) were enough to fill my stomach. Great place.
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3ndlessAppitite - Burrp User


December 16,2012

Reinventing ‘Something Fishy’

Aiming to devour Bangalore
By Poonam Vaidya and ANanta Sen

Appitite and Endless loved raw fish. They also loved to eat a lot. What could be better than the sushi –maki buffet at Shiro? The two skipped their breakfast and headed to the Japanese restaurant, where statues of the Buddha calmly looked on, some choosing to close their eyes, as the many patrons shoved animals and alcoholic beverages into their mouths.

They had heard that Shiro was one of the places with a reputation for ambience, and the salivating travelers agreed heartily. The whole décor reminded Appitite of a magical Japanese temple. The music was forgettable, but maybe that was the point.
They sat down and ordered 2 sushi-maki buffets, which were available for Rs. 1000 )this is including the tax. “Why don’t they just do that and make the math easier on all of us?” asked Endless.) during all days but for Sundays, where they had their Special Buffet (Rs. 1800 inclusive of taxes) that allowed you to drink all you want and eat a whole range of Japanese food (all you want).
Now for the trademark question, and Appitite, having been there before, was ready for it.

“Shall I make that 1 dumpling and 1 sushi?” asked the waiter, “You two can share.”
Appitite shook her head rapidly, despite Endless’ confused glare.
“No,” she said, firmly, “We’ll have 2 sushis.”
“Are you sure?” the waiter asked again, making Appitite certain she had made the right choice.

Endless later confronted her, after the waiter had left. This was Appitite’s logic: the stomach is a limited container, and the buffet is unlimited. If we stock up on dumplings, we wont be able to eat as much sushi, which we came here for. I can get a dumpling on the road. Cant say the same for the sushi, can you? Endless seemed to buy the argument, if doubtfully.

The waiter laid before them the cutest cutlery-a supposedly shaped sushi with chopsticks (later stored away as memorabilia) and the standard cutlery. The food came, in delightful platters. Appitite, ready to eat anything, did taste the maki (rice balls with cucumber, just like sushi, with more rice, no fish and no seaweed) but the main choice was the sushi. Unfortunately, if it was wrapped in seaweed, it came with maki (a platter deal). The two agreed that the salmon was just okay, and were trying every platter as it came to their tables, when hey presto! There arrived the vegetarian avocado sushi, which was fried. Endless was doubtful whether they should even try the vegetarian, but Appitite took a bite, and remembered that she ‘actually loved this when she had tried it before.’
After that, there was no looking back. Apart from the maki-seaweed sushi platter, there was only avacado being ordered, and the two hard-core meat lovers had learnt a lesson—that not all vegetarian food, (however non-authentic) is inferior to its authentic, non-vegetarian counterparts.
The two were really full, and yet kept ordering the next round, until it was certain that not another morsel could be eaten. It was not only a sign of how hungry the two were, it was also the fact that the two loved Japanese food, and had finally had some- let’s say it- wonderful sushi.
“Awesone place, good food, if a bit pricey,” said Endless. Appitite agreed.
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linpaws - Burrp User


November 26,2012

Not my kind of food

I really dont know, why its talked about so much. the ambiance is superb. we were 6 of us and no one liked it !. May be my friends and I are not used to this cuisine. I might return just for the restaurant setup.
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Aarti  - Burrp User


November 22,2012

Sesame Custed Tuna!

Yes - Sesame crusted Tuna with wasabi mayo. My absolute favorite dish. In fact, one of the very few dishes that totally disregards the Law of Diminishing Returns, as a friend said.

Needless to say, it is super expensive (4 small pieces of tuna costs over 400). So may be I will never order it again.. or will I?
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Reply from restaurant management

Thank you for visiting Shiro. And a bigger thank you for the innovative review- Law of Diminishing Returns- we like it! :-)
We hope to see you again soon.
Warm Regards,
Shiro Management

Ankit Prakash - Burrp User

Ankit Prakash

November 20,2012

Awesome Day out

We Love Thai Cuisine! This is hands down our favorite Thai Restaurant in Bangalore! We've eaten there at least once a week for the last couple of months. We've started going down the menu trying each entree and have loved every dish. Their food is so incredibly fresh and delicious from the amazing vegetables to the high quality well cut meats and the amazing curries, your mouth is in for a real flavor sensation! The other thing that rates Thai Cuisine so high in our book is the absolutely impeccable, sincere and super friendly service that we receive at Thai Cuisine. We have have had the pleasure of getting to know the wait staff, cooks and management and let me tell you they are amazing!
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Reply from restaurant management

Thank you for being a loyal visitor at Shiro. We are absolutely delighted to know that you have enjoyed all our culinary offerings and are also satisfied with the service. We hope to keep seeing you for a long time to come.

Warm Regards,
Shiro Management

rajeevkasat - Burrp User


November 17,2012

Grand Exotic Ambience and weird Japanese food

The Ambience is grand, exotic, lavish, mysterious and Egyptian. The Japanese food even is more weird. A great place to be in special occasions and feel like an Egyptian pharaoh. Overpriced, but such a grand setup in UB City probably demands it.

Donot go there if you donot like experimenting and are not familiar with Japanese cuisine, one of the most weirdest cuisines on the planet. There are some regular items though on the menu.
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Reply from restaurant management

Thank you for visiting Shiro. We are pleased to know that you liked the ambience. It is a source of constant pride for us. We hope you enjoyed the cuisine as well.
We invite you to visit us again.
Warm Regards,
Shiro Management

Janneke Srinath - Burrp User

Janneke Srinath

November 10,2012

Nice and safe place to have sushi!

I go here for their unlimited Sushi (or Dim Sum) lunch deals... As sushi is expensive, the lunch deal will give you good value for money. The ambiance is great.... It's too bad that outdoor it is often to windy to sit....
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Maria Lobo - Burrp User

Maria Lobo

September 04,2012

Shiro, Loved it!

Shiro, UB City Mall, Vittal Mallya Road, Bangalore; (May 12th 2012)
This restaurant is known for its Japanese cuisine.

WOW! I absolutely love this place. The Ambiance, Service and Food and all the Jazz…
Mak (my best buddy and a complete foodie) and I went to this beautiful place on my Birthday May 12th.

Shiro dose has a Sexy ambiance. I know I am still being appreciative of the ambiance. But man its soothing and relaxing.

Had made reservations a week before and we booked 2 seats at the Teppanyaki. It means is a style of Japanese cuisine that uses an iron griddle to cook food.

Note: The word teppanyaki is derived from teppan, which means iron plate, and yaki, which means grilled, broiled or pan-fried.

We reached UB city which is a nice building all in all and has a very pleasant ambiance to it. Our reservations were for 9:00 pm. We entered Shiro and the hostess was standing there with a smile and readily escorted us to the table. It took some time for the table to be populated.
Since we were seated in the teppanyaki table which the restaurant had just 2 tables of that, as it was a 8 seat table. So we looked around and ordered 2 drinks a Mock tail and a long Inland ice tea from the Bar. The Bar tender was polite and quickly mixed the drinks and served them.
The crowd was pretty decent mostly partying sorts with money to spend obviously….being UB city and all I guess:-o!
After that we took our drinks and went back to our table and then the chef was in action, he was a bit nervous I guess not 100% up to the mark but he carried out the act and tried to make it entertaining to the guest. Also asked my friend to come up and break a spinning egg, well it was tough as it’s not easy to break an egg when it’s spinning egg without it running off the table onto the floor….but Mak mastered it and did break the egg with perfection.
We had the Teppanyaki set menu which had salmon, chicken, prawns and beef…..the chef mixed the sauces and cooked it to sheer perfection in front of us and it was sumptuous. The course came with Lemon Grass soup, a very tasty bowl of salad and choice of Japanese plain/fried rice and desert. We also had an order of Philadelphia Makimono (which had Smoked Salmon, cucumber, avocado and Japanese mayo) served with pickled ginger which Mak loved and wasabi paste.
And after the sumptuous meal we had desserts the chocolate sushi is a must try it does wonders for your taste buds and would fall in love with it if u dig “CHOCOLATE”. We also had the coconut & pecan tart which was quite good.
All in all it was an amazing experience and a perfect way to spend my pre Birthday night. The food, ambiance and the service was up to the mark….One thing though when the clock strikes 11:00pm they would literally drive you off no matter if u still relishing the desert(could be because of some previous unpleasant situation created by some of the guest I guess)
The total bill for 2 of us came up to Rs 5,500. I know it’s expensive but worth every bit of it.(that is once in a while)
To sum it up the best Japanese meal that I have had in Bangalore..

Now for quick skimming of the restaurant rating:
[Ratings out of 5: Food–4.5, Service-4.5, Ambiance-4.5, Cost-4, Authenticity-4]
[The Final Verdict: – 4.5]

A crust eaten in peace is better than a banquet partaken in anxiety.
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Chaitania - Burrp User


July 08,2012


Came here Friday evening. Shiro in Japanese means "A Castle." The beautiful palatial landscape and surrounding opulence blows your mind away. Ordered sui mai (pork dumplings) and Mi goreng (Indonesian noodles). They were okay (both items had Chinese wine and hence they were more on the sweeter side).

The zen-like ambience is awesome, service is good and price for 2 items Rs.620 + taxes = Rs.811.
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Reply from restaurant management

Thank you for visiting Shiro. We are pleased to know that you enjoyed your time with us. We welcome you to visit us again.
Shiro Management

Vinita001 - Burrp User


July 08,2012

Nice Ambience, Overpriced -over hyped

Nice ambience, okay food, overpriced. Not worth the hype and ambience
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Reply from restaurant management

Thank you for your feedback. We are happy to know that you enjoyed the ambience. However, we are sorry to hear that your experience with us was only average. We would surely strive to give you a better experience upon your next visit.
Shiro Management

susan  - Burrp User


April 27,2012

Good Sashimi & Maki

Best of Sashimi & Maki in Town,truly delicious specially the avocado and rice pepper Tofu...
Expensive but compensated with its ambiance & Service
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SheilaFoodie - Burrp User


March 14,2012

Rating is not for the food.

The three stars are for the money well spent on the ambiance. The food is questionable as lacked authenticity. Depends on what you are looking for here, ambiance or food. You can get better oriental fare at various places in Bangalore.
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Vinay S - Burrp User

Vinay S

February 15,2012

Good ambience ... Not so good for the tastebuds

Had always been wanting to try out Japanese cuisine and had heard that Shiro is definitely the place for it ... Sadly it left me disappointed. The ambiance is very classy - No taking away that from this place. Appetizers are ok and have a decent spread for veggies as well. The main course left me wondering if I should ever try Japanese cuisine ever again - Maybe the non veggies might appreciate it more.

Don't think I'll be going there anytime soon ... Unless I decide to turn a non-veggie :P
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verma_aditya - Burrp User


January 10,2012

Great Sushi!

If there is a restaurant in Bangalore where you can find good Sushi, then it is Shiro.
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obdura - Burrp User


January 08,2012

Good ambience, average food and poor service

Ambience and the music was good (certainly above average), however, I found the food and the spread quite average as compared to other buffets in the city (taj residency, olive beach et al) - there were just about 10-12 items (that too limited ... no oysters, fresh prawns etc) and half of them were not on buffet, so you have to ask the waiters and there you are at their mercy (One of the appetizer took about an hour after 3 reminders and the last drink i never got!!) I expected some good seafood variety but to my disappointment, it mostly had the normal dishes which you find in any multi-cuisine buffet. Lastly, the service - it is pathetic even by bangalore standards. When you call it a buffet and keep 50% of the dishes in the kitchen, I believe the service should be at a level where one doesn't have to ask for more than once for anything but unfortunately, here, you have to keep on reminding the waiters and you get a feeling that they are doing a favour to you by serving something even though you pay an abnoxious amount of Rs 2.1k+!!!
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neeti gupta - Burrp User

neeti gupta

December 28,2011

sushi al fresco ...

though am yet to get used to the slower pace of service in b'lore, i thought 45 minutes waiting for a platter was slightly much. but the setting, flavours and portions more than satisfied the glutton who waits. The sashimi salad was a nice touch too and was bowled over by the tempura. a sure add to my lazy weekend list.
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CaesarSalad - Burrp User


December 15,2011

A great place overshadowed by a rude captain

Eight of us recently went to Shiro with two kids to celebrate a birthday. I used to love Shiro for its ambiance and good sushi. Since a table wasn't available when I called, I was promised of a table later in the evening , by the usher. We were seated in the mezzanine level in a cramped couch. We were mostly shuttling between our table and the bar level. On asking one Mr. Ashley for our table, he very rudely retorted that since he didn't promise us a table it wasn't his job to get us one. To my further annoyance he walked up to me and demanded to know why our dinner was served and we weren't eating yet. I was shocked. He kept claiming that he did us a favor by letting us in since there were two small kids. Appreciate that, but come on; did us a favor ?!? When you go to a fine dining place and an upmarket club where you have to shell out top dollars , you at least expect the staff to be decent. Shiro must quickly deal with the likes of Mr. Ashley, before more loyalties change. After all Bangalore does have several fine places to indulge. I for one, will never venture back again.
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Chandanjyoti Gohain - Burrp User

Chandanjyoti Gohain

November 19,2011


This place is classy! The decor especially the huge Budhha head is amazing! Had sushi with smoked salmon,avocado,cucumber fillings, thai red curry chicken rice, Korean barbequed pork, mushrooms in some black sauce, and some awesome beef dish (can't recall the name). Food was tasty and price was actually lower than our expectation!! Must visit for great oriental cuisine!
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rpb_india - Burrp User


September 29,2011

Loved it!

Hubby and I went there last week to celebrate his birthday. From the moment I stepped into the restaurant I was floored by the ambience. It is gorgeous! Two stone fountain ladies waiting on a giant Buddha in the centre. Very classy and the crowd likes to dress up here. Not necessary of course - just sayin for those of you who do like to dress up :) The music was great - not too loud. We went on a Sat night and believe me you need reservations on weekends. The bar was crammed with people. About the food - excellent. We ordered a chicken appetizer in their special sauce (I cant recall the name) and the crab cake appetizer. The former was great , latter was ok - more like deep fried crab cutlets. I was expecting something different but it was tasty nonetheless. I also loved their fried rice. Regarding drinks - I had a mojito which was nicely made though next time I would ask them to go easy on the crushed ice. The service was very good. The manager came up to every table to ensure everything was going to our expectations which is always a nice touch. Portions are good. Prices are a bit on the higher side but given the great food and ambience (and location - UB City mall) I'm willing to overlook that :) Great experience. Certainly recommend.
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shreyamakala - Burrp User


September 25,2011

Sexy ambiance and delicious food!

I have been to quite a few pubs and discs in Bangalore and believe me when i say this, it is one of the best places i have been to. The ambiance of the restaurant is classy, the bar was full of people with full on music.. and the food is delicious...yummy!
It is one of the 'must see' places here.
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C D - Burrp User


September 20,2011


My hubby treated me to Shiro's coz I was craving for Japanese food.... Even though he doesnt really enjoy eating fish, we both enjoyed the maki rolls and the sui mei....
The best was the spicy kamakazi. Had four of them and did not get the yucky taste of alcohol.... Nice... Staff was very helpful and lively.... ambiance was lovely too... we reached late so did not get to make use of the dance area.... In all... had a lovely anniversary!!!
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dagmar - Burrp User


September 15,2011


Went here on Sunday - courtesy my BIL who was treating us for lunch there. Went in there and we were given our table in the non smoking zone and were told that it's going to be a brunch. I wasn't thrilled hearing this as i was down with a bad case of mouth ulcers and was wondering if there would be something that i could enjoy. Surprise Surprise - they indeed have good selection of starters. The waiter who was assigned to us was the pleasant and patient one i have ever encountered. Gave us an overall summary of what's available on the brunch and we happily settled for the first mocktail - strawberry mojito that was heaven for my blisters. We went down to the soup & Sushi tables and i wasn't in my experimenting mood. Settled for a salad full of sprouts, on the other hand the others were having a ball of a time tasting veg Sushis and soup. Then came the starters and with great difficulty i enjoyed a dumpling with asparagu. Bland though it was, it definitely was great with the sweet & spicy sauce to go with. Then came the stirfried veggies and another dish made of tofu which i avoided as ever (tofu isnt something i like). Onto the main course we ordered 2 different varieties of rice and 2 curries. Needless to say we were having different mocktails that was tasting good and the last one was the king of all. Dessert couple of us avoided but the rest went for the Chocolate Volcano which just by the look of it was molten heaven :) On the whole we spent about 3 hrs there but it definitely is worth every penny you spend. Only thorn was that at some point of time we were asked not to take pictures of the food that's kept at the table - they said it's a security breach but i still keep wondering what kind of breach that might be ;) Service - 5/5 , Ambience - 5/5 , food - 5/5 and ofcourse music played - got you humming the 70s, 80s & 90s english hits. Would go back again to try their regular week day menu
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suhailrahman - Burrp User


September 09,2011

LIVE Cooking a must try

Iv only had the tapanyaki service here (the live cooking). It was an amazing experience. Must try.

Food was good. ambience is brilliant. Iv not tried their alacarte.
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Pankaj Mannur - Burrp User

Pankaj Mannur

August 28,2011

Indianized Oriental

I went a couple of weeks ago with a big gang of friends, because they insisted on a 'happening' place. Unfortunately for me, going out with happening starved friends in Bangalore one usually ends up at fairly mediocre places, just so we all jostle for room and drinks and feel like the night was good because we had to scream at the top of our voices to be heard.
Precisely the case here. I have to give them marks on a nice though contrived setting and location; but that's where it ended for me. Overpriced cocktails, sugar laden at best. Society air kissers who get service and seating preference owing to their class I guess, we are all just poor paying customers.
Then came the abomination called the food. Just god awful! Mainland China scores way ahead, I daresay I've ordered better take out from Beijing Bites. What is the fuss about? Does being in UB city make one good by default? Perhaps not, but clearly the number of people in that promenade suggest so.
My personal bill for the night was 4000. Maybe I need to drop some really fat bucks to get the good experience that people have written about. Not anytime soon, and not at Shiro.
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Abhishek Mahanty - Burrp User

Abhishek Mahanty

August 23,2011

Class apart!!!

High on aesthetics. Great place for a quiet evening with your girl or a drink with friends. Staff is courteous. Ample seating area inside and by the bar. Good sushi and dimsum. I had a memorable time. Also, they get in touch with you the next day for a feedback.
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Amandine - Burrp User


August 14,2011

Very good

I was there 2 weeks ago.
Nice place to taste some wonderful Japanese food. A lot of choice in the mene. I recommended the sushi mix.
The ambiance is appropriated for a dinner between friends.
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Mithun Dhali - Burrp User

Mithun Dhali

June 19,2011

Does not allow you to enter without shoes

Me an my friend were looking for a good Japanese food and ended up Shiro. Unfortunately one of my friends was wearing a leather sandal which seems to be against the dress code.

I don't care about the cost, but i wont be going back to Shiro again.

We ended up at Harima which was a really great experience. The food was served by polite people and most of the patrons at Harima were Japanese which gave me (Indian) the feeling that we are getting authentic Japanese food.
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DelliBelli - Burrp User


June 18,2011

Shiros, please shut down for lunch

Shrios, Bangalore needs to shut down for lunch and only concentrate on the evenings.

Their service, food, the whole deal, was bordering negative this fine afternoon we visited them for lunch. I've heard a great deal about them and I'm sure with the awesome location and interiors they have, an evening experience there is nice. But its just this sort of average experience at other hours which will make me hesitate from visiting Shiros again (lunch of evening drinks, dinner).

Food: The food on this fine afternoon was pretty average an affair.
a) A piece of Dim sum's had hair on it. Big negative
b) Dim sums platters weren't served steaming hot. Average taste.
c) Main course of Teriyaki chicken was Basmati Rice with Glazed honey chicken. Average.

a) The guy waiting on us was a half-wit. I bet he isn't allowed to serve at nights when the party really starts

I'm pretty sure they pick up the pace in the evenings when the stakes are higher. But they really hurt their good name when they give customers an average experience in other hours of operation. So again , shut down for weekday lunches and concentrate only on the evenings.

## Other Rants:

a) The seating was a little uncomfortable. We asked for cushions which they took 20 minutes to fetch because the only room where all the cushions are kept had a meeting on in it and these guys were hesitant to enter. Its a massive building, keep cushions everywhere and anywhere guys.
b) Only 3 of the 7 odd Beers were available. As a beer drinker, that too in Bangalore, not having an complete stock of beer is a big negative.
c) Beer glasses (in quality) were again an average set.
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Rhythm Arora - Burrp User

Rhythm Arora

June 06,2011

Fine dining with bad management

Shiro's is no doubt an amazing place, the food is brilliant ; Cheese Rolls is a must try!

Only thing which I did not like is that they cancelled my reservation without even informing me. It is too crowded on the weekends and It is hard to get a reservation. Even after arriving on time (+5 mins) ; the bouncer did not let us in. We drove from far and were disappointed.

My advise is that if you are calling your friends over; please reach at least 30 minutes before your reservation time, and protect your table !
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boscoc - Burrp User


May 20,2011

Outstanding sushi + dimsum experience

Shiro has a dim sum / sushi buffet (mon-Sat) for Rs 750 ++ ... this has to be the finest eating experience my family and I have had in a long long time ... the service is excellent (thank you Mathew and co) and the food is in one word OUTSTANDING ....one crib i have with Shiro ... it has made travelling abroad unnecessary when you get such awesome fare in your own backyard ...however please be warned ... this place is only for those who know their Teriyaki and Yakitori flavors ....this is not for hardcore Paneer Makhanwala fans trying a new "Paneer Manchurian" experience
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Lakshmi Satyanarayana - Burrp User

i expected better

i went to shiro yesterday for lunch with a relative. the ambiance was beautiful -- i really couldn't believe we were in bangalore when we were seated on the roof top patio.

however -- i was really disappointed with some of the food that i had. my relative and i opted for the dim sum/sushi all you can eat deal, which seemed great. and the dim sum was great. the nonveg dumplings were very tasty -- the filings were nicely spiced and had a lot of filling even. the best of the veg dumplings was definitely the shitaki mushroom dumpling -- full of flavor. very yummy.

the soft bun was pretty disappointing. it was primarily bun, with very little filling.

the biggest disappointment turned out to be the sushi. i had made the assumption that i would get better fish in banglaore than i would in my midwestern state in america, but i was really wrong on that. the tuna was getting soft, and was sort of flacid. the salmon was lacking any real flavor. although the sushi rice was cooked well, the fish left little to be desired. i then overheard the restaurant manager on the phone with someone saying that he was waiting on their shipment of salmon from america-- REALLY? salmon all the way from the states? that was really shocking to me.

also -- the drink i had, a mojito, was 60% ice, 40% liquid. what a rip off.

i will probably go back to UB city because i have a friend coming from the states next week, but i am torn on whether to eat at shiro again. i definitely wont be getting the sushi.
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priya258 - Burrp User


May 03,2011

A Real Let down

We had heard a lot about Shiro and decided to check it out. However, it was a real let down in terms of the main offering, which for any restaurant is obviously FOOD. The ambience is simply fantastic. However, we visit restaurants to eat good food. Ambience comes next. In my opinion, Shiro is a combination of the best ambience and worst food in town. While the soup was palatable, the dimsum and main course (japanese rice & gravy) lacked flavour and tasted awful. The music being played does not go well with the serene charm lent by the water bodies and Buddha sculptures in the restaurant. The prices are exorbitant for the quality being served. In conclusion, I would say that our dining experience turned out to be a sight seeing trip. We just had to feel happy about the tasteful interiors of Shiro and nothing more!
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Akshara Bharadwaj - Burrp User

Akshara Bharadwaj

April 07,2011


With the beautiful stone Buddha standing right in the middle of Shiro's, you sure expect a milder music in the background, for the loud, thunderous music neither is in sync with the ambience, nor does it offer a pleasant time with the guests. Considering it is a family restaurant, I expect to talk to my family during dinner and quite importantly, hear them talk. The music seemed to irk a me and most other people there. It takes forever to get reserved tables and the food is just average. The service is courteous and the interiors is one of the best in Bangalore!
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Sabrina Price - Burrp User

Sabrina Price

March 05,2011

Missed the mark with Mains

Pros -
The Sushi... Could do with a bit of improvement, but still decent enough to keep a person happy
Service is quick enough and the staff are quite pleasant.

Cons -
Loud club music, totally not in keeping with the decor of the place.
Cocktails with about 5ml of liquor in them and therefore cannot be tasted at all.. My Caipirinha was like having a lime slices in grated ice. So not done.
The Donburi was anything but authentic. The steward asked us if we'd like rice or noodles with the Beef/Fish and we both asked for rice, but since he recommended having one rice / one noodle, we went along with his recommendation
The Noodles and the rice were sickeningly sweet and set my teeth on edge. The beef had no balance of sweet and spicy and was just sweet.
It was like having a meat dessert.
The Beef / Fish dishes we ordered didn't come served in the traditional bowl of sticky rice.
And he charged us separately for the Rice and noodles!
SHIRO...FYI, Donburi refers to the bowl of rice that you serve meat/fish/poultry/etc over.
maybe this might help

All in all, a very disappointing experience.

I will go back, but will just stick with ordering sushi. So not worth ordering anything off the menu course.
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Roopashree Narayan - Burrp User

Roopashree Narayan

January 23,2011

Awesome Ambiance, Food could be better!

I was here with my big gang of cousins. It was an impulsive decision and we went to Shiro without prior booking. We had to stand and have our drinks till we got some place to sit. We finished all our drinks – Wine, Mojito, Screwdriver and many more! After standing here for more than an hour, we got some space to sit in the indoors from where you could watch the huge Buddha Statue which is marvelously done! This place indeed has an amazing ambience. The décor of this place won my heart!

The drinks were the usual too. However, the food wasn’t too impressing. Amongst the momos we had, a few were good and a few were totally blah. Post this we had some rice with Thai curry. The rice was typical Thai and sticky. The gravy was good with the flavor of Lemon Grass. Overall, a good experience for us. However, we would have preferred food better. The total damage for the 4 of us was around 3.5K
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deecee - Burrp User


January 04,2011


Very good for a leisure Sunday brunch, especially the outdoors on a nice cloudy January afternoon hits the spot. Great ambiance. Great decor. With a good group of people you can enjoy the unlimited food and beverages for as long as you want at Rs 1500/head.
Service is good.
As usually the case, the best part of a buffet is the starters. You can go on with the fish, chicken, steamed momo's and some tasty baked potatoes. For the sushi lovers, there is an amazing variety available; crab, tuna, spicy tuna, vegetarian options.
We skipped the main course and moved straight to the dessert which included tiramisu, chocolate sushi, coconut pudding and a few flavors of cheese cake.
With ample time on your side, this is a great place to spend your weekend.
Only thing which was out of place, loud club numbers playing in the background!
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rocky4460 - Burrp User


December 28,2010


I've been in New York's best clubs, and I've not paid more than 15 bucks. This place has a martini at 22 bucks. You've got to be frekin kidding me!
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Debasmita Ghosh Mashru - Burrp User

Debasmita Ghosh Mashru

December 28,2010

Double check your bill.....

Good things first...Shiro has the perfect ambiance, plays the perfect music, is ideal for a date night, probably the only nightclub in celeb hungry Bangalore where u get to check out Yuvraj Singh or Deepika Padukone hanging by the bar, the cocktails r well mixed and the service is courteous, prices are albeit a little steep but that's not my complain...Fellow burrpers, be warned!! You might end up paying for your drinks twice over, just like we had to. For a place where a martini costs 1k, imagine having 4 and ending up paying for 6. It pinches right? yep, 4 of us were there this Christmas eve and had 4 mojitos, 2 caprioskas, 1 Bloody Mary, 4 Martinis and one shushi platter and the total bill was 10k. Of course, we made the mistake of not checking each item on the bill before paying (our bad) and my husband checked it only the next day...n guess what they had charged us for 2 extra martinis...which is a whopping 2 grand more!! Might visit Shiro again but never paying without checking!
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Sangita Padiyar - Burrp User

Sangita Padiyar

December 14,2010

Fine Dine with Wine

I went to Shiros to experience their Sunday lunch buffet. Needless to say, at Rs. 1500/-, Shiros is an experience in itself. From the beautiful decor to the scintillating gourmet pan-asian food, it was a delight. the cocktails served were also delicious. If not for having to drive back, I would have certainly tried ALL the cocktails the menu listed.

The food is enriching for vegetarians too!
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budhaditya  chattopadhyay - Burrp User

budhaditya chattopadhyay

November 03,2010

heaven in a mouthful

we visited this a week ago n almost forgot to write abt the experience....
well guys let me first tell u tht it was one of a kind experience of elegant pan-asian cuisine...
as soon as we entered the restaurant we were awed by the serene stone interiors particularly the loomin bust of buddha rite in the middle of the dinin area....and the statues of the cambodian goddess added the extra touch to the feel...
on sittin down we were cordially approached by a well knowledgeable waiter...
we first started with the signature japanese dish of shushi particular a nigirizushi platter which was excellent ..it was served with superhot wasabi n the best gari in town...
after tht we ordered the peking duck which was just perfect as i dreamt....well for ur information it was served in slices along with thin strips of crispy skins along with pancakes n salad...
we thn ordered beef bulgogi the flavour of which is still lingerin in my tongue....it was a cloud 9 experience for us...i thk it was the creme-a-la-creme of our order selection..
finally we ordered the chicken yakitori n prawn tempura...
the yakitori was very soft n perfectly grilled but the sauce was overwhelmingly sweetish but it was balanced by an excellent prawn tempura...one of best we had yet...
the overall expenditure cm to abt 1500 per person but let me tell the pekin duck itself was for 1000 bucks...the rest was with 350-400 range...
final thg to say is abt one dish which we hv decided to go for the nxt time since its a wholesm dish altogether n it is tappayanki...remember to book this beforehand
overall a satisfying culinary experience....a sureshot place to visit again in near future...
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manmouthshut - Burrp User


October 26,2010

Great place with excellent food

I have been there multiple time here and the place never fails to amaze. Its like a full course veg meal for rs 750 and it can easily be split by 2 people.Non veg is about 1000. The trouble is you might get some steam on your face so I would sit to the left of the chef.If you are going there in the night where something warm because it gets very chilly in the night.

If you are going a-la-carte then the sushi is brilliant. They have a veg version of it which is great too. Main course the noodles is brilliant though the rice is good too but it gets complicated choosing a side so noodles just keeps things simple.

But dessert you have to have the chocolate sushi.It is to die for.overall a great experience. the chef does card tricks to keep you entertained. Service is a little slow but they are friendly. Food is great and maybe a little over priced but you get your money's worth in terms of quantity and quality. And yeah did I mention that they have a 2 storey buddha that greets you when you enter!!! yeah that's a spoiler but lets not have our hearts in our mouths when we enter shall we.
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Pranav Goyal - Burrp User

Pranav Goyal

October 04,2010

Simply Classy

Had heard so much about the Bombay brach that when it opened here, I had to just go. I fell in love with the place, it is simply brilliant. No doubt the food is outstanding too. I do not remember, but there is a cheese roll and something with shitakey mushrooms which were the best dishes. The cocktails they manufacture are great. Its a little heavy on the wallet but totally worth it
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ragpicker1 - Burrp User


September 28,2010

Delighful in Every Way

My friend and I visited this place for dinner on Saturday evening. We ambled up the flight of stairs that led to the restaurant and almost bumped into the hostess who was standing at the head of them. Meekly responding in the negative to her query as to whether we had a reservation, we followed her into the restaurant. She then left us to stand for a few seconds while she consulted her book and a waiter. During those few seconds I looked admiringly round the lovely restaurant noting the wonderful statues, a bust and the lovely lighting and furnishings. By this time, our hostess had materialized at my elbow and requested us to follow her. She led us to the first floor which was empty at the time and, offered us our choice of seats. No sooner were we seated, when the drinks, dimsum and general food menus were placed before us. I skimmed quickly through the drinks menu and was stunned at the amazing amount of wine on offer. Finally, I settled for a Snow Queen Vodka with Orange Juice - an excellent choice it turned out to be. My friend chose a cocktail. We decided against ordering Dimsums and instead ordered a plate of Vietnamese Chilly Prawns for a starter. For our main course we chose Chicken in Creamy Wasabi Sauce and a plate of Hibachi Rice. The food arrived quite quickly and we enjoyed the Vietnamese Prawns which were done to perfection. Also the Chicken in Wasabi Sauce. I didn't enjoy the rice much but my friend pronounced it as authentic and delicious. For dessert, after much debate, we chose the Trio of Cheesecakes and thoroughly enjoyed all three. The ambience, both upstairs and downstairs is wonderful. Downstairs is way better though and next time I must make sure I reserve so that I can sit downstairs. The music is fantastic and the DJ is very good. The service is flawless - we had two waiters attending to our table - even though the first floor which we were on was packed before we were half way through our starter. The food is wonderfully done. The crowd is a mix of foreigners, classy old money types and the ever present nouveau riche IT crowd. This is definitely a place I would return to though - for the food and service.
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Varun Walia - Burrp User

Varun Walia

September 19,2010

Sushi Fushi

Shiro's a hell of a looker. That's the first thing you would notice. Very chic and all that. Six of us went on a Saturday night and the Bar counter area was buzzing with people. The crowd is young and dresses to be seen...so dress to the nines. Service is poor but that might be because of the rush. The food is disappointing and way below expectations....quite surprising, Bangalore usually serves very good fare.......so i'd say the food was the party pooper for me.

Damage - Four forgettable dishes+6 tequila shots+ 6 vodka shots+ 3 large scotchs+ 6 pints+ 5 large vodkas = Rs.12000/-
It's UB City...so what did you expect....i'd recommend everybody to go once on a weekend....repeat visits is up to your discretion....
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bob.ausie - Burrp User


September 11,2010

Crown in Cosmo Bangalore

EXCELLENT model of successful restaurant. The entrance with a warm welcome at the entrance by a Japanese speaking cute hostess, with a jaw hitting floor ambiance, a great selection of their signature cocktails and finally a friendly service.....................................
All these force me to call myself a raving fan of this restaurant. My friends called me for a early lunch to this place where I have been twice before had some special moments of truth were very memorable. The staff is very polite and trained well.
They have a very intense knowledge about the food and the cuisine. Also it was great to know a lot more about Bangalore city from our very proud server.

The place has the write buzz to be. Heads up for this superb place....
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Haren Asher - Burrp User

Haren Asher

July 26,2010

An Experience To Forget!

When my guests from the USA wanted to go to a nice place for dinner, I immediately thought of Shiro's. Its reputed for good decor, good food and good service. Little did i know that it was going to be such a horrible experience dining there.

We arrived at 8:45 am, 6 of us and were ushered to a table outside on the deck. Then the server disappeared and didn't return. We had to ask other servers 4-5 times to serve us water. On the fifth attempt and 20 minutes after our arrival was the water served.

We ordered a few cocktails , shiro's "Signature" cocktails, amongst which was the fig imbued mojito. The drink arrived and on tasting i found my drink tasted horrible has it was filled over with ice and asked the server to give me another one as this was not good. He enquired as to what I'd like to have and asked me to choose between the same drink or a fresh mojito. I opted for a fresh mojito. 5 mins later he comes to me to tell me that i will be charged for the drink that i returned and the drink that i freshly ordered.

This was shocking and i dint want to end up paying for two drinks and so i just asked him to make the fig mojito as close to a regular mojito as possible.

My wife ordered the "Oriental Spice" cocktail which had eristoff vodka as an ingredient. The server returned informing her that they were out of eristoff and gave her a choice of grey goose or 42 below . She chose grey goose, and was given the cocktail soon.

Meanwhile starters were ordered, arrived and served all of which was very good and relatively prompt. My drink arrived as well, and though it was a marginal improvement with less ice and more taste, it wasn't a Shiro Signature experience.

We ordered 2 veg main courses - A Donburi and another veg gravy, a chicken hot pot and 2 different kinds of rice, as suggested by the server. After a long wait the food finally arrived. most of it actually. the veg dished arrived and the rice did. however after serving the rice we were asked to wait for 5 mins as the chicken gravy was not ready.

When the gravy arrived, the rice was cold, and so we sent it back to be re heated. We were very irritated at this point with the service, especially since we had four waiters and not one had an idea as to what was going on. We asked the waiter for the manager and were informed that the manager was not in and gone back home.

After we insisted, we were introduced to the hostess, a woman with a very foreign accent, but who clearly was not the manager. . We gave her our feedback, and she immediately asked the waiters to re heat the food and bring it back. The food was reheated but only one of the rice was hot, the other was still cold. We gave up and left our food the way it was.

We asked for the cheque as we obviously were not on their priority list at the time. The cheque took another 10 mins to arrive, before which one of the waiter started placing dessert plates on our table. We hadn't ordered any dessert as we hadn't eaten any of the food. We were informed by the waiters that we were getting one dessert "on the house" for the 6 of us.

How the staff at Shiros could be so presumptuous that they would want to mollify us with a dessert or just a show of "good faith" by assuming this, was beyond me. The least that could have been done was the manager asking us whether we would like dessert would have been more appropriate. Instead we got them telling us that the servers were trainees and hence it was a "miscommunication" that created the problems!!

We asked for the cheque, and were presented with one. We were rather surprised to find that we were overcharged for a grey goose oriental spice, when it was the waiter who gave us the option of going in for grey goose as they were out of eristoff. Why offer and alternate brand and then charge for it?..
That was a new low set by Shiro

The hostess then informed us that they would not charge for 1 rice and 1 gravy due to service fault and also gave us a "coupon" for free dinner for two as another gesture of good faith.

Unfortunatley the free coupn was cleary not thought through as it was dated 1st may 2010, and was a promotion lasting upto 31st august for their "anniversary celebration".

A revised bill was given to us with an added " Service charge". I pointed out that service charge was not a govt regulation but apparently its entered into their system and cannot be changed. We hadn't received good service so there wasn't really a need to pay "service charge" .. but it was a long a painful night, and more argument was not what we were looking at to end the day.

We found the actual manager looking after the billing at the end of day and informed him of our dissatisfaction. Maybe it was the end of the night, or he was too busy, but he didnt seem to think that as important either!

We paid. We left. Overcharged and under serviced - They Started with A bang.. now they seem to be all out of gunpowder! ..Shiro Bangalore needs service overhaul. about time.
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mgvalli - Burrp User


July 22,2010

One of the worst lunch experiences

We went here last week to celebrate our wedding anniversary. My husband and I are fans of Thai and Japanese cuisines. Based on the reviews this seemed to be a good place to sample both. We were quite awed by the ambience when we entered the restaurant. But food - what a disappointment! The waiter had no knowledge of the cuisine; the food was at the best bland! The vegetables in basil sauce was more like sweet corn soup and had no trace of basil at all! The Veg Udan noodles was another let down. For all the money we paid, we just couldn't eat the food because it was so bad!!!
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Ahilam  - Burrp User


June 02,2010

Good food, better service

This is one of the coolest places in town. Fantastic food. Expensive drinks, but good. The service is excellent and the atmosphere jaw dropping. Incredibly elegant!
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mohdasif98 - Burrp User


May 17,2010

Excellent Food!

This place is great to enjoy probably the best Pan-Asian Food in Bangalore. Although extremely expensive for Bangalore standards but at the end of the day the ambience, service and quality of food is worth it! A must visit!
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ABinBangalore - Burrp User


May 16,2010

Excellent and pricy

Would reccomend this place to anyone who likes oriental food.

Both the sit out and sit in have a gr8 decor.

Service is quick and very efficient.

Food is too good, all that we ordered tasted amazing.

Anything you pick from their menu would be gurranted good :)

Food is expensive but enjoyable to the last bite.
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AnjaliGupta28 - Burrp User


April 05,2010

The superior culinary experience

Whether its sushi, dim sums, satay or korean chicken... they all are authentic and very very tasty. Their selection of imported wine is also one of the best. The ambience is fabulous and I could not find anything wrong with the service - though on a crowded night, there might be some trouble attracting their attention.

Priced on the higher side - but didnt mind shelling out the extra bit for the quality of food!

Will go back - again ... and again... again!
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Narayana j - Burrp User

Narayana j

March 22,2010

Great ambience

This has to be the best looking resto in Bangalore. The food is good sometimes and ok sometimes and then again excellent sometimes. The service ok. The people who go here are all beautiful. I love the place
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Raptor76 - Burrp User


March 19,2010

Lovely Place!!

We went for the Lunch buffet of sorts..Great Ambiance & Food!! Service at the bar was good... The bartender talked to us and made our few minutes there fun and educational as he talked about various vodkas and liqueurs they had. Table service was also good as the waiter did his best to give us all what we wanted and more. A very good experience on the whole.
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sh2010 - Burrp User


March 11,2010

Kudos to the designer

This place stands in awe.It exudes sheer richness, by its location and mere structure. I liked the feel.This place cannot be compared on the same terms as the ones I have tried befor. This comes under the splurge category.The place was full, the music was good, the smell was good and the view was good. The service was good, the menu... well we just snacked and drank, thus cannot comment on the menu. The snacks were good, the drinks were drinks!!! The snob value of being in this place has put me behind by 2 weeks of dining out. No complain on the rates, cos they say it very clearly that it costs. Overall, the best place to be seen at ( at a price). I am confused whether the barman or the chef or the designer should take the cake..... I think kudos to the designer.
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Brijesh Kevlani - Burrp User

Brijesh Kevlani

March 06,2010

Great ambience

What an impressive place!The lighting, the statues, the whole ambience is so great.Went there with the wife and few friends and while i knocked back a couple of beers, my wife really enjoyed her cocktails, especially the fig mojito. I would def go there again for that buzz factor, its a good place for the weekend. But i have a bone to pick about the service, i think the guys need to be trained better, while moving about the place and to the restroom, not one waiter moved to give atleast the ladies way but barged ahead against them and one of the girls almost fell down. So thats one point they could improve on. Food is OK. Liked the fish and basil starter. Overall its definitely a place I would visit again.
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A hegde - Burrp User

A hegde

February 15,2010

Good place to drink but expensive

I love the way this place is done up. The drinks are good. The food is ok. some of it is a bit off center. Over all it is a must do resto. I thought the drinks were ridiculously expensive though.
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LTMcCarthy - Burrp User


December 28,2009

Lunch al fresco

Had a great experience at Shiro's for Christmas day lunch. Was pretty annoyed with both Olive Beach and Sunny's boring, unflexible options and walked out of both. I had been wanting to try Shiro for a while since I had heard lots of good things about the ambiance and food. We weren't disappointed. We had lunch on the terrace and tons of interesting sounding dum sum, sushi, korean bbq, etc were on the menu- in addition to a special Christmas menu. I was thrilled to have the option of ordering what I wanted and only paying for what I ate (unlike the big brunches that include alcohol- what if I don't want to drink- why should I pay? or a "traditional" holiday menu- that doesn't offer anything remotely interesting). We ordered a delicious variety of rolls, dim sum, and an entree to share. Everything was delicious. The service was good and the decor beautiful. All in all it was exactly how I wanted to spend my holiday. FYI- Others have recommended the late night dinner/bar and weekend brunch scene at Shiro's and I'm sure they would be worth checking out.
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aartiaarti2002 - Burrp User


December 15,2009

Excellent place for special occasion

This place has great ambience. Its kids friendly.
We have visited this place 3 times now and everytime its been consistent great food and service. The tepenyaki is also worth trying for a dinning and entertaining experience.
Its expensive but its worth its cost.
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bugbear18 - Burrp User


November 25,2009

Interesting place...

Went to Shiro, Bangalore at UB City last weekend with family. I'm not too much of a Japanese/Korean food fan but in India, probably, few restaurants offer that kind of authenticity, much to my pleasure. Thankfully, we had booked a table in advance (and ofcourse arriving there at 7 30 pm helped), coz despite the reasonably high priced menu....

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Shankar No nonsense - Burrp User

Shankar No nonsense

November 23,2009

expensive but good

I liekt he place, it si really well done. teh ambience is amazing. Th food is goos and the price ok, the drinks are expensive. good place for once in a way
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Sanjay  Oberoi - Burrp User

Sanjay Oberoi

November 10,2009


I have had a truly amazing experience in Shiros!

the service is brilliant ! the staff are very well trained !
and really if one orders sensibly - i do not think it is expensive !
it is truly VALUE for money and a truly Classy fine dining venue! regards

sanjay oberoi - Dubai!
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gautam96 - Burrp User


October 31,2009

Must go

Well yes I have never gone to japannese resturant ever and its the first one.Food is really good. Ambience and staffs are excellent. I can't comment on japannese food because that is not my forte but can say food is excellent. For veggie Cheese roll is must . really really good. Dimsum is too little compared to price. sushi is good.. chocolate volcano is great..According to attender they have sunday brunch which is around 1600+tax.. which consists of food and unlimited drink.. Also 650+tax for unlimited sushi platter..

Somewhat difficult to follow the english ascent of girls when they greet you at entrance. I am not sure whether they are japaneese or..
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howduhungry - Burrp User


October 23,2009


I think the place is very nice in terms of ambience. The outdoor bar and seating is definitely a plus for the place. While I say these good things about the place, I have been forced to advice everyone not to go there only because of the terrible service and attitude of the staff.

I was out with my friends and this was the third time I went to this place. The first two times I went there, there was always some problem with the food and I strongly adviced my friends against eating at Shiro. Since we were all hungry, we decided to order some food along with our drinks. One of the starters which the waiter suggested was the Spicy Korean CHICKEN. When we got this dish, the meat definitely didnt taste like chicken. When we asked the waiter, he went on to defend saying that the chicken is under cooked for this dish and what not. However, when we got our bill it clearly said Spicy Korean PORK! While I dont have issues eating any meat, it was against the religious beliefs of a friend of mine who was with us. This was absolutely unacceptable and when we raised this concern to the manager and the waiter, all that they said was the next time you come we will take care of you!! Not even an apology from the waiter. The attitude of the floor manager, Nikhil, was also very disappointing. He didnt seem to be bothered either.

While this was the main concern, it made us believe that they had other screws ups like this. We ordered for a martini and he decided to give us an upgraded martini made from grey goose vodka and charged us a whooping Rs.850 for the drink without even asking us!!! The thai red curry was yellow in color!!

Overall, I recommend everyone not to go there. If you should go there, restrict yourself to beer and some crowd watching. At least this way you avoid a bill of 7K and feel bad at the end of the evening!
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AussieBLRian - Burrp User


October 06,2009

World Class

Top ambience.
Top service.
Top drinks.
Top food.
Happy to pay.
What more can I say?
If I could do this in haiku I would.
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vgiri - Burrp User


October 04,2009

Nothing like it in Bangalore!

I have been to this place atleast 20 times!. Last month I had been there every evening for 2 weeks straight.

Ambiance is just so amazing!
The staffz so courteous and very very friendly.
Amazing drinks.
Best desserts: try chocolate volcano.

I have been lot of lounges in bangalore and nothing can beat this. This like the benchmark to the rest.
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rickyule - Burrp User


September 20,2009

good for an out-of-town visitor

Went to Shiro based on a suggestion from an expat friend who lives in Bangalore. Was initially worried by the limited 19:30/21:20 reservation choice, but having reserved for the latter was pleasantly surprised on arriving at 20:30 that a table was immediately available and offered to us by the staff.

It's a stunning venue - about 4 storeys high inside with dramatic statues and water features. Service was friendly and efficient, and the cocktails were great - the apple & cinnamon martini is highly recommended. The music in the restaurant area was of ideal volume however the selection - 80's cheesy hits - was inappropriate and I mentioned this to the manager, perhaps this will be better next time!

The food was excellent and very good value (this is in comparison to the various hotel restaurants that I visited during the same business trip). The sashimi wasn't the best cut, however the fish was very high quality. Lobster for main was also excellent, although there was probably a little too much rice and sauce for comfort.

After eating we went into the bar area, they had Tanquery 10 gin available (albieit at a price) and beer was good value. The atmosphere and music was good at this point, and I was happy to stay until the 11:30pm close.

Overall I would highly recommend this venue for an enjoyable evening of dinner and drinks.
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vineetha - Burrp User


August 24,2009


I had been to Shiro (finally) last week. Actually it was mid week. Indulged at the spa next door, had a bite at the restaurant opposite and then walked into shiro with my friend past 10 pm. I was amazed at the place more so because it rocked even on a thursday. Yes the 'buddha' got me starry eyed.
I consider myself an enthusiastic traveller who has made an effort to check out the happening watering holes wherever in the world I have been ...and this place got me impressed. The decor mainly, the ambience and the whole atmosphere created. Food I cannot comment on as did not really get into that but the staff were very polite. And a carlesberg was Rs 210...which is well worth it keeping in mind where you are.
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Ruchika Shetty - Burrp User

Ruchika Shetty

August 20,2009

shiro or sh**o?

Loud, bang, boom, kisses, hugs, michael jackson, tepanyaki, kids running across the bar. A painting from a Mario Miranda landscape. Is this what they have all been raving about?
So I shelled out the big bucks for the not so grand drinks, and waited at the bar, and waited some more. I guess it's nice to wait for a table in a city where you can almost walk into any place and be seated immediately. But at Shiro you wait, because it has a big Buddha head, buddhu waiters who come by the trios to your table to ask the same questions and then recommend sushi which came from Banaras. It was indistinct from a badly made paan, did I sense masala?
Prawn dumplings in a grand basket, and much like a nest with three small pieces. It looks reasonable on the menu at 280 I think, so 280/3 = 90 odd rupees for one small prawn dumpling, you gotta be kidding me.
The outside like most alfresco places in B'loe is nice enough, but save me the retro guys. It's all well and good for your brother Hard Rock, not for a place that calls itself Asian.
Something must be right though, because the swathes of humanity in their best dresses and unruliest manner all seem to throng this space.
So not for me.
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ad_an80 - Burrp User


August 11,2009

sheer grandeur..

It takes 10-15 mins to absorb the surrounding and all the things going on at this place. The majestic Buddha head hanging from the reallllly talll ceiling and statues spounting water all make for a great experience, and certainly sets the tone. The dim lit lights are just perfect to set the mood. The outdoor seating option was brilliant, but a little too humid that particular night, so we chose the indoor seating and had to miss out on the Teppanyaki grill which was served only outdoors.
This place is all about class, and ambience all the way, yes this is an expensive joint (suuposedly where all the P3P hang around) but yeah, it was a special occasion so me and my wife decide to splruge.
And splurge we did, the evening set us back by 3000Rs (1 drink each, couple of entrees that included - a 8pc sushi plate and a vegetarian entree, steamed rice and dessert) so yeah.. it is on the VERY high side.
But if you go there for an experience, then you might just be able to justify it. We spent over 2 hours there, we took our time to eat, laugh and take pictures, and felt alright.

The seafood soup was delicious, the dessert was just sinful and my sushi was adequate (i felt that i've had better), our drinks - the martini was good but the sangria was over-sweet. As you can see, san the soup and dessert, I wouldnt really rave much about the food, as much as I could go on raving about the place.
The use of space, and the feeling and the time it takes for you to get acclimatized to all the architecture, is just something that makes up for the above avg food, even if it isnt something to rave about.
The choice of music is also worth mentioning, perfect volume and appropriate music definitely.

Will I be back again, yes - this will be a once a year type deal for me!!!!
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BangaloreB - Burrp User


July 27,2009

Terrible wait for booked table :=(

We went on a Friday evening. I had heard great things about this place.

You have to book at either 7.30pm or 9.30pm. So, we booked for 9.30pm and arrived before this. We booked a special Teppanyaki table.

On arrival we were told that the people were "finishing off their desert" and would be 5 minutes. We waited stood up, for over 35 minutes!

I did not appreciate the fact that the manager was not honest with us over the time we were going to have to wait.

By this time we were quite frustrated and hungry! We spoke to the manager, who said that the people before us had arrived late but that it was not his policy to ask people to leave. It was apparently his policy to make people wait instead.

I found this difficult to understand: they had arrived late (apparently very late).
We had arrived on time, yet we were the ones being penalised.

The manager was very unsympathetic to our wait. We could have been offered a bottle of wine or something (we were 8 people).

Finally we sat down and they took a long time to set up the table.

When it arrived, yes, the food was very good and the cook was very competent. But it was so late, I was hardly hungry and couldn't finish my food, which was a shame.

He also did a few card tricks (but no food performance as is generally the case and was the case on the table next to us). I don't know why, maybe the manager asked him not to as we had complained about our wait?

So, if you go to this restaurant and book a table at 9.30pm, if the people before you are late, you will have to wait before you are seated.

Food is important but so is service, which I felt was lacking.

The experience left a bad taste in my mouth.
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malpilu - Burrp User


July 17,2009

Great ambiance and service

great place to be. lovely ambiance. loved the open area (smoking zone), service is very prompt.
as far as food is concerned, i would not recommend veg starters but non veg people u r lucky
above all not very expensive, reasonable rates
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janu girl - Burrp User

janu girl

June 28,2009

Lovely Ambience, Decent Food

We went here on a Saturday night so it was quite full.. The staff was good, the service very fast.. But for vegetarians who don't eat mushroom or consume alchol this was not the place to go consequently there were hardly couple of items for us to choose from. Rest was all good...The ambience was very good.. Good music, very hip crowd... Etc
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Meagan Abraham - Burrp User

Meagan Abraham

June 23,2009

Uber cool resto-lounge

Bangalore's latest luxe-pad, Shiro's is home to the city's swish set. Located in the swanky new sprawling mall, UB City on Vittal Mallya Road it is spread over the top floor. A large inside dinning area with a very contemporary lounge-bar feel invites you in. My personal opinion is that the music is far too loud and the lighting too dim inside the restaurant preventing you from truly enjoying a meal. But such is the case often when food and entertainment clash at night clubs/ resto-bars, food often suffering a low blow, being compromised to keep the ambiance in sync with a particular aesthetic. In the case of Shiro an overtly uber- cool, contemporary lounge feel is the constant theme.

Gigantic Budha sculptures in varying positions and poses are placed within the restaurant, spilling out into the the resto-bar as it extends itself to a considerably large open air roof deck with wooden overhead beams sheltering the bar completing the Zen-like feel to the place. On the far end a Tepanyaki bar with limited seating is available upon reservation.

On my three month spat in Bangalore I visited Shiro's at least thrice, each time hoping to try the Fig Mojito. Unavailable was what I got the first two times, turning to a frozen daiquiri to quench my thirst and an apple-cinnamon vodka cocktail instead. On my third visit I got lucky, and the Fig Mojito was truly worth the wait.

I also sampled the Tahitian Breeze, a pretty orange drink in a long cocktail glass. The cocktail list is enticing and overall their concoctions are some of the best Bangalore has seen for a long time, perhaps even worthy of a parallel to the Olive Beach bar.
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foresep - Burrp User


June 18,2009


Being in India, and being in Shiro, never lets me feel me being an Expat. The place is full of my expat friends everyday and full of surprises when I see my friends there already. The food is just up there, better than all the restaurants in Star Hotels and likewise. and so is the service- friendly, professional and encouraging. My favourite is the Music there. The choice of music is mesmerizing and makes us feel sing along with there lovely collection of retros. Their collection brings back the memories of my childhood and college days. "Billy Jean" , "Down and Under", "Laisla Bonita" are some of my favourites nos. I can recollect from my past few visits. Speaking to the Dj, I came to know that they have recently started RnB later in the evening.

Wow!!! its just too good.
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Krish Somaiah - Burrp User

Krish Somaiah

June 18,2009

Classy joint

some of just came here on the night before my birthday a few days ago.i must say its a really classy joint. we sat outside in the open air section and we couldnt take our eyes off those huge statues the entire time. service is good. some of us had cocktails, the verdict was good. a little expensive but its in ub city so i had expected that. also i heard there is one in bombay where all the celebrities go so obviously it will not be cheap. the food is something that was not very good.infact we all agreed that the taste was not on the same level as the atmosphere. i will give four stars for the ambience and drinks. food and service needs to improve. im not saying service is bad, but they didnot understand what we were saying and i dont think very well trained. anyhow i will definitely go back because i had a good time overall.
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pavi77 - Burrp User


June 17,2009

Beautiful Place !!

Been here during the weekend. As we stepped in we are very impressed by the decor. Its is very nice. We did not get a place inside so we outside for our meal. The menu is quite exhaustive and was difficult to make a choice. We ordered dimsums and vegetable tempura for starters and for main course we had japanese fried rice with mushrooms and chicken in wasabi sauce. I recommend the dimsums they were really nice. Not very sure about the veg tempura though, not to my taste. Again liked the chicken in wasabi sauce not very found of the japanese fried rice.
Overall the ambience is very nice, the cocktails we had were good, and the food is quite good too. We thought it was slightly over priced but no complaints on the whole. We did enjoy a quite sunday lunch.
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winner222 - Burrp User


June 13,2009

Truely fashionable

This is THE latest hotspot in town.

We went there as part of large group on last saturday and truly enjoyed ourselves.

The open air part of the place is much more lively. The cool breeze coupled with lovely music make it far more enjoyable.

To top it up food is decent.
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india2222 - Burrp User


May 24,2009

Best Restaurant in Bangalore

I am an expat living in Bangalore for the last 6 months on an 18 month assignment. I have been to over 20 different restaurants in the city and have to say taking into account Service, Food, Ambiance and Excellent Service, SHIRO has it all. Having been to restaurants all over the world, the quality of food that comes out of the kitchen could put this restaurant in any major city in the world and be successful. My wife and myself are weekly visitors and the Management never fails to stop by and welcome us at our table. I recently had a dinner party with 15 people and SHIRO left a very good impression on all attendees. Keep up the great work and food. This will probably be the thing I miss most when I eventually leave my assignment. Thanks to Shriohs for the quality and hospitality on a regular basis.
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mudpuppy - Burrp User


May 16,2009

Great visual ambiance, the rest just so-so

As others have mentioned, amazing decor. Nice fountains, patio, outdoor bar, and lighting.

The menu is nothing too exciting. Some dishes were great and others pretty ho-hum. Nothing terrible. Sushi was pretty good, but the sushi set contains some bizarre items (chicken pesto?). Best to go a la carte I guess or ask for replacements.

The drinks were very uneven. Some were super, others terrible. They have NO idea how to make a dry martini, for example. Fig mojito's were good the first time, then too watery. Had to send back several warm beers for colder ones and then just gave up on beer.

Service was just fair. At the bar we had to beg for service. Inside it was attentive, but they forgot several things (fortunately not on the bill).

The killer was the incredibly bad choice of music. About half-way through the evening (say 9:30) they put on what could only be described as the "worst of the 80's" CD. We were inundated with one-hit-wonders and forgettable female screamers. Flashdance anyone? We had fun trying to guess what terrible song would come next, but wouldn't enjoy doing that ever again.

I'd go back if someone invited me, but I won't choose it myself.
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jungmd - Burrp User


March 20,2009

Buddha's Eyes

As soon as you enter the place, you are transported to a place in another dimension - a dimension shared by hip lounges all over the world.
In every big city in the world, these lounges seem a class apart.
I saw a few expats, from the sounds of it American, at the next table.
"It's not Applebees, that's for sure," I wanted to tell him.

A giant Buddha head is suspended from the ceiling that is at least 40 feet high. On either side are large statues that pour water out of clay urns. OUtside is the bar area, that on a Friday night is no doubt crowded and packed with beautiful people.
On this evening, a weekend night, my wife and I , are thankful that it's not too crowded.
We eat dim sum and sushi. The sushi is fantastic, the dim sum isnt bad, aand although I am already a few pounds lighter because of a rapidly emptying wallet, it';s almost worth it to sit in a lounge that could be in any part of the world, and drink a fig mojito while staring into Buddha's eyes.
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Gautam Pal - Burrp User

Gautam Pal

March 09,2009

Crispy Aromatic Duck under a 4 floor high ceiling

With the high ceilings and the huge Buddha head, Shiro can probably boast of the best décor and ambience in all of Bangalore. There is a resident DJ playing mild trace and house and other stuff I don’t know much about. The place might be a little pricy with a little duck appetizer costing 600 INR but the service and the food that you get is well worth it. They follow all the rules of serving from the left, remove from right and filling the wine only till where u get the maximum surface area… which kinda makes you feel good (or is it only me).
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hungry_buddha - Burrp User


February 22,2009

Extremely Disappointing Service

sorry for being a buzz kill but the service we received at Shiro was extremely disappointing! I went in without reservation at around 7pm on a friday evening with a friend from the US! the entire space was empty but we were told no tables could be given since they were reserved for the evening! there was no provision of waiting at the bar with bar stools etc although i truly believe, best thing to do to have customers waiting is to provide them seating at the bar.. u get revenues coming in and the customers' happy too!

anyway we were there for around an hour or so without being offered a table and finally left.. to our surprise the place was as empty as it was when we walked in but the servers/manager could not think out of their mind and provide us a table! dont expect people to go out of their way to serve the customer but this is common sense! holding tables for over an hour makes no sense.. the ambience was great and we hope to return some other day to try the food too!
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vivek_jois - Burrp User


February 20,2009

Nice music, great food, great place.

I have been there thrice already and the place never fails to amaze. Lets see the drinks are slightly pricey (the irony is that none of the liquor is ub's which is odd because it is in ub city).
If you want to keep it cheap go to the table where the chef cooks for you which is outside at the back. Its like a full course veg meal for rs 750 and it can easily be split by 2 people.Non veg is about 1000. The trouble is you might get some steam on your face so I would sit to the left of the chef.If you are going there in the night where something warm because it gets very chilly in the night.

If you are going a-la-carte then the sushi is brilliant. They have a veg version of it which is great too. Main course the noodles is brilliant though the rice is good too but it gets complicated choosing a side so noodles just keeps things simple.

But dessert you have to have the chocolate sushi.It is to die for.overall a great experience. the chef does card tricks to keep you entertained. Service is a little slow but they are friendly. Food is great and maybe a little over priced but you get your money's worth in terms of quantity and quality. And yeah did I mention that they have a 2 storey buddha that greets you when you enter!!! yeah that's a spoiler but lets not have our hearts in our mouths when we enter shall we.
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pravesh_pandey - Burrp User


February 15,2009

the Supercalifragialistic SHIRO

Shiro, already has won the award of the Best restaurant and Bar in Bangalore with its superb ambience and the finest service.....I was too impressed when me and my friends entered and right at the entrance we were welcomed by a japanese hostess...followed by a majestic feel of entering a castle....(in true sense it a castle)....phenominal decor...The best in India i have experience so far...the food was amazing there...The tepanyaki live counter is the first in bangalore where the japanese chef is extremely entertaining with his flairing skills....we had a lifetime memorable experience there. Pricing is little high but i Think quality needs to be paid....thanks to Shiro for giving us such a place to network and socialize......Hats Off...............
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hithi - Burrp User


January 11,2009

shiro's lovely, if less crowded

Best time to visit this place is during the week. I happened to go there on a saturday, and it was way tooooo packed. the food was good. The service is fast. The indoor dining area is done up well. Overall...nice place. Would definitely go there again but surely on a much calmer and less crowded night.
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Praveen Kumar - Burrp User

Praveen Kumar

November 24,2013

Good Place for Visiting Non-Indians

Good food. Tasty. Delicious. Small in quantity.
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Dianne CobbPennisi - Burrp User

Dianne CobbPennisi

May 16,2017


Shirk is one of the most beautiful restaurants in Bangalore.. I had dinner with a friend last Wednesday night. The first disappointment was there was no beer on tap. We order the Drunken noodles and chicken green curry
Both meals we're mediocre at best.
I also had to inform the wait or that the lady is always served first be it a beer in a bottle or a hot meal. I have nothing more to say.
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