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Rasta Cafe

Bangalore Mysore Highway
Mayaganahalli, Ramnagaram, Bangalore Mysore Highway, Bangalore
12:00 am to 12:00 am

Note : (Closed on Monday)

Price: Rs.1000 for two

Cuisine: Continental

Known for: being open 24 hours in a day

Late Night Eats
Large screen
Air conditioned
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Srujan Desai - Burrp User

Srujan Desai

January 31,2015


So, if you
1) Need a place to spend some time with your beloved away from the prying eyes of the world
2) Driving to/from Bangalore, desperately need a break in the middle of the night and everything else is closed
3) Can do with average/below average food in both taste and looks
4) Want to while away time and nowhere to go
5) Have lots of spare money to throw away on not-so good places

Then, please do visit Rasta Cafe. Rest of us can safely skip this.

Visited the place in July while returning from Shivasamudram. Around 5 pm, before the peak/rush hours. There is so much of hype built around this place that we decided to give it a try.

First, The place is very good. Vast premises, decently maintained. If I rate it solely on ambience, 4.5/5 . The place is pretty and you will like to spend some time.
But, from thereon, everything goes downhill. The menu does not have many options, but that is not a something you will mind so much.
We ordered a burger, a sandwich and hot chocolate. Without getting into too many specifics, I will say it was average. The burger patty was burnt, hard and overall the burger had the look and feel of pseudoburgers served on roadside stalls in small towns.Throw in a few french fries. Thats it. Sandwich wasn't much different.

The thing we did not like the most was service. Only a couple of tables were occupied, and still the service was snail paced. Attendant came to the table after about 30 mins. Food took good 45 mins after that to reach the table.
No water was served whatsoever, from the beginning to the end. While leaving, one of us asked for a glass of water , only to be told "Sorry, we do not serve regular water".
And finally, had to order a bottle of water with a couple of tissues which had to be explicitly asked for. And all the while, the attendant was only a few metres away from us. Never out of the sight, just incase you are wondering it was matter of overlooking finer details when one is busy.

I am not going back. Definitely not.
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Zuhaib Ahmed - Burrp User

Zuhaib Ahmed

October 29,2013

A Pleasant Surprise on The Bangalore - Mysore Highway!

A few friends and I were driving back to Bangalore from Coorg on a Tuesday and we stopped-over at Rasta. It looked quite different from the ones we saw on our way back and we were soon to realize that Rasta Café not only looks different, but is quite different in every way! We were really surprised to see how vast and green this place was, beautiful lawns and nice outdoor seating. It was in the afternoon and it seemed inviting to the highway travelers and the city folks, very relaxed atmosphere, quite colorful and very nice vibe. The menu was interesting to look at and read, a very good selection of short eats, the chili cheese fries were pretty nice and the chicken wings were really yummy. Some very nice cold coffees they have and my daughter loved her snickers shake! They serve breakfast all day; the table next to us had a few young folks who were all eating breakfast, the pancakes looked pretty nice. And we went ahead with the main course, two from the troop ate the herb chicken rice and the Jamaican jerk chicken with rice, said it was pretty good, my daughter and I shared a pepperoni pizza (lamb) and the Rasta Pasta, were very nice indeed. The rest had a field day with their burgers and steaks, and were quite content with their meals! The staff was a bunch of friendly guys and at times the orders did take a bit longer to arrive, but it was worth the wait. Was a lovely place to walk around, nice graffiti on the walls and a few indoor games. They even have a huge English mastiff named “Benji” very friendly chap, also one of them told us that Rasta is a pet friendly café and pets were always welcome, which I thought was really amazing! Overall it’s a great restaurant and we recommend it wholeheartedly. And for a place that is always open, it’s just brilliant for travelers to drop in at anytime of the day or night to have a good meal or just a cup of coffee!
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