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  • Nearly everybody would recommend this place to others
  • Most tried items: Vietnamese Coffee, Tamarind Rice, Pork ribs, Lamb

Additional remarks from reviews:

Desserts here are a must have
Poor management
Service needs improvement.
Donovan Menezes - Burrp User

Donovan Menezes

December 24,2015

Pho'hidden fruit

I was in search of a good Vietnamese restaurant and stumbled across Phobidden fruit..For appetizers we ordered their Chicken summer rolls. it was a rice paper roll with vegetables and chicken as stuffing along with soy dip..It was quite fresh and a good start to the meal...We then ordered the Hoi an chicken salad which came with grilled chicken, vegetables and been sprouts topped with fried shallots and peanuts..the depressing was very tasty and combined the salad really well..We then ordered their traditional Shrimp pho..which is a clear broth along with shrimp, fresh herbs and srirach and hoisin sauce dips..not that great and a little bland for my liking. All in all, it's a very nice place to have Vietnamese cuisine and is very well located in a place filled with restaurants.
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Food Knight - Burrp User

Food Knight

July 22,2014

Nothing forbidden at all !!!

Here I'm lazing around on a Saturday morning when my cousin & his fiancee decide to take me out. Surprise ! To paraphrase Saif Ali Khan from DCH, "Hum khane ke liye kahin bhi aa sakte hain'. So I eagerly rush to pick up my cousin (who didn't tell me where we're going except that it is in Indiranagar 12th Main) & we head out.

True to its "name", the place is literally like something forbidden / illegal- it's neatly tucked away & really easy to miss, especially if you're seaching for the place as well a parking space, simultaneously ! Landmarks - The Gold Gym road & right opposite what I think is Rahul Dravid's house !!! The place is a small one & pretty much full which isn't a surprise considering its popularity. Luckliy, the 3 of us get a table on top and we settle into our seats admiring the simple decor along the way. The menus arrive fairly quickly & we began perusing through it.

So my cousin & I eat non-veg while his fiancee doesn't. And I love Asian food, especially Momos :D ! But my cousin was barely enthused by it. Luckily for me his fiancee ordered a plate of Mekong Momos (though veg, I didn't mind it :D ) while we ordered Banh Cuon (soft rice flour cylindrical rolls with minced chicken, prawns, mushroom & a tangy dressing). The momos were soft, freshly made and within no time the 3 of us emptied the plate. The Banh Cuon was a delight & although made of rice, is nothing like momos. The mince filling is a nice blend of tastes and goes well with the dip.

For the main course, we realised that all curries come with a side plate of rice, salad and potato fritters. And the rice is of sufficient quantity. So my cousin ordered a Vietnamese Chicken Curry, his fiancee ordered a Viet Red curry (their version of a Thai Red curry) and I go for the simple Saigon Noodles (Veg) . And we absolutely, unequivocally loved what we had ordered. The Red Curry was gorgeously red, spicy and as they claimed, different from the Thai version. The Vietnamese Chicken Curry was a lovely mustard in colour, coconut based, spiced with Madras curry powder (we didn't know what that is) and bell peppers, which overall tasted fantastic. I thought it went quite well with the Saigon Noodles that I had ordered, which by the way is quite a decent option for the Vegetarians. The Potato fritters appears to be a standard, common accompaniment with all Main course dishes & taste best when hot.

We didn't order for desserts and the bill for the 3 of us came to about 1500+ which we thought was quite reasonable. As we left the place, we sported huge smiles, sufficiently full stomachs & the knowledge that "We'd be back" soon ! We definitely recommend this place to anyone, especially fans of Asian food. It is the perfect example of simplicity meeting good food. Enjoy maadi :) !
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teju666 - Burrp User


March 10,2014

Bye Bye Blue Ginger

As a fan of oriental food, I had been paying through my nose to eat Vietnamese food at Blue Ginger (Taj West End), BTW - which is not worth the price. I am kicking myself for not having tried out Phobidden Fruit all this while.
You can easily drive past this place unless it is what you are looking for. The seating is somewhat cramped. There is expansion work under but right now you could eat off your neighbors table as well. The narrow stair case can take one person in one direction - so you will have to wait for your turn.
But these are minor trifles, something I would overlook, for what awaits you once the food hits your table. A delicate and balanced blend of flavours that make Vietnamese cuisine so well liked.
I strongly recommend the pork ribs and the pho. If you can make good pho, you are in business. The menu has a little bit of everything - even a baguette sandwich, curries, rice and noodles.
Gorge yourself on the flavour. I live far away but I am coming back for more.
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Vishrutta Singhal - Burrp User

Vishrutta Singhal

December 29,2013

Place that makes you get addicted to it..!!

The amazing food serves by this restaurant and the value for money has made me addicted to it.. The only place now i recall to have food at when in Indiranagar is phobidden fruit.. But I make sure to visit this place at off hours and not at peak hours to avoid the waiting time.. their chicken spring rolls and green papaya salad are my favourites of all times
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terryjoev04 - Burrp User


December 09,2013

Was This the Delicious Phobidden Fruit Adam Ate?

Had been here on a Monday lunch to kill the weekday blues. My 6th visit here.
Food ,food and good food is what I associate with Phobidden ! And they have expanded in space. But the spiraling narrow staircase remains there (In fact It will help roll down after a heavy meal :)
Although coming here often is to have the Vietnamese Coffee, Tamarind Rice, Pork ribs, Lamb & Pho Po ! And great Service with smiling waiters eager to offer advice about food mix and selection. I'll be back soon.
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Vikas Prabhu - Burrp User

Vikas Prabhu

August 29,2013

Cosy Place, Great Food, Wallet Friendly Prices

I've been there 3 times so far and found every dish I've had really well made.
Easily one of my top 5 favourite places.
Only complaint - I live too far.
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food_99freako - Burrp User


July 16,2013

Nice Place. Only Grouse Is Waiting List

Cute little place which serves Vietnamese cuisine. Moderately priced. The food is tasty. The place seems like a terrace that has been converted into a little restaurant. Overall good place if not for the long waiting list.

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deepti_kh - Burrp User


April 07,2013

Lovely Food, Cozy place & Great service!

It was a friend's birthday treat so we tried to hunt down a place with medium pricing.
So we landed at Phobidden Fruit as an impromptu plan. Firstly, I was enchanted with this place as I love wooden benches for seating!

We had the following and loved ALL of them:
Mekong Chicken Momos
Potato Fritters : These weren't the regular fritters that we see elsewhere!
Red Viet Chicken Curry with rice : Rice serving I felt was little more for one person and less for two.
Peanut Satay Curry: Rice portion same as above but this curry is for those who love peanuts to begin with and a little sweetish tinge to the gravy.
Saigon Chicken Noodles : This was my pick and I was pretty happy with the way it turned out! Licked it clean I must say!
Only odd-man-out dish was the Garden Roll. Rather I would say, we ordered it outta greed and were pretty full. Its more of a salad roll and should've been had before everything else. (We ended up parceling it for later)

We didn't have space for desserts but were pretty happy with the main course in itself. The bill came up to ~2000/- for all this with four of us (well mineral water is always overpriced at restaurants ;) )

I think service was QUICK as a blink and food was fresh.
Kudos! I'm sure to go back for more!
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Radha Malhotra - Burrp User

Radha Malhotra

February 28,2013

cute place.

small place but cute one.. liked the food even after coming very late...
u guys need to work on the service...
i am regular now.
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linpaws - Burrp User


November 24,2012

Good food

I havent experimented with all their offerings. But good food. the portions can be better and is priced slighlty on the higher side.
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me_foodie - Burrp User


November 21,2012

Awesome food!!

This place made me fall in love with Vietnamese food. I love it more than Thai now! My favourite is the Spicy Prawns Rice that I always order. The quantity is good and so is the taste - it is perfect. My husband ordered red curry with chicken with jasmine rice. I loved the curry so much! It has a beautiful taste and I couldn't stop eating it. The jasmine iced tea is also great!

Ambiance is good, but could be a little better as the cost is on the higher side. And there should probably be an A/C section. Also, the waiters seem to be slightly reluctant/shy, and the service was okay.

Perhaps my favourite eating joint!
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chandnijain87 - Burrp User


November 15,2012

Different food, cute place!

The first time I visited Phobidden, I was absolutely smitten by the whole package. The ambience, the food, the service. And since then I have never stopped going there. Its become one of our regular dining places and even though I am a vegetarian I have always returned stuffed to the brim from this restaurant! My personal favourites are the Summer Rolls and The Vietnamese Red Curry!
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raol g - Burrp User

raol g

November 12,2012

Simply Phobidden

We’ve been here a few times and decided after a while that we’d give it a rest simply because the food was getting ordinary. Don’t mistake me, the food is great, but when you eat there that often, you’re always looking for something out of the ordinary.

This time we dined with friends from outside Bangalore and went the whole hog with starters. We had the Hanoi lamb, iceberg wrap, potato fritters and red river riot prawn. ALL of them were just perfect with seconds being ordered for most of them. The lamb and prawn were crisp and tender respectively and the iceberg rolls were fresh with a tangy dressing.
We finished with a bowl of chicken and veg pho which was calming after the riot of the starters. Dessert was a spoon of lemongrass icecream and mung bean pudding, both of which were simply superb.
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Manu Manjunath - Burrp User

Manu Manjunath

October 13,2012

Different food, different experience

Good ambience and mediocre service. Food is good, very different I must say. Soup and main course both had a tangy taste (they use tamarind, tomato and mint) - liked it. The drink 'Che' is a must have.
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vsalrai - Burrp User


September 29,2012

Worst Experience..!!!

I went to this place once and loved the food though the waiters and the owner was little too much to digest unlike the food but with love of the food I took my few friends out for this exotic experience of Vietnamese food. The management was bad. I would not like to call it management but more of group of uneducated blokes trying to fit in. The waiters were taking bad in their local language unaware that I could understand everything. If you have been there few times been little demanding, the waiters would have called you a buffoon on your face and get away with it without any notice. The Owner lady was the worse who came after us even when we left the place unhappy asking us about the mineral water money which we forgot to pay after the horrible treatment which compelled us to leave the place after placing the first order. She picked up where the waiters had left and stripped herself of all the dignity by raising her voice without understanding the real reason why we left.

Good Food but bad customer service. Would you still prefer former that the latter ? if yes, its the right place to go and sit in the table right next to the kitchen which was clearly the garage of the house earlier eating the fresh rolls and being called a buffoon.
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Ishita Priyadarshini - Burrp User

Ishita Priyadarshini

August 20,2012

A Welcome Change

On a particular blah Monday, my friend & I decided to end the day with dinner @ PF. I genuinely thought the place will be done up in a Vietnamese fashion, but no such luck. But who's complaining?

You see, PF isn't the best place for vegetarians ;) And since both of us are non-carnivores, we started off with Cauliflower Salt & Pepper Fry & Iced Vietnamese Coffee. Wowiee!! Totally delish.

For the main course, my friend got Viet Red Curry & I got Saigon Noodles. By the end of our meal, we were full up to here, the portions were that much!!

All in all, I loved PF so much that I went there again next Monday ;)
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tsmenam - Burrp User


August 16,2012

The go-to place for Beef :)

Initially I thought it's expensive, but to be honest it's worth every penny. Get your bf/gf there for a treat and rest assured they'll be all the more impressed with you. Totally awesome! Great service and romantic ambience.
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Arvind Badrinarayanan - Burrp User

Arvind Badrinarayanan

July 17,2012

Brilliant food, great service!

I have never been so happy to spend a little more money than when I come here. From the outside, it is easy to miss and could pass for a hole-in-the-wall. But on the inside, the beautifully simplistic decor, very interesting design are a perfect mellowed out place to enjoy good food.
Now for the actual food, be warned the portions are fantastic! So be careful of over-ordering! The Chicken wings, Potato wedges make brilliant starters. The pork ribs are great as is the traditional vietnamese soup pho, which is a huuuuge very wholesome meal in itself!
The desert, a little small in portions but quite tough to finish after huge previous courses is still innovative and very tasty! Try the lemongrass sorbet and the icecream they have! If you're ordering an appetizer mains and desert EACH, you should expect to spend about 800 per person and to walk home with plenty of leftovers. Ideally you'll want to go with a larger group, perhaps four people and get two appetizers, three mains and a couple deserts, depending on how much you like sharing food. Or for a 1000 Rs among two people, two appetizers, one main and one desert.
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Sanjay  - Burrp User


June 26,2012

Lovely Lovely Place

I had walked by this place a few times and this was my second time there. This time, I thought I'd write a review.

What I liked:

Ambiance - the downstairs is quite narrow, but if you can, go upstairs and grab a seat. Chances are after 8PM it will be full but it's a lovely place to sit and chat.

Service - I liked the guys who were waiting on me. (Not like that). They were nice, smiling and actually seemed cool. Service was good and if I have any friends or colleagues visiting who want food outside of Indian, I would take them here.

Now to the main stuff:

The Chicken Wings - Wow! I've had a lot of chicken wings in Bangalore but these were awesome. Not American style like you get at Plan B but delicious/spicy style with plenty of tiny onions and chillies. I think I'll order this every time.

Pork Momos- Lovely. Pork was a little chewy in certain places but I guess that's expected.

Red Prawn Curry - Yum. I was full of the first two items but I'd order this again. And I had about 7 pieces of prawns, which was very nice and generous portions, along with plenty of veggies.

If you're tired of places like Chungs or random "Chinese" places - go here . Even if you aren't a fan of Vietnamese food, it's more a fusion of various things so I would definitely give it a go. Chances are if you go on an evening or a weekend you'll have a safe bet that you picked a good choice.
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divya_burp - Burrp User


May 17,2012

spare ribs!

I have read most of the reviews and suprised no one has tried the pork spare ribs.. definitely worth trying.. :) enjoy.. will keep you wanting more..
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Rachita Bhonsle - Burrp User

Rachita Bhonsle

April 17,2012

I lost my Vietnamese cuisine virginity, and how!!

Delicious food, well balanced flavours, comfortable ambiance, reasonable rates and wonderful service was what I was treated to. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the quantity. Ended up over ordering and to say I was stuffed at the end of the meal would be an understatement. But, one always has room for dessert! And thank God for that! The desserts here are a must have. Couldn't stop licking the spoon! :)
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James Brockington - Burrp User

James Brockington

March 25,2012

A must!!

Delicious food, cozy and comfortable, great service and very reasonable prices.

Can't recommend it more!!
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Meeta  - Burrp User


March 17,2012

Thumbs up to wonderful flavors and cozy setting

For a first experience at Vietnamese cuisine, Phobidden Fruit gave me an un-' pho'- gettable experience. This place is cozy and unassuming, but the food and servcie speal for themselves. We ordered the Vietnamese Rice wraps and the quintessential Pho, and one bite later I was sold on Vietnamese cuisine. The peanut gravy curry (forgot the actual name) was quite unexpected to my Indian taste buds, but in a very wonderful way. The portions are huge, and flavors are anything but smack-you-in-the-face.

What I liked: Wonderful flavors, friendly service and serene decor
What I din't like: No air conditioning. So time your visit right.

Verdict: A must visit in Bangalore...It's simple, unassuming and yet every bit the money you will spend. Especially you are a food enthusiastic, this place is highly recommended.
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itsshruthihere - Burrp User


March 02,2012

Expensive average food

It's a quaint little restaurant with cozy furniture, cushions and dim light. I wouldn't say the ambiance was exemplary, but it was not bad. We took table upstairs coz the ones at the ground floor were not quite appealing. For starters ,we ordered a crispy pancake kinda thing with mushrooms and it was absolutely yummy.... one of the exceptional dishes with mushrooms that i have tasted. We tried a salad suggested by the waiter, and it truly sucked. It was too sour and actually quite ruined our appetite. For the main course , we wanted to try their signature dish, the pho, and what a disaster it was. It's basically a watery substance served with noodles in it. It lacked flavors completely and was quite weird for a main dish. After experiencing this, we did not want to venture into desserts, So we called for the bill. And for hardly having eaten anything, out bill was quite high. Don't think i would visit this place again...!
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Chandanjyoti Gohain - Burrp User

Chandanjyoti Gohain

March 02,2012

Good food but expensive

Nice interiors with lots of plants and a really interesting menu. Don't remember the names but had some fresh veg spring rolls, tamarind rice with barbecued chicken, some chilly beef and it was really tasty. But unfortunately its very expensive!!!!
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khandu - Burrp User


February 28,2012


How can we pay 1000/- for poh , pickled rice and rice rolls when the cost of the food would work to hardly 100 rs , hardly Vietnamese food in the menu no sticky rice -XOI or no thit kho , well should have ordered naga food instead. would like to forget this ..
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Parag Ghate - Burrp User

Parag Ghate

February 10,2012

go get light

very light appetite food

ambiance 3

service 2

food 3

price 2

music 3
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Rajiv Mehta - Burrp User

Rajiv Mehta

January 06,2012

Less Vietnam, more South Asian! Yet Good!

Tucked away in a small house on 12th Main, Indiranagar with an even smaller call out signage beckoning you in. This place is run by a couple who love their food and want to be as authentic as possible. Given the quaint little ways in which Bangaloreans manage to architect their interiors, this one too has done it well. You are welcomed at the ground level with a reception and some tables and benches. A spiral staircase takes you to the main seating level which is sort of in split levels. A long continuous wall embracing sofa with eclectic cushions with tables and benches form the main part of the room. The recessed seating is more like a private dining area. There is a back spiral staircase for the service staff to use. The ceiling is mostly bare. The walls have poor landscaped paintings from Vietnam (or so I think). A half hearted attempt to make it feel authentic.

The staff is friendly though the service is not very prompt. There is only one person who is well versed with the entire menu and he cant be everywhere.

There is a great word of mouth spread for this place and every time I have been there, I have come across businessmen from the area, suited professionals, some Bangalorean hippies as well as foreigners.

There is a spartan feel to the whole thing as they keep a specials menu in a glass, there is a steel mug with lots of forks and knives and spoons for you to self serve. And of course to go with it a napkin holder with paper tissues.

The specials menu changes maybe once a month. I happened to have a pomelo salad. I could not make out whether it was a pomelo or a grapefruit in it. But whatever it was, the taste was good. There was a lot more sweetness than I would have liked but my colleagues took to it as hyenas take to meat. Over the course of my visits, I have tasted their peanut sate curry, which is again very white, less flavor except sweet ness. Their tiger prawns in chili basil also had less basil (maybe expensive) and very little chili but he had spiced it up with some other sauce. The flavors hence were more thai. I have tried the chicken curry which was probably their best, however again, more thai than Vietnamese. But their signature dish which I recommend all is the Pho. Their Spicy Beef Pho (bun bao) is the best I have had this side of the Himalayas. Well cut thin strips of meat with a flavorful broth that has some onions and basil leaves for accompaniments. Their chicken pho is a bit bland with the chicken being boiled in the broth which again makes it a bit rubbery. They serve their rice with some sort of pakoras, which I believe have been pre fried and kept, thus lowering their standard from a casual dine to a udupi style joint. This they must avoid and proffer options of chips instead. Or even some fresh cut salad will do.

We did not have patience to wait for dessert as each time I have been there for lunch itself.

If you go looking for some Vietnamese flavor, you are better of spending a bit more and going to Blue Ginger but for a quick south asian flair, this is your lair!
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redlobster - Burrp User


December 29,2011

love the place

been there twice.. The food is yummy ..dont remember the name of the starters but all were good..remember the vietamese chicken wings.Love it. .Lemon grass iced tea is a must try...Main course - Had PHO with prawns...Initial bites were good but got bored of it.. red curry - Had both chicken and prawns - Was good but chicken version was better...Jungle curry ( Red snapper) - Did not like it.. The curry is very thin and like clear coup.. wont recommend it

Over all a good experience and on my fav restaurants list..reasonably priced and transparent..Only extra on the bill is service charge and price on the menu is inclusive of all taxes
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Sonali Bora - Burrp User

Sonali Bora

December 19,2011

Fantastic introduction to Vietnamese Cuisine

Food is incredible- the menu has a perfect balance of vegeterian and non-vegetarian items. Taste is exemplary- thye havent tried to Indianise it and have maintained the integrity of all ingredients. The 1st time I have tried Viet cuisine, and i am pretty sure this is what it will taste like in Hanoi. We started with a Pomelo salad- not on the menu, but recommended by our server, did a Benh Xeo starter, followed by Veg Pho for main course, topped with exemplary lemon-grass icecream. The flavoring was exquisite with just the perfect amount of lemon-grass for fragrance and a refreshing, lingering after-taste. Ambience is another highlight- very cozy. For the adventurous and the epicures- a must visit.
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Spacey In Orbit - Burrp User

Spacey In Orbit

November 10,2011

nice place

Went to phobiden fruit just because of the name. Love it.

The place was nice and quaint. Though they could keep the place a bit more tidy.

The food was pretty good for what i was expecting. It is great value for money. The service does need some improvement.

I would recommend this place and would be back again.
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Divya Jayaraman - Burrp User

Divya Jayaraman

November 07,2011

Amazingly good food and great prices

This place was recommended to me by a friend. I was here yesterday afternoon and just loved the food. The drinks were kind of ok. I tried the Tropical Fizz and it was like pani puri water. However, the Peanut Sate Curry was amazing. The Garden Salad and the Lemon Grass Iced- Tea were good. The desserts were nice too. The food is overall really good. They need to have better service though. You should try this place at least for its good food!
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delectablyyours - Burrp User


November 06,2011

Green Papaya Salad rocks! The rest is average.

We went to Phobidden Fruit for dinner on a Sunday night. It might be a great place for non vegetarians, but for vegetarians, the options are pretty limited.

Ambience: Cozy. The restaurant has a ground and an upper level. The stairs leading to the upper level are somewhat narrow but I guess that's no big deal. The decor was simple and unassuming.

Food: We ordered the Mekong Momos, Jasmine hot tea and the Green Papaya Salad to start things off. They also had some complimentary pickled radishes and carrots which were pretty good.

The Green Papaya salad was fresh and tasted very good. I usually don't like papaya but this was a treat! The papaya and the cabbage were crisp. The dressing consisted of soy sauce, (probably) palm sugar and sesame oil and it went well with the salad, although there was too much dressing. The peanuts added a good textural element to the dish. The addition of Thai basil took the dish to another level. A must try, in our opinion.

The momos were average. The dough overpowered the filling, which connsisted mainly of mushrooms. I was hoping for some cabbage/spinach, which is what i'm used to, along with mushrooms. But the flavor of the dough overpowered the entire dish. The peanut/sriracha dip served with it was also not that good. Overall, an average dish.

The tea was hot and refreshing but I was hoping it'd be bottomless and poured out of a kettle (traditional). but instead, it was limited and was given in a glass cup.

For the main course, we ordered the Veg Pho and the Banh Mi.

The Pho looked really fresh but the broth was underseasoned. There was virtually no salt and we didn't detect any hint of ginger and/or cinnamon, which is the hallmark of an authentic broth. The noodles however, were done perfectly. The garnishes (basil, sprouts, Sriracha and black dip) were served alongside and the added extra crunch and freshness to the dish. There could have been more vegetables in the dish as well. Just 3 pieces of carrots, two pieces of broccoli and 4 small cubes of tofu isn't exactly 'loaded with vegetables'.

The Banh Mi was not impressive. The bread was cold and very hard to chew into. The stuffing inside had potatoes with something similar to mayonnaise, and a hint of spinach leaves. The mayonnaise made it somewhat heavy and its flavor overpowered everything else. It tasted just like any other sandwich.

We'd give the food 3.0 out of 5 JUST for that salad. Otherwise, it is certainly a 2.5.

Service: It took nearly 15 mins. for the momos to arrive. At the end of our dinner, we were given the wrong check, which I wouldn't have minded paying because our actual bill was a lot higher ;) But jokes apart, the service is average. Neither great nor poor.

Price: It cost us Rs. 900 for the meal, which is a wee bit on the steeper side, given we didn't have any dessert.

Bottom line: A good place to hook up once but I don't think I'm going here again, even though I've heard great things about their vegetable rolls. For folks who don't like greasy food, this is a terrific option and we'd certainly recommend that. Except the salad, the dishes lacked flavor and punch. If it weren't for that wonderful green papaya salad, this place would have been average. That salad, for us, puts this place slightly above average.
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Anu  - Burrp User


October 18,2011


So my friends and I were wondering where to go for lunch break from office and we thought of this place, as someone had recommended it to us. So we walk in, and the place is quaintly hidden opp rahul dravids house. We reached there at 1pm and the place was deserted. The ambiance is nice and airly and you dont quite understand what the waiters are sayin, coz of their accent.

We ordered veg pho, which we were trying for the first time. For new-bies like me, it was a soup with rice noodles and veges in it. It dint tickle my taste buds. Next we ordered a chicken starter and mushroon and tofu salad, which both were very good. The main course of thai red curry with steamed rice was also quite nice...

We got back to work by 2.15pm. so was a good work week option. Would do there again to try the other stuff on the menu !!
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Raunak Kundu - Burrp User

Raunak Kundu

September 14,2011

Good Food ...Poor Pricing and Ambience

This was a long pending visit to a new place. I must mention here that only in a cosmopolitan city like Bangalore especially in 12th Main Indiranagar, a hole in the wall restaurant, dare such pricing.
We had a chicken clear soup with lemon grass, vegetable green rolls, chicken dimsums and chicken dry noodles. Dimsums/ momos was the pick of all we ate. Clear soup was the worst. The service was quick and efficient. Seating was not very comfortable in the wooden benches. The pricing is for fine dining but ambience, seating etc. is very poor.
I gave it a 4 star for their honest effort with the food. We will be back to try more authentic dishes.
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Vinay  M - Burrp User

Vinay M

September 14,2011

Phobidden fruit - a good sin

I am floored by this place, truly a gem in Indiranagar. This place is so unassuming. I love how they have used space over at this place. even though the places is cramped it is light and breezy.
No alcohol is available here and hence helps keep the bill low. I want to disagree with the point that this place is expensive, it is moderate considering what the other places in Indiranagar charge. The portions are large and well prepared.
I have been here twice and the first time it was only for the starters, we tried the beef, the squid the pork but what stole the show was the Garden roll, veg food never tasted so good.
The next visit was for the main course and we had the pho (the name is derived form this), the bun bao ( spicier and tangier version of pho) and the Viet red curry. Again these dishes are served in a broth format and is light yet fills your tummy up. The portions of the main course too are generous but on the pricing point, I feel 20% cheaper would be apt.
Overall this is one of my favorite restaurants in Bangalore and the ambience, the service and the food are just in the right balance
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ragpicker1 - Burrp User


September 11,2011

Great Place!

When this place opened in Indiranagar, my friend and I were absolutely thrilled as we were wanting to eat Vietnamese food but didn't want to pay the exorbitant (in our opinion) prices of Blue Ginger, the Vietnamese restaurant in the Taj West End. We arrived at the restaurant after parking on a convenient side street and went upstairs. The most interesting looking seating was filled so we made do with less interesting looking but nonetheless comfortable seating. The waiter brought us the menu and we chose Crispy Chicken Spring Rolls with Fish Sauce for our starter. I ordered a glass of Lemon Grass Iced tea which sounded ineteresting and is something I have never tried before. For our main course we ordered Steamed Rice, Pickle Veg Fried Rice and Vietnamese Chicken in Red Curry. The food took a very long time to arrive and we were thankful that we had arrived before the place filled up as otherwise we would have had twice the wait. However, the food when it did arrive tasted lovely as did the drink and since we were in no hurry, we soon forgot our pique and concentrated on enjoying our dinner. Feeling extremely full, we skipped dessert, paid the bill and left. The place is nice and the food is great. I have forgotten what we thought of the price as I went there a long time before writing this review but I don't think we were horrified at it. The service, when it is at your table is polite and pleasant. The only drawback really is the time taken but, maybe vietnamese food does take a long time.
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godofdeath - Burrp User


September 09,2011

Yummy food.

Stop reading if you love food loaded with Indian Masala.

Went to this place last week with family and all of us had a wonderful time. Food is absolutely delicious, Barb wire(Not made by Pamela sorry :P) soup was especially good. I feel the chef there has a very good Idea about flavor profiles of different herbs and vegetables. try their noodle soup with tofu/chicken its amazing.
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rajnig - Burrp User


September 09,2011

nice place

I love the decor of the place-- Its simple yet modern.
Good food as well - only wish they have more variety for vegetarians....
Will visit soon.
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nivedhitha - Burrp User


June 14,2011


The poor eater I am, the food has to be really delicious for me to finish my plate. This is the first time I am writing a review for any restaurant. That's cos I want to tell people how good this place is! An instantly likable ambiance, friendly staff, delicious food. Their peanut sauce is the best and the coconut sorbet was yummm :) I know I am gonna frequent this place.
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PrithviRaj1 - Burrp User


May 23,2011

Bangalore Vietnamese Restraurant

Right acrossed Rahul Dravids house, my tour group from Rajasthan decided to take a bite to eat at a vietnamese restaurant. It was so nice for our group to gather there that we did'nt leave for a long time. We wanted to try everything on the menu as it was so exotic to us Rajasthani's. We went there because someone from our group had eaten there before and strongly suggested that we would walk away with a good dining experience. We told him that he better be right. Thank goodness for him, he was right and we enjoyed tremendously. The service staff was well trained and hygenic along with atmosphere of the restraurant was relaxed with an eating-friendly environment. We liked the people there so much that we want to let them know, that we are coming again soon.
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BrentJohnson - Burrp User


May 23,2011


I just wanted to take some time to appreciate a dish I had your restaurant. I am a conssumate connesuer of Vietnamese cuisine and have tasted it all over the world and even in Vietnam itself while on a vacation. I just wanted to write that while I enjoyed the whole restraurant ambiance and all, but most striking to me was a dish called BeefPho. It was just the most delightfully tasting dish that brought my palate to new heights. The flavors just seemed to have tickeld my taste buds and let me wanting to go back again the next day with my friends as I wanted to share with them the special dish. I thank you for the expereince and keep up the good work and see you next time I visit Bangalore--Count on it:)
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dharamdeol10 - Burrp User


May 22,2011

amazing place to eat

recently i visited a new place called phobidden fruit let me tel u all the food is amazing and the ambience is very nice the service staff is very good and courteous and friendly food is very nice i would love to visit there again and try the other dishes in the menu even when i fell for one of there sauces which is called siracha i requested them that please give me some as i would like to take it home they gave me one box of the sauce and that too complimentry
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chinita - Burrp User


May 03,2011

Happy to have a bowl of noodle soup.

I was contemplating the correct rating. I'd give them a 3.5 but there are no decimal rates. I know it's a bit late, but since the opening, I've been back to this place so many times, there is no way I can go without sharing. Truth is the flavors and tastes are close to Vietnamese but not quite there. Check out some food photos and the restaurant here:
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rvishwanath - Burrp User


May 03,2011

Re serving of rejected food!!!

If you give any importance at all to hygiene and self respect, you WONT go to this place.
We went because we had heard a lot of good things. BUT, there was not much good there.
I had places an order which was wrongly served to the next table. When it was rejected by them ( after tasting, digging into the curry, etc…..), the waiting staff decided to it was perfectly FINE to take the same plate (with rice and curry all messed up) and bring it to the rightful table.. ie, MY table…
Bon appetite…. …
here is what I get “a plate of rejected and messed up food”!!
The best is when we asked for the owner to explain herself.. she was so sure she wounld’nt eat in a place that served rejected food..
So, if the owner doesn’t want eat here, why would anybody else?
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ilovetoeat - Burrp User


April 16,2011

Good food, nice relaxing ambiance

I love Vietnamese food, and when I heard about phobidden fruit I made dinner plans to go there immediately. I called them to make reservations, but was told they don't take reservations.

The restaurant looked very nice,warm and cozy. The furniture and decor was simple and minimilistic! Soft music in the background and dim lighting added to the feel of the place, it all went great with the food. As someone mentioned, it reminded me a lot of the good old spiga!

The food - unfortunately I was restricted to a vegetarian diet at the moment, so although I was drooling looking at the delicious sounding starters and main dishes with chicken and beef, I had to stick to vegetarian dishes!

For an appetizer we wanted to order the bunh xue (i think i spelt it right?), which was a rice crepe with mushrooms etc in it, but were told it would take 20 minutes to prepare, so we decided to instead just go with a vegetarian spring roll (non-fried). I would say this was hands down the best spring roll I've ever had - and believe me, I've had my good share of spring rolls. The spring roll came in 8 pieces in smallish sizes (around the size of a piece of sushi) and the black bean sauce they served it with was great! I loved this appetizer - perfect size for 3 of us.

For a main course I ordered the vegetarian version of my favorite Viet dish - Pho. It was flat rice noodles in soup with broccoli, bok choy a few mushrooms and other herbs sprinkled in. I added a lot of sriracha sauce that they gave me on the side to make it spicy. I always love Pho and this was a pretty good version of it. I would have ofcourse preferred to have it with some meat in it but couldn't, and the veg version was pretty good! I think they normally put bean sprouts in it but I asked them not to since I'm not a fan!

My 2 dinner companions ordered the vietnamese chicken curry and split it. It's a lot like the thai curry, it tasted really nice, but was nothing very different. We also ordered a drink I can't remember..one of the iced teas which was wayy to sweet and didn't taste nice.

Service - the service was good, the servers were all very attentive and we were brought our food pretty fast! The only negative point was that they took too long with our bill, and once they got it to us we saw that they had accidentally added 2 extra items on, so they had to redo it and give it to us. All of this took nearly about an extra 20 minutes which was a bit ridiculous.

All in all, a great place, and I can't wait to go back once I'm off this dreadful vegetarian diet! I would definitely recommend this place to anyone! Decent prices - dinner for three came to almost 1400 (we had also ordered another started to take back home, as well as 2 soft drinks).
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Faisal Vohra - Burrp User

Faisal Vohra

April 08,2011


Isn't it interesting that a burp carries such social significance of conveying a gastronomic satisfaction in Asian cultures that a website was so aptly named on the word. In oriental cultures it is in fact a gesture of appreciation for the cook and the food, that it is actually a learned cognitive behavior. All in all, one word says it all.

Phobidden Fruit is the new kid-on-the-block in an already forbidden-for-space Indranagar. Its a quaint little place tucked away as part of a larger private ex-residential property (the kind that you see everywhere these days of owners turning their residences into commercial establishments). The property is designed minimally- the sort of place that does not intimidate you with its gaudiness and one where you can be comfortable to carry a thought over a meal.

Now before I start my main piece, I would like to add that I have not aggressively pursued Vietnamese cuisine like I have Thai, and am one who looks at this in a very objective manner- in the manner of the Burp.

So here we go..

The restaurant is unpretentious and by itself seems very cohesive in its decor, theme and the cuisine without going overboard which is a great thing. The menu has a green & white color theme with a good readable layout and a reasonable quantity of items to choose from. The reason I make this point is that I have been to the seemingly 'good' restaurants to find myself completely at my wits end in deciphering the cryptic menus & the never ending items that give you an impression that they might be better off feeding a continent, not a couple.

In terms of the food, we started with the Red River Riot (prawns) which was good, succulent and well seasoned. This was followed with the steamed Mekong Momos (veg) on account of my friend's craving . I am not a huge fan of momos, especially steamed, and my inherent bias would distort my view of this dish. For the people who do appreciate momos, I leave it to your judgment. For the main course, we ordered the Viet Red Chicken Curry which is accompanied with steamed rice. The curry was quite good, albeit possibly a bit flat on the base. The rice was underservingly pulled out of the steamer early, and was undercooked. This in some measure did spoil the experience of the dish. At the end, our adventure was bought to a peaceful closure by a nice Mango smoothie.

The food on the entirety of the experience, is recommended. The quantity is good, and service prompt. A nice conversation with the sun filtering through the roof, and your day is made. I was here on lunch, and look forward to find out how it fares on dinner.

Why exactly have they named this Phobidden Fruit I have no idea. And no, I do not want to get idea.

You might argue as to why I have rated this restaurant 3 stars when the experience on the contrary seems to be good. Well, the mark of a successful enterprise is consistency. It is all too easy to get carried away and start shooting stars on a first visit. The real excellence shows if they are capable of consistently sustaining and improving their standards and quality of food. I would most definitely give 4 or 5 stars to an enterprise that is seriously WOW! And I am yet to come across any such.

On the whole, so far, a good experience here. It made me burp, you are welcome to see if it makes you. And as the Vietnamese Monk- Thich Nhat Hanh would say- “People deal too much with the negative, with what is wrong...Why not try and see positive things, to just touch those things and make them bloom?”

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anuvk6 - Burrp User


April 07,2011

Good not great though.

Can be tried. if you want to try something different. Not so great but good. I liked it. Maybe might visit later as well.
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Parag Ghate - Burrp User

Parag Ghate

February 07,2011

I loved it

I had -- my rating
Peanut curry and rice -- 2.5
Pho -- 3.5
Momos -- 2
Rice soup -- 4
Coriander soda -- 4

Very healthy food
Ambiance was very nice.
good music.

Was it Vietnamese I am not sure. But food was good.
Will I repeat? May be after few months.
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pavi77 - Burrp User


January 31,2011

Nice Ambience .. good food

Phobidden Fruit is a good place to go to for a nice meal in a good setting. I am not very sure of its authenticity has I have not tasted Vietnamese cuisine before but most of the dishes we had were good. The fresh spring rolls were nice, but as I have heard the rolls are supposed to have rice noodles and not rice, but it tasted good :) . Also liked the Pho for main course. It was nice. What we did not like was the pineapple fried rice with chicken. The prawn fry was good, which was a special of the day.
The service is quick and efficient. The waiters do know their food which is a plus.
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foodista - Burrp User


January 20,2011

vietnamese fare in spiga(old one) like ambiance

Finally a nice Vietnamese restaurant which is affordable on a regular basis unlike blue ginger which is prohibitively expensive on a normal day.

Ambiance and Decor: Cute place on 12th main, Indiranagar. It looks like a small house that been converted to a restaurant. A bit like the old Spiga. We sat upstairs. Nice comfortable seats. Very pretty cushions everywhere.

Food: The food was good. For starters we ordered the Red riot fish(the only have the chicken and prawn version on their menu but made it with fish on our request) and spicy pork chops. Both the starters were excellent. Just the right amount of spices and cooked to perfection.
Then for the main course we ordered the chicken glass noodles, spicy prawn fried rice and viet chicken curry which comes with steamed rice. The glass noodles is stirred up in some brown sauce which had a nice flavor. The fried rice was not very spicy and there wasn’t much prawn in it. The viet curry, similar to thai yellow curry was seasoned perfectly and was a real delight. We were too full after all the food to try the desert but will definitely try it the che and coconut sorbet next time. Also the desert menu is very small with only 3-4 options.

Price: The total bill was INR1400 for 3 of us. A meal for 2 will cost around Rs.1000 for a starter, 2 mains and maybe 1desert.

Service: Attentive and courteous.

You might want to make a reservation if your dropping in over the weekend.
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farflungfloyd - Burrp User


January 13,2011

Not vietnamese, pho sure

A Pho is all about the broth. It needs to be a mixed meat and vegetable broth. The fat and flavour from the meat is paramount. That is not the case at this restaurant. Where the same veggie broth is used. All I could taste was cinnamon. Two tiny pieces of beef were added later. All in all, a terrible pho.

My wife ordered a fried rice, which was rice with raw turmeric. One would think that in India, we would at least know how to cook some turmeric properly.

The service was good and the iced tea was alright. The price isn't bad.

But it's not vietnamese.
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evoo14 - Burrp User


January 11,2011

Is it really Vietnamese????

I was very excited to learn of new Vietnamese restaurant in town.
To begin with, food is fairly OK, but somehow did not taste even "south asian" forget Vietnamese. Pho was week with flat noodles instead of rice/glass noodles, fish curry tasted more indian, green papaya salad was watery and too sweet, lemon grass iced tea tasted like very stale cooked rice water, so on and so forth. Worst is that one of the waiters had open visible multiple ...(due respect to sufferings of the man) a long sleeved shirt would have helped.
Very affordable though
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Dennis Koshy - Burrp User

Dennis Koshy

January 10,2011

Not so phobidden any more :)

A rather cute little restaurant, it offers slightly different food from the usual SE Asian eateries. Authentic Vietnamese, I don't think so, but definitely good food.

The mezzanine floor is the place to sit. Just climb up the spiral stairway, and you land up on the brightly list and airy floor. The food is what one can call fusion Vietnamese and the reasonably detailed descriptions will ensure that you get what you want.

The starters were quite good, and the main course, fairly good. Did not have dessert, but the avocado smoothies that we had instead was very good.

Service was a tad too slow, but then the place was full. A good meal for two would cost around Rs. 1000.
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anush123 - Burrp User


January 04,2011

Great addition to the Bangalore Asian food scene!

Was happy to find a Vietnamese restaurant so close to home and nowhere as heavy on the pocket as Blue Ginger.
While I'm no expert on what authentic Vietnamese food should taste like, i definitely know a good meal from a bad one! This one was clearly in the good category.

We reached for a late lunch and were short on time so only ordered two dishes.
The chicken Pho was extremely fresh and had a very nice flavour. Loved the aniseed flavour and didnt find it overpowering at all!
We also ordered a fish curry with rice which was exceptional.
The hot sauce that they serve with the pickled salad was hot hot hot but really tasty as well.
Will definitely go back for a more leisurely meal and sample a lot more of the dishes on their menu.
For now, fingers crossed that the place does well and the food remains as fresh as it is now!
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LTMcCarthy - Burrp User


January 02,2011

Not exactly Vietnamese but close.

New cute little restaurant off 100 Ft. road. It's not completely authentic Vietnamese but they try and it's not too far off...plus it's a lot cheaper than going to Blue Ginger at the Taj West End. Lots of popular Vietnamese dishes that sounded great on the menu and quite crowded at lunch time when we went. Everything we had was good but there were some small misses- like not having traditional sauces and dips. I've traveled to Vietnam several times and love the food but Phobidden Fruit is still tasty. Would I go back- absolutely but I'll brink my own hoisin and peanut sauce!
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sherin75 - Burrp User


December 25,2010

Interesting food . .

A cute little place tucked in between Indiranagar 12th Main

I was quite excited to find a Vietnamese place so close to home and yet not expensive at all. All this time if I had craving for some Vietnamese food, the only option around was Blue Ginger.
We started off with chicken dimsums and pork chops. And I must say the pork chops was finger lickin' good. For main course w had the 'pho soup' which is an authentic Vietnamese dish and is a meal by itself. It had an overpowering anise seed flavour which kind off killed all the other flavours.

Lot more interesting things in the menu; will be visiting shortly
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